Update: Targeting Cheaters in GTA Online

Posted on June 15 2015, 11:26am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As part of our ongoing commitment to combat cheating and griefing, we have recently implemented new systems to allow us to more efficiently detect and target any players found running mods and cheat programs within GTA Online. As a reminder, any attempt to tamper with the behavior of GTA Online by installing or executing mods, scripts, or other exploits, modifying the game files or manipulating the game in any way while it is executing will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to time in the cheater pool, bans and potential suspension of your account. Please help maintain the integrity of the GTA Online experience by keeping sessions free of modifications and exploits.

Thank you to members of the GTA Online community who have been doing their part by reporting cheaters to the Banhammer address with helpful information. For details, please see: How to Report Cheaters in Grand Theft Auto Online at the Rockstar Support site.

  • low_man_5531 day, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
    I just wish one of rockstar moderators contact me I have stack of hackers I took a screenshot of all of them just please I'm trying to have fun in this game. Not join a lobby and have a 8000 lvl with modded rifle that kills me with 4 bullets thanks.
    • KillermanGaming1 week, 3 days agoReplyFlag
      GTA online is really starting to suck. 2 people in the lobby i was in today were either hacking or money glitching or both. Both had 400+ billion GTA$ and were being complete jerks. This was on PS4 and their names are DrippyHackz-- & GLON_STAXX. Seeing either of these 2 muppets in your lobby=problems. Hopefully, rockstar actually does something about this rather than sucking their thumbs. BTW i could do i better job than some of the gta online moderators, #justsaying
      • canadian25901 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
        Even playing ps4 you can find tons of cheaters. Today I saw a guy, level 12 driving a zentorno($725000- he was in the same heist as I). Even if he had been grinding, there are not a lot of missions to do when you are level 12. And everyday in my sessions, there is always a guy (at least one) level 8000 who just keep killing everybody. Just a quick question, is it humanly possible to get the character to level 8000 and still have a real life to live?? Just a tip, there are some companies selling modded accounts, you can choose just the money or both money and RP. Curiously the top plan is coming from 0 RP to 8000. The magic number. Take care R* this game is amazing, just don't lose it.
      • Sarilarin_Sulo2 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
        Once I reported a modder. Explained briefly what happened.

        Then they said as I didnt provide any evidence, they cant take action. Okay I get it, its my words against his words. But they could have at least checked this account's istatistics. Check if he made himself level up by mod or spawned money on himself. It was a disappointment for me. I never again reported someone again, I was gonna get the same answer anyway.
        • keytek2 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
          I'm not going to waste another dime on a rockstar product or in game purchase there's more modders and cheaters than actually players and its getting tiresome playing with children who just want to cheat their way to the top. Start scanning consoles that connect or something like it's stupid out there
          • BilalQureshi0073 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
            q747098747 this guy is hacker and teleport everywhere and killing people and modding vehicles spawning everywhere plz ban him
            • BilalQureshi0073 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
              Mo2vAsian.... this player is teleporting and hacking speed during missions plz can u do action fast there kind of hackers and banned them forever?
              • ChimpanzyMinkyon May 12 2016, 8:34amReplyFlag
                There really is no point in playing this game anymore. If you want to play online you either, get put in an empty session by yourself, or you get put in a session loaded with cheaters. Players hiding inside buildings shooting through walls, players that can somehow shoot 1 bullet at you from half way across the map and kill you instantly, to players with billions of currency. I thought when I got the Xbox 1, Gta5 would be hack free. Nope, I was wrong. At one time I was waiting for new games from Rockstar, but at this point, I really could care less, as I really dont see myself playing their games anymore. It seems Rockstar caters to the cheaters and the parasites of the gaming community. I have reported players all the time, even recording their cheating with the xbox, and still nothing ever happens to them. I see more and more people quitting, because of the cheating.
              • DonFazzioon May 10 2016, 11:32amReplyFlag
                GTA Online is a great game. One of the most immersive (if not the most) experiences I've ever had.

