Rockstar Verified: 10 New GTA Online Jobs Including the #IMNOTAHIPSTER Selections

Posted on July 16 2014, 1:22pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

During the "I'm Not a Hipster" Event Weekend, we issued a challenge for players to create custom GTA Online Jobs using the new content from The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update, and tag them #IMNOTAHIPSTER on Social Club for the chance to earn Rockstar Verified glory, along with GTA$1M and an exclusive HIPSTER vanity plate. Below are our five chosen favorites, along with an additional quintet of user-created selections from recent months to complete our latest full batch of new Rockstar Verified Jobs that are now available to play in GTA Online. Just bookmark any of the Jobs by clicking on the titles below or play through them all with your Crew by creating your own Playlist.


Get to grips with the 6-wheeled Dubsta in Dubsta Warz.

 Dubsta Warz - created by Darteyld
Put the climbing ability of your new Dubsta to the test in this point-to-point Race where roads are for the weak. Starting out on Chumash Beach, get to the edge of the Grand Senora Desert as the crow flies, crossing mountains and scaling vertiginous slopes under twilight.

 The 80’s Turf War - created by GAMRZ_UK_SLiCkZ3
This neighborhood gang shootout uses over the top, action movie inspired weapons and careful placement of the cars included in the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update to give Grove Street a vintage feel. Players start with a Micro SMG and a handful of ammo, though more powerful weapons can be picked up if you can find them. The scarcity of ammo here encourages a varied approach, whether it's stalking the rooftops or demonstrating that the bonnet of a Glendale is not the best cover when there are RPGs flying around.

 Panto-monium Microcircuit - created by THEKerles
Proving that the Panto isn't just for old ladies and tree huggers, this intimate Lap Race is a test of car control and the ability to find the correct racing line. Expect tense bumper-to-bumper action, with very little runoff around some of the sharpest corners. You'll want to make the most of the few overtaking opportunities available.

Go off road in the Swedish Folkrace.

 Swedish Folkrace - created by MaximilianR18
Swedish Folkrace is a mixture of tarmac and off-road racing for inexpensive road vehicles - perfect for some of the cars featured in the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update. MaximilianR18 - a member & co-leader of The GR Live Crew - has introduced this local pastime to GTA Online, adding slippery turns that make for an intense Lap Race with plenty of sideways action. As the description suggests, try this one in your customized Warrener.

HIPSTER DEATH RALLY - created by diggzzzz
The dirt roads by Senora Airstrip are the stage for this high speed off-road Race well suited to the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update cars. Watch out for the oil container on the first corner, or you could find yourself going out with the wrong kind of bang. There's also a ramp around half way to potentially slow you down or, if you come off a slipstream at just the right time, provide an opportunity for a stylish aerial overtake.

5 Additional Rockstar Verified Jobs

 The Coil - Created by Wormbo
A hair-raising Race for Supercars that snakes around the oval ring roads at Los Santos International Airport and then down a sharp detour past the Sightings restaurant and back again. Prepare for white knuckles gripping steering wheels and game controllers as you hurtle around fast sweeping curves, along single track overpasses or through the chicanes and hairpins around the restaurant. Long narrow sections overlap several times, maximizing potential for some spectacular high-speed crashes.

 The Los Santos Triangle - Created by Ma1evo1ent Cheese
After the Verification of Farm Fresh, Ma1evo1ent Cheese comes up with the goods once again with this short, technical Race with tight, Grand Prix-style corners that will push your car handling skills to the breaking point. Leave traffic off and go with Non-Contact to ensure that there are no distractions as you gun each lap trying to improve on your personal best. The default Supercar class will get around the course pretty quick, so go for a full 4 laps to really get a feel for it.

Don't take your eyes of the road as you Loop The Lake.

 Loop the Lake - created by twisterrk
This is a beautifully simple Lap Race around the Vinewood Lake that provides fantastic views of the Vinewood sign, the Galileo Observatory and the Downtown Los Santos skyline. Try not to get distracted by the scenery as you battle for position on a narrow curving road. Aggressive maneuvers will pay off, but don't be afraid to use the brake to avoid getting trapped behind the low tire walls at several corners. This Race plays well with most vehicle classes but try Muscle or Sports for a more technical challenge. Creator twisterrk is a member of the Reddit Dads Crew - specifically designed for those whose family commitments limit the time that they have to play GTA Online. If that's a familiar issue, get involved!

 Pit Stop - Created by IckyQualms
Thematically similar to previous verified Deathmatch Lodge Battle, this is a tight TDM map with plenty of hazards - don't linger too long by the fuel tanks! Pit Stop takes place in an underappreciated area of the map just off the Palomino freeway. Head off-piste to find the lone sniper rifle or make a play for the array of melee weapons to get a jump on unsuspecting opponents coming around corners.

