Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Update

Posted on May 20 2010, 7:35pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games

For anyone that's been experiencing issues in Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer, we've just enacted a fix which should help.  Instructions for both platforms are below, along with a description of what's been addressed.  If you still need assistance, please contact and make sure to include your platform and online ID. 
We will continue to investigate any and all issues people may be having including the ones this update aims to fix.  Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through this stuff.

This fix addresses a specific issue that was found where the player’s multiplayer avatar, their horse or their weapons would occasionally not be visible in multiplayer games as well as an issue that some players were experiencing where they would lose connection to the various multiplayer modes.

To apply the update on PlayStation 3:
You must be signed into a valid PlayStation Network ID and be connected to the PlayStation Network before starting the game up.  If those two conditions are met, your PS3 will automatically download the update in the background and the game will apply the fixes when you start or join a multiplayer session.

To apply the update on Xbox 360:
You must be signed into a valid Xbox LIVE Gamertag and be connected to Xbox LIVE before starting the game up.  If those two conditions are met, your Xbox 360 will automatically download the update in the background and the game will apply the fixes when you start or join a multiplayer session.

Thanks everyone and see you online...

  • kakoowieon November 18 2014, 11:55amReplyFlag
    • donnyphanton February 5 2014, 5:07pmReplyFlag
      I am online in RDR and there are no animals or lawmen or anything.... and the players show as dots on the map but when I am next to them...they are invisible ~ has anyone had this issue ? Thanks
      • xXxRangedxXxon January 29 2013, 10:50pmReplyFlag
        I'm having the same problem. I have 6 friends currently in Free Roam on the Xbox 360 together, but when I go to join it says, "You were removed from your session and returned to free roam due to connection issues with other players". Then it just restarts the search, says the same and repeats. Wtf?
        • ChrisMilleon March 10 2012, 5:35amReplyFlag
          "Red dead redemption you were removed your session due connection issues other players."
          When i do join a multiplayer game session, this writing is show up while i am playing, then i am joining a different session, then again, then again...

          So i cant play multiplayer. Is anybody help me?
          • jaakareon February 21 2012, 11:49amReplyFlag
            P.S (LOL) either that or pay me for laser sessions to "take off" both of my R* tattoos (yellow R logo and John Marston figure)... Come on Rockstar, don't let us down here, any other game developer would pay attention to the top scorers for their games, if you don't, then why adding leaderboards to the games at all?

            I'm still waiting for my score update on the leaderboards and my ps3 is still "burning" without being turned off for over 5 days.
            • jaakareon February 21 2012, 11:44amReplyFlag
              Really, I can live with the poor servers and connections issues ("check ur connections...", "ur version of the game"... why do those red screen messages always blame the players instead of saying "Sorry our servers are poor, try again later"...?), live with the thousands of glitches which hasn't been fixed (freezing, radar issues, hideout invisible enemies, undead and so on) but now you ppl are really starting to throw my time away by not giving me my score on the leaderboards. I'm at "top 10" of 7 different hideouts, top 30 at total points and top 50 at undead overrun, if even the leaderboards start to glitch then there's no reason left 4 me to play rdr anymore. I'm still online on the very same free roam, with over 1 million points on my own and waiting for it to update on the leaderboards (it hasn't been updated in the last 24 hours). My son (ID: Mambinni) is on the same room and got his score updated properly.

              DO SOMETHING! (my PSN ID: Jaakare)
              • jaakareon February 21 2012, 11:27amReplyFlag
                Dead Rockstar (name is Jaaka, PSN ID: Jaakare)

