Red Dead Redemption Hardcore Free Roam Playlist Now Open

Posted on June 15 2010, 12:55pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Social Club, Games


By popular demand, we've released a new Hardcore Free Roam Playlist for Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. This Free Roam is Expert targeting only – no Casual or Normal targeting allowed, and is now available for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  Remember, this is strictly for the hardcore, so don’t complain when things get unpleasant.

For anybody currently in multiplayer who think they are hard enough, you'll need to completely back out and restart the game before this playlist will show up.

  • circusvoodooon August 24 2011, 1:15pmReplyFlag
    One of the coolest games out there. But I think dynamite and sniper rifles should be unlocked at lvl 50
    • circusvoodooon August 24 2011, 6:48amReplyFlag
      Is there any way to go undetected in Hardcore Free Roam, so that other players can't see you on the map.
      • Gokmen-Kilicon July 28 2011, 11:36amReplyFlag

        I had the sam problem.
        Its about DMZ.
        ı know how to fıx ıt.
        go to the sıte called
        ıts wıthout .com or somethıng.
        then you gotta type ın your pc usernamer for your pc and your password or key from your modem.
        ıf the username and password dont work then call playstatıon thy know you modems password and username.
        and ıts pretty easy from there just take contact and ak them how to open the dns or dmz port.
        and the ı not only for our.
        ıts a modem log ın sıte.
        hope ths helped.
        • AgusTus_McRae68on August 30 2010, 2:06pmReplyFlag
          Why is the casual targeting not working in free roam anymore against online players?
          • 10696872on June 30 2010, 4:26amReplyFlag
            i like to play multiplayer but every time i play free roam nobody joins. wtf is happening. plz put some solutions
            • tsheeson June 28 2010, 11:54pmReplyFlag
              whenever i go online there is nobody else online... i dont konw why and the multiplayer is pretty lame by yourself.... anyone know a solution or why this is happening?
              • NUMBUH95on June 27 2010, 10:23amReplyFlag
                • 1.21giggawattson June 25 2010, 7:19pmReplyFlag
                  There's a really wierd glitch where in Gang Matches I'll suddenly be teleported to a random spot on the map, then I'll be invisible to everyone, I'll kill someone and it just says "___ has died." But I won't get a kill point. Same in vice versa, I'll see someone on the map but they're invisible and suddenly I'll be dead. They don't get a kill and I just get a death added to my record. You guys owe me to reverse all my deaths from invisible people I can't shoot. >:(

                  Fix this please.
                  • 9555196on June 25 2010, 11:32amReplyFlag
                    Love the hardcore, but it still needs like a muliplayer mi---ame pack or something.
                    • RedDeadIronFlipon June 22 2010, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                      They need to put the mexican army in my force inside el presidio that way it's more fun to take over.
                      • Didd31on June 22 2010, 7:00amReplyFlag
                        Thanks a lot Rockstar !!! for this hard corte free roam, exellent !!!!
                        • indofoodon June 20 2010, 12:01pmReplyFlag
                          i got one problem ... i can go online but NOBODY EVER JOINS! im stuck in the gamelobby or playing alone by myself in free roam waiting untill someone joins me i waited for about a half hour and STILL NOBODY! isnt there some mode where i can join a game instead of starting one? please help!
                          • CorporateDe4thon June 18 2010, 8:14pmReplyFlag
                            Well, I downloaded the patch and it fixed the infinite looping loading screen. But, I still disconnect from games and it can be quite frustrating when you're about to be completed with a gang hideout, then you just disconnect. Hoping you will be fixing this soon, because my connection is great and I can play all my other games fine. I did get to try hardcore free roam a few hours without disconnecting and I gotta say, I had a blast. Good choice adding that game mode. I just hope you fix the connection issues soon, I'll be patient until you fix it. Cheers.
                            • almightyricoon June 18 2010, 8:59amReplyFlag
                              lasso i dont think 16players tie one another is gona happen but more reasonable mabe trains now that i think about it that ant happen nether because we have telaports stations if there were going to be trains there would be now future games for sure we must make the best out of what we got still good right hope everyone gets to play online soon rockstars got our back.
                              • vFOXHOUNDvon June 18 2010, 1:08amReplyFlag
                                Enjoying the Hardcore free roam immensely...I only wish that I could lasso someone every once in a while and play poker-blackjack-liars dice-etc. You guys were very quick with the update and you answer peoples feed back so....maybe the mi---ames will be available in the future?? Also a note on the lasso...I can see where it would be overused causing much grief in the multiplayer experience, but you guys are smart. Surely there is some way you could implement the lasso and have the one receiving the lasso be able to get loose after a short while via min game or just or having a set timer for how long one is tied that I think about it, it would be very hard to add the lasso to free roam. Well if nothing else please add some mi---ames. I desperately want to beat my friends at poker and my little brother at arm wrestling.....cause he beats me in real life.
                                • eggwardon June 17 2010, 9:37pmReplyFlag
                                  of course i mean name / icon over your own posse members. not enemy posses.
                                  • eggwardon June 17 2010, 9:35pmReplyFlag
                                    It would be handy if posse members always had a name / icon over them so that it was easy to tell who was friend or foe at a quick glance.
                                    • rossenndopon June 17 2010, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                                      Please eliminating all blips in harcore free roam, except if they are in your posse! Me and my friends are trying to hunt each other but we obviously use the map to see were we are its soo cheap!!! Please fix this!!! But keep the display information when you press the down D pad. Its allmost sooo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                      • IRastaon June 17 2010, 2:34pmReplyFlag
                                        R* is truly the best... I say make Hardcore truly Hardcore by eliminating all blips from the area map.

                                        you guys & gals R O C K !

                                        yours truly,

                                        • MrBackstabberon June 17 2010, 1:14pmReplyFlag
                                          i only play hardcore free roam,so all u auto aim freaks should'nt roam wit me ight.GOOD LOOKIN ROCKSTAR
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