Presenting the Official Music Video for "Wanderer" by Little Dragon (Rockstar Editor Contest Winner)

Posted on January 22 2016, 10:00am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Music, Social Club, Games

Rockstar Games and Little Dragon are pleased to present the winning official music video for “Wanderer” by Little Dragon (from the Welcome to Los Santos LP) created entirely using the Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Editor. Congratulations to iDirect, who can claim not only the prestige of being selected as the creator of Little Dragon's official music video, but also an exclusive grand prize package featuring the rare and personalized GTAV Varsity Jacket, the Rockstar Editor-branded director's chair and a choice of a customized gold Xbox One or PS4 controller or a G510 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse.

The challenge was to create an original music video for “Wanderer” purely using the Rockstar Editor telling the story of a rogue – a very clever double-agent or double-crosser who plays two sides of a criminal enterprise to her or his own advantage.

The members of Little Dragon had this to say about the contest winners:
First of all, it was hard choosing a winner out of all the great videos. You were all great!! Congrats to the very talented iDirect who made such a nice, classic story with the smart sharp lady outplaying everyone else - including us!”


 bad gal gone good takes us on a trip through the dangerous life of an informant caught in the act. iDirect? Certainly does. This cinematic music video has some fantastic sequences as it spins the tale of a car thief with exceptional guile playing the police and a chop shop ring against each other.



A shout out to the creators of these impressive runner-up videos – both of whom will be receiving a deluxe prize pack of official GTAV gear and an additional $100 Rockstar Warehouse gift credit.

A really well-made clip with some amazing shots and editing about a Bonnie and Clyde type criminal couple who rip off a crime syndicate together but ultimately are undone themselves by betrayal and revenge. paints a vivid picture of the fiery consequences of crossing a femme fatale in this action-packed entry.


 has climbed up the Rockstar Editor contest totem pole over the past few months, having received honorable mention for both his Wavves and Ill Gotten Gains entries. In this latest creation of renown, shorty2001 depicts a double-crossing rogue gangster playing both The Families and The Ballas for the ultimate payoff.


And finally, thank you to all the editors worldwide who submitted entries – there was an astounding level of passion and effort put into these videos and we look forward to seeing more from the community at large. On that note, here are a couple of additional honorable mentions also worth checking out. Stay tuned for the next Rockstar Editor contest to be announced soon.

’s editing skills are a force to be reckoned with in this tale of a rogue IAA agent tasked with infiltrating the Vagos and Ballas to bring down a gang leader – only to discover she’s been set up for a fall herself and must navigate a crafty way out.

Explosions and crosses singular, double and triple - BigBabyBam’s protagonist will have you guessing whose side she is really on right to the bitter end.

Rockstar Editor Contest: Create the Official Music Video for Little Dragon's "Wanderer"
Announcing the Winner of the #illgottengains Rockstar Editor Contest

