GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Coming Next Week – Watch the New Trailer

Posted on December 10 2015, 10:58am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Become a VIP and create your own criminal organization in the latest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online, Executives and Other Criminals. Featuring all new gameplay modes and opportunities for luxury living, Executives and Other Criminals also includes new customizable apartments, stilt houses in the Vinewood Hills and the ultimate in executive excess: the extravagant, fully staffed and upgradeable Super Yacht.
VIPs who run their own operation gain access to new co-op Jobs, challenges and special abilities in Freemode, as well as having the power to hire and fire other players for their team of bodyguards. Meanwhile, Bodyguards earn a regular paycheck and their own special benefits including RP, GTA$, and stat boosts for working for a VIP’s organization. 

Organizations can go head to head in Freemode, with new missions that make full use of the latest executive defense options including new armored vehicle variants, the devastating Turreted Limo and the missile defense systems of the Super Yacht, which also comes with its own suite of supporting vehicle upgrades including the new SuperVolito Carbon helicopter and personal watercraft.

Some existing Freemode Events will automatically adapt when played by organizations, allowing for new ways to take on King of The Castle, Moving Target and more. Also included is the new Extraction Adversary Mode, tasking teams of Bodyguards to search, locate and safely extract an Executive from their downed jet before a Hit Squad intercepts and eliminates the target.

Executives and Other Criminals also brings fresh choices in executive transport and protection with new weapons, new vehicles and much more. Check back to the Rockstar Newswire for full details and download the free update Dec 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

  • _Grand_T_Champ_on June 6 2016, 9:51pmReplyFlag
    who here now?
    • con123456797441on May 9 2016, 9:13amReplyFlag
      bring the new ps4 DLCs to ps3
    • Oliver7773on March 17 2016, 9:29amReplyFlag
      when will it come out on ps3
    • Dathan0212on February 15 2016, 6:44pmReplyFlag
      • Dathan0212on February 15 2016, 6:42pmReplyFlag
        Someone purchase me an ps4 in need of ps4
      • lebelge29on February 8 2016, 5:12pmReplyFlag
        nouvelle fotograph Tampa déclassé pls
        • TheMaster3rdon February 7 2016, 8:59amReplyFlag
          Since this update came out every time me and my friend try to look at our stats the game freezes and this happens every time?? Rockstar please help??
        • deadlyblast666on January 22 2016, 3:52pmReplyFlag
          When ur on lvl 221 and all but there like 8 lvl 50 guy and all trying to take u out. I'm like sure go ahead and try. But u don't own any special vehicle and all. That when I get a tank and they say that not fair what not fair it's a 8 vs 1 + tank = 8
          • tomtomb6856on February 19 2016, 2:42pmReplyFlag
            @deadlyblast666 Haha class lol im level 127 and i still get that problem 10 guys vs me ranging from level 30 to 70 trying to attack me and my tank in like em no pal eat a rocket
        • Damienleteron January 18 2016, 11:55amReplyFlag
          Peut t on s attendre a ce dlc sur xbox 360 ou sa serai rever?
          • Thegam3r5489on January 17 2016, 6:32amReplyFlag
            Sérieux Rockstar ajoutez les nouveaux dlc sur oldgen, ça ce fait pas.... Y a pleins de gens qui jouent plus à gta online rien que pour ça alors faites un effort svp. ;(
            • Cameran739on January 17 2016, 2:49amReplyFlag
              RockStar plz make the most recent update for gta on last gen.

              P.S. I know 14 people that will not play gta anymore unless this happens.
              • NIGHTHAWK0D2on January 17 2016, 11:56amReplyFlag
                @Cameran739 First off rockstar wouldn't care there's millions of players that play this game, second it's not rockstars fault that your using 10 year old hardware from Xbox 360 why do you think the dlcs are so good now? They dropped last generation consoles because the game can't hold any more data on the 360 or the PS3, so you mind as well buy an Xbox one or ps4 which ever your preference is and sell your old Gen console to pay for it.
              • Fire_Rockeron January 19 2016, 5:49pmReplyFlag
                @Cameran739 well if you want the update you got to have a xbox one or ps4 or else it will not be any fun i wished the same thing until i got a xbox one for christmas but rockstar makes their money that way not fun but it's what you have to do
            • PS4-GTA-Von January 16 2016, 5:59amReplyFlag
              Thank you Rockstar
              • supra33910on January 11 2016, 7:38amReplyFlag
                et sur ps3 on a quoi ses dégelasse de faire que pour one et ps3
                • Venom_526on January 9 2016, 2:20pmReplyFlag
                  The yacht has 3 bedrooms if you set the yacht access to friends and crew you shouldnt have to buzz them in, it will make a great crew hq if they were in session with you and come and go freely on it,also the yacht needs a way to kick unwanted guests off
                • MrMaU98MnSon January 7 2016, 9:32pmReplyFlag

                  few bodyguards until you can have
                  • Justin-Shuffleon January 7 2016, 12:16amReplyFlag
                    Anyone in need of a good bodyguard? Add me or if you just wanna have fun playing the game add me too. I am a VIP and own a Yacht :) i'm currently also looking for good players to do the Pacific Standard Job with so i need people who know how to play the game and speak english or dutch, I'm lvl 100 btw. PSN: justinshuffle
                  • gtagamerforlife5on January 4 2016, 11:57pmReplyFlag
                    Anyone on PS4 looking for bodyguards? if so message me on my PSN account @ wwfan2002 A$AP
                    • firestonecamaroon January 4 2016, 4:22pmReplyFlag
                      ROCKSTAR how long will the DLC stay in the game or online.
                    • realjagernauton January 4 2016, 5:49amReplyFlag
                      should add a control panel to set parameters for invite only sessions. like turn off cops, or allow no clip/ passive mode on pc style driving for the entire session, just kind of a toolbox, sandbox, kind of thing to play with the mechanics of the game as sort of an alternative to hackers coming into free roam lobbies and ruining the game for the rest of us. I gotta admit sometimes I wouldn't mind some of the abilities hackers have that aren't game ruining or just for stealing kills for good honest players
                      • HOLIPOINT_BRon January 3 2016, 4:47amReplyFlag
                        Me add na PSN : zanaopg
                        Junte - se ao comando do Brasil
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