Red Dead Redemption DLC: Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack Coming for Free on June 22nd - Check Out New Screens

Posted on June 3 2010, 3:35pm | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games

The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack features 6 all-new cooperative missions, including "Walton's Gold" - which features an explosive showdown with the infamous Walton Lowe gang.

The recently announced and free-to-download Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack for Red Dead Redemption will be available June 22nd for both Xbox LIVE® (requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership for online play) and PlayStation®Network.  The pack includes six all-new co-op multiplayer missions to play with 2-4 players.

Here's a few new exclusive screenshots from some of the co-op missions in the Outlaws To The End Pack we touched on in our earlier announcement.  Look for more info and screens on additional co-op missions in the coming weeks, along with information on more downloadable content that will further expand the exciting possibilities that Red Dead Redemption multiplayer offers.

Heading downstream towards the rebel stronghold of Nosalida in "The River".

Engaging the Walton Gang from an advantageous elevated position in "Walton's Gold".

Taking back the town of Tesoro Azul in "Ammunition".

  • Rudi5446on July 8 2011, 3:27pmReplyFlag
    This ish don't work. After I took the free download.
    It's asked for a Rx past code. What type of ish is this.
    Now I can't finish my game in single player mode.
    I left my game loading from 7:30a.m.-6:45p.m.
    • HitmanNorwayon May 31 2011, 1:49pmReplyFlag
      Piece of s**t... They patched so you wouldn't get as much XP per Gang Hideout in multiplayer, so you just get about 500 XP for taking Twin Rocks once. And on Pike's Basin I normally get a score of about $700-800 which becomes about 1800 XP, but when I took the co-op mission on the river with a mate, we spent nearly half an hour, and I got a score og $6500+ and I just got freakin' 360 XP! What the f**k is up with that Rockstar!!??? It takes waaaaay to long to level up as it is, and now that...?!
      • xtkz123on November 15 2010, 5:11pmReplyFlag
        @ketsup_please hello...did u already have the co op mission pack cuz im having problems
        downloading it and im currently in saudi arabia right now
        • VietRangeron November 6 2010, 4:08pmReplyFlag
          I purchased the red dead add ons and downloaded but have no idea where to obtain my rx code. I tried using the code that came with the game but it says it is invalid. Where can I obtain the needed code?
          • ketsup_pleaseon November 5 2010, 3:04pmReplyFlag
            hi R* i'm from saudi arabia.. i already downloaded the undead ---htmare from psn, i already installed it as soon as i finsihed downloading it but when i try to select the undead ---htmare in the game proper it shows that "no downloadable content".. hoping that you guyz could help me on this. thanks R*..
            • 12077763on October 25 2010, 12:52pmReplyFlag
              I have downloaded the DLC....can anyone tell me is the a 2 player mode (not online) you can use?
              • xtkz123on September 4 2010, 2:37amReplyFlag
                i installed it too but still nothing....

                REPLY NEEDED
                • xtkz123on September 4 2010, 1:39amReplyFlag
                  hi im in saudi arabia when i go to the game then go to downloadable contents
                  then playstation store it says no content was downloaded it directly from the PSstore
                  still nothing when i go to the multiplayer then press select the coop was not there.... :(

                  REPLY NEEDED
                  • sultadaon August 7 2010, 3:41amReplyFlag
                    downloaded and installed (5 times i think), but i still can't see the coop option in the multiplayer menu. weird. also, it says that i dont have any dlc installed. double weird.
                    • R* Yon July 30 2010, 11:06amReplyFlag
                      @The_Moyman Enter multiplayer and press Back/Select to bring up the playlist, select Cooperative Missions and you're in...
                      • The_Moymanon July 30 2010, 9:38amReplyFlag
                        I've installed the co-op pack, but I can't figure out how to play it. Can anyone help or does anyone have the same problem?
                        • hoverpodon July 26 2010, 2:52pmReplyFlag
                          The latest comment is incorrect. It is true that you might not need the code. It does download and install from Sony but when you launch the confirms that it's installed but doesn't show up in menu...
                          • R* Yon July 25 2010, 12:36pmReplyFlag
                            @Pyro-Shoot-em No need for a Rockstar code to download the free DLC, look right under where the words "R* Code" are and you'll see another option - to take you to the PS Store or the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, go there and download the Outlaws to the End.
                            • Pyro-Shoot-emon July 24 2010, 11:01pmReplyFlag
                              where is the answer to the rockstar code thing when in the DLC menu whats the rockstar code and what happens if i had 1 and where do i get 1
                              • p-steelers36on July 22 2010, 6:57pmReplyFlag
                                maybe someone can help me i downloaded co op for ps3 and its asking me for a rx code dont know what this is someone please helpme i bought the game for gstop and it wasnt a pre order
                                • Niallsafeon July 6 2010, 5:49pmReplyFlag
                                  look guys stop the complaining this is the best game i have ever played quit the complaints
                                  • 10625657on June 22 2010, 8:16pmReplyFlag
                                    thanks R* for not trying to grab my money!:) keep up the great work
                                    • orionreplayon June 22 2010, 8:09pmReplyFlag
                                      New CO-OP DLC downloaded this evening on my PS3 and has gotten me stuck in an infinite loading screen trying to get into multiplayer. I need my RDR fix to---ht!
                                      • 9917384on June 21 2010, 12:07pmReplyFlag
                                        i just wanna say thinx rockstars for this amizing game i had never played a better game me and my waif we love it
                                        • triggerzon June 21 2010, 8:04amReplyFlag
                                          great game, great presentation, attention to detail amazing. left side of the map great, but on the right nothing to do in free roam, please add more gang hideouts to this side of the map its like space wasted. this is still my all time game, would be even more amazing with added hideouts. rockstar keep up the great work.
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