Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack Now Available on iTunes

Posted on May 24 2010, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Music, Games

The Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack album is now available on iTunes.

Composed by critically acclaimed composers Bill Elm and Woody Jackson,  Red Dead’s lush and dynamic score captures the haunting sound of the dying American West and Mexico at the turn of the century.

Filled with sweeping strings, martial timpani, and piercing horns, this music was performed on authentic instruments of the period, and evolves as you pass through each of the game’s three huge territories. Produced by David Holmes, the soundtrack album brings the sounds of the game in a compelling stand-alone album format with 15 instrumental tracks as well as 4 exclusive tracks from contemporary artists Jamie Lidell, Jose Gonzalez, Ashtar Command and William Elliot Whitmore.

The soundtrack is now available on the iTunes Store in the US, Canada, Europe and other territories worldwide.
Also available on Amazon, Zune, eMusic and other leading digital music stores.

  • spiritofradioon June 9 2010, 11:48amReplyFlag
    how do I get my free soundtrack? the website redirect sends me to nowhere?
    • damnedkingon June 2 2010, 2:25amReplyFlag
      yeah i have yet to figure out how to get my copy of the soundtrack from my purchase of the game, i dont use iTunes and i only got the deadly assassin outfit from my code, soo what do i do?
      • R* Yon May 27 2010, 6:58pmReplyFlag
        @Machinemonkey @Kruzada Thanks guys, you should be receiving e-mails from us if you have not already.
        • bad_fur_dayon May 26 2010, 7:06pmReplyFlag
          Omfg, this is fantastic thx Rockstar!

          Completely worth the extra price with this unbelievably fabulous soundtrack. Very cool that it's mp3's aswell. :)
          • WolFMaNGron May 26 2010, 3:37pmReplyFlag
            I need help from admin PLEASE i complete The Gates of El Presidio'(Sons of Mexico) and e 'An Appointed Time'.(No More Fancy Words) but it not give me the trophies PLEASE HELP MODERATOR!HELLLLP
            • Darkbogdanelon May 26 2010, 2:40pmReplyFlag
              Ok,how do I download the soundtrack from ITunes?
              ITunes is not available in Romania.
              How do I get it?
              • Machinemonkeyon May 26 2010, 2:17pmReplyFlag
                I've emailed rockstar tech support , but no reply so no case number !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely this should not be so difficult !!!!!!!!!!!?????
                • Kruzadaon May 26 2010, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                  I also tried to redeem the soundtrack, but still got no confirmation email after 4 days :/
                  And also no answeres from the tech support, where I reported my problem twice -.-
                  I want to download the soundtrack..
                  • R* Yon May 26 2010, 12:39pmReplyFlag
                    @Machinemonkey Sure, please supply us with your tech support case number and we'll gladly help out.
                    • 9873846on May 26 2010, 11:08amReplyFlag
                      • KingSmithyon May 26 2010, 9:20amReplyFlag

                        This game along with the soundtrack is splendid.
                        The story really got to me.

                        Greetings from Sthlm.

                        • Darkbogdanelon May 26 2010, 6:20amReplyFlag
                          Please reply me,Red Dead Redemption it will be for PC too?
                          I don owe a console is way expensive in Romania!
                          • Machinemonkeyon May 26 2010, 4:49amReplyFlag
                            I've followed the links and recieved an email , followed that link then I'm told your code has already been used !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what now ????????? All I've done is input the code "ingame" am I missing something here !!???
                            • R* Yon May 25 2010, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                              • AlphaEurioon May 25 2010, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                                The contents of the game show you where to go to get the soundtrack. It's not actually a disc. Look again.
                                • master90000on May 25 2010, 11:42amReplyFlag
                                  same with me i never got the soundtrack from gamestop just the outfit
                                  • 6206837on May 25 2010, 9:36amReplyFlag
                                    Nice R*! Shanks.
                                    • DolphZiggler69on May 25 2010, 5:08amReplyFlag
                                      I also pre ordered the game from gamestop and never got the soundtrack either. only the deadly assassians suit.
                                      • kannuckleson May 24 2010, 8:35pmReplyFlag
                                        when i reserved rdr in gamestop it said it had the deadly assassins outfit and the soundtrack i got the outfit but never got the soundtrack.
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