GTA Fan Vids: Awesome PS4 & Xbox One Action

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Since GTAV's release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we've seen some amazing stuff from the community taking their Freemode shenanigans and carefully calculated First Person stunts to dizzying new heights. Check out a round up of just a few awesome ones that have been catching our eye. 


Los Santos By Night by The XXI
An impressive piece of work from XXI, capturing the night life of Downtown Los Santos and East Vinewood in a slick presentation that really shows off the style and vibe of the city after hours. Also check out his "Feel The Scale" series to get a time-lapse taste of just how vast the entirety of Los Santos and Blaine County really is.


A Whole New (Gen) World | GTA 5 Aladdin Song by 8-BIT BASTARD
8-BIT BASTARD is at it again, with possibly their most ambitious and grandiose film parody to date. Realizing there was a whole new Los Santos out there to explore, 8-BIT broke out the ole magic carpet Sultan and enlisted their own Aladdin and Jasmine to do their take on the classic song from Disney's Aladdin"Unbelievable sights/Loads and loads of more music/30 people are playing online all at the same time," you'll definitely feel inspired to take a trip of your own.

We also highly recommend 8-BIT's GTAV Wildlife Documentary | Into The Deep, in which they take a much more measured approach at making what feels like a legitimate documented study of the flora and fauna of the ocean along the LS coastline. In their own words, "This GTA 5 nature documentary will demonstrate the behaviors of some of the most remarkable mammals in the oceans that surround Los Santos and Blaine County and some of the deepest mysteries will also be revealed. 


GTAV Online | From PS3 to PS4 by KOKONITOS VIDS
Kokonitos, who dazzled us earlier in the year with the video she did featuring the Russian Girls Crew (G1RU), is back - strutting through the streets of Los Santos (and occasionally leaving mayhem in her wake). Fully taking advantage of the First Person feature, and a cool use of time-lapse, this impressive vid really shows off some of the natural beauty of GTAV on the new platforms, and manages to sneak in a few sly pop culture nods along the way.

GTA V (PS4) Time-Lapse - The Beautiful Game by ThirstyHyena
We've certainly seen our share of gorgeous time-lapse videos so it was really great to see ThirstyHyena not only show off impressive changes in weather and daily going-ons within the LS traffic grid, but tour famous landmarks and building interiors for the full effect.

GTA V Next Gen - Driving Time Lapse - World in Motion by SA96HD
Starting out on Vespucci Beach, SA96HD takes the high-end Pegassi Zentorno out for a leisurely daytrip through Los Santos and Blaine County, even making sure to stop at traffic lights and observing basic rules of the road. An entire day's drive wraps up in just over 5 minutes, concluding with a perfect reflective moment on the Del Perro Pier.


GTA 5 PS4 - "Day One" - Freestyle Daytage (PS4 BMX/Drifting/Sanchez) by Fishy Dizzle
Fishy Dizzle has previously exhibited impressive skill and mastery when it comes to making and directing BMX Stunt videos. In this presentation, Fishy cuts his teeth on the new First Person mode - drifting around corners in the Vinewood Hills and putting a Sanchez through its paces with unflinching regard for his own safety. If you enjoyed this also check out his "Persistance" A First Person Minitage clip as well.


GTA5 Next Gen: Skydive - 1st Person Stunt Montage by ash0191
On a Los Santos skydiving excursion Back in July, ash0191 incredibly dove through the iconic sign on top of a Liquor Hole location. ash is back at it again, this time pulling off the stunt in first person - it's quite exhilarating (and white knuckling) to experience it from that point of view. Beyond that, some really cool parachuting and jet stunting can be witnessed here. 

Also, while not attempting the stunt in First Person mode like ash0191 did above, past Rockstar Livestream guest Typical Gamer impressively replicated the original feat himself during a stream with HikeTheGamer.


GTA V - First Person Scorcher Tower Wallride [Slayer's Ethos Spot] by VaNilla
Think you could handle a straight drop off one of the tallest structures in Downtown Los Santos? Veteran Nomad Union stunter and video editor, VaNilla takes the plunge off the Union Depository with ease, even managing a graceful 360 tail-whip for style before sticking the final landing.


Free Fall Through Vinewood Sign - 1st Person by Richard Boylan
Here newcomer Richard Boylan threads an eye-of-the-needle pass through the "D" in the landmark Vinewood Hills sign. For something equally cool, also make sure to check out his ejection seat pass with the P-996 Lazer approaching from the opposite side.

Of course, if you've got an excellent GTA or Rockstar themed clip of your own that you think the world needs to see, send it our way to have a look at, and we may feature it in a future round-up here at the Newswire. Also, to see lots of great vids shared on the regular – make sure you’re following us on Twitter.

