The Last Team Standing Event Weekend in GTA Online: Exclusive Free Unlocks, Bonus RP & More

Posted on October 2 2014, 5:43pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Put it all on the line this weekend, tomorrow Friday October 3rd thru Sunday October 5th, in the GTA Online Last Team Standing Event Weekend. Limited time only GTA$ and RP bonuses, exclusive weekend-only unlocks to collect, special contests, an epic all-star Last Team Standing live stream and much more await those with both the staying power and the stopping power to rule the 10 new Jobs from The Last Team Standing Update and the many, many more currently being created by the Social Club community with the new Last Team Standing Creator Mode.


In honor of Carcer City’s most infamous survivor, if you complete the LTS Event Weekend Playlist (containing 5 brand new 16-player LTS Jobs from the LTS Creator Update), you are automatically awarded the maniacal Smileys’ “Please Stop Me” Manhunt throwback mask to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Not only that, but every time you complete the Event Playlist, you'll be rewarded with an arsenal of ammunition and incendiaries in order to make sure you and your Crew are well equipped to take it to the enemy. Contents include:

  • 3 Sticky Bombs
  • 3 Grenades
  • 3 Molotovs
  • 100 Sniper bullets
  • 200 Shotgun shells
  • 500 Rifle rounds
  • 1 Body Armor

To access the Playlist, look for the "Event" option on the GTAV loading screens, or find The Last Team Standing Event Playlist in the Rockstar Playlists section of the GTA Online Start Menu.


With the Last Team Standing Update, we've raised the betting cap on all Jobs to $10,000 and, this weekend only, we're fronting up to $7,000 in betting stakes for every player in every Last Team Standing Job -  including those in the Event Weekend Playlist. The size of the free stake is based on the number of rounds in that particular Job (rounds are a new feature we've added to LTS - read up on them here) and the bet is automatically placed on your own Team, so make sure you bring your best back-up to ensure maximum GTA$ winnings. If you win, you could reap big bucks; if you lose, then you lose nothing but your own pride.


Whether you’re playing one of the 10 new Rockstar Created Last Team Standing Jobs, or one of the original fan-favorite ones like “Cypress Flats LTS” or “Beacon Theater LTS” – or one of the tons of player-created LTS Jobs being published as we speak by virtue of the new Last Team Standing Creator Mode – you will rack up Double RP all weekend long. This includes the entirety of the Event Weekend Playlist giving you all the more reason to Crew up and buck 'em down.


On top of Double RP for all LTS Jobs all weekend, RP bonuses while playing LTS Jobs with Crew members will be increased to 20%. Since this stacks with this weekend's Double RP bonus while playing LTS, this means you could earn up to 140% over standard RP if you play with your Crewmates. That's some serious strength in numbers, so head over to your Crews' profile pages to sound the call and find out who from your ranks will be Online and when.


To unite your team in Last Team Standing Jobs (and to avoid any friendly fire), make sure your Crewmates are properly kitted out in matching team outfits. Organization is key to winning team-based game modes, and a well presented line-up will instantly let the opposition know that you ain't nothing to mess with. Show your allegiance with a 50% discount on Crew Clothing sporting your color and Emblems. To cement your brotherhood or sisterhood, Los Santos Customs are discounting paint and tire smoke in your Crew Colors by 50%, as well as Emblems for the hood and side panel of your car. And to make sure that your whip is truly ready for battle, why not pick up Armor and Bulletproof Tires while you're there, also discounted at 50%. Finally, for a real display of lifelong-commitment to your clan, get matching tattoos for 50% off and show that solidarity on your skin.


In between your LTS weekend wars, regroup in Freemode and look out for Special Crate Drops falling from the sky. There will be one dropping in each session you play all weekend and will be filled to the brim not only with GTA$ stacks, RP, heavy-duty RPGs, miniguns, and sticky bombs - but this weekend only, you'll also collect a limited-edition Fist t-shirt (as seen in the screenshot below) for to properly represent your fighting prowess.


