New Rockstar Verified Jobs: First LTS Creator Selections, a Zombie-Clown Shotgun Shootout and More

Posted on February 3 2015, 12:20pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Today, we've got ten exemplary additions to the pool of Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs, including the first batch of creations utilizing the Last Team Standing mode. There are also five additional new Verified Jobs, including a fun and frightful Capture that's among the best we've seen to date. Each of these has a maximum of 16 players, so they are all available now to play across all platforms.

Congrats to all our featured creators, and a special acknowledgement is in order for those picks in our #LTS Creator Competition, the masterminds behind those Jobs will each receive a GTA$1,000,000 infusion and the exclusive BODYBAG in-game license plate.

We're also adding select Jobs from this latest round of Verifieds to Friday's new Featured Playlist, and will be showcasing them on our Twitch stream later this week at 4PM on Friday, February 6th.

The sun shines down on San Andreas Shootout LTS.


Stealth Required! LTS - created by sgt-vaguepouch
An epic and exhilarating arena-style LTS in the woods around Raton Canyon. Teams face off across a gully and must either use the natural contours and cover to get close enough to draw first blood, or find themselves long-range weaponry and fight from afar. As with all Last Team Standing Jobs, your blip on the enemies HUD is always visible, so use your teammates to provide a distraction while you grab the central RPG and try to sneak behind enemy lines. Although limited visibility through the trees makes long-range sniping a challenge, you can find good positions to take out the entrenched opposition. As sgt-vaguepouch explains "Stay out of sight or approach carefully. Take your time to take the opposition out one by one."

San Andreas Shootout LTS - created by wafflemann
An excellent example of an LTS that presents different challenges for each team, much like the Rockstar Created Skyscraper. In this case, the "robbers" start on top of the parking garage, hunkered down with Molotovs, RPGs, Heavy Snipers and Advanced Rifles. Meanwhile the "coppers" approach from the GOH in FIB cars, the Police Riot armored truck, or the Buckingham Swift. Coordination and timing on the ground is key in order to outsmart the team with the height advantage – try to surround them and lure them out from their hiding place, but don’t get caught in the crosshairs!

Teammates shoot across the gulch in Stealth Required LTS.

Lumberjack LTS - created by MRPTHUGLIFE
MRPTHUGLIFE, leader of Free Aim Crew GTA United World, elected to use props sparingly over a wide area in this vehicle-focused Job. Each team begins with four Buzzards and four Rhino tanks at their disposal, but more treats are tucked into the hillside above the coastal road just south of Paleto Bay. The Buzzards can be used in two ways: protect the Rhinos as the ground assault team move in on their opponents; or take to the high ground and land next to the RPGs and Heavy Sniper. From there, bed in and wait for the right moment to strike. 

Close Quarters LTS - created by Matt-Conman
An excellent arena-style LTS that forces you to move fast and think faster in order to outwit your opponent. Stick with the default setting of 4 Rounds since each Round is short and brutal. Teamwork is key to cover all of the angles. Once everyone is posted up, move between cover spots to attack from both sides or overload the enemies with 2-on-1 situations at close quarters. The default weapon is the Combat MG, a rapid and powerful machine gun with the range to pick off heads peeping out from behind wrecked buses. Props to Matt-Conman for the balance on this Job, giving both sides different elements to play with, but equal opportunity to take the win.

Bowl Brawl LTS - created by coleco-vision
Already having been played an impressive 2.5k times, this one is a balanced and fun map with a high replay factor. Set in the Vinewood Bowl (a space we think has been surprisingly underused for Deathmatches and LTS Jobs), both sides spawn near SMGs, and must either make a break for the RPGs up in the nosebleeds, or put themselves center stage to collect the Minigun. Tip: stick to the side walls to minimize the chance of getting caught in the crossfire, and also to maximize the cover available to you.



 Contend: Zombie Town - created by count_poopula
Here, Blaine County's quiet moonlit farming village of Grapeseed is transformed into a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic circus of death. On your way into town, abandoned military vehicles and artfully-placed pickup trucks provide smart visual cues evocative of classic zombie horror movies. Coulrophobes beware - in the center of town is a clown-infested circus where a Sawn-Off Shotgun will blow away the first wave of knife-wielding night terrors, but once you're surrounded there's no escape. Teamwork is crucial to battle your way through to the Capture bag, and protect you from the shots fired by the Team coming in the other direction. Make for a quick exit, but be sure to leave some of your Team behind, so that they are primed and ready for when the Capture bag respawns.

Be sure to watch your back in Contend: Zombie Town.

 Rodeo Loop - created by mozo15
An exciting, high-speed Super class Race around Portola Drive and the Vangelico Jewel Store. This crisscrossing track promises high speed collisions in any 16-player session, and allows anyone slipping behind the leaders to still make a nuisance of themselves. Neatly placed roadside props indicate a detail-orientated Creator in mozo15, although cynically placed tire stacks will punish any wildcards who don't respect the course layout. Be careful of the road's natural contours around the subway, as these could also spin out anyone falling foul of the "less haste, more speed" truism. A track for the mature racer.

