Tech Update: Gamespy Server Closure Transition is Underway

Posted on April 29 2014, 5:07pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Social Club, Games

We want to give everyone a quick update on the actions we’re taking in light of GameSpy and GLU Mobile’s decision to shut down their backend servers this coming May 31. While Grand Theft Auto V is unaffected, our teams are currently working to patch specific older titles to keep the transition as smooth as possible and minimize the impact to online-enabled play and your in-game experience. The majority of changes will be in the form of Rockstar Games Social Club services, including stat tracking and leaderboards.
For a full list of the changes, please head to the Rockstar Support page.

  • R* Yon April 30 2014, 2:50pmFlag
    We are currently investigating issues with players receiving "The Rockstar game services are unavailable right now. Please try again later." messages when accessing jobs in GTA Online, as well as errors on the Social Club site.
    Please stay tuned to our GTA Online Support page for the latest status updates at:

    Thanks all for your understanding as we work through this tech update.
    A reminder that for more info, you can check out the FAQ at the Rockstar Support site:

    For any other Support related inquiries about any title, please head to where your issue is likely already listed. If not, you can make a ticket there or hit up with questions.
  • derrick6272 weeks, 4 days agoReplyFlag
    I have not been able to connect to gta online it keep saying your data could not be loaded from the rockstar cloud servers
    • ilyaholin3 weeks, 6 days agoReplyFlag
      what to do I run GTA and I saver flashers after that, all the black savremene error what to do
      • Gamesparky2010on August 19 2015, 6:06pmReplyFlag
        I am having problems when gta V loads up on and off line I can not move around I remain still and can not control any options please please help
      • JazzLANon August 12 2015, 8:58pmReplyFlag
        this is the PC version , I am on laptop
        • JazzLANon August 12 2015, 8:55pmReplyFlag
          it lets me log in , but right before launch , it pop the error below :--(
          • JazzLANon August 12 2015, 8:54pmReplyFlag
            I am getting this error pop up , Dependency D3DCompiler_43.DLL is missing please reinstall , I just spent 4 hrs loading 80 gb , now this ? what is this from ? any help appreciated
            • karwanyaraon July 22 2015, 9:25amReplyFlag
              Hej på er
              • Tallinlucht63on June 28 2015, 4:25amReplyFlag
                Same here on the ps3
                • ebn.falstenon June 17 2015, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                  i have problem with this ..

                  your save data could not be loaded from the rockster cloud server at this time .please try agian later. gerturing to grand theft auto v.
                  • BachLakaion June 14 2015, 6:05amReplyFlag
                    Ich finde es schade das R* es nicht hin bekommt das der Stellplatz hinten links in der 10ner Garage immer noch das Problem hat das die Versicherung weg geht und dann die Autos Schrott sind..........
                    • giulio562on May 18 2015, 8:27amReplyFlag
                      vore sapere come mai nel voatro socla clpu nel personaggio oline neo due nella imagine pero ri alta neo uno solo come mai ? poi come faccio la svida del polingono di itro
                      • Elektroxxxon April 21 2015, 10:16amReplyFlag
                        Bei der ersten Fleece Mission nachdem man zurück fährt in die Garage, hängt sich das Spiel auf und beendet die Mission nicht, sodass zwingend ein Neustart des Spiels notwendig ist. Des weiteren würde ich gern mal wissen wollen was bei dem heutigen Update (21.04.2015) alles drin ist. Da jetzt ein save Replay in der Linken oberen Ecke steht und ich nichts damit anfangen kann. Wäre super wenn man eine Rückmeldung bekommen würde. MFG
                        • markpressleyon April 17 2015, 1:51pmReplyFlag
                          We are having problems with the prison break heist as we get the prisoner out the prison get rid of the helicopters but yet we still have 5 stars and they won't even flash
                          • Andykrustyon April 16 2015, 12:58pmReplyFlag
                            bei mir läuft GTA seit 3 Stunden und es ist nur der Bildschirm Offen wo steht " Lädt..."
                            habe ich was falsch gemacht oder liegt es an euch!
                            • TRMN8Ton April 13 2015, 9:17pmReplyFlag
                              Please check the laptop issues we can't run the game on laptops
                              • Xx_Black_NightxXon April 11 2015, 1:47amReplyFlag
                                Hay rock star can we get the big score heist that we got to do in the store mod or may we place have the casino open to play pork or any type of gambling and set up a heist to take from there
                                • rockin_ronnie43on March 24 2015, 1:45pmReplyFlag
                                  since the updates gta is no good anymore. they take to long to fix the problem pull ur finger out ur back side and do something about it quick im sick of it
                                  • EG_sweon March 17 2015, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                                    How come you can't even start online mode on ps3?!
                                    • XxSpoonManxXon March 15 2015, 12:31pmReplyFlag
                                      day 5 still hant got to play a heist or even join one always tells me fail to download this getting old fast.
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