Getting Ready for the Next Generation in Los Santos

Posted on November 12 2014, 8:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Next week, get ready to join an entire new generation of Los Santos and Blaine County residents. The power of the latest console hardware has added new potential to the world and we’re all very excited for what, you, our amazing player community will make of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week.

With the advent of First Person Mode, 30-player Online support and other new features made possible by the new systems, your feedback, help and guidance is more important than ever to help us make the game experience all it can be. Whether it’s letting us know what you like and what you don’t like about the new features, reporting any technical issues you may experience during the early days of GTA Online’s next generation launch, or any other suggestions for improvements and tweaks whatsoever – we need your continued help, and, maybe, just a little patience if there are any teething problems around the launch on the new systems. We have, of course, tested the game extensively but there is no way our several hundred testers can be quite as comprehensive as millions of players! Please bear with us should any issues arise - we will be working hard to fix any problems that arise, and generally ensure this launch is as smooth as possible. 

To help aid on that front, we want to continue to encourage all players to utilize the following communication channels:

  • Our dedicated Rockstar Games Support website for help with any and all technical issues that may arise. You can browse the knowledge base of known GTAV and GTA Online issues and subscribe to articles there to get automatic updates of when they’re addressed. And if your issue does not appear as an existing knowledge base item, you can also always create a new ticket to get help.
  • The official player feedback inbox. Over the past year, with each and every Update released for GTA Online were tons of positive changes made as a direct result of player feedback that our development team consulted constantly for input. From specific content added to the game to countless enhancements such as improvements to GTA Online’s RP and GTA$ payouts, insurance system, passive mode, Creator features, damage system – and so much more were all made to the game thanks to your very helpful suggestions. We’ve said since the very beginning that Grand Theft Auto Online is as much yours as the players and residents of San Andreas, as it is ours as Rockstar Games –we’re very excited to continue the collaboration ahead.

Also expect a Title Update to be made available for download on both PS4 and Xbox One by this Monday that will include some last tweaks and optimization fixes for game day. In order to experience the game properly, please make sure you install this Update before playing (like all Title Updates, it will be applied automatically as long as you are connected to the internet).

We will be looking closely at your feedback from the initial launch days on the new platforms to help inform other future dynamic tuning changes and Title Updates as always. And get ready for continuing free content Updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, including the highly-anticipated launch of Online Heists (which, to be absolutely clear, will be available for all four consoles to enjoy).

Beyond that, here’s just a few things to get excited for in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting next week:

Up to 30 Player Mayhem.
Whether it’s mass marauding in Freemode or lining up a proper Crew convoy for an epic GTA Race – there will now be the opportunity for nearly double the player action that was possible on the PS3 and 360.

The Next Generation Character Creator.
Give your GTA Online player a dramatic makeover thanks to the new customization options that the overhauled character creator offers. Create a brand new character from scratch or take your current guy or gal for a bit of cosmetic surgery in true Los Santos fashion.

The GTA Online First Person Experience.
We revealed the first person experience for GTAV last week, a feature that will be available in both Story Mode and GTA Online allowing you to seamlessly switch between first and third person perspectives while playing. Fancy trying your favorite Team Deathmatch as a first person shooter – or weaving through the turbines at the RON wind farm with a view from the cockpit of your Lazer in glorious 1080p? That’s just scratching the surface of the possibilities that the first person experience will add to the gameplay of GTA Online.

Double the Props in the Creator Tool.
To date, the amazing minds who’ve put the Creator Tool to work are responsible for nearly 10 million original custom Deathmatches, Races, Captures and Last Team Standing Jobs. Amongst those are some truly epic experiences including some masterfully imaginative metagames that we never could have envisioned. Now with the possibilities of prop placement doubled, you’ll be able to build enormous arena-style Deathmatches for concentrated chaos, or maze-based Land Races requiring extreme guile, or stack shipping containers around Air Race checkpoints to create large scale obstacle courses for GTA Online stunt pilots… With double the props and up to 30 players, we can’t wait to see the ways in which the incredible Creator community will assuredly concoct brilliant gameplay magic on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

  • R* Kon November 12 2014, 11:40amFlag
    Hey all, great to see so much excitement for GTAV on PS4 and Xbox One now that the release is less than a week away!