Running for cover in Retaliate.

 Retaliate - Created by gun_harmony
A tight Deathmatch map that makes for a small, frantic 2-team TDM or compact free-for-all. A compact setup with good use of vertical space, plenty of cover and opportunities to flank the enemy team. Head in with your Crew for an 8v8 battle and seek retribution on any Crews you've got beef with.

With some spectacular Jobs released in this batch, we're really looking forward to playing them in upcoming Crew Battles and on our special guest streams. Keep an eye out on the Rockstar Twitch channel ( this Friday at around 4pm for a run through of these new Jobs in a special Rockstar Verified Edition livestream hosted by our friend Swiftor and featuring special guest players including TypicalGamer who’s been known to enjoy previous Rockstar Verified releases. If you haven't already, head over to our Twitch page now to hit the follow button and get an email notification whenever we go live, or follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates. You can also watch the stream here on the Rockstar Newswire where we'll be embedding it for the duration of the broadcast.


Please note that in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session (you can also bookmark them at the Social Club for easy access in your next session).
Go ahead and post your Job below in the comments (only once, please don't spam) with a punchy explanation of why it's worth checking out. We're always looking for new player-created Jobs to add to the Rockstar Verified program and the best way to get noticed is to have a solid Race or Deathmatch that's been thoroughly tested by the community and refined into the most fun and fair experience it can be.

  • R* Lon July 16 2014, 9:03pmFlag
    Hey everyone, enjoy this week’s new Verified Jobs – and tune in this Friday to the Rockstar Twitch channel (follow at to see us give them all a whirl with special guest host Swiftor and guest players including Typical Gamer.

    Also reminders:
    If you’re having any kind of technical issue whatsoever, please head to our Support site at where your issue likely exists as an article you can subscribe to for automatic updates or hit up the Support Team via Twitter at
    If you have suggestions for future GTA Online updates, make sure you send them to as our devs do actively read incoming feedback for consideration. Thanks!
  • kerrigan711on February 21 2015, 2:32pmReplyFlag
    Is there any way i can view leaderboards for the airport race ?
    • jeronimo64on September 1 2014, 3:36pmReplyFlag
      Jouer, créer, partager.

      Suite de la liste :

      The Daemons Bikers : (Course)

      Single Jump : (Course)

      La montagne ça nous gagne : (Course)

      En ras d'eau : (Course)

      Land Act Reservoir : (Course)

      Beach Run Endurex : (Course)

      Pour le cardio : (Course)

      Bridge of Life : (Affrontement)

      Une série d'affrontement d'apres une map de Call of Duty en voyageant dans le temps. Une petite histoire avec en description.

      Nuketown 2000 : (Affrontement)

      Nuketown 2010 : (Affrontement)

      Nuketown 3000 : (Affrontement)

      Merci l'équipe Rockstar.
      • jeronimo64on September 1 2014, 3:34pmReplyFlag
        Jouer, créer, partager.

        Bonjour tout le monde, je suis Jeronimo64 sur PS3, j'aime créer de nouvelle activité et le partage est ma philosophie.

        J'ai donc plusieurs créations à mon actif et je souhaiterais vous les partager. Ce ne sont pas des activités totalement WTF mais elles gardent tout leurs charme. A travers mes activités j'espère vous faire redécouvrir des lieux peu souvent exploré.

        Je vais vous faire découcrir le bonheur de faire des courses nocturne en sens inverse. Qui rêve de faire la route 68 de nuit en sens inverse ? Vous ? Alors je vous propose de tester cette couse à travers ma palette de création.

        Route 68 Inverse : (Course)

        Grand Senora Dragster : (Course)

        Stop Cars Edition : (Affrontement)

        Stop Cars Edition 2 : (Affrontement)

        Ultimate Game : (Course)

        Los Santos Drift : (Course)

        Grand Tour d'Alamo Sea : (Course)

        Beach Area : (Course)

        Beach Area Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Beach Area)

        Mirror Park : (Course)

        Mirror Park Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Mirror Park)

        Pacific Bluffs : (Course)

        Pacific Bluffs Inverse : (Course en sens inverse de Pacific Bluffs)

        Merci l'équipe Rockstar.
        • thepredatorstickon August 31 2014, 5:31pmReplyFlag

          • thepredatorstickon August 31 2014, 5:29pmReplyFlag
            Please try my deathmatch, is very chaotic and very fun to play with friends.

