Fun Sniper Jobs and Challenges from the GTA Online Creator Community

Posted on February 2 2016, 10:49am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

As any GTA Online veteran can tell you, sniping isn’t just another way to defeat your enemies – it's an art form. Be sure to bookmark these very fun sniper Jobs and metagame challenges on Social Club to test your marksman skills in GTA Online.

Snipe your enemies or suffer the explosive consequences in "Snipers vs Boats".

Snipers vs. Speed Boats by HitoGamer (PC)
"It's about damn time somebody makes one of those on water. This is the first Last Team Standing Job of its kind - completely built on water. TIP - press x to duck when sailing in a boat to make it harder for the snipers to shoot you."

HitoGamer of the Hitokiri Clan shares this aquatic take on the popular Snipers vs. Stunters motif. This LTS has one team perched upon a gated platform with only their Heavy Snipers to protect them while the boat team assembles on the north end of the Land Act Reservoir. If you’re on the boat team, fill up on Sticky Bombs before heading out on to the lake. As you glide over your foes, you’ll have the option of barreling into them or dropping an explosive (or perhaps both if you’re quick enough).

Watch Jelly, Kweb and Slogoman take on The Sidemen in a session of HitoGamer's "Snipers vs Boats".

Hunting Season by Singh1409 (PS4)
"Its hunting season and the snipers need to shoot everyone on the platforms. The runners need to run for their lives and hope they survive. Good luck."

Singh1409 has created a fiendishly difficult Last Team Standing sniper challenge. This death-run is pretty unforgiving and one misstep could mean defeat for the running team. It may look as though the snipers have the easier task, but well timed sprints will take you far in this LTS. If you’re on the sniper team, having each team member focus on a different opposing player will give you the best chance of making quick work of your enemies.

HEADSH0T_ADDICTIoN by muddafawker (PS3)
"Go on a headshot binge with a Heavy Sniper, be sure to be a quick-draw sniper because reaction time is everything when you're perched out in the open 50ft high. Armed with only a Heavy Sniper and your reflexes, use every advantage provided by the windmills to pierce a skull. Timing is crucial when dealing with windmills as the blades ricochet your shots. This is a challenge for skilled snipers to prove they're the dead-eye they claim, or for beginners to prove they can handle the big boy guns."

The Leader of the KYD Accepted Here Crew has knocked it out of the park with this inventive Deathmatch set atop the windmills at Ron Alternates Wind Farm. This sniper challenge is fun for every skill level from novice to expert, and as muddafawker mentions, quick-draw is important here. Don’t waste time celebrating when you make a kill – a single wasted second could cost you your life.

Holes of Glory by mkRixxx (Xbox One)
Junk Energy Drink Leader, mkRixxx, setup this close quarters, sniper-themed LTS on the northern part of Elysian Island. Test your reaction time and patience, as you duck, cover, and snipe your way to victory. For a little taste of what to expect, check out our Twitch Highlight featuring the band Young Guns playing this Job on the Rockstar Games Live Stream.

Sniper Tragedy I: Atk/Def by thunderboltblast (Xbox 360)
"This is a strategy game between two sniper teams known as Alter and Preserve. Team Alter gets maximum attacking power with extra weapons and cars, but consequently are put in a defensive strategy. Team Preserve gets an incredible amount of defensive power and an advantage over Alter, but in consequence they can run out of ammo quickly, and lack everything but their fort, basic traps, and ammo."

The Leader of The Gods of Purity Crew, has split the teams up into offensive and defensive sides in this Del Perro LTS. If you are on the “Alter” team (offense) you will have tons of firepower and vehicles, but you'll be vulnerable on the ground. The “Preserve” team (defense) gets the best vantage point to shoot from but has very limited ammo with which to do so. 

Have you constructed your own sniper-themed Job or challenge - or another type of uniquely-themed Job? Make sure to share it in the Newswire comments section for others to enjoy or send it to Rockstar via Mouthoff so we can check it out and possibly share it with the GTA Online community here in the future. Also, be sure to tune into the Rockstar Games Livestream, on both Twitch and YouTube Gaming, this Friday February 5th at 5pm ET where we will be playing the Jobs featured in this post with invited Creators themselves and other special guests.

