New Exclusive Screenshots - Red Dead Redemption at the Rockstar Social Club

Posted on May 11 2010, 12:45pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Later today, we'll be unveiling details on some of the Red Dead Redemption features that will await you at the Rockstar Games Social Club come May 18th.

For now, we've got a few new exclusive related screenshots to whet your appetite.

Blast three enemies with Dead Eye as part of the Pike's Basin Challenge - the first of many Social Club Challenges to be announced.

Grab as much money as you can to complete The Strike It Rich! Rockstar Challenge.

Kill all gang member enemies while on horseback - another of the Pike's Basin Challenges.

  • Freak22on May 20 2010, 4:47amReplyFlag
    A new clan is quickly gaining control of the dying west. The Frontier Army. Messege Stealth Hazard for details on this militant group.
    • PudgeDynamiteon May 18 2010, 1:50amReplyFlag
      Anyone looking for a posse member ( im gunna love this game) add me PUDGE DYNAMITE. i probably won't play online til i complete the story fyi. see ya! p.s. message me so i know its to add you for Red Dead. Im near sick of Call of Duty. =]
      • outlaw_1992on May 17 2010, 1:44pmReplyFlag
        • marston965on May 16 2010, 9:44pmReplyFlag
          i have a ? can you be honorable in one town and dihonorable in another
          • Mclovin-Junioron May 16 2010, 1:55pmReplyFlag
            i have already preordered this game it looks so friken awsome!me and my mexican friend are looking to make a posse and if u wana be in it add me as a friend on psn my name is canadian6010 we are going to rule the wild west!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            • SSM3EVOon May 15 2010, 1:52pmReplyFlag
              @ TonyJohnson i am 28 do i count! as not being a kid lol, i know what ya talking about tho .. tag is Silverstalker
              • solvesteron May 15 2010, 8:10amReplyFlag
                Fat man with a sombrero on a donkey with sensitivity issues of his weight, anyone look at me funny BANG! in your face! either efficient with a sniper rifle or Dino Might!!!!! my online persona :P

                The good, the bad and the ugly sums up the honor system for this game which is awesome
                I am an ugly --- inside >:)

                6 days for this British Dog WOOF! cant wait !

                To all you cowboys out there! I AM THE PINK POWER RANGER! you got that?
                • TonyJohnsonon May 15 2010, 7:47amReplyFlag

                  Calling all UK based gamers... Have pre-ordered RDR but want to play online with UK based gamers that are preferably 20+ (i.e. not kids)

                  Add me if you want posse up. yeehaw!

                  PSN ID: Tony_Johnson
                  • PS3Beaston May 14 2010, 7:33amReplyFlag
                    Hey guys with a Playstation 3, i wanna put together a really good posse so we can own others together! if your interested, send me a friend request on the playstation reguading RDR posse, me PSN name is FlippyTheAssasin. Thanks
                    • SOCRAZYon May 13 2010, 3:42pmReplyFlag
                      Shout out to rockstar games for doin a hell of a job. To my PS3 Squad what it do sens213 and INSANEBLAZER and my homie Dobbie lets get at these trophies.
                      • SOCRAZYon May 13 2010, 3:38pmReplyFlag
                        Can wait to play freeroam lookin for 3 more people to join on PS3 get at me im a all around shooter looking for a 2 snipers and a hitman meaning not scared to get the job done look me up SOCAZY .
                        • jsoli12on May 13 2010, 11:33amReplyFlag
                          will the online still have auto aim. i hope not!!!!!!
                          • young-samsonon May 13 2010, 10:21amReplyFlag
                            if anyone wishes me on their posse i am not too good at close battle but i am a marksman using a rifle from a distance also would be good with ma---e gun or cannon.
                            • young-samsonon May 13 2010, 10:14amReplyFlag
                              if i understand this we can't access the social club from our consoles until the 18th and we will also be able to chat too through the multiplayer section of the game?
                              • G-hamishon May 13 2010, 6:24amReplyFlag
                                Deffinately going to be the best game ever, Graphics are looking Tasty
                                • KarlLive161on May 13 2010, 12:10amReplyFlag
                                  damn i cant wait to get this game!
                                  • MexicanMonkeyon May 12 2010, 10:08pmReplyFlag
                                    i cant wait for this game it looks so awsome! im excited!
                                    • Lateraldeathon May 12 2010, 8:17pmReplyFlag
                                      Hey im really wanting to put a good posse together with reliable friends/people, so add me and lets play RDR on the 18th or whenever after that...just message me asking to join my permanent posse
                                      • Lateraldeathon May 12 2010, 8:13pmReplyFlag
                                        Hey anyone want to join together in a posse because i've pre-ordered and im about to go crazy if this game doesnt come out sooner.....anyway my gamertag on xboxlive is Lateraldeath, just send me an invite on the 18 or 19 and you can join my posse, but add me as a friend first so i can inv
                                        • Death666XPon May 12 2010, 7:18pmReplyFlag
                                          @ agentWRED thank you.......i guess

                                          @ Stoffer: Its cool, I know the feeling
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