Rockstar Game Tips: Making Smart, Balanced Capture Jobs with the Creator

Posted on May 5 2014, 9:50am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

Our latest edition of Rockstar Games Tips is designed to help you use the recently-released Capture Mode Creator to produce Capture Jobs that are well-balanced and fun to play, while also being nuanced enough to reward team play and strategy – much like the first four Capture Jobs to join the ranks of Rockstar Verified in last week's update.

First up are some basic steps on getting started for those who've yet to jump in to the Capture Mode Creator, followed by more in-depth tips for each of the four Capture Job types – Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid. You can also check out this handy PDF guide if you need more guidance.

Getting Started

If you're already familiar with GTA Online's Creator (if not then check out these articles on creating Races and Deathmatches), then many of the options for creating Capture Jobs will be familiar. Most likely your first steps will be to give your Job a Title, a Description and a Photo – all of which can be changed at any time. Once you've got all of the options in the Details Menu to your liking, it's time to move on to the Placement Menu, where you'll find all you need to lay down the elements that make your Capture Job unique.

The elements that make up a Capture Job vary depending on the type you choose - however, the basic elements required to publish your Job are:

  • A Title, a Description and Photo which players will see when they check out your Job on Social Club or in GTA Online.
  • Team Start Points. These are the spots where players will start the Job and you will need one for each player according to the Number of Players you set in the Capture Details Menu.
  • One Team Capture Point for each team. You can think of Team Capture Points as that team's 'base' where they will deliver and store Capture Objects.
  • Capture Objects. These are the packages that teams need to deliver to their Capture Point in order to score (vehicles in GTA Capture Jobs).
  • You will also need to complete a full test of your Capture Job, making at least one delivery as each team.

If any of these elements is missing you will see a red exclamation mark next to it in the Creator Menu.

General Advice

  • The number of teams and the number of players on each team will impact the design of your Job. Generally, you're going to want to scale up the area where your Capture Job takes place as the number of players increases (but that doesn't mean you can't experiment with doing quite the opposite).
  • Your Description is very important – even more so than for Races and Deathmatches, where the objectives are clear from the outset. Be precise on what each team needs to do to win and be sure to include any tactical pointers you feel are useful. While you will know the Job inside-out, consider those players coming in fresh and offer clear and concise directions. Also bear in mind that the Job Host will be able to change certain settings, such as whether the winner is decided by Target Score or Time Limit. If you feel your Job is best played under certain conditions, then let people know.
  • Zones can be used to clear a selected area of ambient peds, vehicles or both. Select Placement > Zones in the Creator Menu and then select the two points where you want your Zone to begin and end. Your selected Zone will appear as a box using these two points as opposite corners.
  • In Capture Details > Team Details, you can set a vehicle for players to respawn into. Make sure your Team Respawn Areas can accommodate that vehicle. Speedboats aren't terribly useful on rooftops. Also bear in mind that setting a team's respawn vehicle to any kind of aircraft means they will spawn in flight, rather than on the ground.
  • As when creating Races and Deathmatches, open up the Pause Menu Map to quickly jump to any part of the game world.


The ability to place Actors is a new addition to the Creator. It allows you to place AI-controlled persons into your Capture Job, choosing from a wide range of appearance types, and with the ability to set parameters for their behavior and their levels of hostility/friendliness towards each team. Placing an Actor is simple – go to Placement > Actors, set the parameters you require and then drop them onto the map.

  • Actors are separated into categories such as 'Cops and Army' and 'Gang Members', and each Actor type has three distinct looks. You can select any of these or simply set it to random to ensure some aesthetic variety.
  • If your Capture Job has police or military Actors, bear in mind that shooting them will earn the player a three star Wanted Level.
  • Actors will turn on each other if certain conditions are met. For example, if Actors set to be hostile to Team 1 cross paths with Actors set to friendly with Team 1, sparks may well fly.
  • When setting the accuracy of Actors, take into account which weapon they are carrying. An accurate Actor carrying a Heavy Sniper is an absolute killing machine!
  • Dropping Actors onto vehicles will automatically place that Actor inside that vehicle. The first Actor placed will enter the driver’s seat, the second will enter the passenger seat and so on. The Actor will drive according to their Patrol Range. If you want to remove all Actors from a given a vehicle, hover your cursor over the vehicle and press Triangle/Y.
  • You can place Capture Objects on Actors, meaning that players will need to kill that Actor in order to retrieve it. You can also do this with Actors that are inside vehicles, so players will need to chase them down to intercept the goods.


In Contend up to four teams fight over common Capture Objects normally located in no man's land. Once the Object is captured (when one team successfully transports it to their Capture Point) it respawns in the original location. The key to winning in Contend is controlling the middle while also making sure your couriers have enough protection to successfully deliver the Capture Object.

