Crew Cut: A Look Back at 2015's Top Performers

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The Festive season has come and gone, with the final snows in GTA Online marking the end of another year of carnage on the blood-soaked streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. To help commemorate some of the great Crew-fueled activity of 2015, we're taking this opportunity to highlight top performing Crews in select categories for the latest edition of the Crew Cut.

Acknowledgement is also in order for the countless legions of Social Club Crews out there also doing great stuff in less quantifiable areas of creativity and competition - and look for continued features on these types of squads throughout 2016. But for now, feast on some cold, hard data we've collected about some equally cold, hard Crews.

2015 brought the debut of Adversary Modes to GTA Online. Whether you're making Every Bullet Count, or teaming up with fellow Slashers to bring down the Beasts, communication is key when it comes to dominating the various Adversary Modes in GTA Online. Of course, the ability to rack up the kills doesn't hurt, particularly in Come Out To Play and Siege Mentality. 

LSRealGangsterPS4, PS4 Car Meets, Ganja Outlaws, GANG ALBANII AK47, The LowlyGentlemen and The Luckers prove this point with appearances on both sides of the board. Particular credit must go to NoDo PS4 whose 'Nonchalant Dominance' has them holding the #1 spot in wins, and second place for kills among all Crews.   

To account for variations in membership, we've averaged the figures in the table above by the headcount of each Crew.

Team Deathmatches are all about body count, so it's no surprise to see one Crew holding down the top spot in both matches won and kills made. Merkalot, previously featured in the Cut for a video showcasing their incredible marksmanship, and only 24 members deep, racked up an average of over 80,000 kills per member on their way to winning 948 Team Deathmatches in 2015.

Shout to We Hate All CampersSuperioresVsupremacyAimfamily and CocoDrailS as well, who all have great showings on both sides of the board. And of course no surprise to see headshot maestros Last MESSIAH (and the aforementioned We Hate All Campers) make it in to the top 5 Kills Per Member standings.

When it comes to racing the streets of Los Santos, the incredible performance by S CLASS PRO RACERS puts them head and shoulders above the competition with 2,496 wins - more than double the tally of their nearest competitor, Dominators 1. Notable YouTube collective Evolve Stunting (recently featured in this article about the GTA Online stunting scene from The Guardian) clock in at 5th, proving that they have more than just flashy stunts in their repertoire.   

And while many come together specifically in the spirit of competition, there's also a long standing and thriving community on GTA Online with a specific eye for beauty and detail. We're continuously impressed by the ever-growing collection of fantastic and imaginative photos from the Snapmatic community and the thoughtful Crews that have formed around this pastime. Snapmatic stalwarts GTAPhotographers and Snapmatic Art would surely be disappointed at anything less than podium finishes on this list - congrats to both on living up to the name. Many other well-known Snapmatic Crews make up the rest of the list. Make sure to follow us on Twitter as we regularly highlight some of the best offerings from Crews such as Brothers of X, Efin Secsy Club and Loz Brutaloz and many more.

Sensational, sultry and in some cases subtle, here are just a few of many standout shots from the galleries of 2015’s most popular Snapmatic Crews. Taken by Crew members: wittyBlack-Mamba, VinewoodonfireMAKAVELl, Nemosphene, slimsy1901 and I_Miss_U_Liza.

The Crew Cut highlights exceptional grassroots community activity, events, accomplishments and other happenings across the thriving Social Club Crew scene. If your Crew is doing something special that you think the Social Club community needs to know about, hit us up at and tell us all about it – you might see your Crew featured in an upcoming edition of the Crew Cut.

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  • R* Xon January 19 2016, 2:20pmFlag
    Shout out to @Cluxii, @mikeaveli000, @SPLAP-FART and others showing love to the featured 2015 top performers in this week’s Crew Cut.

    To @TwoSix1987, @ajbns87, @BigBossSnakeCorn and others asking about additional Crew categories – this article just shows a few stats and there are so many more modes and communities out there including Rockstar Job Creators, Rockstar Editor video makers and many more - if you’d like to see different Crew specific stats and analytics in a future Newswire article, shoot an email to and let us know. We’d be happy to check it out!
  • blackoutmckinneyon April 25 2016, 3:37pmReplyFlag
    Good job rockstar hope the next project I see from you guys is red dead redemption 2 keep up the good work squad out
    • blackoutmckinneyon April 25 2016, 3:35pmReplyFlag
      Blackout all day we r epic gamers
      • nitaycohenon April 24 2016, 2:52amReplyFlag
      • King_Squirrellon April 13 2016, 9:16amReplyFlag
        The LS Knights Are Now Recruiting! We Are A Street Gang That Began On Xbox360 Back In 2012, And Have Now Been Reborn On PS4! We are a serious, loyal, family of criminals who are looking for some fresh blood.

