Crew Cut: A Look Back at 2015's Top Performers

Posted on January 19 2016, 11:44am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Festive season has come and gone, with the final snows in GTA Online marking the end of another year of carnage on the blood-soaked streets of Los Santos and Blaine County. To help commemorate some of the great Crew-fueled activity of 2015, we're taking this opportunity to highlight top performing Crews in select categories for the latest edition of the Crew Cut.

Acknowledgement is also in order for the countless legions of Social Club Crews out there also doing great stuff in less quantifiable areas of creativity and competition - and look for continued features on these types of squads throughout 2016. But for now, feast on some cold, hard data we've collected about some equally cold, hard Crews.

2015 brought the debut of Adversary Modes to GTA Online. Whether you're making Every Bullet Count, or teaming up with fellow Slashers to bring down the Beasts, communication is key when it comes to dominating the various Adversary Modes in GTA Online. Of course, the ability to rack up the kills doesn't hurt, particularly in Come Out To Play and Siege Mentality. 

LSRealGangsterPS4, PS4 Car Meets, Ganja Outlaws, GANG ALBANII AK47, The LowlyGentlemen and The Luckers prove this point with appearances on both sides of the board. Particular credit must go to NoDo PS4 whose 'Nonchalant Dominance' has them holding the #1 spot in wins, and second place for kills among all Crews.   

To account for variations in membership, we've averaged the figures in the table above by the headcount of each Crew.

Team Deathmatches are all about body count, so it's no surprise to see one Crew holding down the top spot in both matches won and kills made. Merkalot, previously featured in the Cut for a video showcasing their incredible marksmanship, and only 24 members deep, racked up an average of over 80,000 kills per member on their way to winning 948 Team Deathmatches in 2015.

Shout to We Hate All CampersSuperioresVsupremacyAimfamily and CocoDrailS as well, who all have great showings on both sides of the board. And of course no surprise to see headshot maestros Last MESSIAH (and the aforementioned We Hate All Campers) make it in to the top 5 Kills Per Member standings.

When it comes to racing the streets of Los Santos, the incredible performance by S CLASS PRO RACERS puts them head and shoulders above the competition with 2,496 wins - more than double the tally of their nearest competitor, Dominators 1. Notable YouTube collective Evolve Stunting (recently featured in this article about the GTA Online stunting scene from The Guardian) clock in at 5th, proving that they have more than just flashy stunts in their repertoire.   

And while many come together specifically in the spirit of competition, there's also a long standing and thriving community on GTA Online with a specific eye for beauty and detail. We're continuously impressed by the ever-growing collection of fantastic and imaginative photos from the Snapmatic community and the thoughtful Crews that have formed around this pastime. Snapmatic stalwarts GTAPhotographers and Snapmatic Art would surely be disappointed at anything less than podium finishes on this list - congrats to both on living up to the name. Many other well-known Snapmatic Crews make up the rest of the list. Make sure to follow us on Twitter as we regularly highlight some of the best offerings from Crews such as Brothers of X, Efin Secsy Club and Loz Brutaloz and many more.

Sensational, sultry and in some cases subtle, here are just a few of many standout shots from the galleries of 2015’s most popular Snapmatic Crews. Taken by Crew members: wittyBlack-Mamba, VinewoodonfireMAKAVELl, Nemosphene, slimsy1901 and I_Miss_U_Liza.

The Crew Cut highlights exceptional grassroots community activity, events, accomplishments and other happenings across the thriving Social Club Crew scene. If your Crew is doing something special that you think the Social Club community needs to know about, hit us up at and tell us all about it – you might see your Crew featured in an upcoming edition of the Crew Cut.

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  • R* Xon January 19 2016, 2:20pmFlag
    Shout out to @Cluxii, @mikeaveli000, @SPLAP-FART and others showing love to the featured 2015 top performers in this week’s Crew Cut.