In creating a Contend Capture Job the key elements to consider are each Team's Start Points, their Capture Points, their Respawn areas and the position(s) of the Capture Object(s). As long as these are all balanced, so that each team has a fair shot of grabbing and delivering the Capture Object(s), then you have the foundation of a solid Job.

  • Not all teams have to be going for the same Capture Objects. There are three types available – Security Case, Money Bag and Duffel Bag – and you can set it so that only certain teams can score with each type. This can lead to an additional layer of strategy, so don't be afraid to experiment with it.
  • You can set different Target Scores for each team in the Capture Details Menu, opening up the opportunity for asymmetrical gameplay where one team has a tougher objective than others, but doesn't have to achieve it so many times for a win.
  • Pacifist? Capture Jobs don't have to be won by conflict. It's possible to create a Job where teams are located in different parts of the map, working to grab and deliver their Capture Objects quicker than the other team(s).


In GTA Capture Jobs, there are Capture Vehicles located around the map that each team must try to steal and return safely to their Capture Points.

Your choice of Capture Vehicles will go some way to defining your Job's identity and how it plays out, so think it through when conceiving your grand vision. If your Capture Vehicle is a Titan, for example, then you're going to want to make sure each team's base is far enough away to make for a tense flight. You're probably going to want to make sure each team has access to aircraft so that the first person in the cockpit doesn't have it too easy up there. You'll also want to think about where the Capture Vehicles are stored. Leaving them out in the open will likely result in a bloodbath, so use Actors, Props and the game world to create different strategic approaches to intercepting them.

  • If you're using large Capture Vehicles in your Job, then make sure your Capture Points are large enough to contain several of them. This makes sure they don't get clogged up later on. You'll also want to make sure the area itself is roomy enough to hold a few of your chosen vehicle.
  • Each team can have its own Capture Vehicle that it needs to deliver. Combine this with the ability to set different Target Scores for each team and you can create interesting scenarios – one team that needs to deliver five Sanchez vs a team that needs to deliver a single Faggio for the win, for example.
  • Actors can be used to protect the Capture Vehicles or either team's Capture Points and you can add to the immersion of your Job by selecting Actors that are in keeping with your theme. For example, if your Job is to steal a Titan from an airfield then it may feel a little surreal if players find it is guarded by Clowns. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is entirely up to you.


In Hold Capture Jobs, teams try to take Capture Objects from both around the map and from enemy bases, delivering them back to their own base to score. Once a Capture Object is delivered to your Capture Point, it is not 'banked'; it can still be stolen by a member of an opposing team and taken back to their Capture Point.

When creating Hold Capture Jobs, you can place Capture Objects either inside or outside any team's Capture Point - but bear in mind that any placed inside will automatically be counted towards that team's score.

  • Try not to put Respawn Areas over Capture Points - there’s nothing worse than fighting your way into an enemy base, taking out the guards and stealing their Capture Object only to be shot in the back by one of the guards you’d just incapacitated. Give players a short run back to their base after respawning.
  • Note that you can set how many Capture Objects each player is permitted to carry at one time and this will affect the balance and pacing of your Job.


In Raid, you can only grab Capture Objects from other teams' bases. A key difference when creating Raid Capture Jobs is that all Capture Objects must be placed inside Capture Points.

  • As so much of the action will take place around Capture Points, consider their locations carefully. Factor in such things as levels of cover, access points, elevation and terrain. You want it so that ransacking an opponent's Capture Point is a challenging achievement, but not so difficult that it feels impossible. And, in the interest of balance, make sure that all teams' Capture Points are equally equipped.


When you're happy with your creation, it's time to release it to the world. To do so, simply select Publish in the Capture Creator Menu. If the Publish option is greyed out then you still need to finish something off, which will be indicated by a red exclamation mark. Bear in mind that you must complete a valid test before publishing any Job. A test is considered valid if you successfully collect a Capture Object/Vehicle and deliver it as each team.


We can't wait to see what enthralling Capture Jobs you continue to create and we hope these tips give you the insight you need to perfect your current project, or the inspiration to start your next. Feel free to share your created Capture Jobs here in the comments but please do so only once.

  • Ryan_Lawrence199on May 31 2016, 1:18pmReplyFlag
    How do you set a target score ?

