Crew Cut: Camera Clubs, Creator Collaborators and the Latest Crew VS Crew Battles

Posted on July 17 2014, 2:46pm | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

In this latest edition of the Cut, we highlight some groups who not only game together but use Crew functionality as a means of expressing themselves and collaborating on creative Snapmatic photography and Creator Job development. Read on also for fresh recaps and archived video highlights from the most recent Crew Battle front lines including face offs with stalwart community Crews like The GTA Base and Los Santos Free Roam as well as special artist editions featuring Dan Croll, Big KRIT, and more.


Just a few choice shots taken by the Snapmatic Art (SNAP) Crew's talented photogs.

For those who fancy themselves something of a Snapmatic shutterbug or simply appreciate the artistic work of those talented players who pride themselves on their iFruit aim-and-shoot abilities, there are some truly talented and very active photography enthusiast Crews out there worth your attention.

The Snapmatic Art (SNAP) Crew may be fairly new on the scene (founded just last month by Leader MissQuickSkillz) but already have amassed over 350 members and 1,652 total Snapmatic photos in their collective gallery. These guys seriously live up to their name with some beautifully framed shots from the iFruit's most popular app. In their first month of existence, they’ve already gained accolades and recognition via this spot-on recreation of the High Life art you may recall by McGoooo420 which was a winning photo in the recent #HIGHLIFE Event Weekend Snapmatic competition - and we've been enjoying other great snaps from this Crew like " Lago Zancudo" by Ivc0034, "Tongva Alley", a nature shot beautifully captured by Zenia_B, and tweekytina's voyeuristic "Mount Gordo".

A mini-gallery of beautiful Snaps by the GTAPhotographers Crew

The prolific GTAPhotographers (GTAV) Crew also boasts somes recent Snapmatic photo competition winners (including this sexy rain-soaked shot of a Zentorno from repdek). And that's just one of thousands of amazing shots taken by this 1,000 member collective (they’re nearly at the 1,000 member limit so if you’re a fan or a fellow photographer who wants in, you’d be wise to request an invite soon) that also share some of their proudest member creations on their official Instagram account. They're led by community mainstay MAKAVELI, who in addition to being a prominent member of the free-aim Slaughterhouse (XSHX) Crew, also brought us this memorable shot of a rather unconventional houseguest in the De Santa bedroom a while back. A few other great snaps from this squad include "Los Santos International Airport" by berserkraptor, "Sabre Turbo" by Snapmatic contest winning member HairyHole and "РОКФОРД-ХИЛЛЗ (Rockford Hills)" by EVOLUT7ON.



The Creators Core Club (CRE8) Crew had the good fortune of getting their recruitment pitch published in one of our early Noticeboard posts here at the Newswire and have since seen a 40% increase in membership that has collectively published nearly 6,000 custom GTA Online Jobs. Along with their PS3-focused counterpart Crew, the GTA Content Creators (GCCC), they together form like Voltron and make up the Creator-focused web community conglomerate known as

Their motto of "create, share and play" says it all, with 13 of the 90 Verified Jobs originating from members of these two Crews (not to mention being responsible for some fine throwback homages to past Rockstar titles recently featured here on the Newswire as well). Many of these creations, including GTA: That's My Rhino by RikkiVercetti and The Los Santos Riots by TIdoubleGGRR have been in regular prime-time rotation on our Crew Battles and Rockstar Broadcast Event live-streams. Check out their YouTube channel for a host of videos featuring some of their custom Jobs and their official site for recently-launched Playlists.


GTAV Soundtrack Edition Crew Battle featuring Dan Croll
WINNER: Bandmate Jacob M Berry's ALIEN BATTLE Crew by a close margin

The most recent GTAV Soundtrack Edition Crew Battle featured the man responsible for the music in the latest GTAV trailer ("From Nowhere"), Dan Croll. Along with two of his band mates, Jethro Fox (aka Tabs n Cans) and Jacob M Berry (aka Wilted_spinach), they mixed it up and split up into opposite teams fighting alongside a couple of our Rockstar Devs in a few 'friendly' Deathmatches, Races and Captures. Showing initiative right out of the gate, Dan and friends (who formed a Social Club Crew known collectively as Alien The Musical) seized a decisive win during Contend: Salty Snatch with a 3 to 1 victory. They continued this trend in other rounds with Dan completely locking down first place in Down The Drain and nearly taking first in Senora Freeway (if not for getting hung up on a pesky crash barrier). Jethro had a great showing as well, going toe-to-toe with our Rockstar Devs on all of the TDM's, matching them kill-for-kill. A great time, and Dan even hung out for some overtime, playing off-stream with a few lucky fans.