    For those looking for more info on transferring GTA Online characters and progression, please subscribe to this support article for the latest information:

    And, as mentioned in the article, be sure to send all of your suggestions, ideas and feedback to to make sure they're seen by our development team.
  • Mr.stealyogirl.5on June 1 2015, 2:41pmReplyFlag
    how bout last gen? lol
  • SyphenFieldon January 12 2015, 2:52amReplyFlag
    G'day Rockstar, what are we to be expecting In the new year in GTAV with our next gen consoles?
    As a wish list of mine and probably a few other's from the comunity.
    I'd love to see all the vehicles from GTA IV brought over to GTAV. (in which I know you've done a fair few).
    But I'm talking about the Uniques people like the:
    Dinka Hakumai
    Vapid Uranus
    And even the Huntley S!
    Just a great few rare cars I've come across.
    As they're suggestions, I would greatly appreciate some feed back on topic.
    • GetPolarisedon January 1 2015, 11:32amReplyFlag
      How do You transfer your player if you have signed up to social club using Facebook? Please reply
      • ReignHDon December 21 2014, 8:09amReplyFlag
        Ok so theres a lot of talk about online but what of story mode? Im getting a Ps4 4 christmas and i was wondering if my story mode data transfers too because ive worked days on end with story mode from its release on Ps3 till today and im woried. Anyone know?
        • Evanpetty32on December 18 2014, 8:52pmReplyFlag
          If i upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox one now will my money and everything i had still carry over?
          • nativeassassin23on December 15 2014, 9:29pmReplyFlag
            Will rockstar be putting 1st person and neon lights in old gen consoles
            • HAZZARD_BOSSon December 13 2014, 10:32amReplyFlag
              • chadsku11crushon December 9 2014, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                Are crews getting transferred to next gen as well?
                • MR.BIGBALLS01on December 8 2014, 4:47pmReplyFlag
                  I,ve been playing GTA 5 for the last year on the PS3 and we were getting a update ever month well it's been 3 months since we had a update witch is SAD they made there money on the ps3 people so they don't care about what we think they only worry about there new ps4 people that are just starting to spend money was going to buy a ps4 but think i'll go with xbox 1 thanks sony.
                  • AHL85son December 15 2014, 11:03amReplyFlag
                    @MR.BIGBALLS01 Then i can teel you that i bought a ps4 and gta5 15 days ago.I still cant play it online.Its just network issues after network issues. I can onlyt play it in a solo session, and i often get kicked back to storymode or have to restart the whole system because of errors... Its simply not working for many people..
                • Monk2001on December 7 2014, 12:58pmReplyFlag
                  that character creation guy looks like Lui Calibre
                  • usmc_patrolon December 3 2014, 4:19pmReplyFlag
                    Go to my job created page you will see what I mean.
                    • usmc_patrolon December 3 2014, 4:17pmReplyFlag
                      Hi I got a ps3 and I've got on grand theft auto 5 to create some deathmatches which a lot of players like I got on there and I create deathmatches for players to keep This game alive and you guys patched It I was upset so Please unpatch it that way we can still have fun. So please unpatch it for your fans If you can't message me on social club r*saying why. please unpatch it. It will mean a lot to us. That ways all of us can go back to playing gta 5 with excitement.
                      • Gh0stR1der02on November 28 2014, 12:05pmReplyFlag
                        Will you ever bring the update that you did for Xbox 1 and ps 4 you will add the same features for Xbox 360 and ps 3 because I've allways want that stuff and my mom doesn't want me to get a new game system
                        • dravonevanson December 6 2014, 6:37pmReplyFlag
                          @Gh0stR1der02 yeah i know right some people dont have the money for new consoles so is it possible that the next gen stuff for xbox one and ps4 come to xbox 360 and ps3 as well.
                      • Mowerpower101on November 27 2014, 6:05pmReplyFlag
                        I don't see why you think that people who can afford to blow $400 on a gaming system deserves to get an update that is only for them. That is just straight up s**t. Weather it is a new system or not GTA is GTA and everyone deserves to get the update.
                      • Owenjjjjon November 26 2014, 5:05amReplyFlag
                        Just got in xbox one and the 1.19 dlc hasn't come through?
                      • Lancecarmanon November 25 2014, 11:56amReplyFlag
                        REALLY I JUST GOT THE UPDATE TODAY AND THERES NOTHING FOR PS3 what the hell that's bull!!!!!!!!!
                        • Saquib77on November 25 2014, 8:13amReplyFlag
                          Rockstar, Make a Map extension DLC for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One

                        • Sluggy22on November 24 2014, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                          How long will my headset ban n muted last until I can talk again
                        • ghostdriver02maron November 24 2014, 5:32amReplyFlag
                          Hi is the stock car races showing up in single player for anyone
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