                The major problem with the Online is that it is COMPLETELY INFESTED by hackers.

                There is not a single time I login without being annoyed by thousand tanks being spawned over my head. I have to switch to another server, but it is a pain in the ass and it hinders the game's credibility.

                Reporting is not a viable option because hacks are so absurd nowadays that I don't even get to see who is using them.

                Many people is quitting the game because of this.
                • SakisBoss123on May 8 2016, 5:07amReplyFlag
                  Well I got banned because rockstar thought I was cheating. My 1st ban ok I cheated but then 2nd ban guess what, banned for nothing and then 3rd ban nothing again. There are so many cheaters that Rockstar is banning innocent players like me or anybody else who did nothing and got banned
                • G1laStomp3rWTFon May 7 2016, 11:41amReplyFlag
                  I have played in online (PS4) now few times, and yesterday there deffinately were cheaters, first I thoug that there were somekind of glitch, but now it's hard to believe because that "glitch" didn't reach any other players.

                  There also were players who didn't seem get any damage. It didn't matter how many times you shoot them (they actually let you try to kill them), they didn't die but they can kill you at once.

                  Unfortunately I probably never can't raise my XP or anything else as long I get killed as soon I go in online.
                  • G1laStomp3rWTFon May 7 2016, 11:58amReplyFlag
                    @G1laStomp3rWTF And yes, I know there is passive mode but if you want to do even some missions, that's not gonna happen in passive.
                    Death matches etc. are ok and ofcourse I get killed, but that's name of the game. It still doesn't feel right, that there are players who seem to be untouchable.