        age 16+ (no squeakers)
        mic required
        must pass initiation, and undergo membership ceremony
        must follow instructions and rules

        -no team/crew killing
        -must always have us as active crew
        -always rep the crew (wear the crew colors)
        -crew color scheme on vehicles

        loyalty is rewarded, and disrespect is met with deadly force.

        see you on the streets, my brothers
        • HireaxPvPon April 11 2016, 12:18pmReplyFlag
          Könnte ich in eure crew ? und macht ihr auch Tuning treff ? :D
          • felinNickel61on April 8 2016, 1:56amReplyFlag
            HE ROCKSTAR POURQUOI TU METS DES MINES COLLANTE ET DE PROXIMITER SI ONT PEUX PAS S EN SERVIR tu fait tous péter et tu te retrouve mauvais joueurlol
            • benyben1986on April 4 2016, 2:16pmReplyFlag
              hi looking for mature crew on ps4 , i am lvl 205 from UK , like to play haists and contact missions
            • PhoeniX_V111on April 2 2016, 3:08amReplyFlag
              XBOX1 DEMON HOOLIGANS MC 36MC n 808H our looking for new members for are Hooligans prospects we hold biker events punch fights out for fun 18 n over all members show respect n expect it returned give me a buzz if u want a shot in our 808H prospects or if your an MC looking to join on rides thanx all
              • tgs-the-kingon March 27 2016, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                when you think you´re good in gta online come to my crew . we need you
                • MASTERERNGEon March 22 2016, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                  Looking for an active crew! I just switched from 360 to ps4. They transferred my money, but not cars and starting from level 1!
                • Mr.AndyConradsenon March 22 2016, 1:26pmReplyFlag
                  Fast And Furious Family 1327 is a best 2016 We have Car Meets All days Ride or Die Guys Join this Crew
                  • 216-CROWon March 20 2016, 11:19amReplyFlag
                    Dear Rockstar

                    As your most active/ biggest community in gta. The MC community. It is long overdue for a MC update. You have given the mobs and street gangs updates for them to prosper from it. Not to mention all the military updates the miltarys get. When will the MC community get some recognition. You have featured many great MC on the crew notice board. But never reward the community for its great work. It wont be hard to do. All we ask is for our vests more beards and bikes to start.
                    Thank You
                    The MC Community

                    support the mc update...
                    • GODDESS..XOon March 18 2016, 10:22amReplyFlag
                      LADIES COME JOIN MY CREW <3
                      • Matty85wolveson March 7 2016, 4:00amReplyFlag
                        Hi I'm President of Hells Angels Route 68 MC. Im Looking for Active UK Players ( due to the same time Zone).

                        XBOXONE ONLY.
                        Previous or current HA Members need no prospecting.

                        We ride together, die together, have fun, build up cash and RP,crew missions build your crew ranking.

                        Legit Crew, No a$$ clowns please.

                        Active most evenings. If interested go to my profile and send a crew request. Typical reply within 30 - 60 mins.
                        • KROWXXXon February 26 2016, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                          The Forgotten MC (TFMC) is currently recruiting prospects. Shoot me a message for information about earning yourself a place amongst one of the few remaining legit original MCs still active.

                        • RENANICKon February 23 2016, 11:09amReplyFlag
                          • Thesniper41299on February 21 2016, 10:44pmReplyFlag
                            Navy SEALs psn looking for recruits.we are a realistic military crew on ps4 that plays free aim only. checkout for details
                          • Mystique_Phantomon February 19 2016, 6:39amReplyFlag
                            Sinister Society Inc is currently looking for players who value TEAMWORK and LOYALTY in order to accomplish our objectives. Crew activities consist of Crew battles against other prominent crews. If you wish to participate in future crew battles you would have to complete an assessment of your skill which will determine whether you can take part if your SKILLED enough

                            Most crews focus on numbers but we focus purely on SKILL. Better to have a few valuable coins than many bad pennies.
                            • RevertantTag289on February 15 2016, 10:07pmReplyFlag
                              The Black Marsh Mercenary Corporation Is Now Recruiting! If You Want To Become Part Of A Serious, Active Brotherhood Of Players, AND Make Some Good Money, Then Black Marsh May Be For You!

                              Rules : No Team Kills, Must Be Age 17+ With Mic, Must Follow Orders From Superiors And Attend Training When Offered
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