Watch the Extended Version of 'A Short Film from Red Dead Redemption'

Posted on June 8 2010, 3:08pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The 30 minute short film is now available for viewing in HD at the Red Dead Redemption site and in the VIDEOS section of  It was created and directed by John Hillcoat (the director of The Proposition and The Road) and chronicles a slice-in-time of protagonist John Marston as he tracks down his former fellow outlaw and friend, Bill Williamson.  Along the way, Marston encounters many of Red Dead Redemption’s eclectic cast of dreamers, misfits and liars.

Using the world of Red Dead Redemption as a virtual film studio and created entirely with in-game assets and technology, John Hillcoat re-imagines Marston’s pursuit of justice and salvation.

Rockstar Recommends: "The Proposition"

  • castellanosmonoon July 24 2010, 10:35pmReplyFlag
    Pleaseeee.... Red Dead in Pc Pleaseeee......
    • Burnzy187Ponyon July 22 2010, 8:24amReplyFlag
      • Milikito_cpon July 1 2010, 6:05pmReplyFlag
        The truth was worth purchasing this wonderful game.

        But I really look forward to "GTA V"
        • a_blue_crateon June 23 2010, 11:15amReplyFlag
          This is amazing. Does anyone know how he filmed it with all those different angles and such.
          • Zeeroahon June 21 2010, 2:14amReplyFlag
            Im Lookin for posse members for the new DLC, FFA ,grab the bag and Shootout ,send me a message ,my xbox live id is BIG K1NG BUD
            • Furyan_zon June 14 2010, 9:51pmReplyFlag
              OUTSTANDING GAME!!
              • R* Qon June 14 2010, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                @vdevictor You can view the film with Spanish subtitles at
                • vdevictoron June 14 2010, 3:30amReplyFlag
                  When will be the short film with Spanish subtitles???
                  • SeniorPyroNighton June 14 2010, 8:53amReplyFlag
                    Dear Rockstar developpers,

                    I've read that you guys are planing to make a extreme hardcore free roam mode. Well I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this brilliant idea! However, I suggest that you should make the radar blips system work just as in competitive modes. You should only be able to see blips of people that are in your posse, people that are running (in your region or near your character), people that are shooting (in your region or near your character) or people that are speaking out loud (either near you or that are holding to up arrow on the d-pad).

                    I implore you to do this... please!
                    • CowboyBebop745on June 12 2010, 1:43pmReplyFlag
                      Why can't we hold and shoot 2 revolvers?? i'd think it would be kool
                      • BXHITMAN01on June 12 2010, 7:00amReplyFlag
                        hey rockstar is there a way to ride the buffalo or a bull or a zebra in single player? if so please tell me
                        • 9775873on June 11 2010, 9:48pmReplyFlag
                          i hope there is a sequal
                          • Cybercosmon June 11 2010, 8:35pmReplyFlag
                            R*, XBOX or PS3 movie?
                            • Cybercosmon June 11 2010, 8:29pmReplyFlag
                              Great game R*! But how about some updates that would open more stores. A barber shop so players can select a cut and style(hair and face). Maybe even a shoot-out while get’n a shave. And clothes stores. So players can select: hats, boots, suits, vest, ties … ect. And let John experience some sort of a brothel game. It’s already rated M. Thanks Cybercosm
                              • vdevictoron June 11 2010, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                                When will be the short film with Spanish subtitles!!!
                                • Atomic_Zombie77on June 10 2010, 3:21amReplyFlag
                                  So... I still can't play multiplayer during the day. I can only play between about 1:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. because there are less people playing, which is when I probably should be sleeping. I would like this title update/patch soon so that I don't have to walk around like a zombie all day.
                                  • R* Yon June 9 2010, 3:55pmReplyFlag
                                    @9602660 Sure, the Buffalo rifle can be purchased from a Gunsmith shop when you become a level five Master Hunter.
                                    • AlphaEurioon June 9 2010, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                                      I think the Buffalo Rifle is only available after you beat master hunter challenge 10, or whatever the highest level is.
                                      • 9602660on June 9 2010, 3:16pmReplyFlag
                                        I can get the bufflo rife which was the main gun I've wanted i beat the game. ?????????
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