Rockstar Game Tips: Red Dead Redemption Quick Tips

Posted on June 2 2010, 4:27pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

We've put together just a few handy tips and tricks - including a few things you may have missed even if you've spent your entire past week living in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption. These are all basic quick tips. We will be providing more advanced tips in the coming weeks.

Fast Travel - Need to get to another town fast? In single player, approach a Stagecoach Taxi and ride shotgun or as a passenger. And when not in a town, settlement or gang hideout, set up camp whether you're on your horse or walking around on the ground by pressing Select and choosing Campsite (Basic or Improved) in your kit. Setting up camp will give you the option to travel to a waypoint or town within any previously visited area, as well as offering the option to save or change outfits. In multiplayer, make your way to the nearest town and look for the Transport post. Whether with the Stagecoach Taxi or the Transport, select your destination and you're on your way. Both the Stagecoach Taxi and Transport are shown with a wagon wheel icon on your radar and map.

Newspapers - Want to find out more about the goings-on with characters and the world around you in Red Dead Redemption? Buy a Blackwater Ledger newspaper. They're available at various places around the game world - for instance, from the gentleman on the steps right outside of the train depot at MacFarlane’s Ranch. And be sure to keep reading newspapers even after you've completed the storyline.

Gesturing - Want to tip your hat or say hello to someone as they pass by John in single player? Only when near another person, tap the circle button on PlayStation 3 or the B button on Xbox 360.

Running - Getting Marston into a sprint is a snap. Hold A on Xbox 360 or X on PlayStation 3 to run. Tapping the same button will gain you a bit more speed and have your character sprint.

Moneymaking and Ammunition - Loot bodies and find chests for free ammunition and money. One example of where you can find chests is in Pike's Basin. Also check for ammunition in the chests and armoires in your Houses. These properties are on your map in the shape of a green house. You must complete a few missions before getting your first House in MacFarlane's Ranch.

Capturing Bounties Alive - Once you get the lasso (unlocked by completing missions for Bonnie MacFarlane), you can capture bounties alive and earn more money. Some people will put up a lot of resistance when you are trying to lasso them. Just give them a single non-fatal shot in the arm or leg to immobilize them.

Rattlesnakes - While one of the smallest animals in the game, rattlesnakes aren't too difficult to find as long as you listen closely when running around or riding on your horse.

Multiplayer Aiming - Not the type of person that favors aim-assistance? Once you reach level 15 in multiplayer, you will have the option of playing in the Hardcore version of the various multiplayer game types, where aim-assistance is stripped away. (Please note - for the extremely hardcore, we will have some particularly hard levels coming your way soon. Details to follow in a few days or so.)

Health Regeneration - Your health regenerates if you get injured, both in single player and multiplayer. If you find yourself in the heat of a battle and in danger of dying, use cover with R1 (PS3) or RB (Xbox 360). You can also use medicine to replenish health if you're in the midst of danger and can't get away to hide.

Storyline Completion - Keep in mind that the storyline is not completely over with until you see the end credits. Even after the credits, you can continue playing any challenges or stranger encounters you wish to finish. (Note: Posting storyline spoilers in the comments will not be tolerated. Please don't ruin other people's game experience. We may well do an Asked & Answered purely on the storyline in a few weeks, but we will ask for the questions nearer that time. Please don't post them here now.)

If you've got a friendly tip or trick to share, feel free to share it with everyone. What's your most reliable weapon? Favorite town? Fave animal to hunt? And let us know any other tips we should cover in the future...

  • xrunner50on August 31 2010, 3:12pmReplyFlag
    thx for the tips rock star
    • NANDODEPon August 1 2010, 11:23pmReplyFlag
      Adorei as dicas - muito obrigado - agora posso jogar sem problemas...
      • thomasfossumon July 17 2010, 2:43pmReplyFlag
        Hi again.
        I can see other folks but not players with name over they head or my friends, I tryed public and private.
        Love singel player game but need the multiplayer game soo bad..

        • thomasfossumon July 17 2010, 2:41pmReplyFlag
          Hi again...whan I'm in the free roam, and I hold down the down button to see other players...nothing come up...I can only see my name, like I'm alone? I tryed public and private.
          I can see other folks but with no name over they head or players name.
          Whats wrong??
          Ilove the singel player game, but I need multiplayer soo bad.

