Rockstar Game Tips: Mastering the Most Challenging GTA Online Contact Missions

Posted on July 14 2014, 2:43pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

As well as Races, Deathmatches and Captures, the huge array of Jobs available to play in GTA Online includes Contact Missions where you can team up with others online and earn GTA$ by stealing military hardware, busting drug deals, assassinating would-be rats and much more.

We've identified the five Contact Missions that players find to be the most challenging and laid out our tips for beating them. As there are lots of ways to approach any mission, some just effective as others, we have opted for those that are fun and rewarding to execute as a team, as well as being sound strategies for success. All of these missions were played on Hard for maximum challenge and return of RP and GTA$. Our players were all of Rank 100+ but bear in mind that some of these Jobs are only unlocked at certain Ranks.

Death From Above
Available from the Start Menu | 1-4 Players | Unlocked at Rank 23

An old associate of Martin Madrazo is trying to testify against him. Martin wants him gone and he wants proof the job is done. Trouble is, the target is barricaded in his mansions and surrounded by guards.

It's not just the guards you have to worry about here: the cops will be alerted as soon as you enter the mansion and will be there in seconds. This makes it very difficult to attack from the ground, since there is only one entry point to the mansion and you'll have heat coming from all angles. Our recommended approach is to take a helicopter and drop one player off on a neighboring rooftop. Then, as the helicopter hovers over the mansion, this player can take out the two guards on the mansion roof using a sniper rifle. When this is done, two of the players in the chopper can parachute to the mansion roof and hold down cover positions, while the helicopter pilot retreats and the sniper continues to fire on the guards from range.

When the evidence is in hand, the pilot can return to pick up the players inside the mansion and deliver them to Madrazo. You'll have to lose your Wanted Level first, which you can do by flying to a secluded location or giving Lester a call.

High Priority Case
Lester Contact Mission | 1-4 Players | Unlocked at Rank 25

Lester requires some documents that are about to change hands on top of the under construction Mile High Club in Downtown Los Santos. Your job is to take the documents to Lester's warehouse.

A helicopter is essential for this Mission. One approach is to land on top of the Maze Bank tower and snipe all of the guards on the neighboring Mile High Club building from there. But our recommendation is for three players to parachute directly onto the Mile High Club, ensuring to land in a cover position, and take a more direct approach while the pilot retreats to the Maze Bank and provides sniper support from there. When the guards are clear, grab the suitcase and get ready to take out the enemy chopper. The best way to do this is stay on the same floor where you collected the suitcase, since the concrete pillars provide better angles of cover. Your support helicopter should be ready to pick up the player with suitcase and transport them to the Warehouse for the dropoff, but they can also assist by distracting the enemy chopper if the players on the ground come under heavy fire.

Base Invaders
Available from the Start Menu | 1-4 Players | Unlocked at Rank 27

Trevor Philips Industries are looking to expand their fleet with a Cargobob. They need you to steal one from Fort Zancudo and are willing to lend you a plane to get there - as long as you keep it in one piece. You're also going to want to take out the fighter jets so that they can't come after you.

The choice spot to land the Velum is the runway to the west side of the base as there are fewer patrols there and it will allow all players to get into position without drawing too much initial attention. Have one player parachute onto a hanger en route as it offers massive potential for snipers. A solid plan for taking out the Lazers is to grab a Barracks and drive fast past all of the jets, planting a Sticky Bomb on each as you pass. Remember to only detonate after you have planted all Sticky Bombs and are in position to storm the hangar, since the explosions will bring reinforcements.

It's time for one designated player to infiltrate the hangar and steal the Cargobob. This may sound like a tall order for one player, but it is manageable with the other three distracting most of the guards outside. Defending players should try not to bunch together, since this will make them an easier target for the guards.

Approach the hangar from behind, as there are more cover opportunities there. Enter carefully and take out the guards inside, then make a run for the Cargobob and get out of there as quickly as you can. It also pays to have a Plan B in mind, talking as a team via headsets and deciding who is going to break for the Cargobob in case the first player doesn't make it.

