Rhino Hunt: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

Posted on February 26 2016, 7:21am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

Rhino Hunt - a brand new GTA Online Adversary Mode - is now available in-game. This is a battle of the nimble and numerous against the mighty but few, as a team of Sticky Bomb-wielding Hunters in dune buggies and other vehicles seek to take down one or two of the biggest and most elusive game in Southern San Andreas. Rhino drivers must utilize the sheer strength and firepower of their tank to survive against the onslaught of Sticky Bombs thrown in their direction.
You can play this new Adversary Mode in three different locations (selectable via the Adversary Modes section of the GTA Online pause menus) or launch a Playlist featuring three locales by hitting the button when prompted on the GTAV launch screens.
Keep an eye out for an announcement later today on the Rockstar Newswire about special Rhino Hunt bonuses and more.

Till Death Do Us Part: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online

  • R* Xon March 7 2016, 12:44pmFlag
    Hi everyone,
    A reminder for those with feedback about GTA Online modes or suggestions and ideas for other future content, please make sure to share them directly via email to GTAOnline@rockstargames.com. That is the only place to be sure your ideas and suggestions are being looked at by the game’s development team for consideration in future Title Updates.

    And stay tuned for info on the next update to GTA Online here at the Rockstar Newswire.
  • xI2EVOLTxon March 13 2016, 7:59pmReplyFlag
    C'est quoi la prochaine, Lazer vs couteau mdr
    • xI2EVOLTxon March 13 2016, 7:58pmReplyFlag
      Activité nul...un gros manque d'imagination, tank vs collante c'est quoi le délire? Si t'as pas le tank tu te fait fumer fin de l'histoire! Bon game les noobys
      • tonybravo1023on February 29 2016, 10:31pmReplyFlag
        Is this for every console or only a specific console?
      • Suluraniton February 29 2016, 5:54pmReplyFlag
        Come to think of it, the Rhino driver gets killed y times and kills people x times, y=kx and k > 4.
        • FiltratedDig2on February 29 2016, 12:25pmReplyFlag
          i what a new tipe of tank like a small tank
        • UberL33tPwner69on February 28 2016, 11:36pmReplyFlag
          Was this a user created mode that Rockstar made official? Feels very amateur and completely unbalanced. What decides who is the Rhino and who's the hunters? Out of about a dozen matches the game seemed to always favor the same 1 or 2 players for the tank spot even though everyone was attempting to play on the Rhino side. Why would you want to be a hunter? For the challenge? And, by challenge, I mean experience what it's like to be tied to a chair while someone takes a hammer to your face. Maybe R* is having the community beta test this... Otherwise it's a real disappointment.
          • PS4-GTAOnlineon February 28 2016, 8:44pmReplyFlag
            Rhino Hunt 2 best
            • ZeeMadMaverickon February 28 2016, 8:30pmReplyFlag
              This new adversary mode is bad but not terrible. The biggest issue that I run into while playing it is (once again) R*'s horrendous map choice. Driving the tank in Hunt I is easy to guard yourself at the end of the runway or one of the hangars if you're feeling ambitious in Fort Zancudo. Motorbikes shouldn't be an option for the Hunt III (LSIA) because the hunters can't do anything since the only motorbike option is the ---gio scooter. (Seriously R*?!) LSIA map wise also suffers the same problem as Fort Zancudo by just camping a runway end in the tank. So, that leaves us with Rino Hunt II which is the construction site in Sandy Shores. The tank is difficult to maneuver around in that area, but it's durability and power still gives it an advantage over the hunters. Which as a hunter you need to play smart to duck, weave, and conceal yourself using the obstacles from the tank since the tank can't really go over most of it. If the tank gets stuck in an obstacle, that's the Rino drivers fault because he wasn't paying attention to where he or she was. Therefore, Rino Hunt II is the only one worth doing seeing that Rino Hunts I and III can easily be exploited. This game mode could be something if R* left out the "cool place" factor for the game design. Better map locations for this game mode would be the Pelato Bay town and the Farms in Grape Seed if they blocked off the barns to prevent the tanks from entering. Would I recommend this game mode at all? No, players can easily exploit it and the prize money and RP isn't worth winning even with a double RP and GTA$ event.
              • Cheddarbob66on February 28 2016, 9:30pmReplyFlag
                @ZeeMadMaverick Rockstar to make up for this crap, why don't you add the Crown Victoria p71that is in the artwork while loading into GTA Online?
            • OreoEater21on February 28 2016, 7:14pmReplyFlag
              I think rhino hunt would be much better as a free mode event. Like with the beast, players can choose to become the rhino and every other player has to hunt them down before time runs out
            • _Cejaoon February 28 2016, 7:05pmReplyFlag
              the reply system can never correctly reply to the person Im intending a reply to go to.
            • Ex.Leeon February 28 2016, 2:44pmReplyFlag
              This mode is completely unbalanced. Rhino shoots too fast and the cars are too slow to dodge the shots and get close enough for a sticky bomb. How about instead of these sub-par adversary modes that will be played once and forgotten forever you put the resources into creating more heists or contact missions ?
              • _Cejaoon February 28 2016, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                @Ex.Lee Cause that would be too lame for the Rockstar "Style"

