New Rockstar Verified Jobs: A 40-Story Deathmatch, Woodland Chaos, Body Snatching and More

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Today, we have 10 brand new Rockstar Verified Jobs created by the Social Club community, stamped with the Rockstar seal of approval, and now live in-game for everyone to play across all five platforms - PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Among them are some of the most unique and creatively themed Deathmatches, Captures, Last Team Standings and Races in the Verified collection to date. We've also Verified three bonus Races for PC, PS4 and Xbox One that were designed with support for larger lobbies and making use of the additional props placement that those systems make possible. Check out all the Jobs below and head over to Social Club to bookmark them, or find them in the Rockstar Verifieds section of the GTA Online in-game Pause menus.

10 New Verified Jobs available on all platforms

Chaos erupts in Forest Mayhem

 Forest Mayhem - Created by Titlito
Perhaps taking inspiration from his homeland's natural terrain, Switzerland's Titlito has created a chaotic and fast-paced Deathmatch for up to 10 players in a hilly section of dense forest just south of Paleto Bay. Tightly packed trees and boulders can make visibility tricky, particularly when players go off-piste around the side of the arena-style barriers. A narrow gulch separates the sides, which can make for some interesting opening exchanges, as each team tries to dominate the sides and make headway over the two bridges. Watch out when taking cover behind explosive containers - the centrally placed Grenade Launcher could prove your undoing.

 GTA: Stealing a Dead Person - Created by joeACdude43
"Martin Madrazo has ordered you to crash the funeral of recently deceased Forelli crime family member Johnny Pacino and steal his body so he can hold it for ransom." Two Teams go up against the grieving members of the Forelli gang to gain control of the Romero hearse carrying Johnny Pacino's last remains. The graveyard will become the centerpiece location as players shootout against NPCs to get behind the wheel of the hearse. It's a long way back to each Capture Point, and with each team driving Jackals for support, you can expect the body to change hands several times before it reaches its final destination. Tip: Two-handed weapons such as Assault Rifles can't be used while driving, so hustle to pick up one of the Micro SMGs for maximum versatility.

 RoC Santos - Created by D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S.
Mastery of the settings in the Race Creator can really change the look and feel of your Created Job. D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S., leader of the Reapers 0f Carnage Crew, has created a Race for Supercars set in the dead of night, with Traffic turned off. The effect is one of a classic streetcar race - Midnight Club style. Well-placed checkpoints make the route easy to follow, but intelligent prop placement make it challenging to master. There are classic hallmarks of street races, including a hairpin bend on the freeway and an awesome fast-paced jump to see you past the checkered flag. If you're way out in front and feeling confident, feel free to troll those in your wake with a flip through the finish line.

A forty-story fight breaks out in Triphasic

Triphasic - Created by DimiBarcelona
Catalonian YouTuber DimiMoon puts his own spin on a skyscraper-based Deathmatch: The three wings of the Arcadius building Downtown have been linked up with ‘bridges’ made from Shipping Containers. DimiMoon has clearly put a lot of effort into tweaking prop placement to get things aligned and stacked just right. There's a smart risk-vs.-reward balance at play as well – the most powerful weapon pickups are available to players brave enough to risk death and run across the top of the containers on top of the Arcadius business building. Oh - and watch out for Sticky Bombs.

 Contend: Gas 'N' Go - Created by Wraith-Of-Vern
has set up a Capture very similar in location to previously Verified Job "Contend: Zombie Town", but this has a radical departure in style. Key to victory will be stocking up on weapons while at your Team's Capture Point to prepare for the vicious battle for Bags at this rural gas station. This is very much a classic Contend-style Capture that requires each player to navigate asphalt and off-road terrain in intelligently-chosen vehicles. The gas station provides a strong focal point for the action to take place, with a few NPCs dotted around to keep things interesting.

 The Great Adventurer - Created by DeadRooster
of the illustrious GTA Adventures Crew delivers a fantastic high speed point-to-point for Supercars that takes in the scenery of Downtown Los Santos, the LS Freeway, Vinewood Hills, Grand Senora Desert and the Alamo Sea; all in a Race that can be completed by ace drivers in a little under 3 minutes, 30 seconds. We're glad to say that all of DeadRooster's creativity isn't totally spent on the Race itself, saving some for a Description as good as any that we've seen: "You've always claimed to be an outdoors person and that one day you're gonna climb Mt. Chiliad. Today your adventure finally begins. So here you are at Los Santos International Airport, in a super car paid for by your rich Liberty City mob boss father, heading to the base of the mountain the only way you know how; driving like an ass with no regard for the environment and those around you. Super car Race for up to 16 players from LSIA to the first dirt road north of the Alamo Sea."

