GTA Online Creator Throwback Jobs Inspired by Classic GTA Missions

Posted on July 22 2014, 4:30pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

Recently we shared a list of fun and nostalgic GTA Online Jobs made by fans that used the Creator tool to pay homage to the gameplay of their favorite Rockstar titles of years past. This week, we've rounded up a selection of Jobs created specifically in tribute to classic Grand Theft Auto missions from GTAIII, Vice City, San Andreas and GTAIV. There's also a couple of Jobs themed around Chinatown Wars, set in a Los Santos slice of the Far East around Textile City. Click on the name of the Job to see it on Social Club and bookmark it to your game.


Team Deathmatch The Exchange by JIIThe_JokerIIK (Xbox 360)

Here we see the explosive final mission of GTAIII reimagined as a Deathmatch alongside the Land Act Dam. Extra points awarded for authenticity here as JIIThe_JokerIIK has carefully placed props to match Claude's final showdown with the Colombian Cartel. We recommend seizing control of the Buzzard quickly to gain the edge if you're playing this with one with your Crew.

Team Deathmatch Bomb da Base by DuPz0r (PS3)

This Deathmatch - based on Act II of Bomb da Base in GTAIII, where Claude and 8-Ball blow up the Les Cargo ship - offers its own fair share of bang for the buck on a shipping vessel docked just off the Port of South Los Santos terminal. Be sure to check out the empty containers raised from the ground for some juicy firepower, though beware - someone else might have gotten there first...


Team Deathmatch Four Iron by auclair-O_o (PS3)

Tommy Vercetti had to check his firearms at the door at Leaf Links in Vice City. Luckily, they seem to be far more liberal on weapon checks at the Los Santos Golf Club. In this Deathmatch remake of the Four Iron mission in VC, you'll find a few handguns scattered around the greens and fairways. Of course there are plenty of golf clubs lying around in case you feel like working on your short game.



Race Farewell, My Love... by iLewisGTA (Xbox 360)

After Carl Johnson spurned the dangerous affections of Catalina in San Andreas, she pit her new boyfriend (a certain strong, silent type) against CJ in a race around Red County. In his GTA Online remake, iLewisGTA has selected Coupes as the default vehicle for authenticity and really nailed the tight, slippery corners of the original circuit around The Panopticon in Red County. A major Rockstar fan, Lewis had made a bunch of Throwback Jobs that you can check out on his Social Club profile.

Race Valet Parking by DrHoctor (Xbox 360)

"Being a valet at the Richman Hotel has its perks, like all the nice cars that pull in. -Borrow- one of them and take it for a test drive" says DrHocter's description to this Lap Race, based on the valet parking side mission from San Andreas. Starting and ending at the Richman Hotel, and weaving through the tight Morningwood streets, there's a lot more to it than parking for sure. Watch out for approaching opponents along the looped section and try to get the customers' cars back without a scratch.

Race High Stakes, Low Rider by thewolfking90 (PS3)

Top marks for authenticity go to thewolfking90 for this Race, which nicely captures the feel of its inspiration - the High Stakes, Low Rider mission in San Andreas. Set to Muscle Cars and finishing up at Del Perro Pier, you can almost feel Cesar Vialpando bearing down on your rear bumper. The choice to set West Coast Classics as the default radio station is a lovely nod to the classic wessyde vibe as well.


Capture GTA: Lost Angels by RikkiVercetti (Xbox 360)

Inspired by the conflict between The Lost and the Angels of Death in The Lost and Damned, this Capture Job from prolific GTA Online Creator RikkiVercetti pits two teams in a proxy war for these two notorious motorcycle clubs, each tasked with stealing the signature rides from the other group. A broad stretch of rolling hills between West Vinewood and Stab City ensure that in this large capacity Capture you’ll need to spread out and leave skilled defenders to protect your precious hogs from getting stolen. Sawed-off Shotguns and Molotovs as the default weapons setting also force you to pick your shots and cover choices wisely when nearing the enemy base.


Capture Chinatown Wars by Choc_late (Xbox 360)

This is an intimate, close quarters Capture amidst the urban neon and colorful lanterns of West Vinewood's Mission Row. Expect a heavy exchange of gun fire as two teams battle it out for domination of the central alleyway where the Capture Objects are to be found. The situation is further intensified by the accurate resident gang members who carry equal contempt for both teams as well as high-grade firearms. Respawning in Canis Mesas means either bag is never far away, so stake your claim on cover to protect your teammates during a desperate grab.

Team Deathmatch Chinatown Wars by WinR4R (PS3)

Attrition across the rooftops or balls-out carnage in Sinners Passage - this Deathmatch features well thought out weapon placement ensuring that each match outcome here in Textile City has the potential to play out differently.


Once again, kudos go out to all of the savvy creators of these Jobs for their solid work (and keen memories!). If you have played any of these or other Jobs based on classic Rockstar games or missions, let the Social Club community know in the comments section and if you've made any that you're especially proud of that you'd like us to check out, be sure to tag them #throwback.


GTA Online Creator: Fan-Made Rockstar Throwback Jobs

  • R* Xon July 22 2014, 8:39pmFlag
    Hi everyone, hope you have fun playing these nostalgic Throwback Jobs. Feel free to drop your own in comments (only once though, please don't spam) so that others can check them out and remember to tag them with #Throwback on Social Club so that we can find them and play them for consideration to feature in future Newswire articles. We're definitely looking to share more of these sorts of Jobs with the community and look at Jobs from all sorts of Creators, both well-known and new jacks!

