Crew Noticeboard: Money Task Force, Evil Crime Syndicate, Kung Fu Krakens and Others Now Recruiting

Posted on May 6 2014, 3:49pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

The Crew Noticeboard is our featured column where we publish recruitment pitches from Crews actively seeking new members to join their ranks in their own words.

Looking to follow in the footsteps of previously mentioned Crews like the Annunaki Lords, who've picked up hundreds of new members since we first mentioned them, this go round’s got super villains with nefarious plans for world domination, heroic martial arts squads to counter them, a La Cosa Nostra collective that hearken back to more traditional times and more...


Crew Commissioner Yavvii emphatically puts it down for his Crew the Money Task Force, claiming his group is just as much about enjoying themselves as they are about stacking currency.

"Money Task Force is now recruiting! I think the name would be enough to suggest what we are about. However, if not, it's all about money, money and money!

We currently stand at roughly 160 members and are looking to recruit more active members. Promotions will be given on a regular basis based on your overall activity.

RECRUITMENT PROCESS: Send a request to join the Crew and then message me (Yavvii) or alvinlowery21 that you've asked to join and we'll accept it.

RULES: Best thing about this Crew is we don't have hard and fast rules. There are only two rules:

1. Don't kill a Crew mate.


Hoping to have fun, earn money and to be playing with all of you guys soon! Cheers."

Brasil LIVE 360 is a proud Brazilian Crew led by RenatoBMX. With a lively Facebook page, regularly updated website and a thriving member base, BRLV seem poised for greatness or at the very least, a good time.

"We're a CREW of very organized individuals with the ultimate goal of bringing together Brazilian players on Xbox LIVE. 

With recordings of weekly videos and additional events, our CREW stands for knowing what you're doing and making a difference. 

The members are selected one at a time and the friendships we make here are for life. Thanks to everyone!



The super-villainous Evil Crime Syndicate is looking to spread their influence far and wide. Led by the elusive GermanRedSkull, they aim to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies while simultaneously fostering loyalty and acceptance amongst their ranks.

"We have declared war on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Lock away your valuables, hold tightly onto your purse and keep your eyes open as the Evil Crime Syndicate is watching. We can strike at any moment, so beware!

We demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage and assassination. This is war!

Only few have met our fearless leader, GermanRedSkull. He plays his cards close. If you see him online you know something important is going down. He stays in hiding most of the time, planning and plotting away, developing our evil master plan, giving direction to his most trusted and loyal advisors such as Rerun Shoota, DanialStuart and SJStar89.

Part of our vision is to set ourselves apart from other Crews. However, our main vision is to have a Crew where all members have a say and we all agree to have fun and be friendly.

We don't care for political or religious views or opinions on how anyone wishes to lead their life - it's your life and you can live it how you want, no questions asked.

Our members and alliance Crews are here to have fun, have a laugh and not take things too serious or personal.

We are currently seeking active players to join the syndicate.

If you are respectful, funny, quirky, proud, courageous, sorted and like to live life to the fullest and have fun, join us.

What are you waiting for?

There's always plenty of tough talk in MC circles, but lieutenant Viper-29 wants you to know that the Black Wasp Crew and all of their various divisions have the killer sting to back up their bravado.

"The Black Wasp is a small and strong Crew. The brotherhood we have forged is stronger than all of the world's steel combined. We may not have strength in numbers but we are the most fearsome MC in Los Santos. Anyone who questions this can take us on. We have faced betrayal in the past within our highest ranks but that was only a small setback. We are now stronger than ever. You will not catch us in a tank. You will never see us killing guys who don't deserve it. We have our own set of rules. We are the biggest bad asses ever on a chopper, whether it's a Daemon, Bagger or Hexer. We will never leave a brother in need. We are to be feared and will never back down from a fight.

We have four major charters, starting with our main Los Santos charter, a Blaine County charter, a Prospect charter and finally our Xbox charter. Thanks for your consideration." ( Join Here )


With a spunky emblem and open enrollment, the oceanic shadow warriors known as Kung Fu Krakens are currently searching for additional players to join their shoal.

"Tired of having to jump through hoops to get recruited?

KFUK is looking for loyal members to bolster our ranks.

The first 3 new members to join will receive an automatic promotion to Lieutenant.
The next 3 following will receive a Representative rank up.
There is one Commissioner spot remaining for our best recruiter.

We are here to have all manners of fun until you interrupt our KUNG FU. Then we will be forced to release the KRAKENS!!!

About: Damn it feels good to be a Kraken / Platform: XBOX 360
Games: Grand Theft Auto V Online / Time zone: Central



This Noticeboard’s selection of featured Crew recruitment videos come to us from To Live Another Day and the Gigante Crime Family. “To Live Another Day” is a common goal for all fledgling MC's looking to leave their mark on Los Santos. Here, Leader DrakeCarter1 is fairly direct and to the point in that regard.

"Looking for an MC inspired Crew? Looking for a group of people to play with who aren't (always) tank noobs? Just want to wreak havoc on Southern San Andreas? Well, WE WANT YOU!

