Crew Noticeboard: Seigo Famiglia, CrimeCorp SA, Highway Daemons and Others Now Recruiting

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The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column of Crews actively seeking new members to join their ranks where we publish your recruitment pitches in your own words.

This week's edition features a collection of three-piece-suited wiseguys, highway hardened Motorcycle Clubs, rambunctious role-play collectives and some open themed Crews that fall into unique categories all their own, so there's something to accommodate all play styles and preferences. If you are looking for a new set of players to run with, perhaps below you'll find a squad that piques your interest.


Founded in July of 2012, the traditional mafia-style Seigo Famiglia Crew, led by the attentive MajorS1, recently celebrated their two year anniversary. With a smaller and tight-knit circle of friends at its core, there seems to be plenty of room to move up the chain of command for loyal soldiers who are willing to distinguish themselves as valued associates within the three Crew divisions.

"The Seigo Famiglia has been prospering for nearly 8 years and since then we have evolved into a unique family with traditions, oaths and a code of ethics to match.

We believe in quality over quantity and our fraternal nature complements this. We currently have two Crews operating in the Family; Seigo Vinewood and Seigo Vespucci - these two Crews are constantly recruiting on behalf of the Family with dedication.

 Join The Seigo Famiglia and know real honour, real loyalty and real family."

Wise_Red_Dragon heads up one of two Crews featured on this Noticeboard who engage in role-playing in-game scenarios and storylines. Known simply as the International United Crew, and although they are mainly based in the United States, their namesake suggests that they are spanning the globe for an eclectic mix of new players who share in their penchant for acting out high intrigue drama and scripted story-based action.

"Hey there! Role Play International United (or RPIU) is a small role play driven community on Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 players. Besides playing Jobs together and just having a general good time, we host almost daily story-based role plays in Freemode. We have only 6 members and we are all good friends that are looking to expand our role play a bit. We have most members based in the US in the Eastern and Central time zones but we also have a player from the UK who attends our role-plays as well. RPIU generally has games in the afternoon and evening of the Eastern Time zone.

If you are looking for a tight-knit community to have fun with and enjoy a heavily story-based role play with, RPIU is for you. Send an Xbox Live text message to Cute Red Dragon if you wish to join and some members and I will conduct a basic interview with you to see if we want you in the Crew. I hope to hear from you! 


  • Be online fairly often.
  • Have a mic (not a Kinect mic, please).
  • Be a patient person.
  • Be willing to work with authority.
  • Be open-minded, friendly, mature and creative!"


Rocking a bold crimson fleur-de-lis as their Crew banner, Dusted718 and the stalwart soldiers of the Colonial Army seem ready to march into battle with their cheeky Crew motto, "Remember it's not how you kill them, it's how big the explosion is!"

"Hello fellow Rockstar SC members, I am currently recruiting for my Crew "Colonial Army" and if you are so inclined, please message me on Social Club and I'll explain further.

Colonial Army is recruiting now and needs fellow players to rise to the top with them. Potential members such as yourself, will all be regarded as having equal power and strength.

Also, don't forget to message me your Xbox Gamer Tag so I may know who you are while playing the game.

My Gamer Tag is also Dusted718, so if you so happen to see me online on Xbox in GTAV just message me or invite me to a party. I don't mind joining you. Thanks and have a good one."


With a high concept role-play website, compelling backstory, elaborate local economy and territory system, Crew Leader Wallys87 and the corporate moguls of the CrimeCorp SA run a tight outfit that's set on west coast domination. Investing "venture capital" into staged robberies, hits and turf disputes, the consequences of one's actions play a heavy role in how individual gameplay sessions unfold.

"We are a GTA Online Crew who role-play as an organized crime organization that is taking over the state of San Andreas. This means that both on our official website and in-game, we play the character of someone who is rising through the ranks of our organization.

We conduct all our activities from our website, where we post all our Jobs, activities, and just keep in touch with other Crew members.

You will find all the background stories of our members, and the history of how our organization started on our website as well.