theGTABase (G4SL) VS. Los Santos Free Roam (LSFR)
WINNER: GS4L by the score of 527 - 407

The Battle between Los Santos Free Roam and theGTABase had been brewing for some time thanks to some good-natured smack talking via Twitter. LSFR Crew Leader and omnipresent community member iLewisGTA had been trading barbs with GS4L and MRGTAVInformer in the run-up to this one, but the GS4L gang went on the offensive right from the get go and wound up humbling LSFR in seven out of eight Jobs. Highlights included GS4L's renowned LambentBunny, a world record holder in over 20 Races, showing everyone how it's done on challenging courses like Baja Hangtime. Watch a highlight excerpt below, or a capture from The GTA Base’s perspective on their YouTube channel, or the full archived stream at Rockstar Twitch.

Sons of lost Souls (SOLS) VS. Untold Legendz (FAME)
WINNER: FAME by the score of 889 - 710

The Sons of lost Souls faced the Untold Legendz in 10 hand-picked Jobs. SOLS go by the motto "never give up... never back down" and against a squad that had a standing record of 33-0 in Team Deathmatch at the time, they needed every ounce of that fighting spirit. Beginning the day with Contend: Adventure TEAM!!, SOLS came out swinging hard and took a 120-96 lead, but FAME turned the tables in the Smugglers Run Land Race, taking three of the top five slots. After winning a Max Payne 3-inspired TDM, the momentum shift was complete and FAME went on to win 889-710. Watch a clip below or the full video archive on Twitch.

Konsole Kingz Edition featuring Big KRIT, Sheneka Adams (KING) and the Weekend Work Shade 45 Crew (TERM)
WINNER: KING in a clean sweep

Our longtime friends at Konsole Kingz in Atlanta let us know their Crew was ready for a Battle and were eager to face off against the New York based TheTerminatorsCrew, otherwise known as CoachPR, DJ Caesar and DJ Explicit of Sirius XM Shade 45's #WeekendWork radio show. Repping KING and joining us live via Skype were founders CJ and Butcher Black, plus actress, model and bona fide and self-described #gamerchick Sheneka Adams along with special guest, renowned MC Big K.R.I.T.. We knew the Kingz always bring their A-game but this time around they really flexed on the competition (which included a Rockstar dev helping out the TERM Crew here in NY), crushing mode after mode - watch the highlight clip below to see Big KRIT and Sheneka take win and place respectively in the Midnight Club Race and watch the full stream archive at Rockstar Twitch. Stay tuned as well for more upcoming Konsole Kingz edition Battles as well.

A few great moments (including Big KRIT's 1st place Race win) from the Konsole Kingz Edition Battle we shared on Instagram.

Live from Konsole Kingz Crew HQ in Atlanta, Sheneka and CJ warn our Rockstar Dev (playing on the Weekend Work DJs team) that creeping on the come up will have its consequences.

Been beefing with a Crew lately? Or just feel the world needs to see what you and your squad are made of? Send a link to your Crew page, with info on your preferred platform and any particular Crew you'd like to challenge, plus why your Crew would kill it on the official Rockstar stream to We're curently lining up exciting Battles for the weeks ahead.

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        • HELLO everyone my crew is open enrollment for recruitment for all low or high level players 240+ members if u wanna check out this is the link , join, and if u neend anything to ask u can contact me on psn myloveisnotmylif is my psn id and my e-mail is thank u very much.
          • greatThuglife5432 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
            Join my crew
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              Eu queria fazer uma guerra de comando contra : mexicans sicarios360

              Eu juro que se eu conseguir essa guerra de comando eu vou fazer a melhor guerra que vocês já viram.. Será bem violenta !!

              Plataforma ; xbox 360
              • oneandonlykid3 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                Team Black Outs is recruiting anyone who is a good shooter, and preferably a K/D of 1.00 or higher. I will always be at a members back if in trouble, or another one of us. message me if your interested, ill be happy in promoting good shooters to the right spots.
                • ezio514on September 20 2014, 11:03pmReplyFlag


                  Hi i'm Ezio Underboss of the family I welcome all the best crime figures into our thing.