Ages 18+ recommended, a gaming headset IS A MUST."


Commissioner (and Don) IGotALongChin touts his role-playing Mafioso bunch the Gigante Crime Family as an organization with an unspoken honor code and the occasional flair for the dramatic when it comes to settling business matters.

"How's everybody doing? This is Don Gio the don of the Gigante Crime Family. We are a mafia role-play-based Crew. We have over 100 members. Looking for loyalty, respect and honor, we started out about 2 years ago and still stand with the same don (Leader) till this day. We have started a movement that has been effective throughout the GTA community. This has also caused a great impact on role-play gaming. If you want to learn more about this movement or are interested in joining check out this link.."


If you’re part of a Crew that's looking for new recruits, drop a link in the comments below for all to see (but only once – those who copy and paste spam the same recruitment message more than once at the Newswire will not be featured). Or hit us up at and let us know why your Crew deserves recognition for originality, skill or effort... we may publish your want ad in a future Noticeboard.

This is also an ideal opportunity to show off your Crew pride with any fun group Snapmatic pics, Crew artwork creations or awesome gameplay vids that show everyone why your squad is the place to be or the team to beat. Remember to leave a link to your Crew's Social Club page so that you're easily spotted by those looking to answer your call.

Flight Pilots, The Highland Rebels, Unusual Fellas and Others Now Recruiting

  • bam_authentic3 days, 13 hours agoReplyFlag
    Are You in need of an MC we Are a New MortorCycle club Called Highland MC,we are currently looking for only psn players no invite required, but do ride a bike and must be able to wear patch
    • Brown_Bro-274 days, 7 hours agoReplyFlag
      Are you looking for a Crew that you can trust? If so Apply Today for the best GTA experience #TSAC
      Join Our Crew! Own The Streets & Do Heists, Like Brothers.

      Apply Here:
      • bombsquad746 days, 15 hours agoReplyFlag
        hi there we are currently recruiting no invite required looking for hard working gamers to take control and also take us to the top all memebers will be looked at every few days who earns most RP will be promoted. LERE will always have your back if you have a problem with another member online we will work together to take them out. LERE take on any mission, race and death match even if the odds are against us so if your looking for a crew that likes to have fun earn cash and will always have your back JOIN US!
        • namon4206 days, 20 hours agoReplyFlag
          im looking for a mc inspired crew that is mostly into tdm and just havin fun instead of a hitlery controle
          • nolann.951 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag

            Rejoignez nous , pour des aventures folles , 3 freres issu de l'ile de france veulent monter le crew le plus fort de france
            Respect , honneur et solidarité sont les mots clés de notre crew
            Avec plein d'activités wtf , des missions et des courses poursuites
            A tt de suite la compagnie bravo !!!
            • nolann.951 week, 1 day agoReplyFlag

              Recherche membre sympa pour integré la compagnie bravo ,
              • SopranoFan1 week, 2 days agoReplyFlag
       for mafia RP players who made for "the life" only..If you wanna come see if you can earn the respect of our family then check us out

                • Famousportugese1 week, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                  Ihr sucht schon seit langem eine Crew wo ihr akzeptiert werden wollt, egal ob ihr Junge oder Mädchen seit oder einem niedrigen oder hohen Level angehört ?
                  Wenn ja seit ihr bei uns genau die Richtigen!
                  Denn unsere Crew " Bro Kartell " sucht neue Mitglieder.

                  Bro Kartell ist eine Crew Gemeinschaft die es seit nun schon etwa einem Jahr gibt. Hauptsächlich entstand die Crew aus einem kleinen verrückten Kreis mit Mitgliedern die bis heute der Crew treu geblieben sind. Unsere Jungs und Mädchen sind sehr hilfsbereite Leute die in diesem Jahr sehr viel neues gelernt haben und bei denen Ich mich persönlich nochmal recht herzlich bedanken möchte.

                  Doch..Jetzt ! ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen wo wir was ändern möchten.
                  Die Crew hat sich in den letzen Monaten sehr ins positive entwickelt und viele Veränderungen vor genommen. Bro Kartell besitzt nun eine eigene Internetseite mit internem Crew Shop. Ebenso haben wir uns in Sozialen Netzwerke wie Facebook ausgebreitet. Auch Crew Events werden veranstaltet, wo man Auszeichnungen auf unserer Internetseite gewinnen kann.

                  Doch eins fehlt uns.. und das seit ihr !
                  Wir möchten euch die Chance geben unserer Crew beizutreten um viele tolle Erlebnisse in Los Santos zu erleben.
                  Wenn ihr meint ihr seit die richtigen schaut doch auf unsere Social Club Seite: vorbei.

                  oder added mich über (PSN) (PS3) Famousportugese
                  Ich hoffe wir werden uns bald kennen lernen.

