The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available

Posted on August 19 2014, 6:16am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

You think you've got what it takes to be awesome? Want to take yourself to the absolute limit – hell, past the limit – and live to high-five on the other side? Get yourself down to The San Andreas Flight School. Grab the stick of the fast and nimble Western Besra training jet and push it to the edge of the envelope. Master absolute air superiority in 10 new solo missions that will make you comfortable in any pilot’s danger zone, including combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying and more.

Once it’s ‘mission accomplished’ and you’re out of your heroic new Flight Suit, spend your shore leave buzzing the skies in the luxury Swift helo, or cram your entire squad into the new 16-seater Buckingham Miljet for team transport in style. Hit the silk with a collection of new Chutes and Parachute Bags, and if things get a little out of control, rely on the Reserve Parachute to give you a second chance at that soft landing – or use it to get creative with your precision dives. Later, hit the streets in the shapely Invetero Coquette Classic, available in either hard-top or topless roadster variants for whatever your sea-level speed fix.

And round up your wingmen for new Races, Captures, Parachute Jumps and more, including the three all-new VS Mission modes. Acquire Targets is a kill-the-carrier style mode where opponents fight in P996 Lazers to control one flag; maintain control for as long as you can to rack up points. In G-Rating, compete against other cadets as you fly to pick up 15 flags in both weapons hot and cold environments. Or try out Air Force Zero, where the defending team must protect an aircraft against an attacking team as it flies to the safe LZ.

The San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online is now available via automatic update 1.16 for both PS3 and Xbox 360. In addition to everything listed above, today's update also includes a number of other adjustments and fixes for GTA Online. Most notably, all Contact Mission GTA$ and RP awards have been rebalanced so that more difficult missions will earn you greater rewards, GTA$ payouts on replays are no longer reduced and all rewards are now time scaled. For a look at all the changes in this update, please check out the full dossier at Rockstar Support.

Stay tuned for more details on continuing updates to GTA Online, and look out for specifics later this week on the upcoming Event Weekend to commemorate the launch of the San Andreas Flight School Update. Read on below for more on the new Jobs included as part of today's update to GTA Online.

 Base Level (Rank 20, 1-8 Players)
Play chicken and dodge ducks with this Race over Lago Zancudo. Lap course for Besra stunt jets that cuts back over itself multiple times. Expect to see wreckage in the wetlands and impact zones on the bridges.

 Cleared for Landing (Rank 11, 1-8 Players)
Any cross-eyed civilian idiot can jump from 6,200 ft., pull their chute, and land on the blacktop at Los Santos International. But only a rag tag bastard will be able to navigate the tight, twisting turns on this course, leading down to Devin Weston’s hangar. For best views of the skyline, play on a clear morning.

 Contend: Crowded Airspace (Rank 1, 2-8 Players)
Your chances of hitting a turbine blade or a rival or the security detail are going to make most victories in this Contend pyric ones, but who cares, right. Two teams in Frogger helos start at either end of the wind farm, race for the goods, and try to bank them at their respective bases.

 Crosswind (Rank 45, 1-8 Players)
If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, or at least more people would survive. Advanced level Lap Race for Besra Jets weaving through the RON Alternates Wind Farm. Try not to get chopped in half by a turbine blade, or collide with a rival at the crossover.

 Drag Strip (Rank 1, 1-16 Players)
I hope you feel the need for speed on wheels as well as wings. Sports Classics Lap Race on the concrete at the Sandy Shores Airstrip. Drag race down a stretch of runway, hit a short on road section, drag it down a second section of runway, then navigate a hairpin turn.

 Flying Low (Rank 20, 1-8 Players)
Push your aerobatic stunt jet to its limits with this tricky Lap Race around the city. You’ll duck under bridges, skim the canals, trench run the LS River, and maybe, just maybe, learn something about yourself.

 GTA: Airheads (Rank 1, 2-8 Players)
A team of pilots has to run four stunt jets from LSIA to Fort Zancudo while another team is coming in the opposite direction. Start in your rivals’ hangar and use a limited supply of Buzzard attack choppers and Lazer jets to mount a defense… attack is, of course, the best form of defense.

