The GTA Online Be My Valentine Event: Feb 12th - 18th

Posted on February 12 2016, 11:24am | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Lovers, paramours and devotees, it’s time to celebrate the Be My Valentine Event in GTA Online. Beginning today and extending through Thursday February 18th, take advantage of Double GTA$ and RP opportunities, hearty discounts and much more. Don't forget that in addition to the brand new Albany Roosevelt Valor and items from GTA Online: Be My Valentine, all of the content from the previous Valentine's Day update - including the original Roosevelt and the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun - are available for all platforms (and on PS4, Xbox One and PC for the first time).

We all know the price of pleasing your true love on this day of romance can sometimes be costly. Prepare accordingly with Double GTA$ and RP in the brand new Adversary Mode Till Death Do Us Part. Work for each other, because if one goes - you both go. You'll either be skipping away down Lover's Lane, or laying like lovers slain.

An effective, guaranteed way to see that Double GTA$ and RP roll in is by joining the Till Death Do Us Part Playlist, accessible via the single button press on the GTAV launch screens. This week you will not only earn Double GTA$ & RP while playing, but you'll also unlock a Firework Launcher and Fireworks if you complete the entire Playlist - ensuring date night ends with a bang.

Valentine's is no time to be alone, and this week's Double RP bonuses will give you every opportunity to get up close and personal with a new flame. Whether you're riding together in a vehicle or staring into each other's eyes as you Arm Wrestle, you'll be ranking up twice as fast.

While it may be presumptuous to go into a romantic evening with certain expectations, you should always be prepared. All week long head on over to Ammu-Nation for 50% off all SMG Ammo to ensure you have proper protection and your Gusenberg Sweeper always has one in the chamber.

Looking for someplace dark and intimate to canoodle with your beloved? Tivoli Cinema, the Ten Cent and Oriental Theaters are honoring free admissions during this time period, allowing you to watch mood-setting classics such as Capolavoro to your heart's content. Public displays of affection more your thing? Head on out to Del Perro Pier where the Ferris Whale and Leviathan roller coaster will heighten thrills and excitement for the same exact deal.

Get dolled up, fresh and looking your best for your big Valentine's date with a pair of exclusive tees available only this Saturday & Sunday on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Log in anytime tomorrow Saturday February 13 to receive the "Nelson in Naples" t-shirt, and on Sunday February 14 to experience the full gamut of love and heartache with "An American Divorce" t-shirt.

Pull out that iFruit and document your love for the official #BEMYVALENTINE Snapmatic Contest. The five Snapmatic photogs whom best capture the essence of the new Be My Valentine content, from the sexy lines of the Valor to the plethora of new clothing, will each reach receive a cool GTA$1,000,000. Valid entries must be received before end-of-day Sunday February 14th and have the "#bemyvalentine" tag on Social Club. Visit here for official rules.

Want for the same passion in real world as you'll inevitably get in GTA Online this week? Try and get lucky in our Social Club gear giveaway where lots of goodies are up for grabs. Set the mood just right with a package that screams "be mine": the Epsilon Candle scented with orange blossom, the Epsilon Pendant to put around the neck of your sweetheart and lay claim, the Loneliest Robot Greeting Card for you to express every intimate thought, a copy of the official Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack to let your partner know you mean business and an assortment of Rockstar and GTAV stickers to sweeten the deal. Head on over now to the Social Club Events Page for your lucky chance.


Tune in today at 5pm ET to the official Rockstar Games channels on Twitch and YouTube to see some hot 2v2v2 action. Watch as real life YouTuber & Twitch streamer couples Fangs & GI Doobie, Ltzonda & Louise Julie and Jelly & Sanna as well as our own dynamic duo hosts Lazlow and Klang see which Valentine’s team is victorious in a Playlist of 2v2 modes including all the variants of the brand new Till Death Do Us Part.

