GTA Fan Pics: A Lamar and Trevor Cross-Stitch Collaboration, Vintage Trio Portraiture, Trick Photography Snapmatics and More

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In this week's gallery of fan-created GTAV art, check out awesome needlework renditions of Trevor, Lamar, and Chop, plus a couple of perfectly-timed trick photography Snapmatics, a centerfold's worth of Jobs from a prolific Creator and much more. 

As always, should you find (or create) any awe-inspiring GTA or Rockstar-related art or photos that you think other fans need to see, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Digital pixel art becomes tangible as Grace, aka Beast Heads, cross stitched these needlepoint renditions of Trevor and Lamar that are based on yiq's original pixel art dot by dot. Likely not the first time either of these characters has been under the needle.

A striking study of Trevor by Reuben Dangoor on deviantART – blood spattered and looking irascible under the punishing sun of the Blaine County desert.

"Don't stare at the sun" is sage advice we've all most likely received at some stage, though we'd bet that's safer than opening your eyes at Trevor the wrong way in this piece by Riley, aka aumikre on deviantART. Riley drew this scene entitled ‘It’s Not Creepy’ of Trevor invading a sunbathing couple's (perhaps Michael and Amanda?) personal space as a gift for her real life scooter brother.

A vintage and dignified bit of bust portraiture of Trevor, Michael and Franklin looking ready to Musket up - by Spanish deviantARTist Juan Muñoz.

In a similar vein to some of the pre-release travelogue postcards seen at the GTAV official website, German artist Koalindl has been publishing some very inspired and fun new ones at his deviantArt page, taking in some of the many locations and local businesses Los Santos and Blaine County have to offer.

Running away from trouble or towards it? Only Michael himself and Brazil's LRart1 - the creator of this smart action shot - can answer that question.

Some awesome trick photography by a couple of Snapmatic stalwarts. (Left) We're not sure which part is more impressive in the production of this shot: the aim of the person firing the rocket, the cajones of the guy it narrowly misses, or AlexSniperBullet's timing to capture it. As commenter 0lucaspc says, “THAT timing :)”; (Right) Another mindbender by MissQuickSkillz, combining perspective with insane timing to sell the illusion that a P-996 Lazer is but a toy in this bear-headed lady's hand. Amazing work!

So prolific is Aussie GTA Online creator enkionline of the Tumbleweeds Crew, that they comped them all up into this nifty image that looks straight out of a magazine. (Found on Tumbleweeds' Facebook page).

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  • Laprucciaon August 31 2014, 6:14pmReplyFlag
    Amazing art!

    I drew some fan art too, by the way:
    I'll probably draw more GTA V Minis in the future
    • vinaybroon August 25 2014, 11:04pmReplyFlag
      Love it
      • smileylds123on August 23 2014, 6:34pmReplyFlag
        gta vice city dlc the weapons we need. Screw Driver, Machette, Spaz Shotgun, Ruger, Flame Thrower, We also need the Vechiels. The old version of a Blista Compact, Cuban Hermes, Hermes, stallion (convertible), Comet (convertible), Deluxo, Hotring Racer, Bloodring Banger, Esperanto, Idaho, Oceonic, Love Fist Limo (or let me change the colour and upgrage the Limo), Angel, freeway, Walton, Burrito, And Air Crafts. Sea Sparrow, Skimmer, Boats. Rio, Squallo, Speeder, Dinghy, Jetmax, i need these cars to complete my garage i dont care how long it'll take meto save up please Rcokstar let us have these vecheils boats and airvcrafts :)

        Thanks for listening Rockstar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        • smileylds123on August 23 2014, 6:02pmReplyFlag
          im still gonna say we need a gta vice city dlc. cars weapons cloths haircuts ect...
          • O_Aloison August 14 2014, 3:13pmReplyFlag
            Hello Rockstar, i've made some movie tributes in GTA Online with a help of some of my friends and i would like to show to you guys. They're all pics taken with the in-game phone camera and edited with the meme creator, this are the links to my picures:

            Terminator 2:

            No Country for Old Men:



            I hope you guys feature some of this pics in the newswire in the future :)

            • maxdl94on August 12 2014, 9:46pmReplyFlag
              People can follow on facebook:
              Gta 5 snapmatic community rate/fun.
              Unfortunately there not many followers.
              U can post/comment pictures and many more.
              This is only for real players and not dor modders and hachers.

              Come join and have some fun!
              • cinemafaceon August 10 2014, 11:44pmReplyFlag
                Nice art
                • Chillspotteron August 10 2014, 7:28amReplyFlag
                  lol that Reuben's Trevor looks like Neo Cortex!!
                  • DAMOHTIDon August 10 2014, 7:09amReplyFlag
                    Ok, Cheers guys thanks for letting me know
                    • SickenAssasinon August 10 2014, 12:56amReplyFlag
                      Cool pics. I love the one made by Reuben dangoor
                      • MissQuickSkillzon August 9 2014, 5:25amReplyFlag
                        Thanks again for showing my bear playing with a toy jet pic, and AlexSniperBullet is welcome for the inspiration :)

                        Come check out my album for more pics!
                      • GTA-Hauson August 9 2014, 12:56amReplyFlag
                        I have some Snapmatic projects I think are worth seeing, here's a link if anyone would like to take a look (nothing too spectacular)

                        • HARDMATon August 6 2014, 8:16pmReplyFlag

                          • MR.T.MANon August 6 2014, 5:28pmReplyFlag
                   The Matrix in GTA online
                            • mccopoon August 6 2014, 5:06pmReplyFlag
                              very cool artworks. i loved trevor's and michael's.
                              just wondering when will the single player dlc be released?
                              also rockstar check squidphysics in youtube, he made almost all of the gta theme songs
                              • GrandTheft_Santoon August 6 2014, 2:19pmReplyFlag
                                That one picture really looks good. Its like a kind of a Mario brothers picture. Its super nice man I want a franklin brother on my T.
                                • tjost1975on August 6 2014, 1:03pmReplyFlag
                                  how is it possible to get photoshopped pics with text in snapmatic to take part in contests and so on?
                                • XxElBigMex913xXon August 6 2014, 12:47pmReplyFlag
                                  Trevor made me cringe for the first time when he looked down at these two beach people lol
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