This Week: Break the Bank with Double GTA$ & RP in The Pacific Standard Job (August 3 - 9)

Posted on August 3 2015, 11:56am | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The grand finale in our lineup of GTA Online Double GTA$ & RP Heist bonuses kicks off today and lasts through the weekend with the biggest score of them all: the daring assault on the vaults of the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank. To set-up this raid on Pacific Standard's flagship branch in Downtown Los Santos, you'll need to steal motorbikes from the Lost M.C., destroy a Merryweather convoy, extract a fugitive from the clutches of the LSPD and much more - all while earning twice the GTA$ and RP you normally would. And these Double GTA$ & RP bonuses extend to the Elite Challenges as well, so finish the Finale in under 10:15, avoid having NOOSE called and make sure nobody gets wasted to reap some serious rewards.

This week's additional Double RP GTA Online activities to help accelerate your rank and simultaneously practice key skills required for The Pacific Standard Job include:

  • Deathmatch: Finish in Top 3, Run Over and Kill an Enemy Using a Vehicle
  • Missions: Not Losing Any Lives Bonus
  • Races: Clean Lap, Fastest Lap, First for Whole Lap, Get Into 1st Place, Overtake Player 5 Times, Overtake Player 10 Times, Slipstream for 5 Seconds
  • Simeon Car Export Requests
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Survival: Enemy Kill, Vehicle Destroyed