We control numerous rackets:
•    Drug Ring
•    Car Theft
•    Weapons Export
•    Assassin Division
•    Fight Club
Many other modes are to come as we expand on this.

A great feature we have is that we role-play with other role-playing Crews. We trade guns and drugs with them and also export and import stolen vehicles,

We even work with a police RP Crew that investigates all our illegal activities and can put you in jail for some time (don't worry, we have good lawyers).

Corporation Business

How do we play?:
We have combined all the great features GTA Online has to offer in our role-play, like Deathmatches to take over new territories, Races, Missions, and Captures to RP different situations.

First off all, you have to keep in mind that any action has a reaction! A basic example would be that we avoid shooting at police, as this would incur a great police response and increased heat on the organization in the future. Although the game itself does not make that a fact, we role-play these things in order to increase the feeling of realism. We add mechanics such as evidence into our role-play. This means that if we are seen in a vehicle by police directly after a serious crime, we must destroy the vehicle and the evidence that it represents. We will often change into nondescript dark clothing and wear masks for serious crimes in order to not be identified by witnesses and security camera footage, if there is a witness that can later recognize you, you have to take care of him. We take our time when we play and don't need to feel rushed.

As with all organized crime organizations, we have our territories that we control. We start with just one territory, but then we expand by taking over other territories. All our illegal activities can be done only on our turf, we can't collect protection money from vendors and prostitutes that are not on the territory we control. Of course we can make chaos, rob and hit our rivals, but do it smartly and avoid attracting attention. The map with all our territories will be regularly updated so keep an eye on it.

Our organization has an in game economy, it is money made from criminal activities and legal businesses. As we are a crime organization and make a lot of our money illegally, we also have a legal front. These legal businesses will launder our dirty money. After you join our organization, you start showing your loyalty. Once you do show it, you will get promoted and given a 'no show' legal job in one of our legal businesses, this way you can make clean money, and spend it on your legal stuff like property, real estate, cars, boats, planes and so on. The higher your rank, the better legal jobs you get.

So if this is something you would be interested in, join us on our website or on Social Club.

Crime Corporation - The World Is Ours"




Our latest showcase of featured Crew recruitment videos come to us from an assemblage of familiar faces to the Rockstar Newswire community and one plucky newcomer. First up, Australia Illuminati's spin-off Biker Chapter, the Highway Daemons MC is endorsed heavily by Commissioner and main Illuminati Crew Leader, PaxSierraMike. From there, loyal Crew Cut readers may recall the stylings of GTA-Capone and the Hood Donz, with their ode to coppin' currency, "Straight to the Bank". Finally, newcomer EPMUSICMAN looks to put his Crew, Los Demonios MC SA on the LS map as a fresh take on traditional Motorcycle Clubs.


"I really want to tell you about the Australia Illuminati's Outlaw MC Crew: Highway Daemons MC Illuminati (HDMI)

With select membership drawn from trusted Australia Illuminati (ORDO) Crew members, HDMI is our free-aim, combat focused Crew that complements the main Crew and our racing Crew Illuminati Motorcycles & Muscle Car Club (IMCC).

HDMI is a close knit, community-based Crew where we hone our free-aim skills, and enjoy cruising and rampaging throughout Los Santos and Blaine County with people who we have gotten to know well in the main Crew. HDMI has a great Emblem (generated using only the official Emblem Creator) and we are great community of men and women who love the game.

We're especially proud of our new HDMI 'showcase' recruitment vid, which I wanted to share with you below."



"Los Demonios is a truly original MC Crew that avoids all the stereotypes associated with the majority of MC Crews online who look to imitate real life MCs and what they represent. 

We created an original Crew to have fun and not get caught up in endless MC wars, patch-hunting, and session terrorizing activities. Instead we have focused on the positive aspects behind the MC mentality… Brotherhood, Loyalty and most importantly, The Ride!

Our MC coordinates, records and also produces high quality video content that promotes these aspects while fully utilizing GTA's amazing cinematic Capture options to create ultra-realistic short film video content. 