                  -we put out hits on real players XBL PSN
                  -become made if assigned hit is complete
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                  Were a modern Day Sicilian crime family that welcome all types of ppl and associates for the first time,every one has a chance to be apart of it. I wish you luck on your rise in this family
                  • Hypn0ticSlimon September 15 2014, 11:51pmReplyFlag
                    Rich Forever Family now recruiting. If you have a mic, active online, want to do crew battles, participate in car/bike shows, bmx ride/stunt and most importantly!!!.... Willing to be Rich Forever! Then this is the crew to join.
                    • JungleLuv89on September 13 2014, 7:56pmReplyFlag
                      KillerCrew is currently holding Open Enrollment for Recruitment! We are an MC & Crew, 240+ members worldwide. Check us out today!
                      • S.Voorheeson September 12 2014, 3:27pmReplyFlag
                        Los Santos favorite Pigman, S Voorhees is looking for some new blood for The 5 Star Trmplarz, we're a tight knit crew that hold events, along with that the Pigman will be recording to YouTube here and there. 1. Have a mic, 2. 18+ 3. Have fun putting a bullet in our opponent skulls, I make content to be played by our crew, so join us by sending me a message through twitter, facebook, social club and look for my channel The Life and Times of S.Voorhees search for S Voorhees...Thank you.
                        • Hazed-Sektoron September 6 2014, 6:02amReplyFlag
                          Hazed killerz will take any crew at any time,message me on xbl if you wanna challenge us to a crew v crew my gt is HAZED Sektor
                          • ReeckRastafarion September 4 2014, 11:09amReplyFlag
                            Peccato che pubblicizzate sempre e solo le solite crew...per esempio io sono a capo di una delle prime crew di spessore italiane create su GTA V,una crew che tralaltro si è allargata su altre piattaforme sociali e ha addestrato tantissimi membri che,imparando a camminare da soli,sia sul game che come amministratori crew hanno a loro volta creato altre crew.
                            Ad un mese di distanza dal nostro 1º anniversario quindi,penso di potermi permettere di chiedere che si parli anche un po di noi anche perché abbiamo speso ore di gioco e anche ore fuori dal gioco per gestire,creare un regolamento,pagina Facebook,video e canale YouTube,per non parlare dei GRANDI EVENTI (tornei lunghi 1 mese) dei quali stiamo per dare,appunto,l'annuncio del III GRANDE EVENTO DI CREW.
                            Quindi un minimo di attenzione dopo quasi un anno di lavoro penso che ce la siamo meritati.
                            Detto questo,vi saluto a tutti cordialmente informandovi che noi siamo i NEW ITALIAN.
                            Se volete potete anche trovarci sulla nostra pagina Facebook "New Italian Los Santos Chronicles".
                            Grazie un saluto a tutti voi della Rockstar!
                            • AmmoAddict316on August 31 2014, 3:43amReplyFlag
                              NEW PS3 CREW: WOODLAND WOLVERINES

                              it's simple. i'm building a small crew of no more than 50 ACTIVE members who wanna make MONEY, RANK UP and also do some ROLEPLAY

                              - have PSN and STATS linked
                              - ALL LEVELS are welcome
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                              BECOME A WOLVERINE! LET'S RIDE!!!
                              • smokieindubinon August 29 2014, 11:58amReplyFlag
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                                hi we are a crew from Ireland called dublin 8 aka DUBS looking to find other crews ...
                                if you owed a crew add me or get the crew boss to add me ( smokieindublin )

                                we are as tight as they come from the streets of Dublin city many of our member are close friends offline and we have found some great friends online together we become a family in GTA5 .. if your crew thinks it has what it takes add me try take on the IRISH KILLERS

                                add me : smokieindublin ... PinkyThePunisher..
                                CREW NAME: dublin8 TAG:DUBS
                                • NEWERA4000on August 21 2014, 11:38amReplyFlag
                                  If any team wants to crew battle inbox me NEW ERA4000 on the social network and NEW ERA 2012 on Xbox. WE ARE BARKSDALE TOWERS. ONE OF THE MOST ELITE CREWS IN GTA. WE SPECIALIZE IN HITMEN... PILOTS... AND
                                  • IHoILmIEson August 20 2014, 5:17amReplyFlag
                                    Join Sentient Saints
                                    • Blurisereon August 17 2014, 3:28pmReplyFlag
                                      HEY EVERYONE JOIN MY NEW CREW YK HUSTLERS ON PSN
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                                      and we are an active crew and a open crew so freely join nd ADD MY ROCKSTAR ;D
                                    • Buso_Ragusoon August 15 2014, 7:46pmReplyFlag
                                      If there are any other GTA photographers out there that want to try to do some cool stuff, I'd love to extend an invite to our crew, Animal Style.
                                      • OlliEz101on August 13 2014, 5:35pmReplyFlag
                                        How can I get my photos viewed by the the GTAV community? I got some good ones and would like some feed back on how they are. Thanks Guys!
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