Once you're clear of the base it should be a straightforward cruise to Sandy Shores Airfield. Just be careful not to mess up the landing!

Out Of Harmony
Ron Contact Mission | 1-4 Players | Unlocked at Rank 50

Ron's contact is looking to take a big shipment of weapons over the Mexican border and there's a slight chance they won't be used for something totally horrendous down there. You must steal the trailer currently in the possession of The Lost at the cement works in Harmony and deliver it, in one piece, to the buyer at Catfish View boatyard.

This mission is against the clock so it's important to be quick and efficient. Our recommended approach is for the four players to split into two pairs: two players attacking from the north of the cement works and the other two approaching via a gap in the fence to the north-east. Not only will this split the attention of the guards and halve their powers of protection, it will give the two guys near the gap in the fence a clear view of the trailer. As soon as there's a clear path, they should break cover and make a run for the truck while the other two continue to fend off the attention of The Lost.

Reverse the truck to attach the trailer and then drive straight out of the cement works, following the minimap to the destination. You're going to want to stick to the roads, given that you're against the clock and you're going to be pursued by motorcycles that will have a distinct advantage off-road. As you make your break two guards on motorcycles will come after you. The two non-driving players should take them out quickly and steal the motorcycles in order to provide a fast and agile convoy for the precious cargo, which is going to come under fire en route to the boatyard. The truck driver should take out any motorcycles ahead, since they're going to be more of a nuisance if they get in behind you, and in a head-on collision truck beats bike every time.

It's not quite over when you get there either: you're going to have to protect the trailer from a wave of angry Lost soldiers. Make sure each remaining team member is in a good cover position, bearing in mind that all enemies will be coming from the road to the West. Make the most of this bottleneck and take them out before they get close to complete the Mission.

Factory Closure
Available from the Start Menu | 3-4 Players | Unlocked at Rank 18

Be a patriot. Buy American, steal foreign. A rival crew has a fleet of top-end motorbikes at the Maibatsu factory earmarked for an upcoming job. You can sabotage their plans and make some money in the process by stealing the bikes and delivering them to the drop-off.

For this Contact Mission, players will be split into three set roles - Transporter, Sniper and Lookout - and you can decide to assign specific players to these roles before the start of the Job. Our recommended approach is for everyone to head to the back of the factory via the grassy bank on the corner of Vespucci Blvd and La Mesa. First allow the Sniper to get into position using the discreetly placed ladder to the side of the factory. Then the remaining three players can fight of the guards, being careful to stay in cover and relying on scope support and headset guidance from the Sniper. Be careful not to get the trailer caught in the crossfire, as the Mission will fail if it is destroyed. When the coast is clear, one of the Transporters jumps into the trailer, while the Lookout and other Transporter grab a car and provide an escort all the way to the drop-off in case of enemy roadblocks.


We hope you find these Contact Mission tips useful and feel free to let the community know if you take different approaches in the comments.

