The San Andreas Flight School Update Coming Tomorrow, August 19th to GTA Online

Posted on August 18 2014, 1:44pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Starting tomorrow, enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of being a patriotic hero with the San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online. This new update will feature a collection of new air and land vehicles, aerial solo challenges, and much more. Tomorrow’s update will also introduce a host of gameplay changes to GTA Online – these include increased payouts for harder to complete missions and GTA$ bonuses for playing missions with others. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow.

For now, check out the SA Flight School's informational video above and prepare yourself for the opportunity to become one of the best of the best.

  • R* Mon August 20 2014, 8:05pmFlag
    Hey all,

    We hope everyone is enjoying the new San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online.

    If you're experiencing any kinds of technical issues in relation to today's update, please visit our support site for assistance.

    To provide feedback and ideas on things you’d like to see in future GTA Online updates, please don't hesitate to hit us up at, where our dev team reviews all player suggestions for consideration.

  • Thacater989888on November 17 2014, 9:46pmReplyFlag
    I would like to be able to put my boat back on the trailer and keep it in a garage
    • TriggaTaeon September 2 2014, 8:25pmReplyFlag
      Please take a look at San Andreas again and take some of the things you can do on there like basketball, breaking into houses, working out, putting hydraulics on cars, and also give us some of the cars that were on there like a Grand National/Regale if thats how its spelled lol and give us more modern day clothing for all racists....You could call it The San Andreas Update
      • TriggaTaeon September 2 2014, 8:45pmReplyFlag
        @TriggaTae And also let us crouch and lay down while shooting
      • Kent.Paulon September 4 2014, 12:51pmReplyFlag
        @TriggaTae i agree u cud even run like crouched on gta4 and crouch and walk on gta sanandreas. this game duzernt need silent walking only crouching.
      • smileylds123on September 4 2014, 12:54pmReplyFlag
        @TriggaTae i agree we cud crouch and run on gta 4 and crouch and walk on gta sanandreas.
    • yap17RBXon September 2 2014, 5:58pmReplyFlag
      5,00th comment.
      • ruben_dockon September 1 2014, 12:24amReplyFlag
        ths wasnt worth it weres the military clothing from the trailer all we gt was the flight suit and jets
        • 6ftyetion August 31 2014, 12:22pmReplyFlag
          In the next update we should get all the clothes from campaign online
          • TriggaTaeon September 2 2014, 8:14pmReplyFlag
            @6ftyeti I swear I want the same thing....I want all the options Franklin has for clothes and hair styles
        • Mihnouon August 30 2014, 12:41amReplyFlag
          Wher is the gay solders in the video ?
          • BLURRR909on August 30 2014, 12:35amReplyFlag
            Is there going to be a Halloween update?
          • jnk360on August 29 2014, 12:17pmReplyFlag
            Dear Rockstar,

            let me first thank you for all this added content in the last year, GTA V is becoming what everybody hoped it would be and will certainly only get better as time passes. i just thought i would share with you an idea that just happened to cross my mind in recent weeks. Halloween is approaching and i was hoping we could see something similar to a 1960s Cadillac Hearse simply put a retro version of the Romero seen in story mode selling for around 6,000 to 10,000 gta dollars. I have the highest confidence you will seriously impress me also.

            I anticipate the next DLC with highest amount of aprehension.
            • Jakookon August 29 2014, 9:15amReplyFlag
              Why isn't my game updating to this DLC? I open GTA 5 and no option to update comes up? Maybe my PS3 space is filled, I haven't tried deleting anything but anybody still know just in case it isn't my space.
              • EliteWolfPiloton August 29 2014, 6:33pmReplyFlag
                @Jakook Press triangle when in the XMB menu on the disc icon and it should give you the option to check for updates
            • Macho_Nacho_kidon August 28 2014, 10:26amReplyFlag
              How do I buy the suit and helmet I see people in online sessions with them but I don't know how to buy them
              • EliteWolfPiloton August 29 2014, 6:34pmReplyFlag
                @Macho_Nacho_kid At the counter it should give you an option to buy completed outfits. Just walk up to any counter doesn't matter if it's Ponsoby's or Binco
            • Commander_Spyon August 27 2014, 4:55amReplyFlag
              After this dlc patch i lost all my melee weapons that i found like crowbar, baseball bat, etc. how do i get them back? or do i have to find them again?
              • karld102on August 26 2014, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                if your bored of gta online and want something to do give me ur gamertags and ill invite you to a private session plan is try take over the army base get air dropped in with a couple of tanks in there aswell to get dropped in for support just to pass the boredom
                • aarondinan08on August 26 2014, 2:48pmReplyFlag
                  the planes were crap the only god thing about the update is the car very disapointing

                  no guns
                  • JeandreKon August 26 2014, 9:58amReplyFlag
                    Dear R* , would you please take away the double tap up arrow key for the instant snapmatic ?, it is quite annoying :)
                  • Killfaktor447on August 26 2014, 7:29amReplyFlag
                    Join my crew we have hacked crew colour and rare cars
                    • Novacane_Sabon August 25 2014, 4:37pmReplyFlag
                      Greetings from The Shockhers!

                      Have you guys ever seen the REDBULL Air Races?

                      For the event weekend I created (As faithfully as possible) two of the best
                      courses of recent years.

                      Budapest 2007

                      REDBULL AIR RACE : 2007

                      Abu Dahbi 2010

                      REDBULL AIR RACE : 2010

                      Bookmark and give them a try if you have the skills.


                      P.S Rockstar please add pylons and the ability to set props in air races!
                      • Ur.Own.Stupidityon August 24 2014, 6:47pmReplyFlag
                        1:04 plz explain this clip and the next you cant buy the outfit wtf see this is anoying the trailer is ment to only show the stuff in the update so what is this i cant get it nor can enyone else
                        • 308-Shooteron August 24 2014, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                          I like your GTA online flight school update. I've never really compland about anything you've done with your online updates since last Oct BUT... Could you please explane to me how your suppost to get more than brozne in "Chase Parachute"!!! I've done it several times and landed dead centre of the target and still I can't even get silver, what the hell? A tip or two would be nice or are we never suppost to get better than brozne on chase parchute, if so please let me know. It's kinda BS... just saying.

                          • xSamWOWxon August 24 2014, 2:49pmReplyFlag
                            Give us the Hydra from SA
                            • smileylds123on August 30 2014, 11:34pmReplyFlag
                              @xSamWOWx Not just the hydra but i was also expecting some air crafts that can land on water like the skimmer and the sea sparrow too.
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