    To @TwoSix1987, @ajbns87, @BigBossSnakeCorn and others asking about additional Crew categories – this article just shows a few stats and there are so many more modes and communities out there including Rockstar Job Creators, Rockstar Editor video makers and many more - if you’d like to see different Crew specific stats and analytics in a future Newswire article, shoot an email to and let us know. We’d be happy to check it out!
  • _Reecey_on September 4 2016, 7:54amReplyFlag
    I'd love to join bro, I play on the ps3
    • nautilus23on September 3 2016, 1:55pmReplyFlag
      ciao siccome son nuovo mi spiegate a che serve cmq uso xbox360
      • Trick2goon August 31 2016, 5:30pmReplyFlag
        Can i join please the crew?
        • Chopsdapoeton August 31 2016, 12:20pmReplyFlag
          I'm currently recruiting for my crew we are on all consoles from PS3 to PC we specialize in Team Death match cause killing other players is the reason you play GTA right??? also we host car meets from time to time Loyalty is a must with this crew. Crew rules are simple 1.Must Keep Crew Active2.Never Cross The Rejects (No Crew Killing) 3.All Crew Battles Are Mandatory 4.Stay ActiveIf you are interested comment below or request to join crew like our crew page and for any crews that want to crew battle plz plz let us know #USRejects
        • CandyBlueDroon August 29 2016, 10:08pmReplyFlag
          Can i join doe?
        • markellis1975on August 28 2016, 6:02amReplyFlag
          Looking for a crew that does not shy away on private sessions and are the oddest on the block. Look no further than Super hero chums, we are the crew for your psycho tendency and murdering ways. Feel free to join in and we have your back in our anti social get together to get you to where you need to be. Live a little or live a lot its all down to the size of your gun so dont be afraid to use your weapon, as Murder time is Fun time.
          • SlackDaJipperon August 28 2016, 2:07amReplyFlag
            The race stats gotta be for a small group of crews I got more wins than every crew but 1st place lol
            • Devzo_on August 19 2016, 6:31amReplyFlag
              Sup guys could i please Join the crew....i love weed.....Devzo_......keep blazing have a Bless-ed one.....Jamman
              • Joculator22on August 15 2016, 1:20pmReplyFlag
                Ist doch nen Witz, wenn ich mir die Statistik von We hate all Campers angucke........never haben die so viele Team Deatchmatches gewonnen. die haben ja gerademal soviele Kills aufm Konto wie hier an Siegen steht.
                • nofuuucccccgiv3non July 30 2016, 11:41amReplyFlag
                  5150 Tha Wrongkind is the best crew when hands down. We go to battle and leave other crews blood on the streets. Death match we get it in!! KLACK KLAXK KLACK.
                  • FerchoCafreon July 28 2016, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                    A los que quieran unirse a una nueva crew. Esta es la opcin.Aqu la idea es hacer una buena reputacin y sobre todo muchos amigos.Saludos y buen da
                    • Keem190on July 25 2016, 9:48pmReplyFlag
                      Can i join crew i sent request
                      • kingcaperson July 23 2016, 11:55amReplyFlag
                        Looking to join a real crew join rich gang, billionaire boYz klb. We got over 470 members, we go to wars, get money, have car shows, fight clubs, all that. Hmu for more info on joining
                      • Eddddd14496on July 13 2016, 10:49amReplyFlag
                        Anyone interested in joining Soldiers for lif3 well back you up there's always at least 2 of us online in both 360/one my KD is 5.85+ legit if interested message me back through sc or at my GT EvilerCoder6 we are also a war crew so if you're digging some action then expect to get plenty of it as we do regular crew wars
                        • JacksDeadEyeon July 13 2016, 4:25amReplyFlag
                          Jacks aka Edward12nigma on ps3/4 looking for good crew to join and people to destroy, fantastic assult tactics and a very strategic combat style if any crew would like to hire this merc on I'm gladly looking for work
                        • Arizona_Mantison July 12 2016, 6:32pmReplyFlag
                          anyone interested in joining a crew we are called xLosDiablos187LocosX need to have 1.50 KD+ to join also we are on PS4! ALL MEMBERS ACTIVE (66 in total)
                        • codyjensen815on June 23 2016, 9:32pmReplyFlag
                          try to take on trapgods420 we take over lobbies and we do hiests join us or try us
                          • rapidMONTANAof30on June 21 2016, 10:26pmReplyFlag
                            crew battle my crew we are undefeated we are called MafiaGodz300 ifu want to crew battle 3v3 message me my gamertag is LIL JORDAN 132
                            • TeeffXperton June 22 2016, 7:07amReplyFlag
                              @rapidMONTANAof30 yo, you on ps4, well if u are, i have a second account and im looking to join a good solid crew. Im lvl 21 with a 3.41 kd
                            • rapidMONTANAof30on June 22 2016, 1:28pmReplyFlag
                              @TeeffXpert we are not on PS4 yet but we r getting there
                            • Eddddd14496on July 7 2016, 1:47amReplyFlag
                              @rapidMONTANAof30 I'll take you on! Or anybody else for that matter, Montana, or anybody else who wants a crew war feel free to message EvilerCoder6 up we're in both 360 and one if you ain't too scared!
                            • Eddddd14496on July 8 2016, 10:53amReplyFlag
                              @rapidMONTANAof30 Whooooooooo! Hey Montana or anyone who reads this! I just have to let you guys know that after the crew war me and Montana had.... He is no longer UNDEFEATED!lol! However... I still am! If anybody wants to join my ranks or take them on! Feel free to message me on Social club or Xbox, my GT is EvilerCoder6 we're on both 360 and one!
                          • NishAllDayon June 17 2016, 1:29pmReplyFlag
                            Any friendly crews to join on PS4, i play alot but new rank 82
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