10 New GTA Online Rockstar Verified Jobs: Drift Paradise, Hipster Rage and More

Posted on June 25 2014, 12:56pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The newest round of Rockstar Verified GTA Online Jobs features a mixture of Land Races, Deathmatches and Captures that have caught our eye recently. Ten new Jobs have been given our stamp of approval, including Races perfect for drifting (and some of the retro rides included in The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update), a Deathmatch on a wasted bridge and a Capture Job featuring a gang of angry hipsters stashing contraband in 24/7 stores.

Read on for all the details on these new Verified Jobs and click each Job title to add it to your game's bookmarked Jobs. And keep an eye out for more Rockstar Verified Jobs in the very near future, including the chosen selections from our #ImNotAHipster Event Weekend Creator Competition.

Taking in the view in Holy Drift Mountain

Holy Drift Mountain - created by Heavy Magic
This Lap Race for Sports cars takes us along a picturesque route from downtown Vinewood, through Vinewood Hills and back again. Ambient traffic is disabled by default so that you can really carve up the winding, high speed corners in search of perfect lines - just don't get too distracted by the stunning view on the way down. Before getting Verified, Holy Drift Mountain had been played nearly 6,000 times and its popularity is entirely justified.

Far Out LOOP - created by Pakelikea
This technical road Race twists around the vineyards of Grapeseed and has Supercars as its default class. Several tight turns and hazards such as farm equipment and drainage ditches create plenty of opportunities to tangle with the opposition, and a looping section maximizes the chances for collisions as the pack spreads out. A great spectacle, don't be surprised to see this one in our live streamed Crew Battles soon.

Sky high combat in Maze Bank Fight

The Maze Bank Fight - created by N7 - Devestator
A Contend Capture of epic proportions, this Job sees two teams battle it out in Buzzards over a single Capture Object on top of the Maze Bank Tower. As if that weren't a tall order in itself, RPG wielding goons on the helipad won’t make it any easier. Once players have collected the package, they can either get back in their helicopter and fly back to their base, or parachute off and race back at ground level.

Hipster Happy Hour - created by Foghat1977
A shining example of quality over quantity, Hipster Happy Hour is only the second Job Foghat1977 has published, but this exciting Sports Race through Downtown and Vinewood shows considerable talent. Bearing some similarity to the popular Rockstar Created Race “Downtown Underground”, it works well with Traffic off and features excellent Prop placement to form a couple of unexpected corners.

Fighting over a loose bag in Hold: Shopping Spree

Hold: Shopping Spree - created by Skilledscout
Skilledscout, the leader of the Sir In A Suit Crew, gets down to business with this sprawling Hold Capture set around the beachfront villas of Chumash. The coastal town is really brought to life by dangerous Actors occupying shops and protecting the Capture Objects at all costs. Once you've managed to elude them, the escape path to each Capture Point is a breezy dash along the Great Ocean Highway. Just hope an opponent isn't waiting for you when you get there.

Marios Race - created by Fifides
Set in downtown Los Santos this short Lap Race sends Sports cars weaving through highway and street-level traffic, and features a solid mix of sharp turns and wide straights for overtaking. It's also well suited to Compacts. A savvy racer might want to hang back in second place going into the final straight and use slipstream to power over the small ramp just before the finish line.

A wasted bridge is the setting for an intimate shootout in Quarantine

Quarantine - created by Raymond Calitri
"The bridge is dead. Fight to survive." reads the description for this Deathmatch set on a section of the Elysian Fields Freeway that comes from a regular on GTAForums’ content subforum. Fitting the ‘quarantine’ theme quite nicely, weapons and ammo are limited and the road is littered with wrecked vehicles so tactical play and ammo scavenging are crucial.

Obstacle What? - created by GSXR01570
GSXR's motto is "Work Hard, Play Hard, Game Harder" and it's clearly paying off judging by this challenging obstacle Motorbike Race. You start out in downtown Los Santos, and race to the edge of the Grand Senora Desert and back. Along the way you’ll have to deal with high speed chicanes, obstacle jumps and up to 15 other players vying for position.

Rattlesnake Run - created by a_smitty56
Nonchalant Dominance Crew member a_smitty56's Supercar Race takes place on the road section around the El Burro Heights oil field. We used part of this route in Rockstar Created Race “Dock Ring” but it's a surprisingly underused location among the Creator community. Lots of twists, turns and wooden fences that you can push other players through make for a competitive Race where aggression is a virtue.

Taking to the surf to score some kills in Sonuva Beach

Sonuva Beach - created by Handcuff Charlie
Handcuff_charlie's first Verified Job Pier Pressure II has already seen plenty of play time in our Rockstar live-streams. Sonuva Beach is another creation showcased on GTAForums - a tight little Deathmatch that’s been marked out entirely with user-placed Props on the Palomino Highlands Beach. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into Prop placement to give this DM a central ‘focus’, choke points and alternate routes. Weapons are restricted to shotguns but grenade and Molotov pickups are placed around the map to spice things up and provide tactical variety.