                I've wrote to "Rockstar Support" 5 hours ago asking to a quick fix on my score on the leaderboards, I understand you ppl may take ages to fix such a "complex" glitch but neither my patience or my ps3 are in the "catholic" mood to wait forever. I'm stucked in a free roam for 5 days and got a personal score of 1.008.218 plus a score of 411.060 made by my son. We're going for the "Free Roam Posse Score", "Free Roam Personal Score" and "1st place on Fort Mercer Hideout" (I am 3rd by now) and I can't turn off my ps3 (which is frying by now) or I'm gonna lose the score (free roam scores) but IT HASN'T BEEN UPDATED in the last 24 hours (since i had 600,578)! My son's score has been updated properly at the leaderboards, mine was till day 4 of the run then stopped, you OWE me over 400.000 at fort mercer, posse score and personal score LBs, DO SOMETHING B4 I LOSE MY CONNECTION (we know it's likely to happen in rdr any soon).
                • RobNutson January 28 2012, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                  Nice to see that almost 2 years later the connection issues still haven't been fixed. Fix the games or fix the servers. Do somethin.
                  • R* Yon October 12 2011, 4:15pmReplyFlag
                    @stevester Sounds good, thanks
                    • stevesteron October 12 2011, 2:10pmReplyFlag
                      thanks,R i'll try that,already sent an e mail but tifs there a numberi'll give it a ring..
                      • R* Yon October 12 2011, 2:01pmReplyFlag
                        @creapah@stevester @jaakare Thanks guys, this is actually a very old news article as you can see above (May 2010), please send a message to our Support department:

                        There you'll find a listing of phone numbers and e-mail addresses that will hopefully help in resolving your issues.
                        • stevesteron October 12 2011, 1:37pmReplyFlag
                          still having the same connection problems with multy player.can not play any of the multy player mini games,gang matches grab the bag ect.
                          lets me into free roam sometimes but most of the time im left with the load screen with the message connection issues with other players,this happens 3 to 5 times then the screen just freezes and i have to turn it off.

                          i have sent e mails to rock star gamer support but have not received any reply.i have looked around the internet for a solution without any luck.

                          was surprised and annoyed to see that this problem has been going on for over a year now with out any fix or clear infomation from rockstar as to when these issues will be fixed.

                          if anyone has any info on how to fix this problem please leave a comment as rockstar dont seem to care about there exsisting customers..

                          gamer tag stevester551
                          • stevesteron October 12 2011, 1:25pmReplyFlag
                            the problem is still there for me
                            • jaakareon September 27 2011, 9:24pmReplyFlag
                              P.S. The following message is a copy of an email I've sent to Rockstar Games (it's just a part of it tho since there's a limit of characters and for some reason they don't let us know about that...). If you have any connection problems, are annoyed by any glitch or have any suggestion, please send em an email too and maybe, who knows, they start to pay some attention on their customers.

                              Thanx to you all!
                              • jaakareon September 27 2011, 9:17pmReplyFlag
                                Dear Rockstar Games and Red Dead Redemption Support Crew

                                My name is Jaaka (psn ID: Jaakare) and I’m one of the serious players who have been playing Red Dead Redemption since the day it was released. I’ve been playing this game for so long that my I got my name on a few leaderboards top 10 such as: Venter’s Place (1st place – since the very first day, lost if for two weeks when my band went on tour and I couldn’t play but already got the 1st place back), Fort Mercer (3rd place – 1st place for 8 months), Nosalida (8th place), Critchley Ranch (9th place), Crooked Toes (9th place), Scratching Post (7th place), Cueva Seca (3rd place, 1st place for 5 months). I’m also on Top 20 at “Total Points” and Top 30 at “Undead Overrun”.

                                The reason I’m writing is because I have been talking to some of my friends (psn IDS: Swazie_Gamer, Mambinni, Iphilhower, iStiv, Brhino86, gscheidle, nail19, Cpt_AppIesause, BillyStreetPunk, Cool_C1 and a few others) as well as to random people I’ve met in public games (free roam mostly) and most of them (if not all) have been disapointed with Rockstar Games and Red Dead Redemption due to, obviously, the connection issues we all keep experiencing, some major and minor glitches that have never been fixed and some extra features we all keep dreaming about to be added in free roam games.

