Grand Theft Auto V: The Official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch Trailer

Posted on November 10 2014, 11:13am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

There’s one week remaining until the November 18 launch of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Today, check out the all-new Launch Trailer which you can also catch airing as the game’s official TV spot this week.

Pre-order your copy now and get a bonus $1,000,000 of in-game money to spend ($500K for Story Mode and $500K for GTA Online).

  • Runnergunner2003on June 4 2015, 11:26amReplyFlag
    In update it would be nice 4 some new actions cause these get boring
    • TURB0300zon January 2 2015, 12:44pmReplyFlag
      U know what rockstar it's nice that you put under glow in the game but this game came out for PS3 and 360 first so why wouldn't the underglow be on the older systems first?
      • Closo87on December 25 2014, 8:29amReplyFlag
        Trying to join a GTA V crew online for Xbox one my gamer tag is x MarveLos x ....looking for a crew who freeroams and completes missions also likes to goof off
        • indefinitejbirdon December 29 2014, 2:36amReplyFlag
          @Closo87 I'm looking for the same. My Xbox one gamer tag is (Jbird is lost). Add me if you wanna play and we can look for a good crew.
        • Mongoose319on February 13 2015, 10:17amReplyFlag
          @Closo87 The Lost MC LS Chapter. Were a small group of 8 local friends looking for new recruits. Were mostly on 360 but I, the president and one other member are on the One also. if you're interested add me. UnboundedSlinky.
      • stickmanT3on December 23 2014, 2:50pmReplyFlag
        when is heist coming
        • tylerjgillenon December 6 2014, 5:31amReplyFlag
          I kept getting put into lobbies by myself until finally earlier today when I had a 25 person lobby. I get back on 5 hours later and I'm back to 1 person lobbies again.
          • Ogzkarmaon December 5 2014, 11:34pmReplyFlag
            Just brought the dukes :p
            • Ogzkarmaon December 5 2014, 11:33pmReplyFlag
              Why is it when I go to get in the dodo it freezes everyone out or kicks everyone out my session
              • Pickle430on December 3 2014, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                Bought the PS4 edition and I'm waiting on the PC release ^_^.
                • Nickster_1125on December 1 2014, 4:43amReplyFlag
                  I want the new content. I have ps4 and when I go to the websites like southernsamandreas the new cars (specifically the stallion which I love) is not an option to buy also I didn't pre order the game, I really want the new things plz help!
                • codkilla450on November 30 2014, 7:20pmReplyFlag
                  Would we be able to get the same 3rd person on ps3 and xbox 360
                • BabyVampion November 29 2014, 8:21amReplyFlag
                  I would like to see an opportunity to get the special guns that came with the collectors edition on xbox 360 for xbox 1 again. :)
                  • reedpj123on November 28 2014, 11:48pmReplyFlag
                    Can we get heists already?
                    • tombom667on December 1 2014, 9:41pmReplyFlag
                      @reedpj123 hey dude why do you want heists if u have everything already like the seaplane what land on water and first person mode and everything else.... we people on xbox 360 on gta 5 have nothing like you guys so shut your whining mouth
                  • SarcasticR69on November 28 2014, 11:37amReplyFlag
                    when will you guys reveal the system requirements for PC version Of GTA V?
                    • SarcasticR69on November 28 2014, 11:25amReplyFlag
                      Waiting for PC version
                      • marlin1789on November 27 2014, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                        if i will buy a new play station 4 then i can able to play with Play station 3 users in online?? please let me know... i have a playstation 3 .. but i want to buy a play station 4..
                        • Baloney1234Calebon November 25 2014, 10:16pmReplyFlag
                          it wont even let me connect to online on xbox one gta 5
                          • MikeDeluca12on November 25 2014, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                            you have to redeem the code on the case to get the money
                            • jameyroeseon November 25 2014, 8:27amReplyFlag
                              Why aren't my trees blowing in the wind.. really takes away from the immersion???
                              • SwagSmokion November 24 2014, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                                Sir why dint i get the 1 mil i pre ordered game so whers my money plz???
                                Im playing om ps3 and my name is MWMaku and psn also
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