We have started off small, but are quickly starting to grow. We are very well organized and are lucky enough to have very active and creative members. Our president is truly amazing with your Emblem Creator, we have a film critic member who helps organize exciting Online created content, as well as video script ideas, and I produce all our video content since my profession deals directly with that medium."


"The Hood Donz are recruiting extreme fighter jet pilots for some serious air to air and air to ground battles. Successful candidates will receive automatic Crew promotions (single Crew members only).

The Hood Donz are also recruiting for our Hood Donz Elite Crew and our Hood Donz Drifters Crew. If you're a fighter or a Racer then why don't you check us out on our website?"


If you’re part of a Crew that's looking for new recruits, drop a link in the comments below for all to see (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than once at the Newswire will not be featured). Or hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want ad in a future Noticeboard.

This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew artwork creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.

8492nd Squadron, 6 Star Street Racers and Others Now Recruiting


  • Laway102617 hours, 45 minutes agoReplyFlag

    The Angels of Death MC

    We need Ps3 & Ps4 gamers

    The Angels of Death PSN is recruiting

    Membership is open for the most devoted/ Active.

    Sick New Custom Emblem made from Rockstar Emblem Creator

    We want players who want to

    - Perform Heists (When they come out)
    - Turf Wars (Free Mode/ Open Lobby)
    - Rank Up
    - Make Money
    - Robberies
    - Murder
    Free Roam
    Have Fun
    Meet New Poeple
    Ride Motorcycles

    With a LOYAL crew.

    Bottom line is "We Want Money & Power"
    Status is given to the most Loyal, Stays Active, Skilled & who recruits.

    We are located from Carcer City (Manhunt).
    Together as a whole we have 600 PLUS Allies.

    We are more than a crew

    So Join Us, Become Family

    The Angels of Death PSN -
    • Byakuran120320 hours, 43 minutes agoReplyFlag
      Blood Hound PMC are recruiting look us up on the crew page, send me a message on here, message xMrDarkninjax or look us up on our facebook page Blood Hound PMC.

      We are a recently formed crew and have a special ops style of play with both ground warfare and air warfare, our uniform is either the flight suit for our airforce or either the woodland or desert camo for our ground crews. We are looking for members level 60+ and to be 18+
      • tlow211 day, 5 hours agoReplyFlag
        outlaws chicago mc now recruiting looking for loyal members that fight rival mcs such as hells angels an ride bikes such as hexers daemons baggers an sovereigns and that where there crew elembem on the back of a leather jacket or white or black shirt we are on psn being loyal an having your brothers backs will get you far in this mc we are allso allies with all outlaws mcs an we love raiseing hell
        • 513pepermintpatt1 day, 19 hours agoReplyFlag
          Foxhound special forces are recruiting strong minded soldiers that need a home be respectful and mature and only active in foxhound message me for more
          • deadman202221 day, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
            Drifters Club LS is now recruiting for psn we are a street crew for psn, we will race, drift, have car shows and participate in Crew vs crew races and TDMs once we expand. Join today and get a lieutenant position.
            • tlow212 days, 11 hours agoReplyFlag
              outlaws chicago mc now recruiting looking for loyal members that fight rival mcs such as hells angels you need to be in outlaws mc crew not no hells angels bulls**t and you need to ride bikes such as hexers daemons baggers an sovereigns an help out other outlaws fight other rival mcs an allso where your crew elembem on the back of a black or white leather jacket or on the back of a black or white shirt we are a brotherhood an watch each others backs if your loyal an keep being loyal there may be room for promotion
              • Hideto912 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
                Nouveau crew recrute membres actifs

                Consignes à respecter
                -Être en rouge ou en bleu (ou autres couleurs ,si il y à le logo du crew )
                -Ne pas tuer les membres du crew
                -Soyer discret ,respectueux et solidaire avec les membres du crew
                -N'attaquer aucun autre joueur(HorsCrew) cependant vous avez le droit de vous défendre si celui ci vous attaque
                -Être actif, ,Missions ,courses,survis ,affrontements
                - est pour la dernière consigne "penser à recruter des membres " parlant français .
                Peu importe le département,Corse,Belgique Paris Marseille,Essonne,ile de France ou autres
                • John.Eko.Alfa2 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
                  Nome - Eko Alfa Brasil