                  Euer Bro Kartell Team
                  • murtleafc1 week, 6 days agoReplyFlag
                    Hi guys looking to recruit new crew members we only have one rule thats no killing fellow crew members what we do is have fun do missions survials etc and make money and rank up so inbox if interested but the most important rule is you have fun :)
                    • Tzeno873 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                      Sickspeed Drifters is looking for more people.

                      Once we have more people, we'll hold car meets, private races, and even drift competitions.

                      Or join just for the sick JDM style emblem.

                      I love editing, so I will make some sick videos for YouTube.

                      Join - Sickspeed Drifters
                      • ViDeoGuns3 weeks, 2 days agoReplyFlag
                        FREEAiMERS: Aim Free and Die trying is our motto, Aim-Assist players NOT welcome! We mainly do missions, survivals & races. Please bring a mic. Crew killing is frowned upon..
                        • THE4_Judge_John3 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
                          We are The organization We have the fbi and a swat team we are looking for agressive expansion we help player who are getting bullied this is a cop crew looking to keep order in the greater ls area this is our website and this is the main crew we are looking for serious gamers looking for people who can follow orders and keep the peace
                          • DecodeThis3 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
                            Hard Calibers is a fun environment for mature players to relax with other players with similar interests.
                            With 3 Divisions, HC Members can populate the Racing Division and Race til their hearts are content, racking up as many First Place and Best Time as possible.
                            The Battle Division consists of serious players who enjoy combat and competition. The goal of this Division is to rise through the Leaderboards and put the HC name on everyone's tongue.
                            The Base Division is for the all around individual who just wants to cruise around Los Santos causing mischief and having fun.
                            Check out our website at:
                            There are links to our facebook and twitter accounts there as well.
                            Everything you need to know about Hard Calibers is on the website.


                            See you soon!
                            • meanjesus4 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
                              I want to eventually to have an well established crew like all the ones featured in the article. My goal in the GTA Online world is to have the most well put together crew possible. My crew is called "Nine Diamond" I reside in North Carolina & my area code is 910 which is where Nine "Dime-ond" comes from. I'm looking for the strongest players to recruit possible. So if anyone in the NC area or in the East Coast, come join us now! But not just East Coast, worldwide players come join us! Follow me on my road to take over the GTA Online world!
                              • HigorAlpha1 month, 1 day agoReplyFlag

                                Report of Clan (ENGLISH)
                                Efficiency Experts (EEBR) is a crew. Founded by Higor Farias (Higor_farias), we are a clan that is dedicated to training our skills and reaching our goals using the most efficient methods possible.

                                Our requirements are a level of 10+. We are looking for dedicated players.

                                Relatório do Clan (BR)
                                Especialistas Eficiência (EEBR) é uma equipe. Fundada por Higor Farias (Higor_farias), somos um clã que se dedica a treinar nossas habilidades e alcançar nossos objetivos usando os métodos mais eficientes possível.

                                Nossas necessidades são um nível de 10 +. Estamos à procura de jogadores dedicados.
                                • TheoAgnangouleon August 28 2014, 1:14pmReplyFlag
                                  Recrutement nouveau crew Mustang Sport Car Fr
                                  • mikez_rioton August 27 2014, 3:50amReplyFlag
                                    crew en resurgimiento buscando diversificarse y expandirse a lo largo del mapa de GTA, buscamos perfiles que aporten al crecimiento ce la crew para la creacion de diferentes ramas como lo son:

                                    bike racer club
                                    stret racer car club
                                    pilotos y aces del aire
                                    guerrilla militarizada
                                    head hunters cazarecompensas

                                    buscando estos perfiles intentamos crear un crew completo y competente para destacar en el mapa y en general en distintos aspectos.

                                    unete y forma parte de la historia del resurgimiento de un crew .

                                    gametag: mikez riot (reclutador)
                                    eddy reyez (representante)

                                    adjunta un mensaje a tu solicitud y dinos de cual rama del crew te gustaria formar parte.

                                    nota: solo jugadores de xbox
                                    • JakeyKnightsyon August 26 2014, 6:21pmReplyFlag
                                      Crew name- x Ice Cold Killers x Crew tag- ICEY . join us and become an ICE COLD KILLER
                                      • ReDbLoCKzon August 23 2014, 12:48pmReplyFlag
                                        Da All Red Hittaz are now recruiting lookin for new savages to put in work.. If your lookin join a crew or start an alliance hit me up


                                        PSN ONLY

                                        #1.loyalty & honour is evrything
                                        #2.No killing crew members
                                        #3.Always have your crew's back when its time to ride
                                        #4.Leadership/Good work is rewarded

                                        Respect shown is respect given

                                        Have to rep the crew at all times, whether it be colours, logo or cars etc

                                        Always lookin for pilots & muscle n ppl that wana have fun, be part of a team or neeed that protection...
                                        • HappyClanon August 23 2014, 11:59amReplyFlag
                                          slt je viens de crée un crew je cherche du monde pour créé une grand communauté francophone je suis sur xbox360
                                          -être Français
                                          -avoir un casque (si possible).
                                          pour plus d'info demander mois en priver je vous répondrez dans les plus bref deller;
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