 Life Invader Circuit - Created by The_Twilicane
 describes this one best: "Tight turns, narrow and wide roads, a smooth hairpin, and fast adrenaline pumping sections are sure to please those who are more serious about racing." This is a fairly simple Super car Race around Rockford Hills, Little Seoul and Vespucci. Props are placed well adding to the professional feel of the track without interfering with the route.

Cars go flying in Ramps! Ramps! Ramps!

 Ramps! Ramps! Ramps! - Created by GTA_Fan_82
This is a short track, set entirely on the bridge over Lago Zancudo. Players jump over small ramps as they criss-cross their way to the end of the bridge, before turning around and repeating the process in the opposite direction. There are sure to be lots of collisions and near-misses as the pack thins out and cars are flying into each other from different directions. Don't forget to flick down on the left analog stick in midair to maintain a level position for your car. Also, work hard to master the hairpins at either end, where there is prime opportunity for vindictive stragglers to knock you out of position.

Shotgun City - Created by Uniqueash
Shotgun City is a Last Team Standing that takes place in a dark alleyway beneath the Del Perro Pier. The alley is filled with Props at regular intervals, making for a very claustrophobic map which requires combined skills of stealth and timing. The Props provide plenty of cover allowing each team to advance forwards fairly safely - just as well since you’ve got to get very close to your enemy to kill them with the default Shotguns. Just one clean shot will do it - you may soon find yourself in a tense war of attrition where any false move will immediately be punished.

 Project Z Grand Prix - Created by Zenzi23
 is another dedicated racer, belonging to four different pre-eminent racing Crews including Verified Race Creator hotbed Red Rum Racing. Project Z is a Grand Prix style circuit requiring multiple skillsets to manage intricate technical sections, challenging high speed corners and hidden chicanes. Pick a car to match your skills whether you're a rally-style drifter, technical wizard on the racing line or you just prefer to throw caution to the wind and accelerate away from any trouble.


3 Bonus Races designed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

 Casino Royale - Created by parksguard
Parksguard's penchant for racing is proven by his membership of two of the top racing Crews around: Nonchalant Dominance PS4 and Sweat Buckets. Combine this with the fact that 11 different versions of his newly Verified race Casino Royale have been published and it's no surprise that this memorable and exciting track is full of brilliant prop placement - clearly the work of a true perfectionist out to turn Mirror Park into a real racetrack.

 Cheetah Grand Prix - Created by gun1t123
Committed GTA racing luminary gun1t123 has put together a high speed Race for Super cars in the Downtown and Rockford Hills areas of Los Santos. We've seen many Races in these areas before but gun1t1233 (aka Shaggy) carved a unique route with props forming additional tight bends and chicanes. This is a Race that works brilliantly with a full lobby so gather your Crew together for a session and make sure to crank the number of Laps for the full experience. For a preview before you get involved, you can see a playthrough recorded by Shaggy himself.

 B.I.T.C.H. - Created by LadyMiss80s
As the description says, this Race has it all - Beach. Industrial. Track. City. Highway. Class act LadyMiss80s has created a lengthy Motorcycle Race across a number of different locations in LS. It's a difficult route, one which take several laps to truly master. Watch out in particular for high speed jumps into the Los Santos Storm Drain as well as a tight 270-degree turn / staircase combo. Long narrow sections along the train tracks are ideal for popping a wheelie in your Hakuchou and ripping past 29 other players all jostling for position.

Please note that in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across multiple platforms, so you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session (and you can always bookmark them at the Social Club for easy access in your next session).

Also – tune in tomorrow Friday May 15 at 5pm ET for a special Rockstar Games Twitch live stream where we'll be playing through all of the above Jobs with members of the Rockstar community including invited Creators themselves. Keep an eye on our Twitter, or join us in the Twitch chat for an opportunity to get involved in the lobby as a player.

