Crew Cut: Latest Live-Stream Battles, Return of the Homage and More...

Posted on May 1 2014, 12:07pm | Author: R* L | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

This edition of the Crew Cut features recaps of our latest rounds in the live-stream Crew vs. Crew series, along with more Hollywood inspiration and re-creation, plus all the latest Crew-themed videos.


Crews have been coming out in force looking to settle their differences and prove their supremacy over each other in the official Rockstar Twitch channel live-stream Crew vs. Crew Battle Series. After a fun, but somewhat lopsided skirmish between the Traffickers (TRFK) and Le Kops (KOPS) we were recently treated to a faceoff between a couple of Crew Cut vets from opposite corners of the globe: France's Shine Thugz (THUG) and the Australia Illuminati (ORDO).

ORDO Leader PaxSierraMike was up and at 'em at 6:30 am local time to not only play with the rest of his Crew but to also chat with us on Skype, sharing photos and videos while letting us know what they're all about. When these gangs got down to the action though, THUG emerged as the favorite in any Job requiring guns and ORDO seemed to have the leg up on Races. THUG took the first Job in a tight one at 41-32 (the Land Race Stars in Your Eyes) and from there, THUG continued to build up momentum and a growing lead. Despite some solid racing work from ORDO down the stretch, THUG came out the victors, 953-625. Much respect to the blokes in ORDO who acted with nothing but graciousness and honor in defeat.


After an unofficial, unsanctioned match of their own in which they dominated the ALL BOUT PAPER (ABPG) Crew in a series of Team Deathmatches, the Los Vagos Banditos (PBNK) wanted to take their skills to a larger stage against the Killers On A Rampage (KOAR). With PBNK ranking 50th in TDMs and KOAR ranked 55th (both in Free Aim), this looked to have all the makings of an intense Crew Battle. However, KOAR lived up to their name, dominating from the start and winning all 10 Jobs in this Capture-heavy playlist en route to a convincing 973-713 victory.


This past Friday, the stream saw the folks from the popular GTAForums (GTAF) fan forum take on the Killer Smoking Aces (XKSA) in a series of 10 handpicked Jobs. Despite a tough exterior and a big endorsement from member-for-a-day PlayRockstar2, XKSA fell behind GTAF right from the start and never quite recovered. After Desu_Nei killed XKSA Leader trill81 in Kortz LTS it was official - GTAF won 938-794. 

Think your outfit should be given a shot on the next live-stream broadcast? Send us a link to your Crew page, preferred platform and what makes your squad stand out at


As noted in the previous edition of the Cut and a recent collection of fan pics, the world of Los Santos and Blaine County has served as fertile ground for some fun recreations from iconic film scenes and album covers.

First up, the Warriors Gang (1IWI) give us this trippy ode to the 1998 cult fave Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - an adaptation of the 1972 Hunter S. Thompson book. It's as if IWIKongZilla and company were actually on ether. You can also check out their homage to Top Gun with P-996 Lazers, set of course to the recognizable sounds of "Danger Zone" from Captain Loggins himself.

And as seen below, the LXG Crew (LXGC) recently posted Snapmatics of their own interpretation of the famous walking scene from Reservoir Dogs. As cool as it is in isolation, watching their behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot will give you an even better appreciation for the effort that goes into these.

Meanwhile, the SOYAPANGO (SOYA) Crew decided to take on something a bit more obscure. Inspired by a Honda Odyssey commercial with an old school feel, SOYA created their own Respect the Van vid - complete with action shots and the theme song from The A-Team. While their version might not match the original shot for shot, the Crew certainly took a good idea ran with it... hitting every barricade and stunt jump along the way.


We've also noticed an upward trend in the number of Crew-themed music videos lately. Here, the Hood Donz (DONZ) Crew interprets 50 Cent's "Straight to the Bank" with an excellent use of Crew colors and music video clichés. Also check out the Mob Up DTA (MOB1) Crew's intimidating yet wonderfully color-coordinated Crew music video featuring "F*** All Dis S***" by Quake.

Set to "Go with the Flow" by MC3 soundtrack alumni Queens of the Stone Age, this Sons of Andreas (SONS) video is full of jump cuts between Snapmatic photos.

