Festive Surprise Christmas Bonus: Snowfall, Holiday Gifts and the New Beast Vs. Slasher Adversary Mode Now Available

Posted on December 23 2015, 7:35pm | Author: R*E | Filed Under: Games

As the incredibly rare phenomenon of snowfall blankets Los Santos, the roar of the Beast ensures that there will be no silent night this year. Beast vs. Slasher, an intense new Adversary Mode for GTA Online, is out today on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A team of Beasts blessed with superhuman abilities must evade the clutches of the pursuing Slashers. To help them on their merry way, Beasts are gifted not only with wild speed, but can leap over buildings and have temporary invisibility.

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, a creature was stirring, but it wasn't a mouse.

To give the Slasher Team a fighting chance, they're split into three sub-teams: Demolition, Heavy and Assault armed with RPGs, Miniguns and for the first time in GTA Online... Railguns. And if being armed to the teeth isn't enough, Slashers are also equipped with thermal vision to help seek out and bring down the elusive Beasts. Supporting 4-10 players, both teams will need to stay on the move and work together with their teammates to prevail in this new Adversary Mode..


Suit up and hit the streets as snowball battles return to GTA Online.

Today marks the return of the rare phenomenon of Los Santos snowfall to GTA Online across all five platforms, so bundle up warm in your new Santa Costume and head outside to enjoy a snowball fight (press left on the d-pad to collect up to 9 snowballs). All players will also receive an early gift from Santa: a Fireworks Launcher with 5 rockets to help celebrate the Holiday Season with a bang. And be sure to look out for more gifts under the tree when you log in to GTA Online on Christmas Day.

The new Tampa, now available permanently in GTA Online for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos has bolstered its showroom inventory with the permanent addition of the brand new Declasse Tampa for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now that players can own up to five properties in GTA Online, make sure you take full advantage of all that extra garage space and pick up this ferocious new sleigh.


The GTA Online Festive Surprise 2015

  • R* Xon January 6 2016, 8:29pmFlag
    Hi all,

    We hope you enjoyed the seasonal Festive Surprise treats over the holiday season! Stay tuned for news on future GTA Online content updates coming soon.

    For those with suggestions and feedback about things you’d like to see added or changed in GTA Online in the future, make sure to send it to our development team’s attention via email at GTAOnline@rockstargames.com which is actively consulted for good and popular input from the player community.

    For anyone experiencing any sort of technical issue, a reminder that the places to get help are via http://support.rockstargames.com or http://twitter.com/rockstarsupport. Thanks!
  • ice_encon February 20 2016, 2:41amReplyFlag
    with the chiliad mystery .. i think thats why people even still play single player offline or online
    • xx_TJ5on February 8 2016, 4:35pmReplyFlag
      @RockstarGames i recently got a ps4 to play gta on it and I invited my freinds to my house and one of them purchased a yacht on my account for 9.5 million I am very low on money and need a refund on my yacht so I can spend some of it on the new cars can u take my yacht out of my inventory and deposit the money to my account
      • blarpydoodleon January 18 2016, 7:10pmReplyFlag
        Is there anyone who can pose as some sort of competition for me in Hunting Pack? I swear, everyone is either part tarded, or they just suck. Xbox 1. Orspazm666
        • Shad0wHedgeh0g0on January 17 2016, 12:20pmReplyFlag
          like a apart ment but u called desine it and get guns out at the crew club house
          on xbox360 becos most of the up dates are ps4,xbox,one
          • Shad0wHedgeh0g0on January 17 2016, 12:15pmReplyFlag
            a crew club house would be cool
          • Shad0wHedgeh0g0on January 17 2016, 12:11pmReplyFlag
            the up dates are cool cant wayt for the next up date
            • X6XBANSHEEX8Xon January 16 2016, 1:53pmReplyFlag
              • Twiz3don January 14 2016, 12:26pmReplyFlag
                Need the 2 door sultan from Gta 4 oh and apc tank and other police vehicles, more lights etc
                • T.G.D-4427on January 16 2016, 2:07amReplyFlag
                  @Twiz3d APC!!! Yes, that was awesome!!! We need it in gta 5 now! More killing weapons!!!
              • KR1ML1Non January 14 2016, 8:26amReplyFlag
                Love it but I do agree that some online content would be amazing offline like the character create and cloth and car options also the multitude of houses and garages would be nice
                • LaValle420on January 13 2016, 4:34amReplyFlag
                  Good work R* but I have a few ideas...some crew emblem chains would be cool...how bout a crew clubhouse that we can design and upgrade like the yachts...a mission creator dlc would be cool...and how bout some new games such as pool and poker that can be played in ur safe house or at the very least ur new crew clubhouse...a crew dlc would be cool AF
                  • GreatestAssssinon January 12 2016, 12:14amReplyFlag
                    is the tampa gone?
                  • Jafa.Gameron January 11 2016, 8:19pmReplyFlag
                    It could be awesome if you can be able to share More with you friends in Gta Online
                    • Jafa.Gameron January 11 2016, 8:21pmReplyFlag
                      @Jafa.Gamer It could be awesome if you can be able to share Money with you friends in Gta Online
                      YOUTUBE - Ja---amer
                  • TigRenox77on January 10 2016, 7:44pmReplyFlag
                    I know it's to late... but don't forget to save your favorite christmas clothing @ the clothing store or @ your home next time. I have done this and now i have it all days.) But i have only that what I have saved.((
                    • Boogiebladeblackon January 10 2016, 6:54pmReplyFlag
                      I also lost all of my festive surprise stuff like masks and everything
                    • Boogiebladeblackon January 10 2016, 6:18pmReplyFlag
                      I am on PS4 and my username is Boogie Blade
                      • Boogiebladeblackon January 10 2016, 6:15pmReplyFlag
                        I lost some of my festive outfits and even some of my vehicles and I loved those cars and have lost like $5 million total thanks to other players can I have my money back?
                      • PS4-GTA-Von January 10 2016, 3:51pmReplyFlag
                        Thank you rockstar ☺
                        • deandrejahon January 10 2016, 2:33amReplyFlag
                          Have anyone else been experiencing this problem when going online in GTA online once u join it says everyone left and your buy yourself can someone help me please this has been happening ever since I got gtav and its having problems joining friends without being logged out
                        • ARGOCKon January 9 2016, 2:28pmReplyFlag
                          Very funn dlc thanks... Only to say was for veey short time and is not too elegant give giffts for take it away after one week....or dont say thers a gifft....all christmas items lost even the 25 dec santa claus gifft...thanks for your generosity last christmas
                          • WardenOfTheSouthon January 10 2016, 11:40amReplyFlag
                            @ARGOCK The Christmas gifts are not gone. The mask should be in your inventory and the pj's and hat should be at clothes store. I can't get them to save in my wardrobe (other than the mask) , so it's a little annoying going to the clothes store but they are there
                          • ARGOCKon January 11 2016, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                            @WardenOfTheSouth Not true all christmas items gone exept yetis mask i ask for suport and they say items are not aviable eny more for eny player all cloth gone for stored even the pijama from 25dec santa claus gift.....player who wait a year for that dlc only for cuples days....we not happy,
                          • WardenOfTheSouthon January 11 2016, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                            @ARGOCK I still have the pj's and naughty/nice hats
                          • ARGOCKon January 15 2016, 1:33pmReplyFlag
                            @WardenOfTheSouth So its a glitch and you are very lucky...all items gone for all other players...very bad R*
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