The High Life Event Weekend this Fri-Sun May 16-18

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They say if you've got it - flaunt it. All this weekend Friday May 16th through Sunday May 18th, step out from your luxe Los Santos pad, and take that shiny new Dinka Thrust or Massacro out for a spin to reap special GTA$ and RP bonuses happening all around town as part of the High Life Social Club Event Weekend. In celebration of this week's High Life Update release, stocked with new apartments, high-end vehicles and weaponry and special new game features - we've got a slate of weekend-only opportunities to get bonus RP and increased GTA$ payouts plus chances to score rare gear and GTA$ prizes.


We've upped the ante especially for those who live in Los Santos' fast lane. Money doesn't grow on trees but it does hang from the helpless saps cruising the LS streets and all weekend, High Stakes Impromptu Races will make plucking it from them all the sweeter. Stakes and payouts to Impromptu Races will be doubled so lining up in your Pegassi Zentorno against a mark carries exhilirating big time risk and reward. You can start an Impromptu Race via the Interaction Menu and remember: you've got to accelerate to accumulate.


Put your money where your mouth is. For all high rollers, the Max Bet limit for all Jobs will be raised to GTA$10,000 so you can lay both cash and cajones on the table.


And because even relaxation should come with an attractive rate of return, all golf and tennis RP bonuses will be tripled all weekend. That means a birdie will see you earn 600 RP while a cheeky hole-in-one on the short Hole 6 will put 3000 RP on your scorecard and turn your opponents greener than the fairway.


Look for a windfall of valuable commodities dropping from on high with Event Crate Drops falling from the skies in such locations as the Vinewood Sign, the Observatory, Del Perro Pier, La Fuenta Blanca horse stables and the Vinewood Racetrack. The Crates will be stuffed with huge RP bonuses as well as GTA$ stacks, heavy-duty RPGs, miniguns, sticky bombs and more.


Snap your flashiest shots showing off exactly how you're living the High Life between now and end of day Sunday and tag them #HIGHLIFE for a chance to win big. We're looking for your most epic, most creative, most amusing or most artfully composed moments over the weekend featuring any of the new apartments, luxury vehicles, toasts/celebrations, haute outfits, or weaponry from The High Life Update. We'll pick five (5) favorites to award GTA$1M as well as the exclusive 'HIGHLIFE' in-game vanity license plate to deck out your shiny new ride.

Tune in to a full slate of awesome High Life Weekend live-streams starting with our own official Rockstar Broadcast tomorrow, Friday May 16th from 4-6pm ET with very special guests Rooster Teeth joining us via Skype for two hours of live mayhem, hijinks, and playthroughs of the brand new High Life Update Jobs and gear. We’ve featured the Rooster Teeth gang recently for their incredible GTA Online metagame mayhem like the “Achievement Knievel” bus jump, their rooftop demolition derby Job, and their “Most Dangerous Game” manhunt – and tomorrow, they’ll join live with Rockstar to see what kind of trouble we can get into together wreaking havoc with the new High Life Update content. Something tells us Mental States may get blisteringly red.

We'll be streaming across the Social Club Multiplayer Events page, the Rockstar Games channel and the Rockstar YouTube channel. Tune in and join us in the Rockstar-hosted chat at Twitch and at Social Club as well.

In addition to the Rockstar Broadcast tomorrow, expect a weekend full of featured High Life guest streams from friends of Rockstar on Twitch and YouTube – Rockstar devs may also be jumping in to join them in their lobbies too, so watch this space for an up to date schedule of streamers, dates and times. The lineup of featured High Life guest streams as of now includes:

Saturday at 1PM ET

Saturday at 2PM ET
Jobless Gamers

Saturday & Sunday at 3:30PM ET

Saturday at 4:30PM ET

Saturday at 6PM ET
Dat Saintsfan

You should also make sure to follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be tweeting and retweeting as featured streams happen all weekend.

While Los Santos Country Club is handing out triple RP for golf bonuses this weekend, we'll also be giving away real life golf related goodies in our High Life Social Club Event Sweepstakes. Five (5) lucky winners will each win the limited-edition GTA Five Iron Golf Club as well as official GTAV t-shirts and stickers. Ten (10) runners-up will also score Rockstar Prize Packs of an official t-shirt and stickers. You can enter to win right now through Sunday at See Official Rules.
As always, make sure you're following us on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch to stay up to date on this and other future Social Club Event Weekend announcements.