  • R* Xon February 17 2016, 1:33pmFlag
    Since announcing the winner, the very talented winning director iDirect has brought to our attention that there are a few quick seconds of footage towards the end of the video that briefly show modded weapons. We would have still chosen his video as the winner even if those shots were not in this amazing nearly 5-minute epic music video clip. The rules require that entries must be free of modifications and so @iDirect has agreed to fix those shots as you can view in the video in the article above now. Also – as a show of appreciation, we are awarding all of our finalists (@BigBabyBam, @Modojo, @shorty2001, and the full grand prize package for their fantastic efforts. Well done to these fine creators and all the other incredible creators who participated!
  • -.007.-on April 19 2016, 3:29pmReplyFlag
    When is the next contest?
    • laurent.doon April 25 2016, 6:04pmReplyFlag
      @-.007.- So sad it looks like I'll never get my prize, since DHL is asking me to pay €224 for customs taxes and duties...
    • laurent.doon April 29 2016, 1:35pmReplyFlag have to say I received the prize since R* handled the customs issue ;)
  • Alex_Krasavhikon March 23 2016, 5:21pmReplyFlag
    Очень классно, будет продолжение?
    • MeditatedYeti42on February 10 2016, 7:37amReplyFlag
      i just made a gta 5 rockstar editor video on sons of anarchy burn it down bike chase from season 4 when tig is being chased with some awesome music, come check it out! for best audio use some ear phones for the video because the talking at the start of the video is not that loud.
      • Fotbolist8905on February 10 2016, 3:53amReplyFlag
      • B_O_R_Z__95on February 7 2016, 2:52amReplyFlag
        Где можно найти эту машину?? У себе в гараж скажите да заплачу
      • CherryBomb1201on February 6 2016, 8:22pmReplyFlag
        After tonnes of work, you lost the competition? Sick of PC gamers with their fancy mods? Is life getting you down?
        Cheer up. I made a happy vid for you, using my PC and fancy mods.
        • Mojang56on February 3 2016, 7:00pmReplyFlag
          cool vid
        • dtrain4200on February 1 2016, 8:54amReplyFlag
          Check out my social club page or search dtrain4200 on YouTube to see my crew mini movie. Titled final cut 420killcrew
          • dtrain4200on February 1 2016, 8:53amReplyFlag
            This inspired me to start using the editor I made a crew mini movie no mods used at all. All footage is from missions heists and free roam let me know what you think. Positive feedback will help encourage more
            • Forenalion January 30 2016, 7:39pmReplyFlag
              • GameramGamenon January 28 2016, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                • CandyCrushThison January 28 2016, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                  WONDERFUL! The first place guy deserves it!
                • MandyMeijeron January 28 2016, 10:41amReplyFlag
                  People always need something to complain and b*tch at lol
                  take your chill pill for f*ck sakes people...

                  anyways if anyone needs someone for there movied i would love to join.
                  Just shoot me a message ;)
                  i'm from the Netherlands and active on the ps4.
                  Different time zone isn't a issue as long as i know it ahead when i'm needed.
                  • MiniCmanon January 28 2016, 10:59amReplyFlag
                    @MandyMeijer Can you please take that chill pill and stop complaining about people complaining ?
                    unbelievable !
                  • TheExpertCODon January 28 2016, 11:05amReplyFlag
                    @MiniCman Can you stop complaining about people complaining on people who complain about people complaining ?
                  • Paraeidolia115on January 29 2016, 7:15pmReplyFlag
                    @TheExpertCOD Ah, now I am confused... :D
                  • QueenChinahon January 30 2016, 12:01amReplyFlag
                    @MandyMeijer What happened to the integrity I mean if you don't wont others disrespect you sweetie why disrespect someone else lol.. I have people talk trash me in that kind of way but I still know how to talk to them and professional way oh they're watching..
                  • -.007.-on April 20 2016, 9:02amReplyFlag
                    @MandyMeijer Cool. I'll shoot you a message during the next contest.
                • Andreas.ojalaon January 28 2016, 10:34amReplyFlag
                  Wow the first was so great!
                  • seon-99on January 28 2016, 9:26amReplyFlag
                    Rockstar you aresome
                    • seon-99on January 28 2016, 9:07amReplyFlag
                      Rockstar I love you and your games but one thing I play alone in GTA online and with 3 or 4 friends full loddy its hard because hacker and moder in GTA online . I know you working to ban hacker and moder but . I play GTA online for 3 years and its so sweat I never go in bad sport . rockstar you can not make no player hacker online . offline you can make player hack yes but online no its hard to stay in loddy and chil and. But I do not stay in loddy I play deathmatch everyday and everytime . I make my own crew . and keep it up rockstar . and I well keep playing deathmatch . and try to keep it to you I love you rockstar
                      • Pressure.Dropon January 28 2016, 8:48amReplyFlag
                        Congratulations to everyone featured, it's always cool to see these.

                        Is there any chance you could do a new Asked & Answered article like you did last year ? Thanks Rockstar !! :)
                        • jules23cubon January 28 2016, 6:36amReplyFlag
                          Lovely videos hands down but like some other people say I have a question as well how do you get your crew emblem on your females characters back minds have a lock on it and I am A level 166 I have two characters my other character is a male he can put a crew emblem anywhere from front to back but my female character can only do the front but not the back can you help me please
                        • ElChuchocarson January 27 2016, 8:53pmReplyFlag
                          Made Vid called Murcielago man part 2, check it out. I'm also hopefully going to do more and will need help on Xbox One some time in the near future.

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