New GTA Online Flight School Jobs Now Available to Play + Earn Double RP in the New Playlist

Posted on September 2 2014, 11:20am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

As of today, we've added 16 additional new jobs to GTA Online. These include new scenarios for all three of the new VS Mission modes (Acquire Targets, Air Force Zero & G-Rating) that recently debuted as part of the San Andreas Flight School Update, plus a pair of new Contact Missions and a selection of new Air Races, Parachute Jumps and more.

Along with these new Jobs, we've also created the New Flight School Jobs Playlist that features a varied assortment of the new Jobs from today's update. This special Playlist will award you Double RP all week long - and for those who may have been unable to unlock the exclusive 'High Flyer' Parachute Pack as part of our recent Event Weekend, we're making that available to all who play through this new Playlist to completion. Read on below for descriptions of these new Jobs and remember boys, no points for second place.


As part of today's update, two new Contact Missions are available to play (once you meet the rank requirement you'll receive a phone call from the associated Contact):
Chop Chop (Contact: Trevor, Rank 43, 2-4 Players)
"Our friend Ronald is getting increasingly agitated about Merryweather Security’s presence in the state, and a nervous Ron gets on my t***. Why don't you go to Sandy Shores Airfield, hack into the Merryweather Network, find their outposts and then take their choppers and blow 'em all to hell. Okay? Great!"

Effin' Lazers (Contact: Martin, Rank 44, 2 Players)
"The market’s about to be flooded with inferior product. I... WE... have too much invested in it to let that happen. I need you to get in some Lazer fighter jets and take out the planes holding product before they land. It sounds extreme, but these are desperate times."


 Airstrip (Rank 11, 1-8 Players)
If a recruit shacks it on exercise, they don't need the added humiliation of hitching back to the landing strip. Practice landing where you took off with this flowing descent from 4,300 ft. to McKenzie Airfield. On the way down you can admire the view or ruminate on failure.

 Branching Out (Rank 20, 1-8 Players)
From the sea side to mountain peaks, from hikers to technophobic, cannibalistic cultists, from state parks to secret weed farms, the San Andreas wilderness has it all. Drink it in with this Lap Race for choppers by Mount Chilliad and Raton Canyon.

 Flying Colors (Rank 12, 1-8 Players)
Regulation Air Force exercises happen at high altitude over the ocean, but where’s the fun when you can’t get a feel for how fast you’re flying. Lap Race for planes low over rural Eastern Blaine County. How close to the dirt can you go without taking the head off a fruit picker?

 GTA: Wingmen (Rank 1, 2-8 Players)
It’s a buyer’s market as rival groups attempt to deliver Buckingham military jets to LSIA. They’re vintage collectors’ items and they fly like it, so use Lazers for defense and attack. Each team will only have one Buckingham in play at any time. Start points are Fort Zancudo and the Sandy Shores Airfield.

 High Dive (Rank 1, 1-8 Players)
Dive bomb Downtown in this point to point for jets. You start in the Tongva Hills, climb to high altitude, make a near vertical descent, and try to pull up at the last minute. It’s the highest climb and fall we’ve got on our books. You’ll make an impression or make an impression on the ground.

 In The Loop (Rank 35, 1-8 Players)
Hold onto your lunch or you’ll need windshield wipers on the inside of your cockpit. Point to point for jets through the docks and Downtown. Obstacles to avoid and two loop the loops will keep you on your toes… or your head.

 Under the Bridge (Rank 11, 1-8 Players)
Gravity does most of the hard work when you jump out a chopper from 4,000 ft. We’re going to make it a bit more interesting by staging the drop in the flight path, and making recruits go under a bridge. Best played at night, so you can see the warning lights on obstacles.


The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available
The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend

  • R* Lon September 8 2014, 4:55pmFlag
    Hey all, the Double RP “New Flight School Jobs Playlist” ends tonight so make sure you get that 2RP while you can!