    Also, a reminder please keep your comments on topic. If you have suggestions or wishlists for GTA Online please hit up where our devs are actively reading your feedback.
  • AdmiralAubreyon December 3 2014, 11:15amReplyFlag
    Rockstar & Fellow Gamers please check out this awsome film throwback race:

    Highway To A Danger Zone
    Cruise your way on this top run to Fort Zaccundo. Feel the need for speed in this explosive race.
    • Jauhncleyon November 8 2014, 9:18pmReplyFlag
      Play my maps....deathmatch and a race...only made 2 so far
      jauhncley ....ps3
      • Fireboy769on October 25 2014, 1:39pmReplyFlag
        • GlAZZ251on August 18 2014, 5:19pmReplyFlag
          Play this Team Deathmatch

          • SLY--R0Bon August 15 2014, 9:44amReplyFlag
            Check this out, GTAIV style Cops'n'Crooks
            One person in team 1 is the boss (has the package) the rest of the team (crooks) have to do all they can to protect the boss.
            Team two "Cops" have to apprehend the boss at any cost and then return the stolen loot.
            • smileylds123on August 11 2014, 11:51amReplyFlag
              Is it true that Rockstar hav took the backless roof bobcat out of gta online. I really want that vechiel so itll go with my vice city garage :/ it said on utube that it spawns in if u drive an entity.
              • Dillonoon August 10 2014, 2:23amReplyFlag
                The Pines:

                Why should you check it out?

                It's fresh, and in a location that most GTA Online players tend to underestimate and never take consideration. There's even a little mini-story that's happening in the description and job itself! It's even been reviewed on GTAF, and even took 1st place in a youtubers top 3 creations of the week! Definitley a map you should play and consider R*.
              • smileylds123on August 9 2014, 6:14pmReplyFlag
                Why can we only buy the Vapid Bobcat LX i wonna buy the normal small version of a bobcat i wish it was the same style as the vice city one but i need the normal small one not the LX

                Please bring the normal bobcat out next dlc thanks Rockstar.
                • smileylds123on August 9 2014, 11:23amReplyFlag
                  i hope the next dlc is gonna be useful i really need a big house or a big mansion. But it wud make more sense if we did get big houses first. Please hurry up and give us this dlc. most of the players ive been talking to have
                  5 to 7 million. and if we cant afford the mansions we must have aleast enough money to buy big houses coz i have 6 and a half million. and if i or anyone else duzernt have enough money well bring them out anyways it'll give me something to do and a good reason to do mission. i like doing missions when i wonna save up.

                  please bring them out very soon thanks Rockstar.
                  • smileylds123on August 9 2014, 11:03amReplyFlag
                    Hi guys how are you. If your a big fan of the 1980s / Vice City. Then how about joining the Vice City Malibu 1986 Crew.
                    Message us back if your interested. Here our Gamertags. i Kent Paul i or Kim LDS & Social Club StuKentPaul
                    or SmileyLDS123

                    (17+ or Over Mic’s Included & the Crew Car’s the Ruiner)
                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~XBOX CREW ONLY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                    • DKmatthewon August 8 2014, 10:23amReplyFlag
                      Ther Should come a 60 s or a 80s dlc
                      • smileylds123on August 8 2014, 7:45pmReplyFlag
                        @DKmatthew I agree a 80s dlc wud be awesome i wud really say 80s mixed with a vice city dlc coz i wud love the vice city hawiian shirts. but i also agree with the 60s i wud love more old school music 50s to 80s music. :) thats what we need
                    • n1k0989on August 6 2014, 11:25amReplyFlag
                      hey guys, this is my best race, full of curves and funny! if you like to race and you are a real driver...this is the righ place
                      leave a feedback please! thank to all
                      • franjdgreenowon August 6 2014, 11:11amReplyFlag
                        On The Inside - GTA race with big jumps in the army base on xbox put the wanted level on if you dare -
                        • juicy_funon July 31 2014, 1:01pmReplyFlag
                          More races for the PS3 crowd!

                          Type: land race / motorbikes / Sanchez

                          Name: Slippery when wet

                          Description: Control means everything in this tough track across the island's highest peak! The rain doesn't make it easier... Are you a hardcore offroader who likes a challenge? Then take a Sanchez - and welcome to the team!


                          Type: land race / motorbikes / Sanchez

                          Name: Raw like Sushi

                          Description: Tricky motorbike track for offroad freaks along wildwater streams. Handle your Sanchez with care and don't break your bones!


                          Type: land race / ---gio

                          Name: Scooter Party

                          Description: Who says scooters have no fun?! Chase your friends at the parking lot and make Akuma blush! :)

                          Enjoy! :)
                          • WILLIE136on July 30 2014, 12:25amReplyFlag
                            Play this Team Deathmatch
                            • 368MADMANN99on July 29 2014, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                              It would be nice if each of these jobs could be played on both systems.
                              • juicy_funon July 29 2014, 11:39amReplyFlag
                                New race for motorcycles:
                                Kangaroo - Bike Stunting


                                High speed isn't always the best choice when guiding your bike through this stunt parcour. Mild difficulty level. Try to avoid drowning. Enjoy! :)

                                made for PS3
                                • sc00ter51on July 28 2014, 4:44pmReplyFlag
                                  I want to thank everyone that has designed and posted a race, either here or online in the game. Doesn't matter whether I or anyone else like it imo, people are trying and that to me is important. I'm an old old school gamer and being able to go free roam is sooo freakin sweet. And the fact that my fellow gamers are adding things to keep the game fresh is really promising.
                                  • juicy_funon July 29 2014, 11:37amReplyFlag
                                    @sc00ter51 Thank you for these fine words! I'm also old school (55 yrs, female) and enjoy both playing and creating.
                                • juicy_funon July 28 2014, 7:42amReplyFlag
                                  Fast, clean race for supercars and fast Motorbikes:

                                  Urban Stunt Rider


                                  - made for PS3

                                  Enjoy! :)
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