                  - Status - Recrutando
                  - Fundada em 24 de agosto de 2014.
                  - Exclusivo para a plataforma “Xbox 360”
                  - Regras e Eventos, no Social Club e Facebook.
                  - Emblemas Personalizados.
                  - Hierarquia de acordo com contribuição.
                  - Títulos de nível
                  I - Soldado, II - Cabo, III - Sargento, IV - Suboficial, V - Oficial, VI - Tenente, VII - Major, VIII - Coronel, IX - General e X - Marechal.
                  - Lema “A sorte protege os ousados”
                  - Acão do Comando “É nóis”
                  - Cor do Comando “Amarelo”
                  - Tag do comando [EABR]
                  - 90% de Membros Ativos.

                  Comando no Social Club:
                  • SquirrlyStubs872 days, 17 hours agoReplyFlag
                    I'm looking for a Mc club full of brothers that rides together and fights together... Wanna join a club that has good rep good leadership and most of all pretty much active. ((Drinking. Riding. And Kicking Ass.))
                    • i-J-13300-i2 days, 19 hours agoReplyFlag

                      TWITTER: @HITGOFFICIAL
                      WORLD RANK: #7.550/1.800.000
                      DAY FOUNDATED: 01-OCTOBER-2013

                      "ONLY EXPERT PLAYERS"

                      GT: i J 1 3 3 0 0 i
                      LVL: 635
                      CASH: 150.116.425$
                      K/D RATIO: 6.35
                      • Here is the link to the crew you must start in message me if your interested
                        • Hollywood undead mc is recruiting looking for active loyal brothers ps3 only you will have to prospect first take your first step to becoming an undead
                          • Drifters Club ls a drifring and racing crew is looking for active loyal members on PS3. Join now we will do races, missions, Team deathmatch. Keep as active and work your way up.
                          • Joe_Hernandez3 days, 6 hours agoReplyFlag
                   hola hi to every one
                            • Sid-Smarthouse3 days, 21 hours agoReplyFlag
                              Crew 0000:
                              We are 0000, and we will be more then honored to have you with us. We love playing with our crew mates and helping each other. So if you are interested feel free to join us, there are no requirements (duh, why should there be requirements). However do not kill your fellow crew mates :P Thanks!
                            • Scout16584 days, 8 hours agoReplyFlag
                              Looking for a crew? Look no further Evil Goonz is here for you ! We accept anyone as long as you are on PS3
                              • IIJaice4 days, 14 hours agoReplyFlag
                                I'm Jaice, the leader of a new crew called The Shyfters. This crew is being put together for Heists, whenever they come out, so if you are a good marksman, please consider us. IF YOU GET MAD AT BEING KILLED, DO NOT JOIN. There are times where we mess around and kill each other, but we do not make a habit out of it. Once this crew gets bigger, Crew killing will be prohibited. I'm looking for Xbox players only. A mic is definitely a need, and you must be over the age of 16. Must be willing to add crew members on other social platforms (FB, etc) as this is how we will mainly keep in communication. We are mainly active after 10pm through 5am, and we live for fun. We will welcome anybody that wants to join, unless you give us reason not to. So, consider us.
                                • cprize4 days, 22 hours agoReplyFlag
                                  187X xxONEEIGHTSEVENxx is now recruiting again, looking for LOYAL members, to help earn money, rp etc. We always stick together in free roam and help each other out, we do survivals, missions, races etc.

                                  PS3 Based crew and will also be on PS4.

                                  Join xxONEEIGHTSEVENxx 187X!

                                  WE ARE THE FIRST TO BLAST, LAST TO LEAVE!
                                  • OUTLAWS MC ILLINOIS accepting Prospects.

                                    • Liran785 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
                                      Cloudy Demons are looking to recruit new members:
                                      • Liran783 days, 1 hour agoReplyFlag
                                        @Liran78 For those who apply for membership, please make your SC profile page Visible.
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