            Construction paintball:
            • Phaltsaron August 26 2014, 7:57amReplyFlag
              Hi, you can try this, it's my second selection
              ( the first is here )

              Tourne en bourique ! (race in 3x8)

              Curvy Curves (race where even the voltic have a chance)

              Bouseux are back in town (off-road race)

              Shortcuts (gta race)

              Rollin' Rollin' Driftin' (very hard, night, rain and old coquette)

              thank you, and sorry if the post is too long.
              • EllisJ123on August 23 2014, 7:16amReplyFlag
                Please try my races, I have always wanted one to be Rockstar verified.

                My best ones are:

                - Wear and Tear
                - Ascend
                - Parking Issues
                - Tangents
                - Around The World
                - Awkward Archipelago
                - Cataclysm Verge

                - Street Credit
                • BumpyRogueon August 21 2014, 10:12amReplyFlag
                  • Wiliamzsonon August 20 2014, 6:46amReplyFlag
                    Hello Rockstar, I have made a deathmatch, if you want to try it? thanks.
                    • STEASH2on August 19 2014, 11:58amReplyFlag
                      Rockstar I have got about 6-7 land races that are created, they are TEST TRACK 1,0 and 3.0, Grand National, Hollywood Tour, Desert Hunting, Route 66, Highway Sprint. It would be nice to see some of these verified. Note not all of the races have the rockets or boosts when put in the GTA race option. Thanks
                      • WhippyFriskyon August 17 2014, 8:06pmReplyFlag
                        I have made my own Baja 1000, it's a playlist of 5 offroad races which all total up to 50 miles. It was modeled to feel like the actual Baja, with tight curves and speedy straightaways. Any fool can floor it, but to finish the race it takes caution in knowing when to slow down. I have the races published and ready to try, if you're up for the challenge.
                        • HolySoldier116on August 16 2014, 10:51pmReplyFlag
                          I have 2 races and 1 death match
                          1. Observatory Dash
                          a pretty simple 4 lap race that's geared more for people who love to drift
                          2. Suicidal Tendencies
                          It's another 4 lap race down by the commute it'll have u driving through gas tanks jumping off the monster building racing down the beach jumping and driving against oncoming traffic not for the faint of heart
                          Death Match
                          1. Fight Club
                          Exactly that no cars no weapons no health and no place to run and hide just a fist fight till the death with a twist it's high on top the big construction building so don't fall or u loose a kill check em out
                          • MIKEY1281420on August 16 2014, 8:15amReplyFlag
                            Check out my race its called Formula Drift!! i have made a total of 6 races with this name put them in a playlist and then you have a full formula drift series CHECK IT OUT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!
                            • Reaganomics2012on August 12 2014, 6:54pmReplyFlag
                              Sorry for the late post, guys.

                              I also made a few races and a deathmatch that you guys can check out if you want. I'll list them below to keep it short. Feel free to check it out and your input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Social Club!

                              1. San Andreas Tour
                              2. Casino Royale (may have to be edited due to copyrights to the name and I couldn't think of another name that works.)
                              3. Great Chaparral Rally
                              4. Vehicular Manslaughter I (Demolition Derby/Deathmatch - It's
                              weird, not sure how it will work, but it's worth a try.)
                              • Reaper3939on August 11 2014, 1:41pmReplyFlag
                                Never any new missions, this game seem geared for the TDM players, the racers but nothing for those who love the plain old missions! Last new mission to open up was Rooftop Rumble at Rank 75, I'm nearing rank 200 how about a new mission?
                                • CardiacMiston August 10 2014, 2:10pmReplyFlag
                                  Try the race 2 Farts 2 Furious. This race needs verificarion! It's awesome!
                                  • Evan3737on August 10 2014, 1:34amReplyFlag
                                    I made "Jumps 'R' Us," and I promise my new race "Jump After Jump" is just as good, if not better. This thoroughly tested and refined race features 13 awesome jumps challenging enough for highly-skilled racers, but user-friendly enough to be enjoyed by racers of any skill level. You will not be disappointed.

                                    • Madonruokaon August 9 2014, 5:23amReplyFlag
                                      I have a couple of races here
                                      Tee Titans

                                      Race in that famous golfrange with motorcycles. Really tight corners and jumps over water hazards. Might give you a bath :P

                                      City Slice 2

                                      Race though city with coupes. Nice race if you ask me butt that's just my opinion. At the end try to just your speed on those downhill parts or you might hit trees. ( don't know who planted those in there )
                                      • Ash.112233on August 6 2014, 11:38pmReplyFlag
                                        After the update has become a device does not work I have again and I can not access the Internet? I hope to solve that problem
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