Red Dead Redemption Title Update Coming Next Week

Posted on June 3 2010, 11:07am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games

We are aware that there are still some of you out there experiencing issues with Red Dead Redemption, including multiplayer connectivity and getting the Mo Van Barr bounty.   We are currently testing a Red Dead Redemption title update for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that aims to fix these and other items.  Due to the unpredictable nature of the testing and console manufacturer submission process, we cannot pin down a very specific date and time, but we do expect this to be released for download for both systems by the end of next week.  We can assure you we are working with our partners at Microsoft and Sony to make this title update available literally as soon as possible.

Once again, we thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding.  As a token of our appreciation for your patience and in gratitude to all the Red Dead fans out there, we are also planning on releasing the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits and related challenges later this summer for free.  Please stay tuned for more details on that - as well as on the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Missions DLC Pack coming for free later this month.

Additionally, our support team continues to be available to address individual game issues on a case-by-case basis, and can be contacted through any of the following channels:

Rockstar Support Site:
Rockstar Support Twitter:
Red Dead Redemption Support Email:

Multiplayer Connection Issues
While the title update will include a fix for multiplayer connection issues, some of the problems people are experiencing when connecting to multiplayer can be fixed by ensuring your online settings are configured for optimal online compatibility.

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3 players that are using a router should be on a NAT 2 connection type.  For assistance with NAT settings, please contact PlayStation support at

Xbox 360
If you are having issues connecting to a friend’s Multiplayer game on Xbox LIVE, please refer to the Xbox support article at for assistance.

For players experiencing frequent or random freezes on either console, we urge you to contact your console manufacturer's support site for assistance:
PlayStation 3 Support:
Xbox 360 Support:

  • R* Yon October 12 2011, 4:14pmReplyFlag
    @TherockandTJ For all Support related questions, comments and suggestions please contact the Rockstar Games Support team:
    • TherockandTJon August 3 2011, 3:42amReplyFlag
      I Can't afford a wireless connection to my Ps3,So I Can't fix my freezing glitch,Someone tell me how to fix it,Everytime I Hunt for treasure,Play board games or more it freezes,Please respond before I Snap the game in half.

      I Get pissed realy Easy.
      • SteelDragonClawon June 2 2011, 12:33amReplyFlag
        I know this subject is old now, but back in February, I started to experience the freezing issue with my RDR (it freezes after the first bullet loads, whether I'm loading my main game, undead ---htmare, or even multiplayer. If someone has found and posted a way to fix this and I haven't seen it, I apologize. It's been quite frustrating though.
        • ferguson99on January 16 2011, 5:39pmReplyFlag
          hey guys
          so what next for red dead redemption i hope your going to keep the game going like another story mode where you carry on with jack marston and a whole load of new enemies and problems for him to sort out
          with a load more new and advanced weapons and maybe the car in blackwater to travel around in and also
          extend the xp multiplayer mode with say another 5 badges to get through collecting new weapons and characters i just hope you keep the game going because its took the world by storm we are all playing it and love it

          thanks guys
          • R* Yon December 9 2010, 6:56pmReplyFlag
            Hey guys, this is a rather old news article that's quite buried, but we noticed in our system a new comment from @nilleboj. Best way to get good assistance for your issues is to contact, they can help you with issues with any of our titles.
            • nillebojon December 9 2010, 6:46pmReplyFlag
              Fix the freezing problems. There's nothing else to it...
              Giving everybody the silent treatment or not owning up to the problem just makes things worse.
              The problem clearly lies in the game itself and not in faulty Xbox360's.

              Come on Rockstar!!! I know in my heart that you are better than this...
              • molluhon October 31 2010, 2:40pmReplyFlag
                ProfBambam55 September 23 at 2:38pm
                Just wanted to clarify that it's the RED DEAD REDEMPTION Game Options file that you need to delete. Seems obvious to me but was thinking maybe not to everyone out there so I thought I'd post again just to be clear.
                Good luck!

                thanks profbambam55 its works THE MOLLUH
                • molluhon October 31 2010, 9:58amReplyFlag
                  after download the last software update It goes to the loading screen and freezes on 3 bullet when starting single and multiplayer games help help help help i pay 60 euro for this game
                  • JuniorDrunkon October 9 2010, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar already released marshals,now all they need to do is add the duster coat bandits you find in thieves landing and tumbleweed like the fallowing, Ralph Stricker,Slink Bradshaw,Gus Ballard, Zebedee Nash, Melvin Spinney, Spike Haggerty, and Rufus Starkley.
                    • ProfBambam55on September 23 2010, 2:38pmReplyFlag
                      Just wanted to clarify that it's the RED DEAD REDEMPTION Game Options file that you need to delete. Seems obvious to me but was thinking maybe not to everyone out there so I thought I'd post again just to be clear.
                      Good luck!
                      • ProfBambam55on September 23 2010, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                        24 hours after i installed the Liars and Cheats download I couldn't get into Red Dead Redemption anymore. The game kept freezing at the loading screens for Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

                        SOLUTION: Go into your PS3 Saved Data Utility folder and delete ONLY the file called Game Options. This fixed the problem and did not affect any of the rank or challenge statistics. Actually, it doesn't seem to have affected anything. Hope this helps some of you out there.