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  • PeppersGhoston February 25 2016, 8:10amReplyFlag
    Death from Above can be done solo with any car including convertibles, under 4 minutes. You just need to know how..
    • phenomhealth2on February 25 2016, 10:15amReplyFlag
      @PeppersGhost Explain how as every time i go into the area of mission i get a wanted level and that's without me shooting anyone at start,so if can be done easy with any car at all without anyone shooting you then players might wish to know how it's done
    • PeppersGhoston February 25 2016, 7:12pmReplyFlag
      @phenomhealth2 Drive your car to the head entrance, kill the first guy and drive directly into the pool garden (right) then kill the guy under the tent thingy, hold there and you should have an angle on your target. Kill him and take the picture then drive out. Yes it requires a bit of luck but can be done 9 out of 10 times on hard. You got to be really fast and accurate. Hope that helps..
    • phenomhealth2on February 26 2016, 3:37amReplyFlag
      @PeppersGhost thats how i do it now but without shooting anyone at the gates and yet i still get a wanted level on me so doe's that happen to you as well?...if not then i guess i must be doing it wrong but yet still able to complete it none the less
    • PeppersGhoston February 26 2016, 4:17amReplyFlag
      @phenomhealth2 Yes you can't avoid the wanted level,that's why you have to be fast.
    • phenomhealth2on February 26 2016, 8:00amReplyFlag
      @PeppersGhost Ah ok i got ya now thank's for explaining how you do death from above hopefully it will help new player's out on how to complete it
  • aone_getdismoneyon February 23 2016, 8:26amReplyFlag
    Here's me running through all of these so called challenging missions
    Out of Harmony -
    Factory Closure -
    Base Invaders -
    Death From Above -
    High Priority Case -
    • IXGEORGEXIV2on February 22 2016, 6:09amReplyFlag
      Trash talk use savege and wait 15 min then finish mishen full pay out more people more money
      • phenomhealth2on February 22 2016, 6:18amReplyFlag
        @IXGEORGEXIV2 Nah,with trash talk get into your own car put sticky bomb's on all four trash trucks then if you own one order a tank collect tank then detonate sticky bombs and head to final location and finish mission lot easier than a helicopter lock on when in a tank believe me
      • IXGEORGEXIV2on February 22 2016, 9:18amReplyFlag
        @phenomhealth2 It tacks longer in a tank a savege can lock on and fly faster pluss the tank is so slow you oley need to wait 15 min with 6 or 4 people to get the max payout so when you get to the las
      • IXGEORGEXIV2on February 22 2016, 9:19amReplyFlag
        @phenomhealth2 Last trash truck wait for the 15 mins and mesaround or somthink trust me

        ps i submited my ufer coment to earley sozzz
      • phenomhealth2on February 22 2016, 10:39amReplyFlag
        @IXGEORGEXIV2 Tanks might slow but when doing this mission on your own which i do alot it come's in handy for the last part to the mission,imo it's a lot easier than a helicopter as when you get shot at in a helicopter you can be hit in a tank you can't...but it's each to their own on how you want to do a mission i just found a better way and when not double money i can make $16k each time playing it on my own which i prefer
      • CanadianClub449on February 23 2016, 10:32pmReplyFlag
        @IXGEORGEXIV2 Or you can just keep replaying instead of wasting 15 mins doing nothing.....
    • blackmarket1989on February 21 2016, 11:52pmReplyFlag
      I miss pickup sticks
    • phenomhealth2on February 21 2016, 4:56amReplyFlag
      With Base Invaders i normally get my tank and jump it over the fence near the bridge entrance (people who think it can't be done i can say it can be as done it load's of time's now) and kill almost everyone in the army base then blow up jets then steal cargobob and fly back to sandy shores and get in rons' plane...Mission Over.

      Death From Above i drive my armored Kuruma straight in and round the back while still in car i kill target take picture and lose cops goto martins and again...Mission Over

      Out Of Harmony i normally get a truck off the road and go up on to a hill to the right of the area and kill everyone from up there first then steal the truck...again Mission Over once you get to last location

