Fan Art: Cluckin' Bell's Balls & Rings, Avatars on the Loose, Red Dead Throwbacks and More

Posted on January 25 2016, 7:56am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

Thanks so much to everyone who continues to share their GTA and Rockstar-inspired fan creations with the community. In the latest round-up, we have Cluckin' Bell's finest, impressive GTA Online avatars, some familiar faces straight out of West Elizabeth and more. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we feature great fan creations on the regular. And as always, if you've got some fantastic fan art or Snapmatics to share, be sure to drop your work in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy.

Balls & Rings by NERDS' KITCHEN

Gaming foodies can’t seem to get enough of Cluckin’ Bell. To go along with the Chickin’ Bell Fowl Burger we’ve previously featured, Polish speakers can now create their own Cluckin' Bell Balls & Rings thanks to NERDS’ KITCHEN. If these side recipes don’t satiate your appetite, be sure to check out their version of The Mighty Cluck.

Eclipse Towers by Eray Demirel

With the help of 3DS Max, VRay and a bit of Photoshop magic, Turkish artist Eray Demirel brings Eclipse Towers to life with these hyper realistic renditions that will have you doing double takes throughout the entire impressive gallery.

Michael's Wedding by ɐuож

Taking style references from both photos found in the De Santa’s Rockford Hills Mansion and this epic IRL photo bombɐuож illustrates Michael and Amanda celebrating their nuptials as a nearly naked Trevor rains down on their happy day. 

Beach Girl by NitzmanGTA

Hailing from Berlin, Social Club member NitzmanGTA emailed us this awesome light display poster he created using the GTA Online Beach Bum artwork and LED illumination. If you’d like to create a piece of your own, check out this step-by-step video tutorial.

Trevor Philips by Parin Cashmony

Combining both hand sketching and Photoshop, Thai artist Parin Cashmony creates an ominous portrayal of the destruction of the O’Neill Ranch at the hands of Trevor.


Trevor by Samson's Tale

Sport shorts, Aviators, blood splatter and all pride – “That’s how I show up on the beach in GTA V”. Tumblr's Samson's Tale does an excellent job of summing up Mr. Philips.


Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V by Daniel Victor

Just one portrait is clearly not enough to capture the wild adventures of Brazilian Artist Daniel Victor's well-coiffed GTA Online character. Whether as a clean cut sniper or military prisoner, Victor's avatar somehow remains ridiculously photogenic.

Car Art by your0nlyhope

Dan, AKA your0nlyhope on Twitter, has been creating these psychedelic versions of GTA Online vehicles and the results are simply stellar. Dan has teased that he has made a ton of these, and we can’t wait to see what other creations he will be sharing in the near future.

Character Portraits by Grobi Grafik

Perhaps one of the most prolific GTA Online character portrait artists, Grobi Grafik recently debuted @Tom_Linkens' sultry, but deadly, GTA Online character Cat Marston. The avatar is based on Tom Linken AKA Red_Lynx23’s Snapmatics of his character as well as a video of the character fighting in Freemode. On the right we see another recently commissioned piece featuring a bubble gum popping sniper carefully watching over the city of Los Santos. Be sure to follow @grobi_grafik on Twitter to stay atop of the latest and greatest creations from this avatar aficionado.

Grand Theft Auto V Protagonists by W_Flemming

Artist and member of the Damned BrotherhoodW_Flemming is no stranger to our Fan Art column, having previously shared her digitally hand-drawn and personalised portraits of her Crew as well as their Heist capers. This time, W_Flemming is back with this piece of the GTAV Trio. W_Flemming sums it up as ' version of evasive and yet cheerful Michael, ready for action Franklin and the fearless owner of "Trevor Philips Industries" - Mr. Philips himself. And here they are, back together, open for any possible stroke of luck that future will bring them.' 

Red Dead Redemption Headshots by Shaiger

DeviantARTist Shaiger put together this headshot series of all of his favorite characters from Red Dead Redemption, which includes Captain Vincente de Santa, Agent Archer Fordham, Jack Marston, Rufus Starkey, Marshal Leigh Johnson, and Ralph Stricker. Be sure to click on each of the images to see all the detail that went into each of these impressive caricatures.

Have you seen or created an exceptional bit of fan art or great Snapmatic photo that you'd like to share? Be sure to drop a link to it in the comments below for the Social Club community to enjoy or send it our way to see via Mouthoff and we’ll check it out. And if you aren't already, make sure you're following us on Twitter, where we regularly share awesome community creations.


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  • YouAreKindon July 2 2016, 4:31pmReplyFlag
    give us a new red dead
    • Pleasance13on February 17 2016, 11:01pmReplyFlag
      An edit/airbrushing I did of GTA Online player mahey31's character.