    Also a reminder to please keep your comments here on-topic – if you’d like to do some Crew recruiting, please do it in a relevant article such as the Crew Noticeboard post, otherwise your posts may be removed here and repeat offenders may have their privileges suspended. If you’re experiencing any sort of technical issues, please head to where your issue may already exist as a Support article you can subscribe to for updates. And if you have suggestions to make for future GTA Online updates, please send them via email to – our dev team actively reads incoming feedback for consideration.Thanks everyone.

  • Thelonewolf1100on March 5 2015, 6:21pmReplyFlag
    Can I still get the weed parachute
    • hendo1987on September 23 2014, 11:23amReplyFlag
      Can anyone tell me how to get the chop chop mission
      • nik_weston September 22 2014, 9:55pmReplyFlag
        if anybody wants to play these 2 missions on PS3, just message me ;)
        • IGDGANGSTERon September 19 2014, 9:02pmReplyFlag
          (BLACK PISTONS MC SC) on PSN NOW RECRUITING contact the President. MISFIT6117

          They are also Allies to OUTLAWS MC ILLINOIS

          • Mighty-Xon September 10 2014, 12:20amReplyFlag
            Someone can help me with the list? I just want to get the high foyer parachute
            • franjdgreenowon September 9 2014, 10:52amReplyFlag
              Escape Fort Zancudo - high paying race even on your own you can earn $8000+ all you have to do is fly low in the army base and get a 4star wanted level, the more people race and higher the wanted level the more $ and RP on xbox
              • wastefulNecro666on September 9 2014, 1:06amReplyFlag
                Yo I still need to play the new missions someone please add me bro I am level 107 Psn gamer tag necrobutcher420
                • thewispoon September 8 2014, 1:29pmReplyFlag
                  Well done on all the new content. But when its all done, we are still heading back to the streets to get killed by idiots. work on sorting out the passive mode before adding other stuff? just an idea.
                • TorZazon September 8 2014, 10:45amReplyFlag
                  Anyone has any of those two new missions and is interested to play them on ps3? Add TorZaz
                  • wastefulNecro666on September 8 2014, 2:41amReplyFlag
                    I would like to play the new chop chop mission I am on Psn necrobutcher420
                    • prodigy6313on September 7 2014, 8:20amReplyFlag
                      I have the 2 new missions let me know if somebody wanna play them? Im on xbox and my gt is sub zero 1988
                    • NAKEDOon September 7 2014, 4:24amReplyFlag
                      hi anyone :), enjoy my new GTA V parachuting, cya L.S ;)
                      • slim-chanceon September 6 2014, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                        Can I just play the new missions please? I have been waiting for the invite from trevor and micheal since the announcement and nada. I am well above the required rank but I get nothing. They should have been added to the jobs list for those over the required rank.
                        • SOTRUSon September 5 2014, 1:58pmReplyFlag
                          Did anybody receive mission: "chop chop"? im playing on xbox360 can somebody invite me pls
                          GT: SOT RUS
                          • monkeycaston September 5 2014, 2:17pmReplyFlag
                            @SOTRUS U still want to play that mission because I have it but I am trying to get the new contact
                            Mission from Martin
                          • SOTRUSon September 6 2014, 2:08amReplyFlag
                            @monkeycast I have a mission Effin' Lazers plz add friend
                          • monkeycaston September 6 2014, 11:15amReplyFlag
                            @SOTRUS Sorry for the late response but I am not going to be on today until late tonight
                            But you can add me on xbox my gamertag is M0nk3y xx Boy
                        • bowlbson September 5 2014, 11:45amReplyFlag
                          does anyone know where I can find the 2 new contact jobs? cuz I haven't found them in the pause menu
                        • ac-pink.neton September 4 2014, 10:26pmReplyFlag
                          I didn't see an exact end date on the ability to earn the High Flyer parachute. It just said "all week long". Could anyone give me more info?
                          • mwilson136on September 4 2014, 6:35pmReplyFlag
                            hello fellow gamers ... if your still having trouble getting invites to the 2 new missions try robbing stores in Sandy Shores area ... I got both after 2 robberies in the area ... have fun ...
                            • revs213on September 4 2014, 6:33pmReplyFlag
                              You know you can go in the jobs section online and find the new jobs right?
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