 Border War - created by TRIPLE_extremo14
A moody and atmospheric battle amidst the undulating terrain of the Grand Senora Desert that's best played at night and with the rain pounding down to heighten the tension. Be careful in the ‘no man's land’ between limited clumps of cover: stay close to your team and communicate as you dash between cover to make sure you have all points accounted for. Powerful weapons & explosives litter the battleground and can easily be used to blast away stragglers. Note that the Buzzard placed near each team's spawn point does not respawn, so use it wisely. Also, there are RPGs on the battlefield but they're not Homing Missile Launchers, so be sure to set Weapons to Forced and Pickups - to ensure the Buzzards can't be picked off too easily. 

Sedans race past the eponymous nightclub in Bahama West Mama Mia!

 Bahama West Mama Mia! - created by bobchilli
A very short, very technical Race around the Bahama Mamas West nightclub in Del Perro. Tight turns, narrow alleyways and a 16 player limit make this race chaotic, difficult and a great challenge. The default vehicle class of Sedans is an inspired choice for swinging round the corners while not letting players pick up too much speed and lose control going through the alleyways. Stick with the default non-contact setting and aim for a clean Race to max out your chances of earning a W - you might even be able to lap a few stragglers over the course of 3 laps. Bobchilli is a Race Creator veteran, with 53 excellent races to his name - congrats on your first Verified, Bob! 

 The Slipstream GP - created by MossyTossy
Set in the heart of Downtown LS, The Slipstream GP has the look and feel of a real Formula 1 track. This high speed Race contains hairpin bends, tricky chicanes and quick changes in elevation that demand full concentration. Long straights will allow racers to really open up the throttle, but the Race will ultimately be won by skillful drivers who know when to tap the brake in order to hold the racing line. Stick to the default Jester vehicle for maximum enjoyment, and opt for the Race liveries to fit in with this professional looking course.


Please note that in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across all platforms, so you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session (and you can always bookmark them at the Social Club for easy access in your next session).

Go ahead and post your Job below in the comments (only once, please don't spam) with a punchy explanation of why it's worth checking out. We're always looking for new player-created Jobs to add to the Rockstar Verified program and the best way to get noticed is to have a solid Race, Deathmatch, Capture or LTS that's been thoroughly tested by the community and refined into the most fun and fair experience it can be.


Cloud Piercing Air Races
Close-Quarters Confrontation, Pure Racing and Major Props

  • R* Yon February 15 2015, 10:29pmFlag
    Hi all, enjoy these latest Verified Jobs and please stay tuned for more to be announced soon.

    Feel free to share your own custom Jobs here in comments but please only post once each so as not to spam.

    A friendly reminder that if you’re experiencing any sort of technical difficulty, the proper place to get help is via or


  • Salle1_4hon October 8 2015, 2:28pmReplyFlag
    Let me invite you to my most played race ; "Nascar Mini"
    It set on the racecourse, a smaller track compare to the 80s but bigger suspense and much funnier.
    Open for a buch a vehicules !
    Pkease vote and comment.
    Thank you !
    • PacoWegmannon August 13 2015, 5:53pmReplyFlag
      Guys check it out is a small war map inspired by Battlefied.Link is here
      • Superman41601on August 5 2015, 5:30pmReplyFlag
        Hey ROCKSTAR can you verified my job I'll put the link here. It's a good job I think hope ppl like it
        • mrmagic71on July 1 2015, 10:21amReplyFlag
          Hi Just thought after 2 weeks of making 17 Rally Race Tracks For GTA V I would post them to see if people liked them and of course if you would like to leave me any message regarding the Tracks please feel free to my ingame name is mrmagic71 any feed back good or bad can be used to improve my tracks can be helpfull Thanks.

          ..:: Welcome To Custom Rally Cup ::.. All Races are setup for 20 people to race on Night and day Rain in 2 races Offroad tires do help but not needed

          ..:: CRC ::.. Chiliad

          ..:: CRC ::.. Chumash

          ..:: CRC ::.. Vinewood

          ..:: CRC ::.. Seoul

          ..:: CRC ::.. Alamo

          ..:: CRC ::.. Cypess

          ..:: CRC ::.. Harmony

          ..:: CRC ::.. Senora

          ..:: CRC ::.. Richman

          ..:: CRC ::.. LA Mesa

          ..:: CRC ::.. Banham

          ..:: CRC ::.. Redwood

          ..:: CRC ::.. Downtown

          ..:: CRC ::.. Burton

          ..:: CRC ::.. Rancho

          ..:: CRC ::.. Vespucci

          ..:: CRC ::.. Gordo

          Hope you Like them all thanks.
          • abhimathe690on May 25 2015, 6:15pmReplyFlag
            My Jobs: Classic Three-way Clash and The Cuban Standoff. Sharing is caring.
            • MSKLIN4Uon April 30 2015, 6:59amReplyFlag
              Hy @ ya all Fellaz...
              I've concipated manny good TDM's for ya all... search for MSKLIN4U and take a look if you would Bookmark 1 or few... spend much time there to make dem fair and funny for everyone.
              • Redwind_JPon April 23 2015, 9:26amReplyFlag
                hi. I want many many people enjoy my races. Verified, please.