And finally, the Diamond Lane KingZ (DMND) Crew did something rather unique with this video, using footage from the game and their editing talents to create an original GTA Online series.

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  • EminemFranco3 days, 3 hours agoReplyFlag
    POR que no miran las partidas RNG !!!!
    • bruno_22.d1 week, 5 days agoReplyFlag
      o servio de atualizao da rockstar est indisponvel (cdigo 202) como resolver ?
      • NaTeTheGReaT19842 weeks, 5 days agoReplyFlag
        Brother Of The Flame, We are taking over. 6-20 Division 4th Place, All Pc Crews 12th place. We are ready for any Crew that thinks they can defeat me and My family hahaha. In our eyes no crew can defeat us. Please message me Natethegreat1984 if you think your crew can even win 1 round of any playlist.My father always told me son Scared Money Don't Make Money. So all you wannabe top crews please come and feel the Flame.
        • HAMC_VOLLBLUT3 weeks, 1 day agoReplyFlag
          81 World is the strongest and biggest 81 community in LS
          • fracasgrimm3 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
            ROGUE REAPER MC is and has been a tight crew of trigger happy, money making, hard riding members. We are LOYAL..RESPECTFUL and live by BEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Yeah there are a ton of REAPER type MC. There is only one true RRMC.
            • Quero comando para eu poder ir a guerra
            • Join the Grove Street Dingoz and you will be treated like family and also I will promote you the longer you stay as a active crew member
              • Leeds0113dfbon July 23 2016, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                Add me To join a loyal crew that help at any time we are upcoming only 2 rules No killing your crew and no God mode become ACE
                • devante492on July 20 2016, 1:42amReplyFlag
                  Xbox players join Insane Dawgz, and if you're an artist that can make a cool crew emblem you get a rank up
                  • CrazyShady187on July 13 2016, 5:38amReplyFlag
                    Anybody lookin for a bomb ass loyal crew add my PSN: CrazyShady187 (PS3 ONLY!!!) If you do NOT have a mic, do NOT waste my time. I want daily players that will join and not just for the crew color. I keep my active members ONLY so if you are not on very much then please do not waste my time.
                    • seexywomenon July 12 2016, 3:21amReplyFlag
                      my crew is look for a crew to come to battle on x box one and we did on x box 360 is a crew what come battle the little Britain army come need pure evil 29
                      • Mizz_OuijaBoardon July 10 2016, 11:38amReplyFlag
                        when is Rockstars gonna fix this emblem background bs?
                        • DoberMan1313on July 26 2016, 4:43amReplyFlag
                          @Mizz_OuijaBoard I have a problem with mine showing up sideways on the newest cars that have liveraly option. I submitted a ticket and I suggest you do as well and ask for a supervisor and explain its ruined the game for you. They will respond: it's being looked into, sorry for any inconvenience and we don't have a time fro]ame that it will get fixed. Both the white background and the tilted emblems that make things look trashy need every bit of help getting them to hurry and do something about it. Please submit a ticket to complain about it for all of us with these problems. I submitted mine to try and help. The more ppl complain, the higher priority it hopefully becomes.
                      • jokerawsome345on July 8 2016, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                        yo i started a crew i want loyal and active if you go boss gun family i will make you a good gangster and are other boss gun crews we do stuff like jobs and car meets and all ahve gangster stuff if you want to join text me on social club or my youtube BGf joker and check out BGF born
                        • sen_72kon July 8 2016, 12:10pmReplyFlag
                          How can I join
                          • MADEMAN_0709on July 7 2016, 5:23amReplyFlag
                            I'm the Prez of SOA NOMADS 310. We're looking for new members with mics. We loyal mature soldiers. We're on Ps3 right now hit me up on Social Club!
                            • Kev90tayloron June 25 2016, 12:23pmReplyFlag
                              Anyone looking for a mature crew that help each other out and make a tone of cash join SKATTY MAFIA u can find us on YouTube and see for yourselfs all top members are experienced players and will help u make a lot of money our crew turf is hillcrest ave stilt houses the more work u put in for the crew the faster we will rank u up
                              • AlmightyKingzson July 1 2016, 8:32amReplyFlag
                                @Kev90taylor how often do yall be on
                              • Kev90tayloron July 2 2016, 10:40amReplyFlag