                        p.s. I don't know if this works for the XBOX users as well.
                        • SimpleSimonSayson September 21 2010, 1:15pmReplyFlag
                          FREEZING, FREEZING, FREEZING!!!!!!! After Liars & Cheats install!!!! Freeze on both Single Player & Multiplayer load screen!!!!! Thanks.

                          Felt cheated after the paltry offering that was Legends & Killers.......I wonder if you can guess how I feel after this?

                          Oh and just in case you were wondering it's on XBOX360 and i've already gone through all the crap on the Xbox Website (cashe clear etc) Strange that EVERY OTHER GAME I own doesn't have any must be my console!!!!
                          • 11765187on September 20 2010, 5:59amReplyFlag
                            j ai jouer contre un gars qui augmente sa cadence de tir avec le fusil a verrou en s'aidant du sang froid sans mettre les croix et il tir super vite c'est pour savoir si c'est un cheat
                            • fredbloggsXIIIon August 10 2010, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                              I cant play after downloading legends and killers on he xbox 360. It goes to the loading screen and freezes on 1 bullet when starting single and multiplayer games. I dont agree with paying a tenner for something that kills the game that cost 40 to start with!!
                              • JakeEastwoodon August 7 2010, 7:06pmReplyFlag
                                Hey an avid fan of the game, particularly single player mode. Ive noticed that the rockstar staff occasionally answers question which is cool to see that your paying attention to your costumers. The big question I have, that im sure everyone is dying to find out, including myself is when the two new outfits are going to be released. Do you plan on including them with the upcoming DLC on aug. 12 ? Also, will rockstar ever issue a patch that will make John Marston capable of wearing the 3 uniforms ? You have a huge amount of fans out there rockstar !! How bout throwing us a bone.
                                • ClobberinTymeon July 31 2010, 12:04amReplyFlag
                                  I'm experiencing the same freezing problems on my Xbox 360. I've currently exchanged 3 discs already, cleaned the system cache, ect... and it still freezes randomly on Red Dead Redemption. I've contacted Rockstar several times and they say it's my Xbox. I've informed them that it's not my Xbox as all 25 of my other games work just fine. This is the only game that freezes. The now want me to delete stuff off my 20 gb harddrive to try to download the game onto it. I told them I don't have enough memory for that and their recommendation to me was to buy a external harddrive. Why should I have to purchase more equipment to get one game to work? Fix the freezing issues! I truly doubt that everybody that has commented on this site and others about well as all the youtube videos about it...need new Xboxes. What they and I need is a date of a patch that will be addressing this issue. Stop with the silent treatment and admit that there is a problem!
                                  • R* Qon July 29 2010, 10:54amReplyFlag
                                    We are aware that a small number of users are having issues. There are many reasons users may have these issues, including a bad installation, corrupt save files, or damaged disks. For players experiencing frequent or random freezes on either console, we urge you to contact your console manufacturer's support site for assistance, then contact Rockstar customer support through any of the means listed above. Please include your console support Case ID and a description of the problem and we can assist in expediting your case.
                                    • spud_spudon July 29 2010, 9:17amReplyFlag
                                      Is there at least some acknowledgement from Rockstar that there is a material issue here????

                                      * See the following thread which has numerous people suffering the freezing issues (;jsessionid=2398D42C4E71801B09CE5B10132BAC7F)
                                      * Search "red dead redemption freezes" on You Tube and see how many people have posted examples online.
                                      * A simple google search for the freezing issue, returns pages of websites detailing the same issue.

                                      I am ok with someone saying, yes we know there is an issue, we are working on it, but please be patient. However. all that seems to be happening is radio silence, or a comment to delete the game utility data and reinstall. Neither will resolve the situation.
                                      • 10998344on July 28 2010, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                                        i have two questions, one when will you be coming out with the outfits and two will it only be for a certain system or or both PS3 and Xbox?
                                        • Itshutaon July 28 2010, 11:29amReplyFlag
                                          One month later, the issue isn't fixed yet.
                                          We are so disappointed !
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