GTA Online Creator Jobs On Film: Insurgents vs Choppers, Mega Ramps & More

Posted on January 12 2016, 3:18pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Games

GTA Online Creator Jobs on Film is our series here at the Newswire featuring fun player-created Jobs that have been recently demoed by members of the GTA YouTube scene. Watch the videos to see how fun these Jobs are in action, and then bookmark the links provided to try them out for yourself.

In this edition of Jobs On Film, check out some enormous ramp action causing ski jump style launches, some super fun 'versus' metagame creations and lots more - all demoed by the likes of XpertThief, JoblessGarrett, SssniperWolf, TacticalTaco5 and others. Read on and bookmark these Jobs to try out with friends the next time you play GTA Online.

The Job:  Super Turbine Turmoil by MTLRellik (Xbox One)
The Video: Super Turbine Turmoil by Swiftor

Job Creator extraordinaire MTLRellik combines vertigo-inducing sky ramps with punishing obstacle courses to make one beautiful route of destruction. Rellik himself joins Swiftor in the video above to play through this 30-player Job on Xbox One. Even with the strong driving skills Swiftor has naturally developed by playing GTA Online regularly over the years, you'll see sometimes in this Job he just has to press pedal to the metal and hope for the best.

The Job:  Aspects of Agility by Zorvaine (PS4 & PS3)

​The video may be in Spanish, but it speaks the international language of nail-biting parkour. Creator Zorvaine only has a few Jobs under his belt, but is clearly a natural at crafting platform sequences that will put your rooftop-hopping motorcycle skills to a stern test. Patience and persistence are the key as this Race features multiple routes and perilously tight turns. One for those who can keep cool, calm - and controlled - under pressure.

The Job:  The Chiliad Challenge. by numnuts16 (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

XpertThief & koalibears take the road less travelled in an attempt to be the first to the top of Mount Chiliad, a task made all the more difficult by a liberal sprinkling of Sticky Bombs. Designed by UK-based Creator numnuts16 of the Blood in Hand Crew, and with trails barely wide enough for one 4x4, this Job will test the skill and patience of anyone who dares.

The Job:  Spirality!!! by T.y.p.u.c.T (PC)

Garrett and madcap stunters Kwebbelkop, Slogoman and Jelly go off on a crazy winding custom challenge over the Grand Senora Desert designed by Russia's T.y.p.u.c.T. Drivers must make their way up a massive spiral towards a collection of Sniper Rifles whilst being targeted by attackers armed with rocket launchers on an overhead platform. 

Also Check Out:

The Job:  Proximity Flying (XB1) by pocpiz | Proximity Flying (PS4) by ImDaRAD (PS4)
The Video: GTA V - Proximity Flying Capture Job by iLoveYourFace
Kudos to pocpiz and ImDaRAD, creators of this daredevil's Capture Job on Xbox One and PS4 respectively, for innovation here. Players need to skydive down the rocky climbs of Mount Chiliad, maneuvering through gates to collect Capture Objects before depositing them in the Capture Point at the base of the mountain. If you make it to the bottom empty-handed, a room of knife-wielding ladies are on standby to brutally send you back to the Spawn Point. In the video, iLoveYourFace displays some ace freefalling skills in both first and third person to make this challenge appear easier than it really is. These Jobs were created by members of the Sky Children, whose aerial exploits you may have recently read about here on the Rockstar Newswire.

The Job:  Derkaderkastan Deathmatch by Ayreon01 (PS4)
The Video: Event #3 in the Playlist - Derkaderkastan TDM by Tactical Taco5
Ayreon01's Deathmatch in the desert provides plenty of opportunity to flank and dominate your opponents in the maze of cover, but be sure to cover your back and watch the corners as you don't know who could be waiting.

The Job:  LOS SANTOS BATTLEFIELD by Smokadonjuan (PS3)
The Video: GTA 5 Battlefield Deathmatch w/ XpertThief! by SSSniperWolf
SSSniperWolf and XpertThief take on the maze of freight containers, tankers and ramps on the playing fields of the University of San Andreas Training Center in this close-quarters Deathmatch created by Smokadonjuan.  

The Job:  Bilgeco GP (Part 2) by PlamenVT (Xbox One)
The Video: Bilgeco GP by Bekjenet
A corner-by-corner walkthrough by Bekjenet through the tight turns and long straights of PlamenVT's Formula 1 style track.

If you've watched a video of any awesome GTA Online Jobs recently, or even uploaded one yourself then feel free to drop a Social Club link in the comments so that the entire community can check them out and preview how fun the Job is to play.

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  • 666Draakon February 1 2016, 2:33pmReplyFlag
    Dragon Race Devil PS4 = Final race, 6.66 km of pure adrenaline (-49 Races + 5 Exterminations = )
  • Rushke13on January 30 2016, 6:28amReplyFlag
    Rushke13 for more then 200 race jobs, have fun!
    • petrfreisleron January 29 2016, 9:32pmReplyFlag
      • WWCHAMBERWWon January 27 2016, 12:28pmReplyFlag On ps4. Shotguns only.
        • vipersmokeson January 23 2016, 11:27amReplyFlag
          All consoles 2 year strong crew viperclanuk are looking for members if you got what it takes and have respect join us an see what the viper have to offer$$$
          • Madonruokaon January 23 2016, 10:00amReplyFlag
            Allright. This is my kart racing part two

            Way more difficulty and those long straights with hard and fast corners will twist you. Trust me it's fun! ( No customs! )
          • T.y.p.u.c.Ton January 23 2016, 2:10amReplyFlag
            All my jobs for PC -
            • ingmarKrustyKrabon January 21 2016, 11:44amReplyFlag
              Search #KrustyKrab for the latest unique quality content. I have no limits in the creator
              • RAYMAC6on January 21 2016, 11:23amReplyFlag
                For NEW crazy PS4 creations search RAYMAC6!


                Thanks for playing!
              • Ebon-Twilight777on January 19 2016, 11:16pmReplyFlag
                Player created survival missions would be crazy fun!
              • migolsson January 18 2016, 5:27pmReplyFlag
                probar esto con policía y flipar
                • djspinshouse4uon January 17 2016, 8:32amReplyFlag
                  Now here's something I think you'll really like:
                • fistfulmetalon January 17 2016, 12:40amReplyFlag
                  I have a good variety of custom races. From speed races to big jumps and wall riding. Check them out. Here is one:
                  • Dillonoon January 16 2016, 8:10pmReplyFlag
                    Check it:
                    • 24vinnYon January 16 2016, 5:43pmReplyFlag
                      Car show gta 5 tonight. Message me back if you are serious About joining the meet and there will be no killing. I don't want any crap at this one. If you start anything you will no longer be welcome at the car shows. XBOX ONE. LIMITLESS2413 is my gamertag message me guys!!
                      • Black2B3on January 16 2016, 11:55amReplyFlag
                        • Madonruokaon January 16 2016, 11:55amReplyFlag
                          Well i made a karting ( kart-racing ) track. 5 laps with Bifta or Dune Buggy on airfield. Customs should be off or it will get bit too jammed if someone uses big trucks. In the end there is a long straight to get that one mile limit and because of that it's open in that end. ( run out of props ) Fun for 8 players in closed ( sorta ) track. Hope you enjoy.
                          • DenniSStudioson January 16 2016, 9:21amReplyFlag
                            Everybudy who likes epic or hard races should definitly check out my races
                            • xKILLERBRYANmexon January 16 2016, 1:03amReplyFlag
                              • PetayPanMoFoon January 15 2016, 1:22pmReplyFlag
                                I have loads of custom jobs on all 5 platforms here all jobs are linked!
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