  • R* Yon May 21 2014, 1:24pmFlag
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the High Life Event Weekend! By the way, you may have seen the High Life Event Playlist live in-game over the past few days. The Playlist is still available from the Rockstar Playlists section of the pause menus, and contains the four new Races in the High Life Update so you can play through them back-to-back with the same group and find out who is the best player across a multitude of different car classes. With each Race locked to one of the new High Life vehicles, it’s a great opportunity to get to grips with the Dewbauchee Massacro, Enus Huntley S, Dinka Thrust motorbike and of course the Pegassi Zentorno.

    Stay tuned here at the Newswire as we should be announcing the Snapmatic photo contest winners and the sweepstakes gear giveaway winners soon. A reminder to be sure to check your Social Club-linked emails account for possible winner notifications (check your spam folder as well to be safe) - and to make sure that your Social Club account is updated to be linked to your most actively used email account for just such occasions.

    Finally, please also remember as always that if you have any kind of technical issues to report, please go to where your issue may already exist as a knowledge base article you can subscribe to. If not, you can create a new ticket there for help, or hit up Misdirected Support inquiries made here at the Newswire are subject to removal and moderation.

    And for those with feedback and ideas on things you’d like to see in future updates, please remember to hit up as the official inbox where we review all player suggestions for consideration.
  • SwaggyG415on July 27 2014, 6:42pmReplyFlag
    I think its awesome that they added the ability to but a second property and making it able to have a 20 car garage but it would be better if you can have 40 or atleast 30 car garage to be able to have almost every vehicle in the game that would be amazing.
    • sturideout55on July 24 2014, 6:20amReplyFlag
      You know what r* your game just keepers getting worse and worse there where hackers when the game first came out and the still roam freely and you lied twise about hiests you said they would come out in the spring well its like July 29 . I'm a 240 leget and this was my favorite game out of all the ones I have but now I'm so done until you patch all the glitches fix rtr and get rid of the hackers I won't be apart of your game
      • CodeskeeUchiaon August 28 2014, 1:17pmReplyFlag
        @sturideout55 If you see a hacker report them so rockstar and fix it. And the reason heists still get pushed back is because its something big to plan, people would glitch the hell out of it so they would do it for 30s and get paid half a million, and they must stop hackers and glitchers first.
    • Devondclubon June 25 2014, 6:27amReplyFlag
      its crazy ---es
      • YoIronmanon June 22 2014, 9:17amReplyFlag
        Hey R*, Just asking if you could make it possible to make a system that can make a whole crew enter matchmaking at once. It's annoying having to reload lobbys to have room for your crew.
        • Action170on June 16 2014, 11:07pmReplyFlag
          after running from the modders and hackers and losing the cops because one ran me over i would like to see a nice hole in the wall mexican style restaurant i could chill at and eat some food, or maybe a pot den a at least.
          • Mr_Jcraft00on June 16 2014, 6:43pmReplyFlag
            I would like a RDR dlc.
            • kashawalkerxoxoon June 16 2014, 7:48amReplyFlag
              Hey R*, you guys could maybe consider being able to mod your gun to your crew colour as an option! Because everyone's gun's look quite similar, so it would make every players more unique! And the one who aren't in a crew still have the other colour options already given!
            • Happy_Butchahon June 15 2014, 10:34pmReplyFlag
              Cothing: Bandannas on your face, Ski mask, Gloves
              Wepons: Knuckle busters, diffrent fighting moves too.
              Please put these in as soon as you guys can.
              Thanks _ Happy.
              • Happy_Butchahon June 15 2014, 10:36pmReplyFlag
                @Happy_Butchah Ohh i forgot to add hydraulics That would be so... dope
              • hazedhigh420on June 17 2014, 11:48pmReplyFlag
                @Happy_Butchah awesome new dlc in the next up date please think about adding in the ability to wear your headphones over your beanie and wearing a bracelet while wearing a scarf also all of the benches in the game please code in the ability to sit on and smoke n drink while sitting at a bench the tattoos update it so we can have unlimited tattoos are cars need new looks as well there could be a new feature that lets us create buy and sell decals for players cars boats plains ect. and instead of preset up houses/apartments let us choose how to set up are homes also please make the shower more real why do we shower wearing swimsuit please change and fix this the unreal simple effects saddens me they should be fixed shower in the nude actual drinking and can opening effects real smoking effects ect please think of fixing these things we have hunting deer to sell meat to make cash can we also fish and bird hunt to make cash what about camping when it becomes night give us the ability to put up a tent in the middle of nowhere and camp out while trying to survive against the wild animals and insane crazy hillbillies and again thank you for creating gta online
            • davidacvvbon June 15 2014, 3:03pmReplyFlag
              hi i have met a hacker named Go To CoD on xbox 360 he can teleport and he is rank 202 and changes player models thank u for reading
              • GTA_SPYHOPEon June 14 2014, 12:13pmReplyFlag
                ok, first off, if you guys keep being mad about not having heist, R* will just take longer, so yeah, careful what you guys say...
                • Happy_Butchahon June 16 2014, 11:32pmReplyFlag
                  @GTA_SPYHOPE i hate it when i freeze in a server, and its not the disc cause it happened when i got a new gta too.. please fix the freezing problem R*
              • Bluedragon5479on June 12 2014, 11:06pmReplyFlag
                Why can't we have Franklin car online? And why can't we get dogs online two?
                • RUGxMUNCHKIN2013on June 12 2014, 11:18amReplyFlag
                  when are there gonna be new events and how can i get on them?
                  • 000tanman000on June 11 2014, 8:56amReplyFlag
                    i like the new super cars and its cool to add more but i think that they should add more muscle cars and maybe some old guns they could call it the greaser pack or american muscle
                    • hazedhigh420on June 18 2014, 12:08amReplyFlag
                      @000tanman000 a dlc idea
                      a welcome to the past dlc cars weapons clothes vehicles tattoos all from are past even mid evil weapons clothes tattoos hair styles world war 1 and 2 weapons and vehicles would be cool also horseback riding idk y but riding a horse down the middle of the city shooting blowing up cops and civilians while riding a horse sounds fun to me steal a horse from a farm and go on a killing spree sounds like a good idea to me and a fun time
                  • MikePolanco14on June 10 2014, 7:37pmReplyFlag
                    No hablo inglés, alguien me ayuda? :(
                    • KeepinitGorgeouson June 9 2014, 9:46pmReplyFlag
                      SO Rooftop Rumble is removed and Trash Talk now has deducted pay. Once I had a good strategy going, meaning no cheats, or no glitches, you jerks decide to change some things around. When i want you to change some things like adding clothes in the last update, you refuse to do it. Good Job R*, Good freaking Job. -__-