With LTS mode support newly added to the GTA Online Creator tool, there's another opportunity for you to display your talents and create a Last Team Standing Job worthy of getting Verified and winning the LTS Creator Competition. To participate, get Online and find the Creator in the GTA Online Start Menu. From there, you'll have the opportunity to create your own Last Team Standing Job in your desired area of the map. Once you've perfected and published it, head to your Jobs on Social Club and tag your best with #LTS. We will play and pick 5 favorites to Verify and aware their Creators with GTA$1M and an exclusive BODYBAG in-game license plate. (Also stay tuned for the selections from our last Creator Competition who will be revealed in the weeks ahead here at the Newswire). See rules and eligibility.


There's a bounty of picture-perfect new content available with this week's Last Team Standing Update to GTA Online. Get it papping this weekend by tagging your best work on Social Club with #LTS and you could be in with a chance of winning GTA$1M and the BODYBAG license plate for your in-game vehicle. We're looking for the five most fun, exciting , beauteous or amusing Snapmatic photos featuring the new content, whether it be the two new GTAIV throwback bikes, the LCC Innovation or Shitzu Hakuchou; one of the 20 new flag-themed parachute bags; or simply your Crew terrorizing the back alleys of Los Santos in Manhunt "Please Stop Me" masks. To ensure you get a record of it before the moment passes, double tap Up on the D-pad to do a Snapmatic quick launch. Or, if you prefer, you can now disable this feature via the Options section of the Pause Menu. See rules and eligibility.


After a long day dropping bodies in Last Team Standing, you'll want to curl up and camouflage yourself somewhere no-one will think to disturb you. Head to the Social Club Events Page NOW to enter to win one of 10 official GTAV Bodybag Sleeping Bags for your next camping trip up Blaine County's Mt. Josiah. Winners will also receive a GTAV logo tee, and a selection of Rockstar stickers. See Official Rules.


Tomorrow, Friday October 3rd at 4pm ET, get ready for a truly epic Last Team Standing face-off. We’re teaming up with the good people at to host a live LTS battle for supremacy between two all-star YouTube collectives. On one side, we’re proud to welcome back The Sidemen to the Rockstar Broadcast show. Playing live from their UK compound representing The Sidemen, we’ll have our friends Vikk aka Vikkstar123, J.J. aka KSIOlajidebt, Josh aka ZerkaaPlays and Simon aka MiniMinter7. And against them will be Team Mae and the Boys: Led by the inimitable MissesMae and flanked by Event Livestream guest veteran Lui Calibre, plus Daithi De Nogla, and Mini Ladd. The battle will be co-hosted by Lazlow and the Rockstar Broadcast studio team alongside MLG's Chris Puckett - a man who knows a thing or two about hardcore competitive play. Join us tomorrow as we simulcast live from the Major League Gaming studios across four corners of the internet: the Rockstar Twitch channel, the Rockstar YouTube channel, the Social Club Events page as well as at Head to Twitch or YouTube now and subscribe, or follow us on Twitter to get live updates about the stream, the Event Weekend and all Rockstar Games news.


As always, make sure you're following us on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch to stay up to date on this and all other future Social Club Event Weekend announcements.

  • R* Mon October 4 2014, 6:47pmFlag
    Glad to hear you’re all enjoying the weekend’s bonuses. If you have completed the Event Playlist you should be able to equip the “Please Stop Me” mask via your Inventory. To access this, hold down the BACK/SELECT button and scroll down to Accessories. From here you can select your mask.