    • Droydruon October 11 2015, 12:20amReplyFlag
      how do I find my capture after I publish it? please email me the answer. PSN: Aydroid.
      • BadRabton October 29 2015, 11:58amReplyFlag
        @Droydru It is located wherever you placed the "trigger" when you made the job. OR you can select JOBS from the pause menue. Then choose PLAY JOB then in the next menu choose MY JOBS.
    • YoloStrikerNLon August 22 2015, 6:11pmReplyFlag
      Is there a way to turn off god mode in Test mode?
      • spidermuson October 2 2014, 4:52amReplyFlag
        my capture 1 point(versus) gendarmes et voleurs gta4 is fun
        • CostaNICK14partyon September 23 2014, 2:34pmReplyFlag
          Hey I was wondering if y'all can put a camero on here and if y'all can give us other full time or part time jobs on here. I was thinking that y'all can put some malls on here so people can still bikes or money but at the same time I wanna work in the mall or some where else people can rob me like a gas station. And we should get paid 2,000 dollars per day for working. And we should get mail and bills to pay instead of taken money out of our account we should go somewhere to pay the bill and if we don't pay it on time get us out our house and garage until we can pay it. I'm tired of doin missions and stuff I just want a daily job and get paid for it. You should also have the cops pull us over for a speeding ticket if we are going to fast. Lastly you should have the cops pair for our repairs once we accidentally bump them or if they hit us instead of them shooting and killing us.
          • bennytroxellon September 20 2014, 10:04pmReplyFlag
            I would like the ability to set respawn points instead of an 'area', as I can't have players respawn underground unless there's specific spawn points. I had a great idea for a capture set in a subway station, but it defeats the whole idea when the 'respawn area' always goes to the street level.
          • chickenman52on June 2 2014, 6:57pmReplyFlag
            i think a cool idea for a car might be something based off of the lambraghini aventador
            • DarkAngelGamingon May 21 2014, 11:43amReplyFlag
              Give survival creator. Please?
            • fortachon25977on May 20 2014, 10:41pmReplyFlag
              dejen los carros de el antiguo parche el turismo y el jester por favor no lo quiten

              • TH30N1YW4Yon May 19 2014, 6:35amReplyFlag
                Alamo Warfare
                • Burbon-Tomon May 17 2014, 12:25pmReplyFlag
                  Balla Holla The Ballas have Jacked a shipment intended for the SRS scientists the product is in the trunk of the sedans. get the product back here before it hits the streets. Watch yo back cuz the hood reacts
                  • MuscleRock88on May 17 2014, 2:26amReplyFlag
                    @Below, no there is not
                    • Alistor21on May 14 2014, 2:39amReplyFlag
                      Is there a way to make a capture game just 1 team instead of 2 or more
                      • OpticTacos123on June 7 2015, 12:57amReplyFlag
                        @Alistor21 completley agree with you, when i make captures i find they would work best with one team. Only thing is that would just be a mission. Rockstar should let us make missions, like assassinations and raids. That would have been better than the Hydra
                    • BlackTheAccursedon May 12 2014, 11:04pmReplyFlag
                      Hey there fellow criminals and mass murderers, I'd like to introduce you to the capture I've created:

                      Heaven's on Fire!

                      I tried my best to make this an interesting and challenging job which requires teamwork and some strategy, so for the sake of all players don't try to rush head first into the biulding!

                      I hope you enjoy it and every piece of construvtive feedback is always welcome!
                      • BOSMENNon May 12 2014, 9:17amReplyFlag
                        We started in Chicago and now we have commissioners from around the world join getmoneyboys187 and get the respect that you deserve from us and every Gta player that you encounter plus you have access to our 120 created jobs with over 25000 plays.
                        • C00P3R555on May 11 2014, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                          There is a problem with the Game Mode Creator. I have made several Capture missions and all of them turn out great, but after a while the Actors, vehicles, or capture objects disappear from the match mostly occurring in the middle of the game. This has become really frustrating because the content creator is the only thing that keeps me coming back to Grand Theft Auto 5, but I cant use this game mode Creator if it can not work properly. Please FIX.
                          • ivan24457on May 11 2014, 8:02pmReplyFlag
                            Hey rockstar , you REALLY LOVE the minigun , the minigun apears in 3 photos
                            • Tanto_Gustoon May 11 2014, 5:50pmReplyFlag
                              Contend: Bad Selection
                              • paco130489on May 10 2014, 8:53pmReplyFlag
                                this is my match ZOMBIELAND 3

                                here you will fight in the dam of los santos, a small group of bandit had taken the dam as their refuge and they will protect it from the zombies and other survivos.

                                you will stole his foodstuffs, but watch out, there are zombies and other strange group of survivor that want the same of you.

                                • Radical_Ricon May 10 2014, 7:15amReplyFlag
                                  Anyone having this problem when creating Capture - HOLD game?

                                  When a Briefcase (or any other pickup item) is collected and returned to your base it WILL NOT appear next to your base icon like it should. Instead, it will stay in the position you originally placed it.

                                  The opposite team will still be able to re-capture the briefcases from these original placed positions making it quite impossible to defend if you have a lot of briefcases scattered around.

                                  My Capture game mode is- 'BASE JUMP FOR JOY' situated on and around Maze bank. I'd like to think it could work quite nicely if the dam pick up items were actually stored at the base after drop has been mad :(

                                  Please fix this Rockstar
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