      High Priority Case i normally get my buzzard kill the one's i can with the rockets and then land on a ledge that is eye level with where the guy holding the case is and snipe them from there then land my buzzard on the building on the same level as the case,collect the case back int6o buzzard and blow up bad guy helicopter and take case to Lesters warehouse...Mission OVer
      • Fedep_on February 21 2016, 7:45pmReplyFlag
        @phenomhealth2 Yeah bro!!! I do the same, sometimes playing with others is annoying. I've played each mission like thousands times alone. Some missions are too long if you play by yourself but in the end... Money!!!
      • phenomhealth2on February 22 2016, 5:15amReplyFlag
        @Fedep_ Exactly,sometimes nice to be able to play missions with other's but the thing i find with that is they don't do the mission how i would and end up messing things up and taking forever to finish them if they collect the package to be delivered which is annoying,but almost all missions can be done on your own and with out any problems at all if you know what your doing
    • Semi85on February 20 2016, 10:59pmReplyFlag
      get an armoured kuruma for death from above and a savage or a hydra for high priority case
      • Maihckon February 19 2016, 12:56pmReplyFlag
        Base invaders - get in rons plane then get out, bring your own heli
        • 59612154on February 19 2016, 9:13amReplyFlag
          I'm looking forward to the blow up missions, 15 min will get you 45k!!!
          • wvginsengon February 19 2016, 8:49amReplyFlag
            I have an easy method for out of harmony. 1 player can do this mission. There is a building from where you can snipe most of the enemies without triggering the timer countdown. There is also a truck sitting right there to drive and pick up the trailer. By the way rockstar left out one of the most difficult missions and that is dry docking.
            • Ravenlieon February 19 2016, 8:47amReplyFlag
              Yeah the best part about missions is doing them alone or with one other friend. Not really into the four player stuff takes too long, too much talking, jerks, not fun, not paced for how I want to play. Lag too. Mostly the other stuf though.
            • psych0fr34kon June 28 2015, 7:31amReplyFlag
              why would you need more then 1 person in "Death From Above" ?
              Enter in your kuruma (armored)
              eliminate the suits in the villa
              get out, reduce the stars to nil
              return, take a snapshot, loose the stars and go to madrazo's and done.
            • strigataaon February 26 2015, 7:39pmReplyFlag
              What i laugh at is players trying to kill other players while on a mission. Newbies dont know any better and the experienced players are just trying to do it to be d**ks! Why take part in a mission just to kill the other players??
              • smokingcalibudon February 19 2016, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                @strigataa I agree totally with that ,there are way too many d**kS just trying to ruin other people's missions or heists by just doing stupid sit !
            • Rob_Ruthlesson February 17 2015, 11:33amReplyFlag
              Some of the missions from the PS3 never transfered over to the PS4, what gives rockstar?
              • Kingsononeon November 20 2014, 2:27amReplyFlag
                Death from Above : Drive in through the gate turn right head to the back of the mansion, spin the car so you can exit and use it as cover, there's one guy under the pergola the rest are around the mansion. The target is right infront of you back of the house under the balcony ..... take your picture, drive like hell. Bloody and fun !
                • joaoboss125on November 14 2014, 7:52amReplyFlag
                  What about Effin Lazers? Fix it first
                • Shing_Nomadon October 28 2014, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                  Give us a outlaw biker DLC Please. We are the Laffing Devils Nomads LDMC our presidents name is Sikkboyy. Give a recognition and a shout out we are better than the Apache crime family.
                  • countRerason October 5 2014, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                    How is American Exports not on the list? It is easily the most annoying mission ever. Escaping in a cargobob is not the easiest thing to do when helicopter are spawning left and right while flying away. In addition, the helicopters are faster than you are and catch up in no time.
                    • Hashasjinon October 31 2014, 9:33amReplyFlag
                      @countReras for a single person mission, steel the cargobob, land it as quick as you can, run away, get shot, go back to the landing spot, fly cargobob to end mission
                    • IShotYouKid702on November 18 2014, 7:22amReplyFlag
                      @countReras that one is easy, when you get the cargobob fly straight up don't more out of the base just keep going up and you will lose the wanted level, but only can break into the base otherwise it destroys the plan
                    • BAD2020on February 20 2016, 7:26pmReplyFlag
                      @countReras You call in a fast helicopter. When you get to military base don't cross the fence into the base. Have 2nd player parachute
                      into the base while 1st player in heli lands by the swamps next to the base. Player 2 brings the cargo Bob and lands next to player 1. Player 1 takes the cargo Bob with no wanted level while player 2 takes the fast helicopter to outrun the cops. The last part is easy.
                  • Riztofon October 3 2014, 10:52amReplyFlag
                    La mission "la mort venue du ciel" n'apparait pas dans le menu activité, ainsi que quelques autres ( quarté dans l'ordre, et belle récolte)... "Belle récolte a disparue depuis la mise a jour 1.17, j'ai vu ça sur le support Rockstar, par contre j'ai rien trouvé pour les 2 autres. ça m'embête, je voulais les faire.
                    Si quelqu'un à une réponse/idée, je suis preneur,
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