Fan Art: Sniper Michael, T&M "Tea" Time, Mr. Raspberry Jam, & More

Posted on April 28 2014, 3:29pm | Author: R* X | Filed Under: Games

The latest collection of impressive GTAV-inspired fan art includes Michael as an introspective sniper, adult tea time, Trevor and Mr. Raspberry Jam's complex relationship, tributes to Wade, and more.

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deviantARTist demitasse-lover has been sharing some anime-inspired GTAV fan art on starfleettrambo.tumblr, including this one of Michael waiting for an opportunity to snipe.

Formerly featured for touching scenarios involving GTAV characters, ringelrei.tumblr continues to deliver. With the caption had a mighty need to draw them on tiny plastic chairs, Amanda catches Michael and Trevor's "tea" time.    

Somebody save that teddy bear. Korean artist 6 myrtle on Tumblr has been making some awesome GTAV character fan art, including this hilarious depiction of Trevor and Mr. Raspberry Jam's complicated relationship. 

Dutch illustrator Menno Wittebrood, known on Social Club as Tapirus and the leader of the MUDSTICK Crew, created this awesome advert for his created Deathmatch "Hell Hole in One". Definitely give it a try - when Trevor Philips sends you an invitation, you better make sure you accept it. 

Radiopappa, featured previously for an elaborate GTAV x Bullworth alternate universe, imagines a young Trevor, Michael and Amanda heading to their first Love Fist concert. 

Wade-crazy artist and self-proclaimed member of the "Wade Defense Squad" Peepeeinmybumhole highlights one of GTAV's unsung heroes in these inspired pieces

"...No problem kid..." ArtistBlockHead on Tumblr shared this contribution to radiopappa's GTAV High School Alternate universe with Wade and Trevor's first meeting. 

A simple moment between Michael, Tracey and Jimmy way before all of the family drama of GTAV, imagined by artist WHOLAHAYOLA on Tumblr.  

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Juan Manuel Orozco's mock logo for Franklin Dog Training Academy. 


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  • otaviogonsalveson May 7 2014, 1:43pmReplyFlag
    galera sou brasileiro e tenho orgulho da rockstar eu venho acompanhando ela desde pequeno me lembro de todos os grand theft autos que existiu
    • otaviogonsalveson May 7 2014, 1:40pmReplyFlag
      o bom da atualização seria se tivesse skate sendo que já tem rampa de skate ñ quero despresar a atualização por ela esta muito boa e a rockstargames esta de parabéns e também entrou pra historia porque esse gta v tem tudo pra ser o melhor jogo do mundo
      • CrazyMofokeon May 5 2014, 9:47pmReplyFlag
        Every one of these are very nice. Captures the emotion of the characters. I appreciate the talent behind them. Would like to see some of Franklin, Lamar, Tonya, and some of the other AA characters.. How about Gerald? .
        • WCM1982on April 30 2014, 8:01pmReplyFlag
          Waade and T met at "the gathering" well after actually
          • BoxedPandaon May 5 2014, 7:57pmReplyFlag
            @WCM1982 That's why they said "alternate high-school universe." I'm sure you hinted a spoiler for those people new to the game.
        • mikeistherlston April 30 2014, 12:56pmReplyFlag
          I like these but wheres nervous ron? also I would like to see franklin ,
          lamar and Tanya in their high school days.
          • Doggbiteon April 30 2014, 1:55amReplyFlag
            Wow I really like the art of Michael playing with the Cheerios with Tracy and Jimmy, all I could think of was this

            "Be a good guy for once, a family man.
            So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up, and thought I'd be a dad like all the other dads.
            My kids, would be like the kids on TV.
            We could play ball and sit in the sun.
            But well, you know how it is."
            • AvroraMarkstonon April 30 2014, 1:14amReplyFlag
              Nice, this is verty beautiful art's, and very funnu XD
              • PorcentajePEBROTon April 29 2014, 3:47pmReplyFlag
                Looking at this post I suddenly imagined how great colud be some crew logos if the logo creator allowed to draw freehand, like in tablets or something. uf!
                • PorcentajePEBROTon April 29 2014, 3:37pmReplyFlag
                  Very nice draws, I really get shocked at that hell in one hole advert! minblowing talent!I would like to play it but I'm on ps3 :P Good job on the dog academy too. Nice all of them, .
                  • -Shavv-on April 29 2014, 3:14pmReplyFlag
                    Nice :) Keep them coming please :)
                    • b_man1987on April 29 2014, 2:36pmReplyFlag
                      awesome! A lot of time and effort put into this artwork. Very talented artist indeed.
                      • Bronxjackasson April 29 2014, 11:29amReplyFlag
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                      • .Shep.on April 29 2014, 10:54amReplyFlag
                        great pics
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