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  • Titus.Balsacon January 12 2015, 9:47pmReplyFlag
    Awsome Videos!!! Love the Skydiving acrobats!
    • devilgirl198306on January 1 2015, 8:10pmReplyFlag
      could ya'll put kitt from knight rider and general lee from the dukes of hazzard and the mustang from death race on the game cause i would love to see those on the game
      • r3sp3ct108on December 31 2014, 8:23amReplyFlag
        Hi Everyone!
        There is snow in GTA V online again!
        Take a rest now,have a big party or whatever You want, and we will talk about RDR2 next year! ;)

        Happy new year Gods! ;)


        • lachy_ftwon December 30 2014, 5:50amReplyFlag
          I own GTA V on xbox 360 but I am planning to sell my console, including GTA V, as I now have an xbox one, so am I able to become a returning player, though I will not have the 360 version, on the xbox one I now own?
        • AliButch98on December 30 2014, 3:35amReplyFlag
          These new implementations are awesome. Especially the Heists. Prepared for the Heists ? "KoolAidBoyz" are recruiting. All profit and earnings will be shared equally among st us all. Join the Crew !! Ohhh Yeaahh !! We also have a pretty tight emblem, it will look good on your car :D.
          • hollowmarvin2863on December 29 2014, 12:43pmReplyFlag
            man i dont know how to get speical cars wepons can any body help me please for xbox 360 i see popole on youtube vidoes ridding zentores on singal player
            • BogdanPI93on December 28 2014, 7:27amReplyFlag
              A new GTA 5 Time-Lapse Video

              • SILVER420smokeon December 27 2014, 3:00amReplyFlag
                The Street Rider 420 are now up and running and openly recruiting as of now
                • Meat-Flyon December 26 2014, 7:49amReplyFlag
                  Christmas period for GTA V needs to be extended, So people who got a PS4,PS3, Xbox 360 or Xbox One for christmas have the opportunity to get the special crate drops & any other Christmas Items promised. Due to networks on PSN & XBL (Especially UK region, not sure of other countries) hit heavily by this matter. I was lucky enough to get the free items you handed out in online lobbies once entering them & a couple of special crate drops, I'm merely thinking of the people that got GTA V for Xmas.
                  • FANToMAS_00_on December 25 2014, 8:38pmReplyFlag
                    "Unknown network error". Failed, failed, and failed...I am lucky if I even make it out of my apartment. Maybe if there were a minimum 8-10 players per session that would make for less sessions and more opportunity to actually connect. Make it so that you do not end up all by yourself in a "public" session. Just a thought...My chances to a crate are very limited. I did actually obtain one however the minigun I acquired seems to have vanished and I am left with nothing else but a beer hat.
                    • wi11jkon December 25 2014, 2:03pmReplyFlag
                      Please extend the Christmas DLC because of Lizard Squad.
                    • pimpdaddy1972on December 25 2014, 12:10pmReplyFlag
                      i am sad to say that after buying this game twice and have been afan since the very first gta ,i am 86ing this game for two reasons ,one poor connectivity and with no heist still ,it has become stale ,i realise heist was problematic ,but rockstar has promised heist since the first release and over ayear later they are still coming soon ,tired of excuses and i will be moving on to the next best thing ,good luck with your heist project
                      • Bambergascoineon December 22 2014, 11:51amReplyFlag
                        Rock star what have you done, gtav on ps3, everytime i press select ingame everything goes jerky, friends cant join me as it tells them to complete the online tutorial, even though they been playing for the past year, sort it please.
                        • Viksingh_8on December 22 2014, 2:17amReplyFlag
                          INeeed a crew
                          • alehandro1504on December 14 2014, 11:18amReplyFlag
                            i created a bank robbery experience (hoe it might would be) check this out !
                            • The_Monk52on December 13 2014, 3:36pmReplyFlag
                              • HAZZARD_BOSSon December 13 2014, 10:27amReplyFlag
                                I CREATED THIS VIDEO GUYS, WHEN YOU'RE IN DATES A LOOK :)
                                • thecampmooseon December 12 2014, 7:02pmReplyFlag
                                  I would love a gta 5 version of the triumph speed triple to make its way on an update. Was the bike Tom cruise rides at the end of mission impossible 2. One of my favourite bikes. Loving the fan vids n pics of the ps4/xbox one version right now.
                                  • Wigemyron December 12 2014, 5:05pmReplyFlag
                                    The Jetpack..... Its in MAZE BANK. Investigate the fountain out front gamers, connect all the dots... (theres a lot).
                                  • MerkThoseon December 12 2014, 4:06pmReplyFlag
                                    LadyJunks do it better! Now Requiting la---illers of all shapes and sizes!
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