                                I don’t think most people would take their time to write and ask or suggest anything (a few do it tho) but, at least for me, Red Dead Redemption is the best game ever made and closelly followed by GTA IV and LA Noire (not to mention the older releases for different plataforms such as The Warriors, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City...) and, for that matter I think that, if I can’t count on Rockstar Games, who has been releasing the best games for so long, than there’s no reason to expect anything good to come out for the newer generations of games. So, from now on, I’m gonna relate some of the issues we have been experiencing as well as glitches and suggestions of simple content that most (if not all) of the community would be pleased to have added to Red Dead Redemption’s world.

                                1. Connection problems

                                First of all I’d like to mention that I’ve been playing on a 250GB Playstation 3 as well as on a 160GB Playestation 3, both american consoles and got 3 different disk releases of Red Dead Redemption and all dlc/add on content downloaded on both consoles.
                                My connection’s speed is about 8mb, cable (direct from the router or modem), Nat 2 type, all Red Dead Redemption’s ports forwarded (as in the instructions I’ve got from Rockstar Games) and both consoles are added to the DMZ section of the routers (when not using directly to a modem). There’s no firewall.

                                This is not the first time I write in a try to understand and maybe fix the connection issues so I can spend more time playing and less time on red screens but the fact is, even when we (my friends and I) do all the steps we are told to, the problems persist. 2 days ago I had no problems playing with Swazie_Gamer or Brhino86, yesterday I just couldn’t (we tryed for hours). Sometimes I can’t even accept a game invite from my 2nd console (using my wife’s ID) to my 1st console (both using the same connection and router, both added to dmz) but I have no problems playing Lan (using both consoles at the same time). The weird thing that is consuming my mind is that, we all (Me, Mambinni, Swazie_Gamer, Brhino86 ...) can play GTA IV online (as well as other non rockstar) with no problems.
                                Yesterday I tryed to change my router (all ways possible), used a different console, a different disk, changed my character and title, deleted the save files (copyed them to a pen drive), uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing worked. Also got my friends to do it (Swazie_Gamer and Brhino86) so, after all, I’m just lost here and need some help.

                                If you, rockstar games support crew, have any update in mind please let me know so I can also tell my friends and we can at least, stop trying to fix/change our connections which seems to be already good enough.

                                2. Major and Minor Glitches

                                Since the first day the online world of Red Dead Redemption was covered with graphical issues and glitches which, the way I see, were normal and acceptable considering the size of the map and the number of graphical elements acting together.
                                Some of them seem to be fixed by now (boxes “paying” 1000 XP in Pike’s Basin for an example) but some are still there and, after you see that same glitch or experience that same issue over and over, it starts to be annoying. I’m goint to list a few online glitches.

                                Radar/Mini Map Issues: For leaderboard scores it’s common to repeat a hideout (for an example) over and over and after some time (maybe about 20 replays) the radar stops working properly and most of the enemies stop appearing. We consider it as a minor glitch since it’s not that hard to leave the hideout and get back to have t
                                • creapahon September 22 2011, 12:07amReplyFlag
                                  "You must be signed into a valid Xbox LIVE Gamertag and be connected to Xbox LIVE before starting the game up. " Ummm how would i have experienced the problem if i wasn't xonnected to xbox live and using a gamertag? DUHHHHHHH? where is the fix? i am having this problem now after making zero changes.
                                  • R* Yon September 13 2011, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                                    @BumperBallz & others, please hit up Rockstar Support:
                                    • BumperBallzon September 13 2011, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                                      I fired up red dead redemption and downloaded the new DLC and a game update. But now I can't play with my brother. He has the retail disc version, and I have the Games On Demand version. We played together all the time up until now. Why do I get the message....

                                      Your version of the game is not compatible...etc etc?

                                      Why would you release an update that divides the RDR community in half? Most of my friends have the disc version, and I played with them all the time up until now. Is this a permanent thing, or will I get access to my friends sessions again? Can anyone help me out?
                                      • Thiseason September 4 2011, 10:01amReplyFlag
                                        I have the same problem, this is unacceptable.
                                        • 14778973on August 20 2011, 3:59amReplyFlag
                                          Im gettin the same issue too its so annoying! it takes a friken long time just to get in a session and its usualy 1 or 2 players i hope theres an update soon or im givin up the game
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