Cloud Piercing Air Races
Close-Quarters Confrontation, Pure Racing and Major Props

  • Mr_Grandison June 19 2016, 1:52pmReplyFlag
    Its over a year and no new verified jobs :(
  • B00tsyon April 1 2016, 11:09amReplyFlag
    Why do so many crappy races get verified? And why are no new races being addedor replaced anymore?
    • FIB-Agent_0on January 10 2016, 5:35amReplyFlag
      Race : Sky Over Track(PS4)
      It`s fun !
      • fastfellow23on January 6 2016, 5:58pmReplyFlag
        294 dislikes
        1.9k plays

        Blaine County Jamboree-
        Rock Crawls, Hill Climbs, Dune Bashing, Water Hazards, Trail Runs, Route Choices in this Off Road Adventure through Blaine County... SHORTCUTS WILL ONLY GET YOU STUCK

        Worth a look ?
        • shadow_marsallon November 23 2015, 10:02amReplyFlag
          hello i am here for my objectif rockstar shirt help me please
 spit on my grave
          i am shadow_marsall on ps4
          • Goatlipson August 30 2015, 5:36pmReplyFlag
            Goatlips' race creations are the best. I haven't made that many, but my 'Time in Creator' stat is nearly 10 days! Most were created early on and have been tested, tweaked and had the car lists updated from the beginning. They're also better because I make the race checkpoints unmissable (between walls/props). My handy 'Easy LSC Unlocks 1km Drag' is at 9.9k plays and I also have a great melee TDM tetralogy (quadrilogy is a made-up word). My creations and playlists all work on 360, but the individual creations work on Xbox One too (found under the 360 jobs tab and hit "Add to game"). The 360 playlists: ; 360/Xbox One job creations:
            • qiantChristianon August 26 2015, 2:01pmReplyFlag
              Brot und Spiele Deathmatch Arena

              Schon in der Römerzeit waren Arenakämpfe sehr Beliebt, nur gab es da noch keine Kampfgewehre!!! ;) (Erbaut von B60AcF6 20.08.2015)

              • qiantChristianon August 25 2015, 7:59amReplyFlag
                Bahama West Jump Test

                • Mr_Grandison August 20 2015, 4:03pmReplyFlag
                  Looking for a proper deathmatch for PS4 with your crew you friends or random fellows?
                  Look nowhere else!



                  2-30 players

                  A enclosed area deathmatch based on the most iconic Counter Strikes series map de_dust2.
                  Forced weapons and pickups for the best balance. First person mode and free aim are optional.

                  The below link shows the layout of the map


                  A short sample video below for people who are curious about the map,
                  It demonstrate to play with small number if people in normal deathmatch mode

                  • Mr_Grandison August 24 2015, 3:41pmReplyFlag
                    @Mr_Grandis You may also check out my GTAforums post for easier navigation through most of my created stuff :)

                • ALFATINCHOon August 8 2015, 7:40pmReplyFlag
                  my name is xbox 360 is ALFA TINCHO
                  • tomkirk94on August 1 2015, 5:13amReplyFlag
           irs its got up to nearly 3k likes
                    • Cajakisthanon July 30 2015, 2:56pmReplyFlag
                      Rockstar, please check out my service jobs.
             - - - - - - - - -

                      Thank you all.

                      • alexc200on July 27 2015, 7:32amReplyFlag
                        someone please help me!!!! i just made a deathmatch so how do i host it? Also how can i play races that other socialclub members made? Thanks!!
                        • Romeo_BYon July 27 2015, 6:51amReplyFlag
                          Hello, check my shootout, did you like it :)
                          • antotimoromon July 25 2015, 6:41amReplyFlag
                            a enfin des français
                            • greypython91on July 25 2015, 4:04amReplyFlag
                              Like the sound of ShotGun City. Gonna Try It Out Later

                              Please also Check Out My Youtube Channel I post GTA Online Videos.

                              • styka187on July 23 2015, 10:58pmReplyFlag
                                that 40 story one sounds intense

                                Check out my youtube channel I have lots of GTA online videos, Enjoy!

                                good luck to you all
                                • rebelsilenceon July 23 2015, 7:50amReplyFlag
                                  colin mc rae is back
                                  check my race
                                  • rebelsilenceon July 23 2015, 3:11amReplyFlag
                                    check my Race
                                    • ItsTheRookon July 22 2015, 3:32pmReplyFlag
                                      Here are two new races I created now that the airfields are available.

                                      One in Fort Zancudo for motorcycles:


                                      And one in LSIA best with super cars:

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