Also later this week, look out for additional special daily discounts in GTA Online, which we will announce through the official Rockstar Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Mitchbob910on August 13 2016, 2:26amReplyFlag
    R* you guys gotta bring this freakin awesome event again in GTAO, I'm absolutely sure that the community would like to see this year. they would be hyped up about it. ;)
    • critter592on June 23 2016, 11:03pmReplyFlag
      Will there be another time where these jobs are X2 cash and RP?
      • lemonkush20on April 17 2016, 11:34pmReplyFlag
        when is the next pecific standard double up xp and extra cash in 2016
        • xxdrkzippyxxon December 21 2015, 4:22pmReplyFlag
          it hard
          • williewonka123on August 26 2015, 8:42amReplyFlag
            for the 4 player heists rockstar should make it where if 4 players join a heist then one leaves due to trolling or whatever reason shouldn't fail the heist make it so that as long as there is 2 players if someone dies the 2 players can complete the heist make them 2-4 players not just 4 or nothing
            • 1996Mustangon August 28 2015, 11:29amReplyFlag
              @williewonka123 I agree, and punish those who flake out on the heists and setups. Maybe make it where they can't participate in another heist for 3 days?
          • Galacticbomberon August 23 2015, 12:39amReplyFlag
            Ima quit gta5 because there's nothing exciting Ima play black ops 3 beta than when the game comes out Ima just play it and ignore gta5 it's boring that nothing is happening just same exact thing
            • DBlackFXon August 23 2015, 2:19amReplyFlag
              @Galacticbomber Wow...what a dumbass what's going to happen when you get bored of playing Black Ops 3? BO3 is going to be the same thing as every COD game; shooting people over and over again across the same maps until Treyarch releases new map packs which you'll be shooting people over and over again doing the SAME EXACT THING. You think that repetitiveness won't get boring after a few months? You don't have to play GTA, you know? Take a break from the game and come back to it once R* releases new updates instead of posting asinine comments on a 3 week old newswire about how you're going to play a different game because GTA V is "boring" now. And now I feel like a dumbass just for replying to this stupid comment -_-
            • K-Venomon August 24 2015, 3:39pmReplyFlag
              @DBlackFX He caught up with one direction and decided to go the other way, there's a song for him ' goodbye my friend'
          • xxarvinxx614on August 20 2015, 5:12pmReplyFlag
            if anyone needs help on a heist im open im rank 161 and i have done a lot of heist before add me on ps4 my name is arvin19209 you can go ahed and send me a friend request im open and online most of the time
          • xxarvinxx614on August 20 2015, 5:08pmReplyFlag
            rockstar needs to make a DLC with the cop outfit and christmas outfir garbage outfit and the cubic mask and all those special outfits
            • swebarbon August 20 2015, 9:37amReplyFlag
              No more weekend bonuses of any kind ? kinda dull.....
            • UFGATORCHUMP101on August 17 2015, 11:32pmReplyFlag
              if your going to make something 10million dollars make it epic bc u already no alot of people wont have it bc its 10 million get what iam saying how alsome wourd it be if once in a wialy u wourd see a piret ship or yatch it wourd be alsome when u seen theses things in free mode bc not ever one wourd have them bc they wourd be 10 million what about a bus with a gun turrent out the back door and side windowes or crew eblems on aromrs or (war subs) or suber cars that courd also drive in water if you put up all these ideas but chaged 10 million for them people wourd be stoked
            • Galacticbomberon August 17 2015, 11:08pmReplyFlag
              Can u guys add basketball please am tired of boring golf and tennis I don't even play that cause it's dumb basketball would be a better sport to play please add this activity
              • NZKingPinon October 25 2015, 7:47pmReplyFlag
                @Galacticbomber Oh shut up no one is asking u to do the side missions or play the game so just don't play u obviously can't handle it so just quit.
            • THATGUY-SIMONon August 17 2015, 4:00pmReplyFlag
              Need 3 Players To do Criminal Mastermind Challenge Cut 25 % Requeriments: Level 150 + and don't be a complete --- Add me on Ps4 SMArsenalfc03-04 if you need to ask me message me on Ps4
              Starting from tommorow 2 UK time We should finish it on Wendesday if you were close to dying Quickly turn off the Ps4
            • sGL2555on August 16 2015, 8:26pmReplyFlag
              Psn :s_gl2. Anyone want to help me with pasific standard? On the third setup. Impossible to get players. Ps3
              • handsomejduncanon August 16 2015, 7:35amReplyFlag
                Put it back on I want more millions in my bank
              • pothoofd1903on August 15 2015, 9:35pmReplyFlag
                HAVING A CAR MEET HOST Pothoofd1903
                • Galacticbomberon August 15 2015, 9:25pmReplyFlag
                  Ye we need more heist boring doing old heist again. And again
                  • elffighton August 21 2015, 7:32amReplyFlag
                    @Galacticbomber It took them over 1 and 1/2 years to make the heists they made, so don't complain. Of course they can release some s**tty heists with bad quality but they are all about perfection.
                • KEDOSMACkSon August 15 2015, 6:04pmReplyFlag
                  another heist update? pleeeeeease!!! but instead only 5 can we get ten in the next one?
                  • Dominicanboy12on August 15 2015, 1:44pmReplyFlag
                    I'm looking for skilled players to do the criminal mastermind.

                    - Must have a mic
                    - Must be above level 117 I'm on level 117

                    Add me on ps4: Dominican_JR20
                  • Justin2699on August 14 2015, 4:05pmReplyFlag
                    My stats are just fine. There's plebty of times I have to walk away from my game in the middle of a mission to take care of my kid, and so i end up dying more often than not. There's also times where I'd rather play on my phone to continue with a mission, and so I die. Fact is 99% of players under level 100 are complete morons. The legit high level players I play with are way better than any lower level player. My statement of myself has nothing to do with my own insecurities or over compensating. It surely has something to do with people like you who has to share your irrelevant opinions when your profile and what not aren't visible. I've got nothing to hide with my stats. All those millions that were sent, was two years ago when almost everyone got modded money sent to them, so try again.
                    • littlejeromeon August 14 2015, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                      @Justin2699 "99% of players under level 100 are complete morons" ?
                      You mean someone is level 99, he's a moron, a few hours later he's100 and magic ! he's not a moron anymore ! :)

                      Now imagine 3 players, level 254, 100 and 86. I guess level 86 is the moron and will fail the mission, but in reality... Who died twice, who died once, and who didn't die ?
                      Answer :

                      PS: I read somewhere earlier you play free-aim, too bad you're on PS3. I would have sent you a friend request.
                    • DemonicSpacemanon August 14 2015, 8:15pmReplyFlag
                      @littlejerome Obviously someone took it far too personally, 4 private messages about this were not required.