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  • R* Jon February 9 2016, 12:48pmFlag
    Hi everyone,
    If you missed our livestream on Friday playing these Jobs live and talking with some of the creators, you can check out the archive at:
    Thanks to HitoGamer and muddafawker for guesting!

    Also a few reminders:
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  • orangefikretcan1on February 20 2016, 6:34amReplyFlag
    Thank You

    • --MR-B--on February 17 2016, 8:47amReplyFlag
      • The_RiSETon February 9 2016, 3:05amReplyFlag
        haha do wird dr Zero wider freud ha ah däm gagi VS. brunz!
        • balddishwasheron February 8 2016, 2:18pmReplyFlag
        • xanderrushon February 7 2016, 3:46pmReplyFlag
          Always looking for new custom jobs that are fun (no parkour). if you have any good maps please feel free to drop a link on my wall for me to check them out. ps4
          • ch3mast3ron February 7 2016, 12:29pmReplyFlag
            Hello Gamers.
            Search in playlists on The social club
            Rally Drifting
            Rally Dtifting 2.

            4 good Rally Stages each Playlist.
            Short and sweet.
            Good rp with a full lobby
          • Bruhsj35on February 6 2016, 1:42pmReplyFlag
            If you're looking for a new crew look no further join california coke boys
            • ManOfFireon February 6 2016, 10:17amReplyFlag
              My own favourite sniping LTS - 2 Team deathmatch also available, originally created on PS3, but since upgraded to PS4, so for up to 30 players. Described as Feds Vs Mob, with one team starting out atop the two federal buildings FIB/IAA and the other atop the construction site. Both buildings have props added to make more vantages and hidey-holes. The distance between the two spawn areas is such that it is sometimes necessary to intuit where someone is by their Overhead Display, though sometimes tiny heads do pop up and get popped. Very good for improving sniping abilities. LTS TDM
              • red4life25on February 28 2016, 11:13pmReplyFlag
                @ManOfFire Yer I know what your on about I loved that one what's that called can we play it on ps4 use to play it a lot on pa3
              • ManOfFireon February 29 2016, 5:45amReplyFlag
                @red4life25 Yeah of course, you can play anything made on PS3 on the PS4, just not vice versa. The jobs linked above are both variants of Snipey Snipey
              • red4life25on February 29 2016, 8:31pmReplyFlag
                @ManOfFire Yer I just played a sniper sniper one then and was in cranes and stuff that not the one I was on about the one I can remember your on top of billings and load of bus shelters around and container to hide behind was good you would just see a head pop out snipers only would you no what that's called thanks mate
            • outlaw44magnumon February 5 2016, 11:23pmReplyFlag
              Nice map how ever made it perty cool. I made hookers and gangsters. And a fue outhers nice to see a intvated way of makeing a map so good job
              • TheOrangeGhoulon February 5 2016, 5:08pmReplyFlag
                How did they make these? I thought you weren't allowed to place spawn points on top of placed objects?
                • ManOfFireon February 5 2016, 5:48pmReplyFlag
                  @TheOrangeGhoul Depends on the prop. Some props you can place people (and weapons, actors, dynamic props) on once you've placed them on the ground first.
              • Kemosabe_0-Oon February 5 2016, 11:36amReplyFlag
                Trucking missions like san andreas in freemode please R*. That may be thrilling. Also,being able to sell Pegasus vehicles can you make it happen?
              • Alex09042011_2on February 5 2016, 11:15amReplyFlag
                Thanks R*. 2X money on V.I.P work, getting rich today
                • JacobPounderon February 5 2016, 10:49amReplyFlag
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                  A website for are crew will be done soon so check that out when its done
                  • XAVIERKILLAon February 5 2016, 10:35amReplyFlag
                    R* can you make an update with an [BIKE] mod shop plzzzzzzz
                    • Kurtis__Milanoon February 5 2016, 8:50amReplyFlag
                      VIP work is double RP...
                    • Black_Wolf614on February 5 2016, 8:39amReplyFlag
                      Just a quick notice to everyone, if you're from the uk and looking for a good active crew give us a go-: elite criminal group
                      • Kleopatra021on February 5 2016, 5:59amReplyFlag
                        команда уцелевших классная мне понравилась эта миссия интересная и занимательная
                        • Megan.backhumpson February 5 2016, 5:05amReplyFlag
                          need a heist crew if anyone is up for it I spent to much yesterday and now im broke
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