Double GTA$ & Double RP for All Deathmatches this Halloween Weekend

Posted on October 31 2014, 2:05pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Fresh off the heels of last weekend's San Andreas Anniversary celebration in GTA Online, we've got three more days of in-game bonuses and more to take advantage of this Halloween weekend starting today Friday, October 31st.

In ghoulish fashion, all Deathmatches will reward players with Double RP and Double GTA$ all weekend long – including Rockstar Created, Rockstar Verified and all player-created Deathmatch Jobs. The inhabitants of Los Santos will also be out causing mischief in Freemode and gathering treats along the way from Crate Drops including Firework Launchers, exclusive T-shirts and more. We've also got the #TrickOrTreat Snapmatic contest in effect so go all out on your weekend costumes with half price discounts on Masks and select Hats, as well as 50% off orange tints and smoke trails to aid you in capturing the Halloween spirit. Read on for full details.


Frightful GTA Online encounters are guaranteed with Double RP and Double GTA$ in all Deathmatches, all weekend long. Aim for the pumpkin to max out the headshot RP bonus, or seek out a dark corner of the map to plot your ghoulish intentions. 


Keep watching the skies! This weekend only, rare vintage GTA T-shirts will be available in Special Crate Drops, with a different shirt available to collect each day of the weekend:

  • Friday - Flash FM
  • Saturday - Bobo
  • Sunday - Fever 105 FM

There'll also be Firework Launchers, Miniguns and an abundant cache of RP, GTA$ and ammo. We've upped the frequency of the Special Crate Drops in every Freemode session - keep an eye on your Feed ticker to find out when they're coming down and look for the Smugglers plane on the map so that you can track the landing spot of the Crate itself, but be warned: You are not alone.


To get you into further frightful festivities, you'll also need a costume worthy of playing the part. Vespucci Beach Mask Shop offers an array of accessories and freaky faces to complete your outlandish outfit. This weekend, you'll be able to purchase all masks and hats at half-price and we've also discounted orange weapon tints, orange parachute smoke and orange tire smoke. Finally, in case anyone tries to steal your ride, grab a half-price ignition bomb for a special Halloween trick.


All Hallows Eve can play tricks on the mind - fool your enemies into doubting their senses with 75% off Lester's Off the Radar service. Go ghost, and use it to get the jump on any goblins looking to ruin your day.


Once you're fully decked out in your most creative outfit, hit the sidewalks and alleyways to put on a full-on freakshow. Capture your best Halloween-themed shot with Snapmatic, tag it with #TrickOrTreat on Social Club and you could have your pic featured at the Rockstar Newswire, not to mention a treat of GTA$1M. Official Rules here.


Tune in as we'll be playing through a selection of player-created horror themed Jobs and more during a special Halloween Edition Livestream this Friday October 31st at 4pm ET / 8pm GMT. We'll be joined by special guests from the community as we stalk, slash and body one another in Deathmatches, check out each other’s best Halloween costumes and more. We’ll be inviting a few guest players to join the lobby via both Twitter and during the stream via Twitch chat – so make sure you’re Following us in both places to get the word.

  • R* Qon October 31 2014, 6:17pmFlag
    Hey everyone, please enjoy taking advantage of Double GTA$ and Double RP all weekend long in all Deathmatches this weekend along with the other free treats to collect.

    For those eager for more content updates for GTA Online, not to worry – we’ve got some exciting stuff in the works for all consoles.

