The Rockstar Warehouse End of Summer Sale

Posted on August 28 2014, 4:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

Starting today, and running through Monday, September 8th, your reliable suppliers at the Rockstar Warehouse are offering you 25% off of your favorite Apparel and Collectibles from some of our most popular games.

Rock a bit of the old school with a tee from the Red Dead Redemption Frontier Collection, or raid our Posters section to wallpaper your bedroom on the cheap with vintage snipes available from Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, and the original Max Payne.

Get ready for the end of summer holidays now, and stock up for the fall with some Original Soundtrack CDs, Caps, Kubrick Box Sets and a whole lot more.

This offer is valid on only. Offer does not include any games or GTAV gear or collectibles. Offer does not apply to previous purchases, credits, or gift cards. Discount applied before shipping and taxes are added (if any). Offer valid through Monday, September 8th, 2014, 11:59pm ET. ET is local time in New York City, USA. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Details of offer are subject to change and may be canceled without notice.

  • R* Yon September 4 2014, 1:29pmFlag
    Hi all, if you have specific questions about merchandise or shipping or availability, please contact our Warehouse staff at and they should be able to help you out. Apologies to some of you that can’t find your desired shirt size for some of these items at the Warehouse, this sort of gear is definitely limited availability so make sure you act quickly when new gear comes out to scoop up your size before popular sizes get sold out! Thanks everyone.
  • lukeyboy2001on September 12 2014, 8:04amReplyFlag
    Rockstar I have recently got 100% for storymode and I cant seem to find the Bigfoot mission can u plz help that would be gr8
  • funny123456789on September 9 2014, 9:48amReplyFlag
    rockstar u are awaome thanks for all the great dlc u have provided
    • KizzyBoton September 5 2014, 7:13pmReplyFlag
      You have to wait till I get paid,,, I need that Baseball T!!!!!
      • tito13.on September 2 2014, 7:00pmReplyFlag
        como puedo comprar si no tengo tarjeta?
        • sabertooth-zombion September 1 2014, 4:23pmReplyFlag
          whats about that piggsy actionfigure from manhunt?
          • MrBubbles003on August 30 2014, 4:14pmReplyFlag
            End of summer sale? In new zealand its still winter almost spring
          • Wasp-1974on August 29 2014, 5:05pmReplyFlag
            is the collector's edition still available, it's listed as out of stock just now?
          • Mezzixxon August 29 2014, 9:34amReplyFlag
            Can you still buy the zippo and the gold bar
            • MarshallRawRon August 29 2014, 8:21amReplyFlag
              That's awesome and I would have probably ordered one, but there is a serious lack of available size, and a L won't fit me, sadly (too much muscles, I swear... I hoped).
            • GTA51999on August 29 2014, 7:31amReplyFlag
              I think its cool Rockstar Games has Lego's!
              • Dark_Sorrowon August 29 2014, 5:23amReplyFlag
                Finaly *_* i did wait for it <3

                R* i really want more gear, when u gonna bring some more stuff? Like the Claude Speed action figure, i really want cars in a scale 1:43 or 1:15 a Kuruma, a Greenwood, Vodoo, Banshee, Infernus, Sentinel etc etc. Please bring this into the warehouse i really want a gta car.
                • krakkaJackon August 29 2014, 3:15amReplyFlag
                  I would buy a couple shirts but unfortunately rockstar doesn't think people are bigger than a XL....
                • THIS-GAME-SUXon August 29 2014, 2:36amReplyFlag
                  RDR. still love that game, play the 1p whenever I drank bourbon.
                  • THIS-GAME-SUXon August 29 2014, 2:29amReplyFlag
                    Dey say duh good lard invented whiskey ta keep tuh Irish from roonin da world!
                    • sicaro12on August 28 2014, 11:45pmReplyFlag
                      that ’ s great , i like the hat and the shirt of R ^^
                      • livingDark78on August 28 2014, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                        I will happily trade that light blue Ts**t for a special edition GTAv minus Blueprint.
                        How about that then Rs
                      • toxluvon August 28 2014, 9:41pmReplyFlag
                        Thanks for letting us know! The items at the Rockstar Warehouse are amazing, hope to get some of them!
                        • pgame68on August 28 2014, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                          Nice items
                          • TheGangster45678on August 28 2014, 7:44pmReplyFlag
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