                                @AlmightyKingzs Every nite pal 7 days a week
                              • AlmightyKingzson July 2 2016, 8:29pmReplyFlag
                                @Kev90taylor Do u mind if I join Im already part of a crew but I wanna join y'all and I wanna work my way up the ranks to commenser u feel me im selling to put in the work
                              • Kev90tayloron July 3 2016, 11:28amReplyFlag
                                @AlmightyKingzs No problem I'll be on tonight if u send me your psn I'll add you to the session show you the ropes and get your bank balance at skattymafia level if u put the work in u will get in the middle of sorting out the crew hierarchy as we are getting more orginised send me a message once you've joined.ill let the top players know you're interested in getting up the ranks
                            • DoberMan1313on June 23 2016, 3:40pmReplyFlag
                              Hi, I'm looking for a good crew that gives mutual benefits. Example: I worked for almost 8 hours for some guy the other day as my warehouses and office remained empty the entire time. Looking for someone and or crew that will mutually take turns doing CEO work allowing us all to make cash. And I won't bust my ass for 7-8 hours strait just for one other person as I make nothing but pennies and he raked in all the cash the entire time nonstop. Also they are a bit nave and have recruited someone that constantly tries to brag about him being U.S.M.C. MOS 0331 and a New York firefighter. His last crew kicked him cause he refused to show his discharge papers and refuses to give hard proof while constantly reminding everyone who he is and who he was in the service. STOLEN VALOR! I do not condone that at all. But the crew leader is very nave and just because some guy got kicked form one crew and was luitenant and he simply asked to be jumped up the ladder and he got it! And same as the firefighter ex marine. I was ther a lot longer but he got promoted to Lieutenant Like me in one day. And he is now giving orders like he's now a leader. I just want to have fair time to make cash and give the same fair time back to those who don't just want everything to themselves and doesn't want to take turns making cash. Pretty lame day needless to say. Another issue is they had the crew color a "toxic mint" color that was unique and couldn't be duplicated by using the colors in game. They used to have it a girly purple I just can't stand that and pink. I'm old school back when purple and pink where only for women. It's nice emblem but the crew color just made it insta girlish imo. MAINLY I AM IN SEARCH OF A CREW WITH ADULTS that use COMMON SENSE when it comes to fairness. I'll gladly be extremely loyal to whoevers crew I in, but I really am looking for ppl that are willing to share making money. Not just nonstop do all their warehouses and not a single crate from mine the entire time. Don't like the guy with stolen valor that crew owner bumped right up to Lieutenant in a single day. I messaged several of his ex crew members and they said they had him all tripped up on his stories and refused to show his DD Form 214. I want to make it clear. I did NOT serve myself. I was a passenger in a car wreck at 18. My entire family (all males) on both parents sides have served and stolen valor is something I take very seriously. He also claims he's a NYFD firefighter! Nonstop embellishing his past. (And huge red flags to me) but the crew leader has fallen for his younger and believes he served. Why would someone refuse to prove it on paper unless they did something to be ashamed of and was dishonorably discharged or just never made it through training, I don't know. Lastly, they had a great green mint crew color but someone that was in the crew before me likes purple. (I assume they like hot pink too)? Anyways, PSN ID is: DoberMan1313. Just like on here.looking for a fair crew that not only interested in them making all the cash while my office and 5 warehouses sit empty. I am loyal to the end. But I am a grown adult and the crew I was in, simply wasn't for me. Too much bs going on, girly crew colors that you could duplicate in the game by using color combos. The purple looks just the same as all other purple stuff. I like the unique and rare things. Not girly, lame and not giving anyone else a chance to make some cash. Instead they nonstop has us doing nothing but his work as he raked in the cash and I just worked my butt off for pennies as my own stuff just sit there useless and taking up space and my potential earning of cash. Thank you for any replies. Really look forward to meeting anyone new that is a fair player and with an adult mindset and not "born yesterday" type of players who assume the game only revolves around them and only them. Cooperation is a 2 way street. And I can only handle so many orders from one person for so long while I make no cash at all. Not a very good leader in my last crew. He even got drunk like his first time and went off on me all upset. And he tried to "inform me of his leadership abilities. He only is creating chaos in his crew and I'm not thinking of sticking around much longer around that crew. Feel used and I'm surrounded by ppl that just take mr heavy machine gunner and NYFD firefighter (he really is digging for ppl to look up to him and that's just another massive red flag stacked on top of an ever growing pile of lies and bs. To everyone around him. Not my crew or he wouldn't have never made it in to start with. But the crew leader is too nave and young to know better sadly....
