GTA Online Census: The Story So Far

Posted on November 13 2014, 11:08am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As we gear up to usher an entire new population into Los Santos and Blaine County with the release of Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4 and Xbox One next week – we just wanted to say thank you to the awesome and dedicated players that have made GTA Online such a nonstop thrill over the past year on PS3 and Xbox 360 so far. We may have provided the world and the tools, but it’s really you players who have made the Online world as amazing as it has become. We’ve dug up a few bits of Online census info as you can see below that help illustrate that point. 

We know you’re all excited for more Updates to come and we’ve got some really exciting stuff in the works to continue adding to, expanding and evolving the world of Grand Theft Auto Online – including the highly anticipated launch of Online Heists which will be available for all four consoles as the first GTA Online Update to happen after the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One. We’ll have some details on that very soon as well.

  • R* Qon November 13 2014, 2:28pmFlag
    Thanks again to all you amazing GTA Online players worldwide - Looking forward to the next year and many more with you ahead!

    For those who’ve been asking about the number of countries shown, FYI our statistics adhere to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which have up to 249 officially assigned country codes.
    You can read more about the ISO here:
    The ISO accounts for territories beyond what the U.N. recognizes and by the way, here’s a couple additional fun facts:
    Our records show 7 GTA Online players in the Vatican City State, and 1 player in Antarctica who we are guessing is someone taking a break from work at the South Pole Research Station ( to escape to Los Santos for a bit!
  • ABloatedArabon March 1 2016, 5:22amReplyFlag
    R* It would be awesome to see another one of these this year!!!
    • thunderbelowon May 18 2015, 6:24pmReplyFlag
      When will you be able to rob banks with out going into heists? I think you would get a lot of play especially if there is more than on3 bank.
      • louie679on March 10 2015, 12:19pmReplyFlag
        so is the hiests coming to ps3 and xbox360 format today in usa tuesday

        • Mr-AxAon March 9 2015, 9:15amReplyFlag
          Are they gonna release the heist update at 12am in india ???
          • Whizwheelson March 8 2015, 11:25pmReplyFlag
            What happens if Rockstar servers or xbox live goes down in the middle of a hesit mission? As a heist leader, do you lose all the money you spent and is the heist mission pretty much over?
            • KeeKee11on March 1 2015, 6:35pmReplyFlag
              They should have drag cars, drag strip, an truck that can open trailer so that u can put ur drag racing car in their
            • Tiger_Man_12on February 21 2015, 11:08amReplyFlag
              People calm down about heists they will come eventually.
              • Ap0c41ypticG0d90on February 8 2015, 9:24pmReplyFlag
                Does anyone know exactly when the heists update is going to be brought to the PS3?
                • Moiguitarristaon January 26 2015, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                  que dia sai assalto ao banco
                  • WhodatTWOpoint0on January 17 2015, 1:44pmReplyFlag
                    Im so dissapointed in gta online play for countless reasons. 1 the constant unable to put crews in the same team in tdms. 2 unable to connect with friends and crew members in any job dm or in anything. constant timing out while waiting on matches final and last comment enable a d@^^n posse system to erraticate the breaking up of friends and crew members. Whodat
                    • rick123rockon January 16 2015, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                      I think your mechanic should be able to bring you bicycles from you bike rack in your garage
                      • thiagogflson January 11 2015, 9:21amReplyFlag
                        Rockstar, com o lançamento do gta para a nova geração, vocês não vão deixa a anteiro para trás né ?
                        pois muitos não tem condições para compra um novo console, vocês já esquecerão de nos bastante tirando o neon e outras coisas então bora evitar isto pois nos não gostamos disso...
                        • Quicksilver720on January 7 2015, 7:23pmReplyFlag
                          i love GTA online more than sleeping and thats saying alot
                          • D3adPool999999on December 31 2014, 1:27amReplyFlag
                            how much money do you get when you do the heist?
                            • Mitchiie_on December 28 2014, 7:25pmReplyFlag
                              When will this update release -_- ?
                              • KiLL4037on December 25 2014, 10:38pmReplyFlag
                                we can own a Cargobob?
                                • Lil_Jefeon December 20 2014, 2:09pmReplyFlag
                                  I can't invite or join my friends lobby it says we both have to finish the gta online tutorial... how can i fix this?
                                • Taboo...on December 20 2014, 1:05amReplyFlag
                                  Vatican City HellsAngels..( cecidit-Angeli ) ....we 7 Vatican... We are forbidden.... PROHIBITUM,, nos“morituri te salutant” occidit'.......rex (TABOO)……. (Kingsguard) septimo filius septimus filius septimus filius, We are Legion
                                  .... Angels forever forever Angels

                                  • nhocoladoon December 19 2014, 8:21amReplyFlag
                                    GTA Online Heists is an update ? It is free to those who already have ps3 gta 5 ?
                                    • SPlCYfandangoon December 20 2014, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                                      @nhocolado Yes, its another free dlc for all platforms.

                                      They haven't stated an exact date, only early next year, but I'm hopeful that it will be included with the PC version and will drop for the rest of us shortly there after
                                    • larshelcolaon December 31 2014, 5:28amReplyFlag
                                      @nhocolado i hope it comes to the ps3..
                                    • Quicksilver720on January 7 2015, 7:21pmReplyFlag
                                      @nhocolado im ready for xbox 360 and xbox one sadly i do not have any playstation consoles
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