New Inventory Coming Tomorrow to Benny’s Original Motor Works

Posted on March 14 2016, 8:50pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Tomorrow, Benny is adding a full suite of new customization options for three vehicles. Order your stock car from Benny’s Original Motor Works, then kit it out with upgrades down at his Strawberry location to become the Faction Custom Donk, the Slamvan Custom and the Virgo Classic Custom. Here’s a first glimpse of the new vehicles...

The Vapid Slamvan Custom

The Virgo Classic Custom

The Faction Custom Donk

  • R* Yon March 27 2016, 8:10pmFlag
    We hope you guys have been enjoying Lowriders Custom Classics!

    To @highness_LOCO and others wanting more Lowriders – not to worry, more are coming to Benny’s soon. Stay tuned for info on that and other GTA Online content updates coming up.

    For those with wishlists of things you’d like to see added to or changed in the game, please remember to send them directly to the game’s development team at That is the only way to be sure your feedback is being heard. Thank you!
  • Sagg357on August 18 2016, 8:25amReplyFlag
    Can we get another donk like the unmarked police car aka the crown Victoria
  • AlwaysTryAgainon July 7 2016, 7:47pmReplyFlag
    I would like rockstar to make more donk cars a crown vic with huge wheels or sabre with huge wheels. We need more beside the faction donk
    • maccin_azon May 14 2016, 10:21pmReplyFlag
      I would love to see more cars that can be turned into donks as soon as possible
      • darthcaesaron April 22 2016, 9:10pmReplyFlag
        Silly kids classics are the original drifters, they need to build on the wheelie bar that I found as a mod item for the Buccaneer. Or am I just too poor a driver to get her to sit up and dance? The Dukes on old Gen would be nice though as one last Harrah before I retire the 360 to the bedroom to play nothing but minecraft all day, or collect dust next to the ps2.
        • TheBananaMannon April 6 2016, 11:48amReplyFlag
          PLEASE add more super/sports cars because those create the best hype!!! Everyone loves those because they are sporty and fast and not a lot of people can get the money to make them. Also they have so many customization options they are all unique in their own way. Please add more super/sports cars that can be upgraded for us to customize in Benny's. Lowriders aren't that fast, and they cost a lot of money but the sports cars are fast so it seems like more for the money worth
          • tompobelgiumon April 15 2016, 10:16amReplyFlag
            @TheBananaMann we need more GARAGES! and motorcycles 2 tune allso cars with guns ore cop cars to mod allso rat cars will be nice regards from Belgium
        • Joseph1324SOTOMAon April 4 2016, 10:34amReplyFlag
          The vapid slam an is cool but doesnt jump high and needs a speaker box and some speakers inside
          • MrTexas817on April 2 2016, 1:52amReplyFlag
            We need the emperor for lowrider and donk the also maybe a new car that's not on game like the chevy top less impala classic. Chop the top on the Fraction. Some tire that favor the vogues. CusTom livery. .neon on motorcycles. .
            Donk the stallion .. this will set the car game off levels.. bring the monte Carlo classics...
            • titan-bebeon March 31 2016, 6:54amReplyFlag
              trop cool mais on ne la pas sur ps3 ;(
            • BOSS6661444on March 30 2016, 5:59amReplyFlag
              Yes more space is what we need. You guys have uploaded at least 15 cars since November.If you go garage for Muscle cars that at least 20 cars 2 garages, Low rider garage,Off road garage,Sports garage, Super sports garage,Motorcycles garage.Right there is 7 garages, how about miscellaneous garage.Maybe 8 garages be good or more.Frankly I hate selling my cars it cost me a lot to upgrade, time and $,to sell em for a fraction so i can buy the new ones. Sorry to say that it sucks.But I decided no more selling my hard earned cars!! For new DLC ones. Yes we need more GARAGES!
              • gmanj101on March 27 2016, 10:46pmReplyFlag
                We need more space I hate selling my car for space i but shard card but please more space need 3 more garage
                • TeeRev2828on March 27 2016, 3:57pmReplyFlag
                  Put picador on Benny's list
                  • highness_LOCOon March 26 2016, 5:18pmReplyFlag
                    add more cars for low rider customs
                    • DrSiftoron March 26 2016, 4:35pmReplyFlag
                      ADD ON PS3 , please !! I loves Muscles Car and big engine , Shiny and Chrome !!!
                      • razor20021993on March 26 2016, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                        @DrSiftor Nothing is gonna be added to ps3.either update to ps4 or go away.ps3 is dead and long gone.they are done with older consoles.
                      • DrSiftoron April 13 2016, 4:19amReplyFlag
                        @razor20021993 They want we buy a new console , but the nextgen but we haven't enought money and don't want pay the online ! Rockstar want more money !!!
                      • day790on April 16 2016, 3:30amReplyFlag
                        @razor20021993 ps3 aint dead they still making games even though ips4 player but there nothing wrong with one more update like one car and one house or one tattoo
                      • razor20021993on April 18 2016, 9:13pmReplyFlag
                        @day790 Ya but the thing is ps3 isn't dead but rockstar is done with ps3 and about to release gra6 for the upcoming ps5 and for the last year's of the ps4 .I don't think they are worried about a soon to be 2 gen old model.
                      • DrSiftoron May 1 2016, 6:15amReplyFlag
                        @razor20021993 But they can just make the last update named "good-bye Old Gen" ans add specials vehicles and customisations , they do respect their customers ...
                    • BatalhaCamarateon March 26 2016, 4:20pmReplyFlag
                      i know its hard to do dlc´s like heists but please make someting big extreamly big pls i move to next generation just because gta online please do someting big thank you rockstar for you comprehension
                      • Joseph1324SOTOMAon March 26 2016, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                        Add custom lowrider bikes
                        • goldenbullet350on March 27 2016, 4:46pmReplyFlag
                          @Joseph1324SOTOMA r u high or something thats a crap idea can u imagine that no cause its not realistic
                        • SnowBall_Bandzon April 20 2016, 7:03pmReplyFlag
                        • TheDarkLord21on April 21 2016, 5:31amReplyFlag
                          @Joseph1324SOTOMA It's not a stupid idea. I mean, not "low rider" bikes... But, add bikes to be able to go to Benny's. Not upgrades with Hydraulics, but... say, bikes like the Bati 801 or maybe even the Hakuchou. Give them upgrades kind of like they did with the Banshee or even the Sultan, you know... More towards a "racing" setup.
                      • Mercy_Mikeon March 25 2016, 9:44pmReplyFlag
                        R* you did an amazing job with the slamvan now lets work towards other muscle cars especially the vapid blade anywyas great job. the next thing you should be adding anything drag race related would be the smart thing to do do drag racing kits, add a drag racing strip, and all the muscle cars could get a new customization for body, engine, and frame work.
                        • rarebradderzon March 24 2016, 10:35pmReplyFlag
                          add a katana to the game!!!!!
                          • Jony_Dias_16on March 24 2016, 5:00pmReplyFlag
                            I whait this in ps3 please
                            • Mookgeezon March 24 2016, 11:19amReplyFlag
                              Hey rockstar listen you guys should come out with a new dlc and new city we should have to pay for the city ofcourse but hey if it's a new map I wouldn't mind paying for a new map like city and the city u paid for should always be available for u it would be grate if you guys could do this you guys made a lot of money on the game why not make more with this idea but I know you guys could do it you need to focus on this ask the Gta gamers about it I bet they would want it new cars new city why not you guys could make a lot thank you for under standing oh yeah before I forget it would be nice to have a different car garage set up switch it up all the houses look the same why not add the mansion
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