Rockstar Editor Contest Winner: Presenting the Official Music Video for "Leave" by Wavves

Posted on July 7 2015, 3:43pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

After careful deliberation, we're pleased to announce the winners in our contest to create the official music video for "Leave" by Wavves using the Rockstar Editor. Congratulations are in order for Social Club member YeahMAP of Germany, as his video earns the grand prize - a custom G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard and a G510 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse, both laser-engraved with his Social Club ID and the Rockstar Editor logo. He also receives a deluxe prize pack of official GTAV gear and a $100 gift card for the Rockstar Warehouse.


Leave - Wavves by YeahMAP
Bringing together the perfect blend of break-neck action movie pastiche and meticulously crafted camera direction, a small band of criminals come together to spring their leader out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary in a daring, broad daylight attempt.

And a salute to our two runners-up - both of which were awarded a deluxe prize pack of official GTAV gear and $100 gift card for the Warehouse.

Leave by Wavves_Bon Voyage! by Dorian92
Perhaps longing for the open stretches of Blaine County, here a surly Trevor Philips wanders aimlessly through the streets of Los Santos until he happens upon a 24/7 convenience store and decides to stage an impromptu armed robbery. A heavy LSPD response follows and Trevor is forced to fiercely fight his way out of the city.

GTA V - You Can (Not) Leave by Vergessene
Evocative of noir femme fatale action, Vergessene shows off a harshly trained super-soldier's unflinching resolve to take out all those in her path.

Shout to everyone who submitted entries - we were overwhelmed at the ingenuity and collective effort put forth by the GTAV PC Community and look forward to seeing more in future contests (keep an eye out for details on our next one very soon). Here are a couple select honorable mentions to check out.

'LEAVE' by WAVVES Music Video by AmillzSlusho
Here AmillzSlusho spins the unique story of three down-on-their-luck citizens with separate tragic circumstances - all looking to take the "easy way out" of Los Santos. 

Wavves - Leave (GTA 5 Music Video) by shorty2001
Continuously reflecting back on better days, a homeless man struggles to make his way through the unforgiving daily life of a panhandler in Los Santos. After several harsh rejections from an all-star cast of notable characters, he opts to relocate in style.

Rockstar Editor Contest: Create the Official Music Video for “Leave” by Wavves

  • AKDeAnOon November 11 2015, 3:24amReplyFlag
    Rockstar can you please please make a 2stroke motor cross bike and a quad 2stroke that would be awesome for next update
    • BearInATuxedoon August 17 2015, 3:09pmReplyFlag
      • zombijaicon August 15 2015, 6:12amReplyFlag
        all videos was great but , I think #2 nice than #1 .
        • Geoduck7on August 5 2015, 2:29pmReplyFlag
          The first video was awesome!
          • ContrasDesireon July 30 2015, 1:23amReplyFlag
            Cluade from GTA: III is in the first video
            • babybulldog39on July 29 2015, 1:32pmReplyFlag
              i love the first video.. so epic!
              • Halomasterprimeon July 21 2015, 10:57amReplyFlag
                I would have done this but the editor isn't out on consoles you brought the lab to consoles that's half the promise so when is it out on xbox one and ps4 hopefully during july and august this year
                • Durden13Monkeyon July 20 2015, 6:57pmReplyFlag
                  Great Videos the winner was very enjoyable and entertaining. Can't wait for other contest like this one.
                  • DjHimselfon July 16 2015, 10:38pmReplyFlag
                    Brilliant. enjoyed every minute of it! Kudos to the makers, a 3.5 minute movie sequel to the heist ending!
                  • Iolukonuon July 16 2015, 11:22amReplyFlag
                    The one with the super soldier girl was my favorite. It just like my second character who I based of off Ultra Violet. I hope the editor comes to consoles soon so I can make one about my main character's decent from a fashionable gangsta to a down right almost nude savage.
                    • djceulemanson July 15 2015, 8:27amReplyFlag
                      when comes it to ps4 and xbox one
                    • leobacci99on July 14 2015, 4:47pmReplyFlag
                      I thought it best this guy.
                      • BearInATuxedoon July 14 2015, 4:10pmReplyFlag
                        Very good vids look forward to more contests!
                        • DiE_OR_FiGHTon July 14 2015, 3:00pmReplyFlag
                          well done
                          • BellenSummeron July 14 2015, 2:33pmReplyFlag
                            You chose that on over all of the others? Why?!
                            • _Kassz_on July 14 2015, 1:05pmReplyFlag
                              Bravo à vous tous c'est magique j'adore
                              merci à Rockstar aussi pour les outils
                              • 0zzyMaCon July 14 2015, 6:39amReplyFlag
                                Brilliant, really good job,well done ☺
                                • snickers132on July 14 2015, 1:57amReplyFlag
                                • xazulynyafinozyeon July 14 2015, 12:22amReplyFlag
                                  I'm happy to say my next GTA video will b 5 hr long from 45 projects still exporting 3 hr in length. N plz go to my channel all draft video likes r nice y don't u go see final product that is all kityout. Xazulyn yafino on youtube
                                  • I.N.F.on July 13 2015, 9:30pmReplyFlag
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