                I do agree that more missions and heists would be great. but I doubt it will happen.
            • XOtufgurlXOon February 28 2016, 3:12amReplyFlag
              Ladies! The Hood Dolz is now recruiting so join while you can for our open enrollment period. When you ride with the Dolz, you never ride alone. Stay classy and heelz up!
              • Skywatcher0001on February 28 2016, 1:26amReplyFlag
                More missions and stuff with our yachts please.
                Piracy prevention isn't enough. Yachts are so expensive and you can't do nothing with them.
              • Major_Motokoon February 27 2016, 11:22pmReplyFlag
                Really? This seems like something players could make with the Creator. What a joke.
                • eldoldoon February 27 2016, 8:29pmReplyFlag
                  es para ps3 o ps4
                  • mattaucoinon February 27 2016, 7:57pmReplyFlag
                    This adversary mode is very unbalanced. The rhibo tank is nearly invincible and being able to destroy it in 3 mins is impossible let alone with just sticky bombs.. whoever is the rhino tank is guaranteed a win. So why would rockstar release this?
                    • Jaymz_Deathon February 27 2016, 9:52pmReplyFlag
                      @mattaucoin With 2-3 hunters it's pretty easy to destroy the tank. I was playin 1 v 1 last night and as a hunter I was easily able to get the tank over half way to being destroyed within the time limit , so with 2 or 3 hunters its easily achievable.
                    • DemonicSpacemanon February 28 2016, 7:17pmReplyFlag
                      @Jaymz_Death Obviously you were not playing against anyone who was any good.

                      It's very unbalanced. My crew put our worst player in the tank and had the best 3 players as hunters and we were unable to kill the tank. The tank fires too fast, knows where the hunters are and easily takes them out. Even when we all came at it from different angles it wasn't enough to take it down. We had it down to half health but then the time run out.

                      It was a great boost for the tank's KD but that's about all. And since too many people worry about a KD in GTA it's not really going to be a big hit. If someone doesn't get to be in the tank they will quit out.

                      On paper it may have seemed like a good idea but the reality of it is the tank is overpowered. At the very least the tank's rate of fire needs to be reduced and the radar removed.

                      PvP isn't what's needed in GTA. We have literally hundreds of different DMs, LTS and captures to play for PvP, plus freeroam events. We have 5 heists and about 100 missions which have all gotten very stale now. More contact missions are very over due. More survivals may work (however would become boring fast). More heists would be a huge hit.
                  • ManoelNeto13on February 27 2016, 7:00pmReplyFlag
                    Rockstar release something for xbox 360 and ps3 please!!!!!
                  • FABIOBB13on February 27 2016, 6:21pmReplyFlag
                    Aff nada para o ps3 e xbox 360 rockstar merda
                    • W4R-CH13Fon February 27 2016, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                      Maybe fix the camera angle on the BF Injection to what it used to be and I will play this game again.
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