Till Death Do Us Part: New Adversary Mode in GTA Online
Grand Theft Auto Online: Be My Valentine

  • R* Yon February 21 2016, 7:17pmFlag
    To @ianthecop @DaddyChris2536 and others asking – please note that the GTA Online: Be My Valentine’s content itself is not expiring and will remain in the game indefinitely to acquire and keep. This includes the Albany Roosevelt Valor, the Gusenberg Sweeper, and all the new clothing items.
    The Event Week bonuses detailed in the post above such as the unlockable t-shirts and the RP and GTA$ bonuses are the things that expired last week.
    We hope this helps clarify!
    And if you are experiencing any technical issues whatsoever whether with the new content or anything else, please make sure to hit up or
    Also a reminder for those with other GTA Online wishlists, please keep them coming to – that is the only place to be sure your feedback is being heard directly by the game’s development team.

    Thanks all – and we hope you’re also enjoying the current Double GTA$ & RP in Contact Missions Week happening now through this Thursday.
    For details on that (each day a different contact is paying out double; and this Thursday all Contact Missions will pay out double), please see:
  • itay_medanon February 29 2016, 6:37amReplyFlag
    I play grand theft auto , and always my saved outfit deleted . my user's name is itaymedan . please please help me
    • wolverluttaon February 29 2016, 1:03amReplyFlag
      Rockstar it's been two weeks I did the playlist twice and the fire work launcher still hasnt appeared if you could look into it, it would be greatly appreciated please and thank you
      • kingcashout1on February 26 2016, 10:12amReplyFlag
      • Hking1235on February 26 2016, 2:34amReplyFlag
        I've got 7 million now, thanks for the Friends in High Places week.
        • arvid85on February 26 2016, 1:22amReplyFlag
          Thanks for the Friends in High Places week.
          Do it again!!
          I racked up some serious cash & rp.
          • CandyCrushThison February 25 2016, 2:46amReplyFlag
            Active player psn: C a n t C r u s h i t. no spaces
            • DaddyChris2536on February 24 2016, 8:55pmReplyFlag
              The confusion with the word "Indefinitely" was a tremendous deal for the GTA Community. With this clarification there is sure to be a lot more happy murders out there...

              If your looking for a good heist crew member
              Add me on Ps4: DaddyChris2536
              • derpi56on February 23 2016, 9:30pmReplyFlag
                Something I would love to see as an update in GTA would be a compact/sports update with new compacts to he customized. Compact cars are just not appreciated in GTA and I would love to see an update like that. Maybe even a car based off of the 3rd generation Volkswagen Beetle
                • trianglepantson February 23 2016, 6:28pmReplyFlag
                  Will there ever be animals in online?
                  • PaulwalkerRIOSon March 20 2016, 6:33amReplyFlag
                    @trianglepants WE NEED NEW cars that dont cost a lot like 2m or more people and kid are know get mod acount for that just telling you guy in rockstart and some poeple are geting moeny takeing away rom them like me just from selling one car that give me 750k
                • race-girl-2000nlon February 23 2016, 3:04pmReplyFlag
                  ik wil eigenlijk graag paar nieuwe auto in de game een volkswagen up miss 2 nederlandse auto
                  • DmV_AnTon February 23 2016, 9:07amReplyFlag
                    Check out my rockstar editor videos on my profile....
                    • Begger-Gedoon February 23 2016, 9:02amReplyFlag
                      Any Xbox1 crew looking for new members?
                    • Keith56016on February 23 2016, 2:01amReplyFlag
                      Why would my Banshee 900 disappear with the removal of Valentine's Day items, not purchased then. Have close to a mil in it and now all gone.
                      • mikiman.7on February 22 2016, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                        por que rockstar no deja el gta online gratis?
                        solo digo que tendria mas jugadores
                      • annoyingWalkeron February 22 2016, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                        Anyone know when the next update is or the next double RP and cash is beside this one
                        • brandkoilnon February 22 2016, 2:48pmReplyFlag
                          next update should be a bmx customiazation shop that would be awsome
                          • Bluee.Emmaon February 22 2016, 12:10amReplyFlag
                            Love This :3
                            • Andrew19895on February 21 2016, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                              I've got about 3 or 4 Trevor missions. Add me and I'll invite you to one andrew19895
                            • Jefferson78533on February 21 2016, 9:00pmReplyFlag
                              Is the Roosevelt Valor worth buying?
                              • Benistheman222on February 22 2016, 1:21pmReplyFlag
                                @Jefferson78533 Personally, I love it but if you are low on funds it is expensive, it depends whether you like different rare classic cars, or just care about saving money and having efficient cars

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