                New one
                'ROCKFORD CIRCUIT'

                Thank you.
              • FelsBIONICmanon April 11 2015, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                Test my Deathmatch, its under the highway with a lot of destructible cover an action, give it a try Rockstar and also the Community ;)

                • leon3412on April 10 2015, 3:32amReplyFlag
                  team deathmatch: ( Activity Center )
                  • smb571on March 5 2015, 11:47pmReplyFlag
                    Hey check out this new race i created, 'Pain in the ass' its really long and difficult. Its a challenge to all skilled drivers, full of curves and some really tight corners. Its 1-8 players and 5.5 miles long. I challenge anyone to finish it without crashing. Hope you like it

                    • tsesarion February 26 2015, 11:33amReplyFlag

                      Long Haul (Street)
                      (15.3k plays / 3.6k up - 81%)
                      Fill up your gas tank and get ready to earn some serious cash. Long point-to-point race starting on the Elysian Freeway in Murrieta Heights and ending at Barbareno Road in Chumash.

                      Great Chaparral Rally (Off-Road)
                      (213 plays / 72 up - 79%)
                      Long point-to-point along the hills and dirt trails of Great Chaparral.

                      Down n' Dirty (Motorcycle)
                      (131 plays / 50 up - 88%)
                      Race through Ron Alternates Wind Farm to the Tataviam Mountains by the dam and down to Murrieta Heights via the storm drain.

                      White Water Boating (Jetski)
                      (36 plays / 15 up - 94%)
                      Race from the dock at Galilee to North Chumash by traversing Cassidy Creek via the Alamo Sea.


                      Franklin's Crib
                      (361 plays / 93 up - 79%)
                      Fast-paced pistol shootout inside Franklin's apartment. Time to practice your headshot game.

                      (111 plays / 46 up - 84%)
                      Fast-paced deathmatch in the FIB's top floor offices.

                      (48 plays / 20 up - 86%)
                      Fast-paced deathmatch inside the collapsing Twin Towers.

                      Trevor's Meth Lab
                      (210 plays / 50 up - 76%)
                      Fast-paced deathmatch at Liquor Ace.


                      Cliffside Coke War (Hold)
                      (213 plays / 72 up - 78%)
                      Compete with an enemy crew to procure various duffel bags filled with coke spread throughout the vicinity.
                      • geobog30on February 26 2015, 9:30amReplyFlag
                        Finaly rockstar you showed us when gta online haist is out thank you
                      • DAN00091on February 26 2015, 4:27amReplyFlag
                        Check out my map in the link down below, Zombie hobos
                        located at the hobo camp in paleto bay, this capture map has Lots of Hobos packed with knives and baseball bats, for defense, there is smg and assault rifles laying around, Fun and good to practice accuracy and earn xp and cash. for extra laughs, hide or camp across the street near the soda machines, and watch the hobos run through fast oncoming traffic.


                        If you find this fun check version 2 in the link down below, location is in the same area but more intense and a lot of more chaos


                        And check out this version in the link down below that takes place at the windmills. As the other hobo maps, this map is fun and hilarious

                        • TacoBellTuesdayon February 24 2015, 6:03pmReplyFlag
                          Any chance you guys will open up the casino so I can gamble?
                          • sgt_bastoson February 24 2015, 10:54amReplyFlag
                            hello, i'm a drift fan so i have made 14 epic drift races ! Each race can be played on both side ! My player name: sgt_bastos

                            Here are my 14 creations : ( V2 mean inversed )

                            1 - Maze Bank Drift Race


                            2 - Maze Bank Drift Race V2


                            3 - Casino Drift Race


                            4 - Casino Drift Race V2


                            5 - L.S Beach Drift Race


                            6 - L.S Beach Drift Race V2


                            7 - Vinewood Drift Race


                            8 - Vinewood Drift Race V2


                            9 - L.S.M.C Drift Race


                            10 - L.S.M.C Drift Race V2


                            11 - L.S Harbor Drift Race


                            12 - L.S Harbor Drift Race V2


                            13 - Airport Drift Race


                            14 - Airport Drift Race V2


                            thx for trying enjoy :)
                            • TRIPLE_extremo14on February 23 2015, 5:34pmReplyFlag
                              rockstar give award for verified or not starting?
                              • Mannymanster1on February 19 2015, 3:21amReplyFlag
                                ALL MY GAMES ARE FUN TO PLAY CHECH THEM OUT, PS3 AND PS4
                                • SynestraAirison February 15 2015, 7:33pmReplyFlag

                                  Van race around the supply depot, can have upto 30 players
                                  • EkoByr53on February 15 2015, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                                    LS Customs fight !


                                    Enjoy it.
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