GTA Fan Art: The Illustrations of AmandaLeab and Takengo, Space Monkey Mask Replica & More

Posted on May 19 2014, 10:48am | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

This week's pictorial of awesome Grand Theft Auto inspired fan creations features some talented illustrators putting their own distinctive styles on characters and scenes from GTAV, plus an already-amazing work in progress real world replica of the Space Monkey mask, selections from one of our new favorite subreddits and more.

Of course, should you find (or create) any awesome GTA or Rockstar-related art or photos, make sure to send them our way via Mouthoff and remember to follow us at for all our latest official pics.

Artist AmandaLeab has been sharing her fantastic original GTAV fan art over the past few weeks at loseranthems.tumblr. With some awesomely fun details (like the Billy Ripken-esque hidden expletive on Trevor's boot or Franklin's tats above) and a very distinctive style with bold use of color and a healthy obsession with Trevor's days as a pilot. Amanda recently tweeted, "never gonna stop drawin' trevor" and we certainly can't wait to see what else she has in store.  

This one could easily be mistaken for a Snapmatic photo at first glance, but "Public Transportation is art" above is actually a hand-made speed-drawing by deviantARTist Biohazard-kirby celebrating Cargobob hijinks in GTAV. "At some point when we were trying to free fall in a bus, my buddy Swag mentioned how 'majestic' the bus looked in the sunset... The drawing originally took about 33 minutes." Watch the speed painting video capture on YouTube to see how it came together.

Brazilian deviantARTist and longtime Rockstar fan H8orSaints took his infatuation with Space Monkey to another level when he commissioned local craftsmen Mundo Mágico Artes to build him a custom replica. Above is the already amazing work in progress bust for the mask along with an original piece of fan art H8orSaints  had drawn. Have a look through his DA gallery and you'll see some other awesome stuff he's made over the years including a munitions-based Rockstar logo treatment and this easy to assemble Bully Papercraft (give it a shot, we did!). We're looking forward to seeing how the final mask turns out.

A super fun GTAV tiling pattern by Kuneho on tumblr. In the spirit of collaboration, she's also shared the transparent original so you can toy with it and make your own edits, only asking that you please don't forget to source.  

Ash, known on tumblr as takengo, has a great, somewhat vintage comic strip style in these light-hearted renditions and scenes of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. In "mr. orange blue n green" above, takengo uses each of their special ability colors to depict them in Rat-Pack-esque fashion, and "trey n tracey doodles" is a piece imagining a silly moment between Trevor, toddler Tracey and Michael.

Finally, we've really been getting a kick out of some of the fun 'Wasted' GIFs that have been floating around, and the r/WastedGifs subreddit is a treasure trove. Here's a couple below, but do hit up the subreddit for so many more.

Source: CynicalNsomniac

Source: Redditor hero0fwar



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  • R* Yon May 21 2014, 1:13pmFlag
    Hi everyone, hope you’re all digging this week’s gallery of fan art and pics – looks like many of you are especially enjoying that Wasted GIFs subreddit. Please also remember as always to keep comments here strictly on-topic to the content of the article – those who post off-topic Crew recruitment messages or misdirected Support inquiries or misdirected GTA Online content wishlisting (you can send those via email to if you want your feedback considered) will have their comments removed and repeat offenders may have commenting privileges suspended. Thanks all for your understanding.
  • welshy1984on July 19 2014, 8:04amReplyFlag
    I no your working hard but any chance u could bring some new mission to gta I've been play the same mission over and over not races or the other but mission as u still not got heist out yet got so give us something to do please
    • IRELANDWINNERon June 14 2014, 1:46amReplyFlag
      when will they annouce heists
      • Ermaceateron June 11 2014, 10:31pmReplyFlag checkout our youtube based clan and make videos with us today!
        • Grimey_Reaperon May 31 2014, 12:58pmReplyFlag
          Epic SNAPMATIC Montage:

          Can we get more of these kind of videos on your news section please? I get a happy feeling watching this & it's simple stuff.
          • Denilson_Montyon May 24 2014, 2:54pmReplyFlag

            Please Like This
            • AxelVonWelton May 23 2014, 10:03pmReplyFlag
              ich will unbedingt so eine Pogo the Spacemonkey Maske!!!! #_#
              • Phantomestaron May 22 2014, 4:23amReplyFlag
                Trevor locks like an sooldier from iraq but with a gamepad yo still like it. Butt Fraklin is beter.
              • g0jaraon May 21 2014, 10:44amReplyFlag
                Hey Rockstar.

                I like to use cool emblems like the most of the crews in GTA Online but i have to use your editor and by the way that one is crap.
                So maybe u patch it back or delete all socialclub emblems so that all crew emblems look like trash.

                greets gOjara

                ps: the game is awesome.
                • g0jaraon May 21 2014, 10:46amReplyFlag
                  @g0jara please answer this post
                • Novacane_Sabon May 21 2014, 2:05pmReplyFlag
                  @g0jara mine dont look like trash, and i used the editor...
                • Sprunk1995on May 22 2014, 10:30pmReplyFlag
                  @g0jara Remember that all the cool emblems you're seeing were made using the emblem editor, but it certainly demands some skill and patience to create something awesome. There are some Social Club members that are talented with the emblem editor you can try to drop them a message asking them to create an emblem for you.
                • krazedpyroon May 23 2014, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                  @Sprunk1995 There was a issue before. A couple of months back people were able to transfer whatever they wanted over to this site. Then use that to make the picture. Rockstar patched it, so there are tons of crews on here. With amazing pictures but some of them didn't actually make the picture from scratch. They copied something that was already made.
                • Sprunk1995on May 24 2014, 8:06amReplyFlag
                  @krazedpyro I heard about that.
              • KrazyAngryKenon May 21 2014, 5:12amReplyFlag
                LOL the wastedgifs have me over here crying!!
                • APimpNamedLopezon May 21 2014, 3:12amReplyFlag
                  That art is so cool maybe someone should make some art with this car when they get it online, like a mexican theme art or something look
                  • Narobicon May 20 2014, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                    I like the top one of the gifs the best
                    • Mainline421on May 20 2014, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                      When I see those "WASTED" gifs I hear the voice from GTA 1!
                      • EyAzpenon May 20 2014, 3:49pmReplyFlag
                      • grascidon May 20 2014, 11:25amReplyFlag
               my grotti collection
                        • O_Aloison May 20 2014, 9:54amReplyFlag
                          The "Wasted" series are the best!
                          • toxluvon May 20 2014, 10:45amReplyFlag
                            @O_Alois Here are all of them. One is better than the other! Haha!

                        • Synthetrixon May 20 2014, 7:11amReplyFlag
                          That Pogo bust is incredible.
                          • Sprunk1995on May 20 2014, 7:10amReplyFlag
                            Wasted ! :)
                          • MrJasonGallanton May 20 2014, 3:50amReplyFlag
                            Meh, these weren't as good as the usual stuff. I liked the wasted ones though.
                            • jjabuenson May 20 2014, 3:44amReplyFlag
                              Love the art wish they wouldbshow more liw err iders
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