ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Week: Unlock an Exclusive GTA Online T-Shirt, 25% Off ILL-GOTTEN Vehicles and More (March 25 - 31)

Posted on March 25 2016, 10:47am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

After reaping the benefits of a full week of Double GTA$ opportunities in the Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week, take advantage of a huge array of discounts in-game from now through to Thursday March 31st. As well as an exclusive unlock available all week and Double RP Race Playlists, there's up to 50% off clothing and tattoos, and 25% off select vehicles and more from the Ill-Gotten Gains Updates (Part I and Part II), not to mention discounts on select car modifications. Read on for full information.


"It's time to fight to the end. Again". Simply log-in to GTA Online any day this week and you will unlock an exclusive t-shirt bearing the name of Richards' Majestic cult classic sci-fi feature The Shoulder Of Orion II. 


There's a Playlist of Double RP Races available to play directly from the GTAV launch screens every day this week. We'll be switching the Playlist up with different types of Races throughout the week, so check the schedule below or keep an eye on our Twitter or Instagram for regular updates:

  • Friday March 25 - Sunday March 27 - Street Races
  • Monday March 28 & Tuesday March 29 - Air Races
  • Wednesday March 30 & Thursday March 31 - Sea Races

If you complete the Playlist, and want to replay it to earn more Double RP, there's no need to restart the game; you can find it again easily via the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menus.


Hit the Legendary Motorsport website on your iFruit phone this week for solid discounts on select rides from the ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part 2. Through the end of the month, buy the luxurious off-road beast that is the Coil Brawler, the lightning fast Progen T20, the Muscle classic Invetero Coquette BlackFin and the KERS-enabled Dinka Vindicator motorcycle - all at a 25% discount. Modifications for these vehicles and many others will also be available with a quarter of the price taken off the top; just roll on over to Los Santos Customs for the hook-up.

Not just by land, prices are also getting slashed at sea; the fine folks at DockTease are getting into the spirit of things with 25% off the Lampadati Toro, so pick up this luxurious, balls-out speedboat if you haven't already. 


Style your wardrobe, and body, at a good price all week long with 50% off all clothing and tattoos from both ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Updates. Swing over to Binco, Suburban or Ponsonbys to get the look you want in outfits including The Baller, The Swank and much, much more. While you're at it, let your body be the canvas without killing your bank account, and get inked with any of the 30 ILL-GOTTEN tats at any parlor for half off too.


Leave a lasting impression with any style of Knuckle Duster, from The Pimp to The Rock and everything in between for 50% off retail. Stop off at any Ammu-Nation outlet so you can knock suckers out in style.

The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part One Now Available
The GTA Online ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update: Part Two Now Available
Lowriders Custom Classics Event Week

  • R* Yon March 27 2016, 8:08pmFlag
    Hi all,

    Very cool to see @rayan320 on others teaming up to take on the bonus Playlists this week!

    To @jeremy130691, please read the details of what’s on offer this week in the article above. There is Double RP in the Playlists listed above, which you can access directly from the GTAV launch screens. There’s also lots of discounts on vehicles, modifications and more. If there’s other specials you’d like to see in future bonus weeks, definitely kick your feedback to us via email.

