Double GTA$ & Double RP Featured Playlists in GTA Online this Weekend

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Featured Playlists are a new feature recently added to GTA Online allowing players on all consoles to launch directly into a Rockstar Created Featured Playlist of GTA Online action with just one button press. We'll be regularly rotating this Playlist to give you a varied lineup of fun Jobs to get your teeth into. Just look for the Featured Playlist button on the GTAV launch screens, or if you're on PS4 you can also launch directly from the PS4 home menu using the Live Tiles feature.

And as an extra bonus this weekend (Friday, Jan 2nd through Monday, Jan 5th), we'll be running Featured Playlists with Double GTA$ and Double RP rewards to help you move up in the world. Each Playlist will contain a Race, Deathmatch, Capture and a Last Team Standing Job to give you a four-course menu of GTA Online game modes. Additionally, we've carefully curated these Playlists so that the Races are for Sports or Muscle car classes to help you take advantage of the four new vehicles released with the GTA Online Festive Surprise: Slam Van, Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, and the Massacro and Jester Race liveries. Players on Xbox One and PS4 will have access to four up-to-30 player Jobs in each Playlist. Read on for info about the Jobs in the special Double GTA$ & Double RP Featured Playlists.

Teaming up to halt an invading truck in Frigit Factory LTS.

Double GTA$ Featured Playlist for Xbox One and PS4 - Jan 2nd - 5th

 First Base
Troops have been mobilized to deal with an outbreak of charitable giving in downtown Los Santos, leaving Fort Zancudo with just a skeleton crew, and you with the opportunity for some opportunistic slaughter on a grand scale. It may be the biggest airbase in the state, but it can still feel claustrophobic with 30 industrious maniacs crawling all over it in search of each other's blood.

 On the GOH
The first time you almost plunge off a cliff, you'll forget about the stunning views and start to concentrate on the road. Dozens of hysterical city-dwellers compete for a small patch of asphalt in this long lap race for sports cars on the Great Ocean Highway and Banham Canyon.

Fridgit Factory LTS   
Like every other great American industry, it's only a matter of time before organized crime is outsourced to China, too. Celebrate home-grown violence while you still can with this two team LTS around the old factory sector of La Mesa. Whichever team controls the choke points and rooftops has the advantage.

 GTA: Grass is Greener 
Like many Americans, you bought an RV only to discover that you hate being close to nature and your family. Luckily, it doubles as a mobile weed silo, and there's a bunch of hillbillies who need your services. One team gets to transport four tons of bespoke plant life from Braddock Farm to a local scrapyard, while the other team tries to intercept it and make it their own. First team with three vans back at base gets to start a traditional Blaine County bonfire.

Double GTA$ Featured Playlist for Xbox 360 and PS3 - Jan 2nd - 5th

 Vespucci Shoreline
Isn't it time some minds got blown at Vespucci by something other than medical marijuana? A large, open Deathmatch in and around the facilities of Vespucci Beach with little cover

 Hit The Apex - created by ZigMeister666
A Verified Race from several months back, Hit The Apex provides the perfect opportunity to check out the new Massacro (Livery) and Jester (Livery) and to see how those new paint jobs look when you're drifting around downtown Los Santos.

Paleto Bay - Tank LTS
Some places get all the luck. Two teams face off with tanks and explosives and don't mind if they turn the whole town to rubble. Who'll be left standing in what's left of Paleto Bay?

 Contend: Townhall Trinity
Three packages, two teams, one town hall. Albeit the fanciest town hall in Los Santos. If you control Rockford Hills, you control the money, and you control the city, so get the packages back to your base.


  • R* Qon January 2 2015, 9:59amFlag
    Hey all,

    We hope everybody takes advantage of these double GTA$ & RP Playlists this weekend. Also, please remember to keep all comments on-topic and relative to the article. Off-topic comments will be removed and repeat offenders may have their commenting privileges suspended. For anyone experiencing technical issues, please contact our Support team at or @RockstarSupport on Twitter so they can assist.
  • DangerousModderon July 8 2015, 8:06amReplyFlag
    I wanted to discover about playlists! There there is inaccessible playlist and says what then about tournaments what It means?
    • n0br0keon January 23 2015, 8:42amReplyFlag
      Quando é que vai sair os heists?
      • cody2packson January 21 2015, 11:52pmReplyFlag
        This game just is not working right at all
      • AzizulHakim_98on January 18 2015, 5:17amReplyFlag
        This is twice it happen to me why am i not able to play rooftop rumble missions as it says failed to download and needs to be remade can you please fix this!!!!
        • Jims33on January 18 2015, 3:18amReplyFlag

          • M3RK1N00B5on January 14 2015, 11:09pmReplyFlag
            Add were u can have gfs and bfs
            • jack.kassison January 13 2015, 9:28pmReplyFlag
              plzz add the casino to play poker and earn some money ?
              and plzz add for us nice cars and new clothes and some mission to play offline did u will do that plzz ?!!
              • huntie87on January 13 2015, 5:13pmReplyFlag
                Please please please add a spoiler onto the adder but make it like the bugatti spoiler please please please follow me
                • gta5rulesssson January 12 2015, 10:14pmReplyFlag
                  please add duke o death for xbox 360
                  • onsumothashyton January 12 2015, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                    PS4- Thumb103 add me to grind contact missions
                    • ChristosThaBosson January 12 2015, 1:00amReplyFlag
                      SATANS DISCIPLES XB1 are noew recruiting,we have a good solid MC with members on daily and support our members,come check us out or come for a ride...
                      • ages000001on January 11 2015, 8:06pmReplyFlag
                        pls bring back the cargo bob. u guys should have like a blk Friday 1 a month or somethink thts like a yr in gta life rite?anyways wat I mean is like a day we can buy everything or anything thts on gta in all consoles thou im currently on ps3.also when will the heist be released and will u be adding 1st person view on ps3 was watching the clips excellent job guys thnkyou
                        • AgentVicVinegaron January 11 2015, 6:33pmReplyFlag
                          I am unable to get my beer hats, shirts, ect. It says I collected them during the crate drops but they aren't in my inventory. Took me all day to get them too because it keeps disconnecting me from server. I love your games Rockstar, please help me?
                          • 249ftwon January 11 2015, 5:18pmReplyFlag
                            Well this would have been nice if Xbox Live didn't keep my connection at strict like it has for the past 2 weeks.
                            • Mathew5686on January 11 2015, 3:48pmReplyFlag
                              If anyone needs someone to help with the online missions add me on Xbox One. My Gamertag is MasterPrimeShot im also looking for people to help with missions, I'm almost always online so add me whenever, because I'd be glad to help out. :)
                              • Chinga3000on January 10 2015, 7:27pmReplyFlag
                                Hey peeps,hope everyone is having a good time ,just wondering if its me or does it seem like some bods online look almost invisible & can actually drive straight through me sitting stationary in my car?I see a really faint outline whizz by,saw another coming up behind in rearview &ghosted straight through me!Golf ballz glitch init.Peace out.
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