    For support-related issues, please contact our Support team at support.rockstargames or on Twitter at @RockstarSupport.
  • INDOMAVEISon January 23 2015, 8:43pmReplyFlag
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FIQUE RICO OU MORRA TENTANDO $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ A FIRMA E MILIONÁRIA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    • filthstaron December 20 2014, 8:42pmReplyFlag
      Is there any possible way to still get ahold of this mask? It is literally the only special item so far that ive really wanted to acquire, and regardless of the dozen or so attempts that weekend I couldn't get a match to go through the playlist to unlock it. So if it would be possible to buy it in game or something that would be amazing along with Maybe more manhunt masks (:

      Also slightly off topic, any chance the gusenberg sweeper will make an appearance again I started a month after that dlc so I missed the chance to get it.
    • Kolby33on November 23 2014, 10:23amReplyFlag
      PMC Vanguard is recruiting. The crew is a private military that has a strict NO-KILLING civis rule. The crew has a alliance with another crew. CvC is what the crew was made for. XBOX 360 only ( Maybe xb1 later)
      • Shadow_dedon November 18 2014, 8:51amReplyFlag
        O gta v online para a ps4 vai dar para jogar com os da ps3?
        • DrewBoleron November 10 2014, 4:44pmReplyFlag
          I think a new feature should be added on online mode. Myth bustet GTA V. I want to find the legendary Megalodon as one. Also add more ghost features. Love that creepy stuff.
        • only_bogansM8on November 7 2014, 8:12pmReplyFlag
          is it still possible to unlock the mask?
        • SHOKKANSHOTSon November 6 2014, 4:43pmReplyFlag
          Can you add swords
        • MILFSHAKEYon November 4 2014, 12:52pmReplyFlag
          Best thing about this update were the outfits! How about some new faded hair for men? And mohawks.
          • MirkoB82on November 2 2014, 8:01pmReplyFlag
   Operation Bat21: two teams for a sneak attack on the mountains. one must survive the night, the other must clear the area, parachuting from above. gimme a check
            • xXGrmRiperXxon November 2 2014, 1:54amReplyFlag
              I suggest have some gas mask, Some weapons , Robbery mask,and Gloves for all clothes pleasethanks.
              • PerVerZ_23on October 31 2014, 10:28amReplyFlag
                Jo Jo Jo schaut euch das mal an
                • Titanic_Elvis77on October 28 2014, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                  I still have not got my musket back. I purchased the new weapons when the new weapons first came out and it deleted my musket, I paid actual money for that weapon and reported it numerous times and is fixed no... no it is not its been a month and I have reported it about ten times. at lease when the November update comes out put all downloaded weapons, vehicles, and clothing form the past year out so people who have either missed the updates or items have been deleted from other updates. Thanks!
                • XD40SWon October 27 2014, 12:47amReplyFlag
                  PLEASE disable, or at least give the pilot of a Buzzard the option to override the co-pilot camera. In an attempt to be courteous, I'll stop to give other players a ride. They turn on that damn camera which stops the pilots ability to shoot. It is VERY annoying.
                  • thom_alencaron October 26 2014, 7:04pmReplyFlag
                    ""Attackgrajauex Taticas Especiais e Serviço de Resgate - Brasil""
                    Tripulação máfia nova marca que acabou de ser feito hoje à procura de membros para se juntar a nós somos uma equipe que tem fileiras e certas posições e certos carros. nenhuma mudança de nome é obrigatório, mas você pode. Por favor mensagem mim para entrar.
                    • thom_alencaron October 26 2014, 7:01pmReplyFlag
                      ""Attackgrajauex Taticas Especiais e Serviço de Resgate - Brasil""
                      • OREXOVOOPGRUSSon October 24 2014, 6:45pmReplyFlag
                        ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙТЕСЬ ТОВАРИЩИ
                        ВМЕСТЕ МЫ СИЛА
                        "OREXOVO OPG" (
                        • David_Iremaon October 24 2014, 7:49amReplyFlag
                          Join my crew Ganja Wanted
                        • rici18on October 22 2014, 3:15pmReplyFlag
                          Join Dutch Maffia clan only NL and BE active players
                          • barepengon October 20 2014, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                            Need to join a PS3 crew.... that is active. Send me an invite.
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