 Holding Pattern (Rank 20, 1-8 Players)
Every jumper’s got to learn to use their back up chute. Either they learn or they go splat with the secondary still packed. Jump from 7,874 ft., drift down to the Maze Bank Arena, release your primary chute, free-fall, pull the backup, and land on top of Ammu-Nation in Strawberry.

 Need For Seed (Rank 20, 1-8 Players)
Get in a Sports Classic, step on the gas, and clear your head with this scenic Lap Race through bucolic Blaine County. Takes you over bridges and past McKenzie Airfield to remind you of your day job.

 Swift Arrival (Rank 15, 1-8 Players)
Take advantage of relaxed no fly regulations around Los Santos International with this short figure of eight Lap Race for choppers. Go under bridges, and over parking garages, and try and make your flight on time.

 Take the Plunge (Rank 25, 1-8 Players)
The best training exercises are the ones that kill the most recruits. Get to grips with your backup chute, or find out if water really is as hard as concrete when you hit it at terminal velocity. Two chute jump from 6,120 ft. over the Alamo Sea.

 The Humane Race (Rank 12, 1-8 Players)
Point to Point Race for planes across natural resource rich eastern Southern San Andreas. This is a novice level course, but that is no excuse for novice level flying. Be all that you can be, and hope that that’s better than the other guys.

 Under The Radar (Rank 11, 1-8 Players)
Time for night raid training. You’re jumping from 4,470 ft., gliding through a valley on Mount Josiah, and landing inside the military base. Don't forget to pull your legs up going over the fence, or to take your suicide pill if they catch you. Best played at night with a widow maker chute.

 Under The Wing (Rank 18, 1-16 Players)
If you’ve got a pilot’s all access pass to the blacktop at Los Santos International, well, you gotta make the most of it. High speed Lap Race for Sports Classics around the possibly-terminal terminal buildings. Look out for baggage carriers, tight turns, and jet engines.


  • R* Yon August 20 2014, 12:49pmFlag
    Hey all,

    We hope everyone is enjoying the new San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online.

    For those who were experiencing an issue with the loss of their Musket from the Independence Day Special, this issue has been resolved. If you're still not seeing your musket back in your inventory please try restarting your console, and if you're still experiencing issues with the Flight School Update please contact our Support team.

    For anyone experiencing problems with personal license plates reverting to default versions, please see our fix for that here:

    Also, if you're experiencing any other kinds of technical issues in relation to today's update, please visit our support site for assistance.

    To provide feedback and ideas on things you’d like to see in future GTA Online updates, please don't hesitate to hit us up at, where our dev team reviews all player suggestions for consideration.

    Of course, please keep all comments on-topic and related to the article. Abusive, spam and off-topic comments will be removed as per our stated rules, and repeat offenders will be subject to commenting privileges being suspended as well.