          • R* Yon July 17 2010, 2:38pmReplyFlag
            @thomasfossum and others, thanks, to get some help with Red Dead issues, please contact support via one of the following channels:
            • thomasfossumon July 17 2010, 2:35pmReplyFlag
              Hi there, I need friend can see all the players in the free raom, but i can't see anny one!! what's up and ofcourse I'm online on my PS3.
              need help or is it the multiplayer that F..up.

              • TexasFloodon July 17 2010, 5:16amReplyFlag
                What is the 'Show your Cards' section all about on the community page?? thanks
                • Daniel51095on July 15 2010, 3:53amReplyFlag
                  This game is great i've had it for a month now and i'm still hooked!

                  ...kicks mw2's ass
                  • ehs90123on July 6 2010, 12:37pmReplyFlag
                    this game is awesome. it would be better if yalll would add the lasso in multiplayer and more xp in gang and free for all matches. when are yall gonna make more dlc's im done with the outlaws to the end dlc and its freaking awesome. thanks rockstar
                    • CrazySpoonon June 22 2010, 11:21pmReplyFlag
                      Free roam is little frustrating with the killing. i'd suggest making towns either safe havens OR establishing some type of "duel" system for players who want to have it can even add an arena of some type
                      • RetroScorpionon June 12 2010, 11:41amReplyFlag
                        how to download the game from the court?
                        • DragonCrosson June 11 2010, 10:35amReplyFlag
                          Hey Guys how long in free roam before you can skin animals?
                          or what do you have to do to be able to?
                          hopefully then you can make money.
                          • KrazyK_89on June 11 2010, 2:40amReplyFlag
                            Thanks for the tips R*

                            The game is awesome!
                            • morfyboyon June 10 2010, 10:43amReplyFlag
                              Great game from you guys at Rockstar....Im enjoying loads, along with my POSSE of mates... If i could add 1 thing to the game,(or 2), it would be lasso's in multiplayer, and some sort of boxing only fights....... thnx reddead.... Morfyboy.
                              • JSwannyon June 9 2010, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                                man fast travel would be nice. buuut it doesnt work for me since the beginning of the mexico campaign. everytime i try to fast travel i get a never ending loading screen. i have thousands of miles on horseback waiting for a patch. and i cant to do any bounties. have 92% done and its all i can do untill its fixed
                                • DaRkLoRdCLBon June 8 2010, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                                  I have to agree w/ everyone about the free roam trying to play is diff. when each time you spawn or respawn your getting blasted by some one you can't even see. I haven't played online any more cuz of that reason get's frustrating trying to gain achivments when each time you respawn the same person waits for you.

                                  Hope this gets fixed soon till then i will still w/ single player mode still have plenty to do in there any ways..
                                  • kupownyou8o8on June 6 2010, 6:12pmReplyFlag
                                    I was wondering if you guys and girls from Rockstar could come out with a patch for Red Dead Redemption to where you can record a video of what happened. Lets say like Halo 3 how they allow you to rewind recently played games and allowed you to record what happened at a certain part. Many other people including me would like this because there is some very funny stuff that happens on this game like for example when you are picking up some flowers and you turn around and your horse just walked off the cliff. It's things like that that makes this game very fun. Please consider this and please come out with a patch that allows you to record things for good times and fun memories.
                                    • Rafiosoon June 5 2010, 1:51pmReplyFlag
                                      Hi it's me again :-)

                                      You can find the german-translation of this tips here:

                                      Have fun.

                                      Thx for this, Rockstar Games, and have a sunny weekend.
                                      • SyCoFeelTheFearon June 4 2010, 2:58pmReplyFlag
                                        Ha, I am on the PS3 man. I've got to say from personal experience (because I've been free roaming quite a bit since beating the game) that there are probably an equal number of both types of people on the PS3. Met quite a few that don't mind helping you out and quite a few that will drive you bat sh*t crazy.
                                        • SoGcorkyon June 4 2010, 11:32amReplyFlag
                                          @Syco, I guess your right man But I've heard that people on the PS3 are more friendly than the 360 on free roam? Have fun and keep playing RDR!
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