                    I mean, there is honestly really good players who can beat me easily, (who woudn't), but then there are players witch won't die no matter how many times other players shoot them.
                • jarhead261on May 5 2016, 1:29amReplyFlag
                  Haven't seen a hacker since February of 2015, but than this dude kills me in my own garage when I just got in GTA Online.
                  Hacker PSN: CarlosUlloa047
                  • sunrise1034on May 3 2016, 12:59amReplyFlag
                    I just want to add that the shark cards are actually a better way for a company to make money than making you pay for dlcs like others companys in the gaming industry.. plus if u grind hard u can take from those dlcs all the features u want for free. just play the game and report every modder and cheater you see.
                    • sunrise1034on May 3 2016, 12:47amReplyFlag
                      Some comments in here are clearly from cheaters..
                      Gta online its about grinding with your friends and make your money honestly, missions are not under paid! if you play the game has it is meant to play and grind hard to achieve what you want gta online will be the most realistic and pleasure experience you'll have to the time! if you complaint about the game so much just leave because you are keeping others from playing gta online as the fine tune it really is. modding and cheating in any kind of way is just shameful, today a hacker dropped some money on me and froze my console I restarted it and everything was back to normal no modded money no nothing and that was a relief thanks Rockstar. in my opinion modders and cheaters should be terminated permanently because they are the ones that kill the game! Rockstar should be more hard in this matter. only people that didnt play GTA 3 , SAN ANDREAS , VICE CITY etc.. and spend hours playing and loving this games just for what they and your imagination can do with them can have bad things to say. try and be constructive
                      ps: I still play on ps3 trying to upgrade soon I hope the cheating and modding situation its not that bad
                      • MexyMackon May 1 2016, 2:26amReplyFlag
                        Geoswas you sound like a modder or just a close minded child first of all and second of all i would just like to tell rockstar straight up that im completley done with gta online and gta as a whole I WILL NEVER buy another of your games cheaters are not prosocuted addiquetly (spelled that wrong probably) records are unbreakable i was litteraly in a session with someone called Jarco2106 for 5 hours while sat in a wall breach killing everyone that passed but staying unharmed my gMe was ruined by a modder giving me a crazy amount of money. R* doesnt regulate youtube videos informing these cheater.... how to cheat its all bad and to top it off we are enduring all of this as a loyal fanbase and yet they dont listen to our feedback or requests. I feel like the have the mind set of lets make our money who cares how our customer base feels about whats going on. They have become money hungry and no longer deserve our attention or our money. I refuse to buy anything from rockstar ever again. When there are amazing companies like bethesda out there making games like fallout 4 skyrim oblivion eso and i can play without cheaters or being heckled by kids not even old enough to play why waste my time with GTA. Sincerly MexyMack1130. (PS4)
                        • JJKoshane-WFFWon April 22 2016, 10:11amReplyFlag
                          The answers are simple. #1 Stop allowing transfers from PS3 and XB360 to the next gen systems. They are enabling the cheaters by opening the door for players with jail broken systems to make thousands of dollars off ruining their gameplay. #2 Completely removing Free Aim Assisted, or at least moving it back to auto aim. https://youtu.be/jxz7-2kxhZ0 #3 Death Glitch, when players die and come back alive, or false death's. Ever since June of 2015 this death glitch has been happening, mostly in TDM or DM or pvp jobs, even NPC do it at times. If they close the flood gates the modding epidemic would be cut down. For the modders out there, money, rank I get it. I get the shark card argument. But at the end of the day it is still cheating. If you compete on GTA and use a modded account you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'd rather be the worst legit player then the best cheater.
                          • SitDownBxtch-_-5 hours, 34 minutes agoReplyFlag
                            @JJKoshane-WFFW does it mather if someone cheats staTS? it dont affect you in any way. the problem in this game is the combat cheaters. aimbot, damage multiplier, you name it.
                        • iamrainman943on April 18 2016, 1:33amReplyFlag
                          Rockstar doesnt care about us..............they made their 500$ mil in microtransactions...........
                          • zukerbergon April 17 2016, 2:28pmReplyFlag
                            It seems Rock Star put cheater catching gig behind because so many cheaters are out in GTA 5 online. This article is from June 2015 and cheaters are still getting away with murder. I don't have problem with anyone doing a fair fight or fair game but cheaters are making this game very hard to be in. I hope that Rock Star is still working on catching cheaters because it's out of control. Things I noticed " I was playing and got invite from VIP to protect and I accepted and shoot right over to protect the VIP and I saw he is glitching, disappearing like UFO and reappearing in a totally new location and I mean quick, then as I'm there to protect the VIP he decided to shoot me and killed me. I then walked away from him because I was not there to fight him but to protect him. It seems to me he was some sort of cheater because I don't think when he invites me and then decides to shoot me because I was on his team. Second incident, I was playing gang war and had nothing to do with any other players but this one player decided to get all the money I got from wining gang war. I saw him as he approached and I had my gun ready then I tried to shoot him but no bullets were coming out even though I had plenty of bullets. I tried but as if he had some cheat going on which prevented me from shooting at him, picture someone at point blank range and you kept pressing trigger and nothing happens but they are able to shoot you till you die. Now this second incident happened to me several times, mind you my shooting and driving skill bar is very high so it's practically impossible for anyone to be in point blank range and not even hit by one bullet. Very strange and unfair. I called it not so fair fight. This type of cheat makes the game not very fun to play. I am pretty sure others had have experiences like this. I do like Rock star created shake It off method to prevent getting hammered by same cheater like gazillion times. Rock star please do something about the Cheaters who are out in the open and very obvious to notice online. I'm pretty sure it's very easy for Rock Star to spot a cheaters please do something about it.
                            • Protone5414on April 17 2016, 8:53amReplyFlag
                              Good stuff rockstsar, but keep updating your system because the modders are always doing that, coming up with new ways to bypass the system, and what really annoys me is when they start creating bigass expolsions that destroy a car i just customized sure i can get another one but it is the action itself that pisses me off, i shall continue looking out for modders and report them as soon as i detect who it is! one love rockstar and thanks for making gta v into the masterpiece it truly is <3
                              • BilalQureshi007on April 5 2016, 6:15pmReplyFlag
                                tnm_gaming_uk this guy is modder please ban him
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