                      Its real hard to save money as it is. Having random jerks come after you because they are bored, (and no I cant enjoy a lobby singled out because some missions I can't do) ammo isn't cheap, and ammo is constantly spent if the mission is done incorrectly. What's going on you guys, for real?
                      • Killfweedon June 11 2014, 2:26pmReplyFlag
                        @KeepinitGorgeous Rooftop Rumble isn´t removed it´s just different tot the old Version of the Mission now you have to shoot mor FIB Agents and the briefcase will spawn by another Agent driving a Car.
                      • Happy_Butchahon June 16 2014, 2:23amReplyFlag
                        @KeepinitGorgeous well why do you play it if you have sooooo many problems wid it? Do you have friends that play wid you? you sound lonely
                      • kashawalkerxoxoon June 16 2014, 7:51amReplyFlag
                        @KeepinitGorgeous it hasn't been removed..they just made it more of a challenge so lazy people wouldn't rely on it to get money
                    • MonarchOfGameron June 9 2014, 11:02amReplyFlag
                      r* u v got until june 20th to bring out Heist, and one thing i want to see is a tuner pack, indepht car customizations close midnight club la and new cars
                      • PlugDandyon June 9 2014, 3:11amReplyFlag
                        Please bring back triple xp Golf!!! :-)
                        • The-Conroyon June 7 2014, 1:48amReplyFlag

                          Players already have most of the combinations of the high life plates. you will be lucky to find a combination not in use by somebody.
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