    A friendly reminder that the place to direct your wishlists and feedback about things you’d like to see in GTA Online is That is the only way to be sure the development team is checking out your suggestions for consideration. Thank you.
  • MLGman40on April 16 2016, 1:39amReplyFlag
    IGG has been out since june 2015,why was this even a thing.
    • jacob3494on April 8 2016, 6:29pmReplyFlag
      Rockstar. The game rocks. Sure there are bugs. The game is grand theft auto. People not acting right is part of the game!! I love GTA online. Thank you.
      • MrOrangeTangoon April 5 2016, 3:21amReplyFlag
        In what theatre of Warfare does an Anti-Air go slower than a jet , jets Mach1.5 ish , missiles up to Mach 4 . No jet , not even a Typhoon or Raptor can "outrun" a lock on missile . Yours truthfully Ex British Aerospace Military Avionics Engineer .
        • matias_juarez777on April 2 2016, 5:32pmReplyFlag
          I can spawn 1 so easily, Add me on psn SMArsenalfc03-04, I'll be online after 20 minutes
          • BIGBEAST20on April 2 2016, 4:35pmReplyFlag
            Hey Rockstar, something has been bothering me lately, people are killing themselves when you get hit markers, can y'all make it to where if you get a hit marker and that person decides to kill himself before you get the kill, the kill automatically goes to you, it's really annoying when people do that, it makes the game boring
            • zerolimits87on April 3 2016, 12:14pmReplyFlag
              @BIGBEAST20 I agree! You should also make it like a one on one death match, lose a point when you kill yourself by the last person who shot you in Freemode too. All these bad sports/sore losers make the game so annoying and terrible. I'm not sure I want to invest time and money if the next GTA is this bad. Maybe if you went into a lobby yourselves YOU'D SEE. Enough is enough already Rockstar. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE ALREADY!
            • BIGBEAST20on April 3 2016, 4:00pmReplyFlag
              @zerolimits87 I totally agree
            • DemonicSpacemanon April 4 2016, 10:28amReplyFlag
              @zerolimits87 I agree it's annoying however your solution could potentially give credit for a kill to someone who was a lousy shot doing a driveby if the victim then accidentally falls off a high building or from a plane and doesn't open the chute soon enough.
              The simple solution is to award -5 kills for any suicide. Watch those KD lovers avoid suicide like the plague then!..
              Although I doubt R* will do anything, they haven't done anything about Jets so far (despite thousands of complaints), they haven't done anything about removing the BP noob hat (despite thousands of complaints)... if anything they are making the game even more noob friendly which is ruining it for those of us who play without any dirty tricks, without any assists... which again leads me to request (and as for others to request it also) hardcore lobbies. No passive, no BP hat, no assists, no way to pull off dirty tricks to avoid your KD (that nobody cares about!) dropping.

              Thanks to these players who use dirty tricks (passive switching for a cheap kill, suicide etc.) this game is coming to the end of it's life for me. I used to play a lot, now I play much much less. Where's the fun in playing if a jet's constantly killing you and you literally have no option other than to quit the game. Switching sessions sometimes helps but with the poor loading times and limited play time is that really an option?

              I'd like to play with others in the session, I have no problems with people attacking if they play fair, I like to be in public sessions plus it helps when starting a job to have those people to invite but now I find myself in friend only sessions and jobs take forever to fill up and start (even when open - seriously, 2 years on and you would hope R* would fix match making!)
            • uncanny5999on April 4 2016, 1:39pmReplyFlag
              @DemonicSpaceman Wait the bp actually works but yeah I've seen the kill yourself when they hit marker it's cheap I've gotten hit u keep going and maybe get the kill or close the gap
            • MrOrangeTangoon April 4 2016, 7:02pmReplyFlag
              @BIGBEAST20 How about Kamikaze pilots who "commit suicide" but they get awarded a kill for your death & don't necessarily pay for your car either ?
            • MrOrangeTangoon April 5 2016, 3:15amReplyFlag
              @DemonicSpaceman NOOB friendly , exactly ! Rockstar thought this would prevent Lowlife Cheats . NO CHANCE . I work for months to buy a Buzzard & a low level NOOB has the ability to shoot me out the sky . Months to get a Heavy Sniper , NOOB buys hunting rifle . Passive mode switching frequently , this should be limited to once a session . Parachuting without a parachute , when shot at , is NOT suicide .
            • DemonicSpacemanon April 5 2016, 4:34amReplyFlag
              @MrOrangeTango Passive mode has it's place. I rarely use it but there have been occasions when I need to put the controller down and do something else important. But it needs fixing. Ghosting works for only if you or the other person don't fight while being killed, passive should only work if you haven't shot anything for 5 minutes or so. Something along those lines. That would fix one issue.

              The main issue is, it's the majority of players who use dirty tricks, we are a minority. Vote to kick, nothing happens. This is where hardcore sessions could work well. Put those of us who play fair in situations that would not mean we play any differently, we get put together, dirty players stay in their own sessions, everybody wins.
            • HAZE_GB_PACKERSon April 5 2016, 2:05pmReplyFlag
              @DemonicSpaceman I need ghosted from the police
            • DemonicSpacemanon April 6 2016, 5:32amReplyFlag
              @HAZE_GB_PACKERS Phone Lester and request Blind Eye then, that does the job. I know what you're saying though. It doesn't help that the Xbone gets very laggy with police on the scene which makes freeroam fights pretty pointless or actually aids the dirty player to die without getting killed by you (the amount of times people get killed by police when I've taken them down to barely any health is insane).