                              • Kev90tayloron June 25 2016, 12:18pmReplyFlag
                                @DoberMan1313 If your looking for a mature crew that helps each other out then join skatty mafia have a look on YouTube gta crew recruitment skatty mafia
                              • LittleTY99on July 15 2016, 3:43pmReplyFlag
                                @DoberMan1313 I see your looking for a crew I need people to join mine once we get more members you will receive anything you directly message me for but you are an impressive player with skills I need and ill make you an even sweater deal ill make you one of the commissioners of the crew I need members to help me expand because mind you I just made it
                              • jk--_Romulus_1on July 24 2016, 3:47pmReplyFlag
                                @DoberMan1313 My new crew BeautifulxDeath is looking for members with loyalty of that caliber. We mostly do heists, crates and kill people in freemode for fun. If you want in, reply to this comment.
                              • DoberMan1313on July 26 2016, 4:37amReplyFlag
                                @DoberMan1313 Thanks for the replies. I noticed several spelling and grammar mistakes I made. Lol. Each time I typed in naive the 2 dots above the letter i wouldn't post the letter at all here making it say "nave" constantly. I'm a bit irritated at R* right now because of crew emblems showing up on all my cars that have liveraly option making my Tyrus ugly a hell. As well as many other cars. They only cou9ld tell me "it's being looked into" but no time frame of a fix. If it's anything like the problem with tattoos blending in with crew emblems on shirts, it may be 2 years!! Need less to say I took a break since the new cars came out and this stupid glitch happened. So I'm just now getting back some interest in playing but it may take another week or so before I just don't care if my most super overpriced cars now look like some idiot tried to "glitch it on" but screwed up and made it go on sideways. I was a bit upset to just buy the newest cars and just as I finish buying all the cars I wanted from the last update and an hour later I go to my garage to find none of them spared from this nasty glitch. I even sold my Trophy Truck then bought a new one only to log back in and find the dumb emblem on it AGAIN!!! I own 4 crews of my own, one has 189 players in it and another only 16. The rest have 3 or 4 at most because I never bothered to change crews that much. They all have custom emblems and each different theme to them. But here's the problem I think: when I was playing I was here on social club and from social club I switched crews through here and not in the game. I'm pretty sure this is what triggered that glitch so something for you to maybe be aware of and don't switch crews using this R* page to do it. Only switch crews in the game. Anyways, some interesting offers here but I need just a bit more time to find the interest to play again. I will, just need some time. I have a bunch of the newer games I bought but never played except maybe a few minutes worth each so I'm using this "cool down time" to catch up on some of the other games I own. I will be back on writhin a week or 2. Again thanks everyone that responded!! I will send you a message if I'm interested in a little while.
                            • Greedy1200on June 23 2016, 1:50amReplyFlag
                              Riverside OG's is looking for experienced legit adult players with mics on PS4. I currently am the owner of one of the top 3 clans on Battlefield 4 and Hardline. Trying to expand my clan to GTA. I tend to be be on the more serious side of gaming. Currently looking for people for CE0/VIP work Hiests, Races, TDM. I'm looking for team oriented players looking to make some money and have fun. Add me on PSN my ID is: o0Greedy0o. Make sure you include a message along with your friend request saying OG's so i know. Check out the crew page
                              • KevinReza08on June 20 2016, 5:10pmReplyFlag
                                Join Trap City BallasNeed MicBe ActiveNeed PS3Send Me A Message
                                • Dean5195on June 15 2016, 4:21pmReplyFlag
                                  We are recruiting at The Combat Killers (TCKZ) we need people who are good at killing
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