    Thanks everyone, we'll have more GTA Online announcements to share with you soon, including all the details of our upcoming Flight School Update Event Weekend.
  • hungryNoname6 hours, 57 minutes agoReplyFlag
    Hey here's something for you guys. Maybe make it so we can play? Seriously it's been the hole time since the 1.16 update and I cannot even play with people to save my life, literally. Almost every time I join a job or race or anything it either loads in clouds forever or finally launches the session then loads for infinity. I heard possibilities of heist being released on 23 this month and if that by some miracle happened then this will be understands and accounted for. But I truly doubt that will happen. All I have to say is thanks for giving us the beta version. I really love this game but seriously if your gonna promote stuff in the beginning and in the trailers then deliver it. Every update every month you guys have put so much effort into could have just released heist, then these other updates and we would have money to buy most of the stuff. It shows people doing a heist in the trailer!!! Obviously it's been made, just not released. I'm just irritated because I finally get to play for the weekend and it can't even load a race without infinite loading.
    • evilPAULWALKER726 days, 2 hours agoReplyFlag
      Avoid ‘Hey Rockstar!’ posts – please remember that the comments section is intended as a place for the Social Club community to discuss the news and content posted with one another; it is not a place to demand or expect official responses from Rockstar. If you want our attention on something or if you have something unrelated you'd like to say, you can always email us at you guys suck at reading
      • D3kA_5406 days, 9 hours agoReplyFlag
        Hay rock star I think it would to great to put the stock market for gta online so we can make some money for our cars and stuff cus I'm always broke
        • leedslad87976 days, 17 hours agoReplyFlag
          What about a cops and crooks dlc pack for update 1.17
          • blacksosa1 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
            How about giving us the option to Sell or Remove/Delete our Pegasus vehicle/s if we no longer want them in our inventory Personally I think that would be a great idea to put in the next update!!! and most if not some would agree with this also.
            • Eletrodeath11002 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
              Hey Rockstar im you next update you guys could put the san andreas stunt academy, because the gta tv has a comercial off it and would be awesome,with the stealth ability increasing and the shooting ability and after you complete the stunt academy you could call solomon to work on the movie bussines, just like after you complete the academy solomon call you and invite you to his new movie, and after you do some off the academy you get special thing's like a suit of a alien or a weapon like the stun gun or a katana for a ninja movie or a space suit for the movie space monkey's, dont know you guys do what you guys think is best (sorry for the bad english i am brasilian but still love english).
              • tomtomsengermany2 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                damn, that was annoying. in the mission where you have to save Gustavo, i saved Gustavo and passed the jail on the speedway next to it ( i already lost my wanted level) as the game told me 'mission faild' Gustavo arrived
                • wildboy17062 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                  I need to find a crew that will give you back
                  • DOC-LANDSTROM2 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
           short GTA/The Inbetweeners tribute
                    • JOSE_royx_002 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                      bank robberies when ROCKSTARGAMES 1.17 ?? respond respond ...
                      • maino112082 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                        R* i think you should put better houses in the hills to buy and have the option to purchase 3 houses i think thats a great idea..
                        • maino112082 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                          Hey Rockstar for the new update for cars you should put the Rolls Royce Wraith or Ghost the 2 best Luxury cars on the market right now..Thank you
                          • hungryNoname2 weeks, 3 days agoReplyFlag
                            Please add the hats that the girl characters have to the guys, or maybe franklins hats. Why is there only a grey and black one? It's been so long since launch to so many updates and you guys can't add a few more hats to fit our style?
                            • hungryNoname2 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                              New hats please
                              • ten20112 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                Best game ever especially online hope Sony keep this game online for ps3 for a long time it never gets boring
                                • NedJKelly2 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                  Flight school is a great addition to GTA online and really enjoyed playing with the single seater Jet.
                                  I dithered about buying the SWIFT chopper but having done so now I think it's now of the best purchases I've made in GTA so far. It's quick and looks sleek and is great in black.
                                  I do wish though that you could change the livery on aircraft. Hopefully an update in the future?
                                  Also i think the economy tweaks are superb!

                                  I know the heists aren't out yet but I also know that ROCKSTAR doesn't release anything until it's ready. I do know that GTA online had some issues when it was first released but seeing what they've done with this product I am still blown away by it and am still amazed by their achievements. I am upgrading to a PS4 just to upgrade my GTA. SHWEEEEET!
                                  • Silent_Droidd2 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                                    Hey R* i am enjoying the new update and all but I don't like the shortcut to the camera i don't think it should be removed because it's a good idea but I think the button for the shortcut to be changed. Thanks.

                                    P.S. Can you give us an update on the production of heists, GTA is kinda drying out without any reassurance that it is coming.
                                    • stu36081 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                                      @Silent_Droidd im with you on that or how about the setting on the phone where u can choose your own shortcut like say someone else can use the snap matic for the shortcut or u can choose to go straight to contact list
                                  • FoxFlare2 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                                    my game just freezes at the text after the sirens and the Rockstar logo everytime so i cant even play the game. i re downloaded the update twice and it wont work
                                    • stu36081 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                                      @FoxFlare try going to system settings select hard drive then highlight the hard drive then click the y button then select clear cache Do Not select format if that doesn't work go back into ur hard drive delete everything but your game save for gta 5 then reinstall disc 1
                                  • EliteTRAV832 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                                    It should be an option on Pimping Hoes, Turf Wars, Fight Clubs, Bank Heist's and Selling Drugs on the corner because that's what gangs do.. and everyone else would love to do in this game...Rockstar should make a voting pole and see for them selves what we the fans want in a game...
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