GTA Online Heists: New Trailer and Info

Posted on December 16 2014, 10:18am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

GTA Online Heists are coming early in 2015 - check out the new trailer for the four-player co-op mode for Grand Theft Auto Online that allows players to plan, prepare and execute multi-tiered Heists across Los Santos and Blaine County. These will require tight communication and coordination, with players taking on specified roles at each point to accomplish multiple objectives on the way to each Heist’s epic finale. Featuring new gameplay, new vehicles, new weapons, new clothing and much more.

Head over to IGN for an in-depth interview that details exactly how Heists will work… and why they’ve taken a little more time than originally expected.

  • R* Lon December 16 2014, 11:09amFlag
    Hey all,

    Hope you enjoyed the trailer! For those of you asking, Heists will be coming as a free update to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC in early 2015. As a friendly reminder, please remember to keep all comments on topic and look for more info here on the Newswire as we get closer to release.
  • maltagunneron September 10 2015, 4:24pmReplyFlag
    I will join anyone just send me a msg on my PS3 and I will help one
    • TrigCDon July 9 2015, 2:58pmReplyFlag
      Need to bring out more heists
      • JCTheFunnyManon April 5 2015, 9:07pmReplyFlag
        Do You Need GTA 5 For It
        • xHomeyon March 30 2015, 8:02amReplyFlag
          NEED 1 Crew Member, Xbox 360 BUST N GO
          Need a Mic (Obviously), necessary for heists
          Level 40 plus preffered, gameplay and style more relevant than levels

          Request Invite to join
          • RichHomieKingson October 21 2015, 1:48pmReplyFlag
            @xHomey To be fair I was lower level than that when i started at 37 i was better than a team of 2 100's and a 500 now im a level 237 and i see people higher level than me still that are completely horrible
        • UNREALVIRUS91on March 22 2015, 6:27pmReplyFlag
          I need one more person for heist on ps4 must have a mic
          • j5660990on March 18 2015, 12:21pmReplyFlag
            Hey guys. Ps3 members. I completed all heist twice and I'm great at it. I'll help anyone and if anyone need money join my crew gta onliners our crew color purple and the sign is like an F. Make sure you join the correct crew
            • GUHNSLINGERon March 16 2015, 3:26pmReplyFlag
              What's it mean if I join someone elses heists I'm going to lose my progress ?
              • snax357on March 16 2015, 11:11amReplyFlag
                What was the reasoning for the update after the heist update for ps3?
                • DJJTDADONon March 16 2015, 6:59amReplyFlag
                  YO! add me - lets do some missions and heists! xWBxJT DA DON
                  • KennyJ305on March 15 2015, 9:37pmReplyFlag
                    Hey Im looking for help on heist add me on ps3 YungKen305 i split evenly just need good people who wont troll or botch. Thanks
                    • RedLion_77on March 17 2015, 1:52pmReplyFlag
                      @KennyJ305 If you split your heist money evenly then you are the one that looses money..
                      for example prison break heist.. The Host payed 40k for it and the players that play setup get money (around 25k each time) as well.. as the host doesn't get anything only as the heist is done.. so do the math and the fairest would be 75k each as the host gets the rest..

                  • geosmallon March 15 2015, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                    they lied they promised weapons/ flare gun= 1 weapon not weapons
                    • Mahmoozon March 15 2015, 4:28amReplyFlag
                      I need someone to help me cuz i dont have high end apartment i want to do all the heist im a great player
                      if someone want to help me add me on xbox one my gamer tag is XxBO1STYG1RLxX
                      thanks ..
                    • -DAVID-UK-90on March 15 2015, 3:08amReplyFlag
                      was better when you could turn on all people in lobby could invite worse decision ever taking that out specially when you join others sit there thinking god i got 15 friends online i could start this mission in seconds
                      • JohnBull89on March 14 2015, 8:13pmReplyFlag
                        Hey! How come you cant access the veichles in story mode?
                        • Conqueringon March 14 2015, 5:42pmReplyFlag
                          TOOO much waiting rockstar,. it seems the 4th player doesnt exist .. 3 players joined 1 goes 4th joint becomes the 3th player left - waiting looking at building for 2 minits .. if FINALY you have a crew of noobs, FAILED.. loading starts again .. hmmm i hope i can find my game back cause this is terrible
                          if i invite skilled matches i only get 3 invites .. of al those thousends of gamers?
                          • StedefusTheOneon March 14 2015, 5:32pmReplyFlag
                            Waited 2 hours to make a mission for heists, played 10 m, mission bugs at the ending. Well done rockstar
                            • j5660990on March 14 2015, 3:39amReplyFlag
                              Hey ps3 member. I completed all 5 heist and I'm really good at all of them. If anybody needs help on any one. My gamer tag name is jay5660990 I'll help you.
                              • Lardydogon March 13 2015, 1:09pmReplyFlag
                                4 hours waiting in lobbies and restarting to do 2 heist set ups..sort out your servers Rockstar!
                                • MRfraanlkijngyon March 13 2015, 12:47amReplyFlag
                                  Does anybody want to ay humans raid deliver EMP with me(They have to know what to do)xbox 360 GT is DKG CHEESE OP
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