      • cocoboumon February 10 2016, 2:59pmReplyFlag
        Trop classe
        • SuperFancyGirlon February 3 2016, 9:46pmReplyFlag
          i would love if the next gta would be in liberty city gta 4 was my fav gamer ever but if the new gta would come out as liberty city that would be so cool and nice
          • RED_NECK_REEFERon February 4 2016, 10:56amReplyFlag
            @SuperFancyGirl why again? san andreas kicks the crap out of that lil sand box... either add liberty to san andreas and one can fly there. between cities.... maybe aven vice city then also should be added to the fuill map... or they should build a new place/city/map...
        • Flower_happyon February 1 2016, 9:32pmReplyFlag
          good. new york city
          • avgnfan7800on January 30 2016, 8:04amReplyFlag
            as time goes on i think more and more people are forgetting the original protagonists. they made gta what it is today.CJ Tommy and Claude are still my favorites and always will be.
            • TheSnitchfatheron January 31 2016, 10:44amReplyFlag
              @avgnfan7800 Only Claude made GTA what it is today, not Cj nor Tommy
            • avgnfan7800on February 1 2016, 12:59pmReplyFlag
              @TheSnitchfather I meant in our own way, that either cj tommy or Claude put an impact on us individually. Tommy was the one that made an impact on me. I had always been interested in the mafia and the 80s. It was like bread and butter for me
            • Schwarzwindon February 6 2016, 11:26amReplyFlag
              @avgnfan7800 Don't forget Bubba, Kivlov, Travis and Troy.
            • Italys_Boccinoon March 1 2016, 12:58amReplyFlag
              @avgnfan7800 Me 2, now Toni Cipriani is my favorite character. I wonder what ever happen to joey. Are you interested in joining my crew - Easy Street Mafia, on GTA Online?
          • PayneJepon January 28 2016, 7:42pmReplyFlag
            There is absolutely no way Mr. Daniel Victor's artwork wasn't inspired by professional wrestling's own Austin Aries.
            • npocmo_pycckuuon January 28 2016, 10:31amReplyFlag
              Молодцы ребятки.
            • bOObguyson January 28 2016, 10:16amReplyFlag
              Thanks Rockstar for the surprise....;>
              • toni-124on January 28 2016, 6:59amReplyFlag
                You know what the eerie thing is? My character looks exactly the same as the "projeto pessoal" images, especially the last one! Clothes and all! Damn I look good!
                • BigBossDillingeron January 28 2016, 2:49amReplyFlag
                  Feel free to check out Snapmatic of Small Town Army let me what you think
                  • RyanOCallaghan01on January 28 2016, 12:26amReplyFlag
                    Wow......the New York highrise's absolutely stunning. It makes me wonder whether GTA games will ever look like that when you look out the window. :o
                    • youngodpapion January 27 2016, 11:25pmReplyFlag
                      Eclipse towers look good. What gta v should have looked like.
                      • RED_NECK_REEFERon February 4 2016, 10:57amReplyFlag
                        @youngodpapi you should have got a ps4...
                      • TheCatOfTenson February 10 2016, 3:35pmReplyFlag
                        @RED_NECK_REEFER PC. Enough said.
                      • RED_NECK_REEFERon February 10 2016, 7:33pmReplyFlag
                        @TheCatOfTens and 3 times the price... cause all am am going to do with it is game... pc is too big for just that and a waist of, well everything... unless i was rich or actually going to use the pc for work.. then i d maybe consider it... i am not a millionaire. unless you have a decent pc you wanna donate? ;)
                      • TheCatOfTenson February 11 2016, 3:59amReplyFlag
                        @RED_NECK_REEFER /r/pcmasterrace/wiki on Reddit. || There are threads that will show you what you need to build a gaming rig at the same price range as a new gen plus a few games. Don't tout blatant fallacies. Besides, I only spoke because someone decided to be smug about console preferences.
                      • RED_NECK_REEFERon February 11 2016, 10:50amReplyFlag
                        @TheCatOfTens i think you took it to the heart... sorry you are sensitive.
                      • TheCatOfTenson February 12 2016, 1:10pmReplyFlag
                        @RED_NECK_REEFER I wasn't upset?? lol... Your response about PCs is like me going off and saying that the PS4 is a piece of plastic garbage. If people speak nonsense about a platform, it's only fair to correct them. Only the GTA community could assume a response like that into a 'rage' and 'hate' comment.
                      • RED_NECK_REEFERon February 13 2016, 9:07pmReplyFlag
                    • djspinshouse4uon January 27 2016, 10:40pmReplyFlag
                      Great work by all!!!
                      Anything Trevor rocks my world... cause he's the BEST!!!
                      • Scotty__Rottenon January 27 2016, 4:04pmReplyFlag
                        Wow, there is a lot of skill here. All of them are top quality. Nice job to everyone who made these
                        • bonitajnunezon January 27 2016, 2:45pmReplyFlag
                          • Nuke1970on January 27 2016, 2:39pmReplyFlag
                            Sieht doch recht gut aus und lässt auf mehr hoffen :)

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