              Give us hardcore lobbies. No police for fighting other aggressive players. No bullet proof noob hat. No jets (or at least something that can take a jet down easier). No EWO. No passive mode. Reduced protection in armored vehicles. I'd go as far as welcoming no mini map, no mental state, no auto aim (or assisted aim), no third person view... Hardcore session ideas open for suggestion but I seriously think Rockstar need to implement it.
          • xPablus2002xon April 1 2016, 10:30amReplyFlag
            Menuda publicidad engañosa es todo una mentira los coches corren mucho menos Progen T20
            • Stifler--013on April 1 2016, 5:03amReplyFlag
              I am ready for next Tuesday :)

            • Alessandr089on March 31 2016, 5:10pmReplyFlag
              Crap. There is no discount on t20
            • LaSallebig13on March 31 2016, 4:50pmReplyFlag
              how do I update the payroll crime ?
              • Simo9146on March 31 2016, 4:28pmReplyFlag
                The z-type should be a lowrider
              • john92241987on March 31 2016, 4:23pmReplyFlag
                Hello Fellow gamers,
                can someone please help me to get one of these chrome or golden dubstas. I have tried it alone for the Last two weeks, no chance.
                I am on the Xbox one GT JOHN92241987
              • GuettaLoucoon March 31 2016, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                • CassRaeon March 31 2016, 1:06pmReplyFlag
                  How do you know if you've received the shirt? I haven't got a message or anything.
                • ladiyyion March 31 2016, 10:49amReplyFlag
                  suggestion...a big used cars garage, were players can be sold is cars or buy others players cars, for the real value, example...i sold my full modded sultan RS for 800, 000$ ;)
                  • lowlowsteveon March 31 2016, 7:16pmReplyFlag
                    @ladiyyi Yea that would be so cool.I thought the same thing,I emailed Rockstar and put the Idea to them a while ago so hopefully more people do the same and they might make It happen.Should be able to decide the price though,Like sell cheap If you just want some quick cash.
                  • THATGUY-SIMONon April 1 2016, 2:16amReplyFlag
                    @ladiyyi It's a good idea but some players may make cars so expensive to sell and so cheap to sell. So Rockstar won't allow us to sell cars to other players because of money glitches that can happen
                • StormEST_87on March 31 2016, 10:45amReplyFlag
                  i really liked the double rp missions modes and i hope it happens again because i would play it all over again and again i know!:) i do need more $ every day lol i'm on ps4
                  • JohnSteelon March 31 2016, 9:56amReplyFlag
                    Hello friends,
                    can someone please help me to get one of these chrome or golden dubstas. I have tried it alone for the Last two weeks, no chance.
                    I am on PS4
                  • Joshua0893on March 31 2016, 6:00amReplyFlag
                    Rocstar, can we get more donk the stainer, stallion, and the Virgos.
                  • Stifler--013on March 31 2016, 4:57amReplyFlag
                    Next Update? end of the month maybe......... Rockstar must have stacks of updates prepared, we should get an update every month.

                    We could do with some new Heist missions ;)

                    1 more thing....... why does everyone keep posting update spoilers on You Tube, whether they are real or fake why would you spoil the surprise of our next exciting load of treats on GTA Online.
                    • LilRicanIsSavy55on March 31 2016, 3:22amReplyFlag
                      Rockstar, plz add a new super car or cars, and at least one that's faster then the adder. Try making models like the Hennessy venom gt and the devel sixteen, would really be appreciated. I'm really tired of driving around in a t20
                      • Stifler--013on March 31 2016, 5:05amReplyFlag
                        @LilRicanIsSavy55 How many Super cars do you need? ;)

                        Lets have some larger bigger chunkier vehicles....... Trucks. steal a cluckin bell rig of the street, take it to LS Customs or Bennys and full upgrade/customise that beast.
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