Please note that in addition to occasionally changing Job names due to taste, copyright or other reasons - we also from time to time will make other small edits to players' Jobs before making them Rockstar Verified. This includes, but is not limited to modifying spawn points, improving checkpoints or increasing/decreasing the amount of weapon picks ups for a particular Job. Once Jobs are Rockstar Verified, they become available for play across both platforms, so whether you're on Xbox 360 or PS3, you'll have all these newly Verified creations available in your next Freemode session (you can also bookmark them at the Social Club for easy access in your next session).
Go ahead and post your Job below in the comments (only once, please don't spam) with a punchy explanation of why it's worth checking out. We're always looking for new player-created Jobs to add to the Rockstar Verified program and the best way to get noticed is to have a solid Race or Deathmatch that's been thoroughly tested by the community and refined into the most fun and fair experience it can be.

3 New Deathmatches and a New Capture plus a Few Familiar Faces
The Watch Tower, Criss Cross Dock Race and More

  • R* Kon July 3 2014, 1:57pmFlag
    Hi all, hope you’re enjoying this batch of Rockstar Verified Jobs. We’ll have more to announce soon, including the #ImNotAHipster selections that are actively being reviewed.

    A reminder that if you have any feedback about GTA Online you’d like us to listen to, please shoot it to GTAOnline@rockstargames.com where our dev team evaluates direct player suggestions. Thanks everyone.
  • ingmarKrustyKrabon January 12 2015, 2:57pmReplyFlag
    I can make the best jobs in history but no-one joins.
    • E553XBWO1on October 23 2014, 9:28amReplyFlag
      I am A small fish in a big pond. Hoping you all can check out my new race i created called Eat SleepRace Repeat.
      Share with your friends THANKS!!!! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/getting_sick_with_it/games/gtav/jobs/job/HSO_pvppbEGjTVzaAHhqUQ?platformId=2
      • Blindsided_HDon September 2 2014, 7:07pmReplyFlag
        Hey Guys This Is SkilledScout ( or used to Be ) Dont Belive me? Check the Leader of Sir in a Suit Clan. Just to point that out. and so has my Xbox Gamer tag.

        Good Day!
        • jul9911on July 21 2014, 8:05amReplyFlag
          Hello fellas,

          if ure interested in nice Pro Races, check them out:

          Hot Quickie
          Quick and Fast Race. Feels like a Bottle neck!

          Slot Car Run
          Ever played with a slotcar as a child? Now u do it on GTA!

          My Lane!
          Dude dont cut my lane! Easy to say, hart to do!

          I love Richman
          If i have enough money, i buy a house there and kiss the world!
          • lezig-ps3-ps4on July 20 2014, 6:35amReplyFlag
            • BadBoy419on July 19 2014, 11:30pmReplyFlag
              Enjoy Capture missions? Mine are well made and fun for everyone! some are quite challenging. Bookmark them and enjoy!




              • citizen54433on July 19 2014, 8:07amReplyFlag
                What the hell rockstar! i lost ALL my DLC weapons.
              • Choppelaaron July 15 2014, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                I have same races and a deatrmatch that people realy like, but I have one problem. I can't get full servers to play. so I hope that you guys could help me out. bookmark my jobs an leave them like if you like it and most importand. try to play with a lot of people. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/heerenlanden/games/gtav/jobs/job/Tl6JMCdzHEOlgV-HoJQv9g?platformId=null http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/heerenlanden/games/gtav/jobs/job/TlADWXjan0yfuQhulqffrQ?platformId=null http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/heerenlanden/games/gtav/jobs/job/TmSOgeuZnkSDJarmNW48uQ?platformId=null http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/heerenlanden/games/gtav/jobs/job/u0EXu8GnpUaNp1zZijDiuw?platformId=null
                • DEADLYCRAZEon July 14 2014, 7:00amReplyFlag
                  hey rockstar and fellow gamers if u enjoy long straights obstacles and jumps try my race ROUND AND ROUND nearly 3000 plays can you help me get there!
                  link below:
                  • nzaxleon July 13 2014, 6:50amReplyFlag
                    You like challenging offroad races? Land air sea is for http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/6s5xsyMpeEyComI5_24eEQ?platformId=1
                    • nzaxleon July 13 2014, 6:43amReplyFlag
                      I have to say its nice to see nice race tracks getting verified, if you are after well thought out races try some of mine http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/nzaxle/games/gtav/jobs/job/6s5xsyMpeEyComI5_24eEQ?platformId=null# or add me gt spinning axle,
                      • VxAxDxExRon July 9 2014, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                        Rockstar, please take a moment and look at this deathmatch, it has over a thousand likes to 181 dislikes http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/ZlHztByHc0uDpJhlRBGfAA?platformId=2
                        • DeafAtheiston July 8 2014, 9:50amReplyFlag
                          I've been creating races all weekend. I just made another one that's gotten pretty good reception from most of the people that played it.