    Meantime, as always if anyone is experiencing any technical issues whatsoever, please head to or where our Support team is happy to help out.
  • youngg2378on November 1 2015, 1:05pmReplyFlag
    Were the is the double money and rp rockstar in in Ireland waiting all weekend
    • tangiexwifion November 1 2015, 7:47amReplyFlag
      I have yet to see a crate, thanks rockstar for making this update confusing
      • HAZZARD_BOSSon December 13 2014, 10:38amReplyFlag
        • MTJAY42on November 8 2014, 4:57pmReplyFlag
          WHERES 1.18?
        • STIGG29on November 5 2014, 11:01pmReplyFlag
          Since November is here could there be an R34 skyline added in honor of Paul Walker
          • goldlock7on November 5 2014, 11:13pmReplyFlag
            @STIGG29 I like the idea but your gonna have to email them about it they won't read this
          • tangiexwifion November 1 2015, 7:59amReplyFlag
            @STIGG29 Paul walker died doing the same stuff that's impossible in his movies, he promoted that lifestyle then burned because of it, you'd think safety first? I wonder how many followed in his shoes. He's a horrible role model, not to mention the fact they didn't put any warning at the end of furious 7, they acted like he wasn't a complete moron
        • ThatBoiiiAlexon November 5 2014, 7:07pmReplyFlag
          Hey rockstar on I was gonna ask you if I'm in the PlayStation 3 and I go over to Xbox one can I still have my character that I have on GTA five online would I be able to use it on the Xbox one if I transfer it or do I have to buy the PlayStation 4 to play
        • JS-ov-LHEon November 4 2014, 6:20amReplyFlag
          Strange that the majority say t shirts didn't work last time but they got them this time coz I got 1 b4 but this time I got nish
        • ToMI66681on November 3 2014, 6:27pmReplyFlag
          Thanks for this event R* I always love competing for the T-shirts now I have 16 Special Tops and 4 beer hats :)
          • BigAl0608on November 3 2014, 6:26pmReplyFlag
            Glad to see crates were working this weekend, but I missed Friday...oh well. While on the subject of GTA radio stations, does anyone remember the original XBox versions of GTA 3 & Vice City (GTA Double-Pack) and GTA San Andreas? There was a CD player in cars that allowed you to listen to the downloaded music in your XBox. I bought those games last year & was disappointed that feature did not work on XBox360. A guy from XBox Live & I had a great conversation about that and agreed it was one of the highlights of the game. It also really made the XBox versions stand out. I have great memories of cruising around listening to Tool, Pantera, NWA's Greatest Hits, Pink Floyd, etc. Nothing beats getting in an all-out war while calmly humming along to Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind...good times. When (if ever) will we get this again? For me, that would be my #2 request for the XBox1/PS4 versions, with #1 being heists.
            • Wufangon November 3 2014, 6:38pmReplyFlag
              @BigAl0608 That was a fantastic feature and it really is ashame it isn't a part of this one. Wouldn't be a hard thing to do either. They could maybe even add an option to add commercials to make it like a radio station or just so that you don't miss them if you enjoy them (as I do). Good one though.
            • BigAl0608on November 3 2014, 6:46pmReplyFlag
              @Wufang I thought everyone had forgotten! Really made the game more customized, didn't it? I never have gotten why that didn't become standard for the series.
            • xColourBlind24xon November 4 2014, 2:10amReplyFlag
              @BigAl0608 yea I loved that, it was funny coz I was listening to 2012 songs in 1990
          • juwan314on November 3 2014, 4:50pmReplyFlag
            rockstar can you please upgrade ps3 not just ps4
            • A__GUNNon November 3 2014, 3:29pmReplyFlag
              I am so great full for the event weekend at firs I was disappointed but then I hopped on here and saw they had something in the works I'm not sure yet I'm glad they're not telling us. but at the end of the event doubled my rp plus some and my kd went up .04 and I got all the shirts and mad a poop load of $$ but when I bet ten grand how come I only get 4 grand back what shouldn't I get twenty grand if some one else puts up 10g what happens to the 14g that I don't get and if I bet the ten grand and only receive 4g do I get back my ten g that I put on the able it seemed to me if I did not bet I made more $ I would lie to here some opions about this and they should make this event permanent o and I know its to late now but no thought of this they could have given us the space docker and alien outfits its in the coding all ready so I don't think it would be a big one to do but they will not be forgetting about us old gen. they are a company the maybe struggling to impress all you unloyal fans that cant enjoy the game for what it is ya we all want more but the system can only handle so much it has limits just like you so cut em some slack and enjoy the game gta Iv I don't think they updated that one at all but it was never as big as gta v but they will amaze us and all of you that say you quit cause no heists well you will miss out on the next gta and I doubt you will never play a gta again that's my thoughts and im very great full for the weekend and I want to give a GIANT THANK YOU to you Rock Star for such a good game and even if you cant fit heists on here I will still be playing it I love this game im a die hard FAN who else is give me A MIG FATT BANGG BANGG
              • ZalimVedaton November 3 2014, 2:33pmReplyFlag
                Hopefully R* give all the next gen GTA player all the special items like all the beerhats (i got only 3 without glitching or crate drop session ) and all the shirts (got 14 special tops/tshirts ) and we all ready getting the collector edtion items ( i think only the Ps4 players like me ^^ ) why we dont get the other special items free too ? that would be really cool

                Good work R* keep up !
                • Measymonsterjamon November 3 2014, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                  I would love it if we could have double Xp and money more often
                • matesanra_6on November 3 2014, 1:42pmReplyFlag
                  hello rockstar, on Saturday I had many opportunities to grab the special box with the "bobo" shirt at every opportunity but I was saying that the case would fall within 3 hours but the box would not fall.i grateful to get that shirt be because it is which I liked most as I showed her my friends.i try to catch it in the past but could not. Please give me the shirt rockstar my id is thanks matesanra_6
                  • oSouljahon November 3 2014, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                    I hope veteran dlc will be released tomorrow
                  • Greatmidoon November 3 2014, 1:19pmReplyFlag
                    Yet another swing and a miss of an update
                  • piinkTiigeron November 3 2014, 1:17pmReplyFlag
                    thanks for the support! reached 100 likes on a pic for the first time.. Trick or treat entries
                    • ToMI66681on November 3 2014, 12:59pmReplyFlag
                      looking for 3 people on xbox who can help me with my last Gta Online Achievement which is to win a rally race as a co-driver
                      • fabio_js_pereiraon November 3 2014, 11:58amReplyFlag
                        On saturday i picked up a special crate with the bobo t shirt but it doesn't appear on the Store neither The apartment !
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