                      High ranks, I find, will often be competitive and believe kill count is what counts when the reality is that 10 kills and 0 deaths is much better than 200 kills and 20 deaths. Every high rank (>160) random who joins my missions/heists has played as if it's about kills or platinum medals. This is why high rank players are useless and I prefer lower ranks.
                      Also, I have never seen anyone about rank 400 who joined my missions actually move. No doubt sitting in other peoples missions idle is how they gained most of their RP and money. This doesn't help me so why would I want to play with them?
                      FInally, if someone plays Rambo and trys do the whole thing in their boxers with a pistol then why am I even playing the game, this is not co-operative play. Yes, you may be amazing and be able to do it all (to be honest, I can do pretty much all contact missions and heist set-ups by myself but choose to only do that if the others struggle, it's a team game, play as a team).

                      P.S. My stats are public, if you cannot figure out how to view them then that is your own fault. They were set to friends and crew members until the other day when I made sure they changed to public. Nothing to hide there.
                    • littlejeromeon August 14 2015, 8:55pmReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman You just answered to me ?
                      it was a mistake ? (Because I pretty much agree with what you just wrote :).

                      I guess you wanted to answer to the original post.
                    • WardenOfTheSouthon August 16 2015, 10:12amReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman Your stats aren't visible and I am above level 400. I do what I need to do to get the job done and I've met a lot of higher rankings that are really amazing at this game. So saying all higher rankings are useless was a pretty dumb comment. People in general are stupid and don't get basic strategy but there are a few out there that do. Jerome please don't bring free-aim into this
                    • TBAWSS_KILLN101on August 16 2015, 1:06pmReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman im a 611 and the reason why there are so many rambo high ranks is cause noobs fail the mission to many times if u like restarting cause a noob blew up the objective have fun there are bigger high level noobs who join missions and do nothing higher ranking players dont fail half as much we do die sometimes insuring that we dont fail i wouldnt say anyone under 100 but most under 50 are fail types
                    • DemonicSpacemanon August 16 2015, 7:05pmReplyFlag
                      @TBAWSS_KILLN101 I am purely talking about high ranked randoms. I wouldn't know about those who are high ranked but don't play with randoms as chances are I've never come across any. But those I have come across have been worse than low ranks and useless. You can pretty much guarantee that if a rank 500 joins a mission or heist then they will either do nothing or play rambo and fail at it.
                      I have yet to be proven wrong on this.
                    • DemonicSpacemanon August 16 2015, 7:09pmReplyFlag
                      @WardenOfTheSouth Read my original comment, I did not say all higher ranks are useless, I said I have played with a lot of ranks 5 to 500 and the higher ranks are useless. This is an observation from my experiences. Since I have not played with you (or anyone else of a high rank who has commented here) it would obviously not include you.
                    • marlmamaon August 16 2015, 7:24pmReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman good luck on the criminal mastermind
                    • WardenOfTheSouthon August 17 2015, 7:09pmReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman If your on ps4 add me an I'll prove you wrong. I've got a friend who is 500+ and she's unbelievable
                    • wvginsengon August 22 2015, 4:55pmReplyFlag
                      @DemonicSpaceman I am rank 590 and I am a team player. I don't care if I get bronze as long as we are passing the heist. Sometimes I am playing with players who are not very good and for that reason I do most if not all the work on some setups. I have done every single 1 player mission on hard by myself and some of the survivals by myself. So I have skills but prefer to work as a team if it is possible.
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