                          Morning Wood.

                          A hectic morning (of course) race of muscle cars (because these racers feel the need to show off their major... uh... egos) on a decidely phallic shaped lap race course. Which will go from hectic to frustrating if the host turns the traffic on prior to the start because the majority of the track goes the WRONG way into traffic!

                          I've yet to set up a race with the traffic on because I felt that would be too frustrating and cause downvotes, but the option is available for those that want a much more difficult challenge.

                          I can't copy and paste links here on my Xbox browser but just put in my Gamertag (DeafAtheist) in as a search term and it should pop up because I put my Gamertag as a search term to make jobs I make easier for others to find by my name.

                          Also I've made some edits to The Be Lucky Derby race since I posted it in here the other day which I hope Rockstar will take note of if they are already considering it for Verification.

                          I'd really like The Be Lucky Derby to be a race restricted to Biftas but unfortunately I am unable to force specific vehicles so I hope you guys at Rockstar will make it a Bifta only race if you verify it, thanks!
                          • jackle77on July 7 2014, 6:39pmReplyFlag
                            Hey guys this is jeff redner from cross country killer coming at you! Looking for some high speed excitement? Well look no further. Raging for Speed is the race you need my friends. With a smooth layout of turns through Los santos and one ultimate jump AND a very versatile track that can be raced by most vehicles and in gta mode. So what are you gunna do? If I were sitting were you were I'd be thinking its time for " RAGING FOR SPEED".
                            • NavNavRangeron July 7 2014, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                              Hello Rockstar and gamers,

                              Here are some of my custom created jobs:

                              "ARMY OF ORGANIC DRONES"
                              This is a capture job for skilled pilots. Strategic teamwork is an important part of the job.

                              "KORTZ SHOOTOUT"
                              A strategic Deathmatch in the Kortz center.

                              "URBAN RACETRACK"
                              A race through LS for any type of car and bike.

                              "Flight Control"
                              A medium air race through LS for Jets, planes and helicopters.

                              "Content Raider"
                              A capture job with exciting watercraft /chopper chases.

                              "Sharking the waterfalls"
                              A water race for watercraft's through waterfalls and a swamp.

                              Leave comment about what you like or dislike about the job and how to improve it.
                            • DeafAtheiston July 7 2014, 1:10amReplyFlag
                              I've got another job I think deserves Rockstar Verification.

                              The Be Lucky Derby

                              I've been promoting the heck out of it the past few days with some really positive reception. Many people even loving it so much that the majority voted to replay it multiple times. That's always a good sign. It's got about a 75% approval rating. Of the few that downvoted it some of them played an earlier version that had people getting stuck outside the track or stuck between bars inside the track which wasn't much fun. I edited it to prevent those things from happening anymore. A few others downvoted it because they chose Liberators or other big off road trucks that were too slow to win so they decided to be jerks and block ramps and the tunnel making it difficult for those that were racing.

                              But I digress... a bit on the race itself here...

                              This is a lap race that starts in the Casino parking lot, goes through the short tunnel under the horse track, then 3 separate ramps provide access to the track itself. The checkpoints are set up to go completely around the track then exit out a break in the fence along the north side of the track stadium, down the street (with traffic on) and back into the parking lot.

                              The race is a lot of fun when you have 10-14 (14 is the maximum I could fit at the starting point) racers because cars are jumping into the track while other cars are going around it making for some possible collisions so some players that are in the lead can lose their lead by a player that is way behind them because unlike most races where once racers are pretty much spread out overtaking them is less likely. With the Be Lucky Derby there's a good chance the lead racer will be side by side on a lap with the racer in last place.

                              I'm unable to copy and paste links on my Xbox One brower here so I can't post the link to the race itself, but I put my Gamertag (DeafAtheist) in as a search term so The Be Lucky Derby and a few of my other races should pop up doing a search on the Social Club for "DeafAtheist"

                              Note to Rockstar: I know you guys do some minor editing of races before you give them your Verification approval. So I'd like to point out that having 3 ramps to get on the track might seem like too much but I did originally only have one there but some sore loser in his big truck sat though about 3 or 4 laps of a 5 lap race right in front of the ramp making it extremely difficult for the rest of us to keep racing. So I added 2 more ramps in case that happens again to make it more difficult for a sore loser to ruin the race for everyone else.
                              • MichaelFatManon July 6 2014, 10:08pmReplyFlag
                                Iv made the Isles of man tt circuit in gta well as close as i can get it
                                • tetonattorion July 6 2014, 5:43pmReplyFlag
                                  Here are some links for the jobs that I've created. I hope you check them out :)

                                  Vinewood bank heist

                                  Wrong side of the tracks

                                  From lake to lake

                                  Toward the dreams

                                  San andreas highway race

                                  FPS in GTA


                                  Tought the wind farm

                                  • QuickdrawSkillson July 6 2014, 3:30pmReplyFlag
                                    try deathmatch: Fuel tanker from Quickdraw Skills
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